Latest Reader Comment (April 7, 2018)

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Here is the latest reader comment, along with my response: 

James writes: No question, just an observation. I just read your latest linked article about the electric vehicles that might’ve been. In regards to your mention of electric golf cart use in retirement communities, I offer the following observation. I live near The Villages, Florida. Many, if not most, of the residents therein have exchanged their electric carts for IC carts for the same reasons you mentioned in your article, range and recharge rate.

My reply: This is exactly why I favor leaving the success – or failure – of both to the organic forces of the market rather than the mandates of the government. Which, it’s important to always bear in mind, isn’t some kind of omniscient deity possessed of superior wisdom. It is merely other people vested with power and the legal authority to use it against us. Why should they be making such decisions for anyone except themselves?

If EVs are market-viable, they’ll make it. And the ones which make it will make sense. How could anyone possessed of any sense argue against that!

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