Two Hefty “heroes” Hassle Pedestrian

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Here’s a video taken by a passer-by of two grossly obese “heroes” – armed to the teeth, of course, with multiple spare mags and (the first “hero”) a piece strapped to his chest. These bloated latter-day Ernst Rohms appear ready to invade Poland, except (unlike Rohm) they’re probably terrified of challenging anyone who might be in a position to fight back.

Meanwhile, the video:

The man stopped was apparently just walking down the sidewalk. The “heroes” did a U Turn, pulled over and accosted him, demanded ID, the usual. They claimed he “fit the description” of someone they were supposedly looking for. They eventually let him go – and without shooting him, even.

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  1. What kind of friggin profiling is that? Maybe we need a population reduction( we need to reduce the numbers of “Heros’) the burgeoning number of Heros is overwhelming, we used to have one Sheriff in my home county and maybe two state troopers. Now we are blessed with a Sheriff and 17 Deputies and 4 state troopers and of course some character who rides around in a Nissan security pickup for the “Preserve”, I think we finally lucked out and lost the Resort “Barney Fife” types, a county of a sub-5000 population of generally honest hard working people do not need this much Policing.
    The “coffee scorched, now the eggs are burning”. The breakfast we are being served has all the attributes of “Bovine Hockey”.
    Sojourners you had better thank the Divine that we had a few good decades before the “fall”.

  2. How apt to have a photo of that vile fudge-packing Nazi adorning this article. Even Uncle Addy gets a point for killing that one.


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