Latest Reader Question (Feb. 5, 2018)

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Here is the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Kurt asks: I was thinking of buying a Porsche convertible as my next car, but, as you know, it is expensive.  Is there another model I should be looking at that performs about as well, but is much cheaper?

My reply: I like this question! You have a number of  options, all of them not just god but great. You didn’t mention which Porsche model you were considering – and as you know, there’s a big difference in price (and performance) between a Boxster and a 718 and a 911. That said, here are some contenders for your consideration:

Mazda Miata – Not as quick in a straight line, obviously, but a surgical knife in the curves. If you like to drive, you will love this car. It is a true sports car – like the Boxster and 718/Cayman.

Nissan 370Z – This one has Porsche-level quickness (at least, Boxster/Cayman quickness) as well as superb handling in a two-seater/sports car layout. And it’s  steal of a deal vs. the Porsche, too. You ay also want to have a look at the Infiniti Q60 “Red” – with the 400 hp twin-turbo V6. It’s a coupe – unlike the Z car, Nissan/Infiniti does not offer this model in convertible form – but it’s a helluva car (and a helluva deal) regardless.

Chevy Corvette – This one has everything except the cachet of the Porsche. It is brutally quick, even the “base” version and the handling capabilities are absolutely on par with – and arguably, objectively superior to the Porsche’s, in terms of which gets around a road course the quickest. Also a steal on wheels vs. the Porsche. Have a look at what less than $60k will buy you at the Chevy store vs. the performance-equivalent (911) Porsche.

Mustang GT – Of the three current “muscle cars,” the Mustang feels the sportiest. It isn’t a hulking car like the Camaro and Challenger. Excellent power/performance and handling, nicely packaged.

You are in the enviable position of having an excuse to test drive all of the above!

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