Reader Comment: Another Undiapered!

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Here’s a comment from a reader as regards deciding not to Diaper.

Dan writes: Thank you for this well-written article. It’s what I needed to push me over the edge to have the courage to follow my conscience and stop complying. I’m scared, because I have a wife and five young children and may be fired from both of my jobs, starting tomorrow. I’m lucky enough to live in rural Missouri, though, where many people agree with me. I will put myself in God’s hands when I go into one of my jobs tomorrow.

My reply: Thanks for the kind words – and your courage. I think it is important to bear in mind that Diapering will not satisfy these creeps. It is merely the thing that will lead to the next thing – which will be vaccines.

If they succeed in Diapering practically everyone, all the time, it will cement in people’s heads that Diapering is the only thing “stopping the spread” and then – the next thing – that the only way we’ll ever be allowed to take off the Diaper is by  letting them put something into us, i.e., the vaccine.

It’s just a mask… it’s just a vaccine…

And if you accept the first you’ve already accepted the second. Which they’ll use the same tactics to make you accept. No admittance to stores or restaurants without proof you’ve been vaccinated. You may not even be permitted to leave your house unvaccinated – just as in some areas you are not permitted to leave your home Undiapered.

People with kids, like yourself, face the especially hideous prospect of being forced to submit their kids to the pending vaccination – and tracking – regime. Even leaving aside the civil liberties issues, it is a fact that vaccines can cause serious and permanent harm. If I were a parent, this would infuriate me – especially since those pushing vaccinations for all ought to be “safe” from those who decline . . .

We are in the midst of something unimaginable to most of us. But I take courage from people such as yourself and the others I know who will not buckle to the Fear – and who are willing to do what’s right, even if it costs.

I’m not a religious man, but the words seem right. God bless you and your family.

. . .

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  1. My advice would be to do whatever allows you to faithfully execute your vocation. For me, I have come up with three scenarios, and they all have to do with putting-up-b/c-you-have-something-I-need: Mask to receive care for my souls (e.g. church), mask to receive care for my/families bodies (e.g. doctor’s office), and (minimal) wearing as required by my employer. All other things I do not need, and those three things are essential for me to carry out the spiritual and temporal requirements of my vocation as a husband and father.

    Since I so loathe the mask, my sense of self-hypocrisy regarding me wearing it is a great source of self-conflict and subsequent self-loathing and resulting depression.

    I seriously think about “what hill is worth dying on” regarding all of this. This is especially heavy due to my vocation as a husband and father – to mean other people are dependent on me. I can totally see my company requiring corona vaccine as a condition of my employment in the near future. Since I have 10+ years to work, I won’t make it. (However, maybe I wont need the same amt of $$ as I do now, and could afford to downscope…)

  2. It wasn’t long after I got out of pooblic school I declared I’d school my kids myself. Well, I would if I’d had any. I have offered to teach the neighbors kids just so they’d learn something. He said he and his wife could teach them and no doubt they could do as good a job as the public school but I know more than he does about everything except being an oil pumper.

    I know history and math you won’t get in school and literature and English. They just don’t teach even the stuff I learned in school these days and I learned one hell of a lot more in college and then being a voracious reader, I know more than they could learn even in private schools unless they could find something similar to what the thieves who people(sic)the halls of congress teach in their highly guarded, private schools.

  3. I’m interested in hearing how this turns out. I’m in a similar spot, but with one fewer kid and one fewer jobs. The masking is unbearable.


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