Gimpy Old “hero” Hassles Pedestrian

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Here’s another video displaying the lawlessness of America’s “heroes” – the armed government workers who make up the law as they go!

The man is accosted first by a palsied old “hero” who demands he leave the public sidewalk, asserting it is “village property” – which is to say, displaying his ignorance of or contempt for the idea of public property. He summons a younger, bullet-headed, potbellied “hero” who continues the hassling.

Then two younger “heroes” arrive and also demand the man leave the public sidewalk, citing no law requiring him to do so – other than their own made-up-on-the-spot law. The “hero” then begins demanding ID, having no lawful authority to do so as the man being hassled hasn’t violated any law they can name and they cannot articulate any reasonable suspicion he may have violated any actual on-the-books law.

So, they make up some laws.

They tell him that he is obliged to provide ID because there was “a call for service” – which requires the man to ID; in effect, giving them the power to force anyone to ID themselves, so long as the government thugs say they got a “call for service.”

They then threaten him with an “obstruction of ID” charge.

Note that these latter-day Redcoats – flagrantly caught on video making up laws and harassing a man doing nothing illegal – will not lose their jobs as law enforcing armed government workers.

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    • I’m always reminded of the funeral scene in The Departed where it’s perfect replicas of Nazi uniforms used in the NE(and other places). The family that made those uniforms were moved to NYC immediately following the war, probably because the military felt put upon by the huge difference in quality and pomposity in Nazi and US uniforms. That family continues to make uniforms to this day and not much has changed since Nazi uniforms have never gone out of “style”. A guy just feels more powerful with thigh boots and 8″ tall caps with lots of bling. After all, it’s all about power…..ain’t it shit pigs?


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