Latest Reader Comment (Feb. 2, 2018)

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Here’s the latest reader comment, along with my reply!

Steven writes: 1992 Geo Metro. Turbocharged! Might blow a rod. 1,494 pounds on the scale. 12 pounds of boost. Goes like stink!!!

My reply: I don’t doubt it! Many Moons ago, when I was in college and driving a not-slow ’80 Z28 with a hotted-up 350 under the Air Induction hood scoop, I got into a tussle with a guy driving a Dodge Omni GLH-S. Remember them? Similar to yours in being a light shitbox – no offense meant, wait and see what I mean – with a heavily boosted turbocharged four under its hood.

Well, the little shitbox nearly beat my Z28. I could not get away from him. The best I could manage was to put about a car length between us.

As Ali G says, respect!

PS: These days, 12 PSI is a light breath on the cheek. Many factory turbocharged cars are running 20-plus pounds of boost; a few are close to 30.

As OJ says, look out!

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  1. If I took the engine apart I would build it like my SB Chevy’s. Forged crank, “H” rods, Forged Pistons.
    Until then I’ll go low on the boost. Better safe than sorry…
    Test a new Turbo car 5 years from now 🙂

  2. The tires are Yokohama, 175×60. Y323 radials. Look big on
    this car. Handles like a slot car. Run into the apex, pick your
    spot and hammer it!

  3. I’am building a sleeper. The only way I can run 20lbp of boost is with
    an intercooler. The car looks ordinary. Local cops don’t even look up. 🙂

  4. I would like to run 20 or 30psi. I don’t think the engine will take it
    more than a run or two. This car has only 52,260. But it is still
    25yrs old. I bought it from a professor at the UW Madison.
    He brought it here from Berkley, CA Looks like brand new.
    Not a pimple of rust!


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