“heroes” Hassle Trucker

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Here’s an interesting video which illustrates one of the many reasons people have soured on “law enforcement”:

A trucker is going about his business – not speeding or doing anything “dangerous” – when a “hero” wheels around, pulls the guy over to hassle him and try to mulct revenue from him:

Three “heroes” eventually show up and waste this trucker’s time for no legitimate reason whatsoever. Luckily, the trucker knew his business, all his “papers” were in order and the “heroes” weren’t able to extract any revenue, this time.

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  1. I drive I-10 between Tucson & Phoenix a few times a month and there’s usually at least 4 or 5 semis pulled over on the way. Also, in the past year or so AZ’s “Department of Public Safety” has started rolling out new grey vehicles with State Trooper in large letters on the side instead of their old blue & white DPS vehicles. Maybe Storm Troopers would be more appropriate.

  2. Illinois is infamous for huge fines. Had this guy been off-route his fine might have been in the 5 digit range. St

    Once a state realizes the total amount that be collected each year it becomes a self fulfilling sorta thing. ..more troopers, more money and then more money to pay more troopers…… one begets more of the other so fines must increase and around and around we go……Norton .

    • Being overpaid is one thing you won’t have to worry about. The average pay for a trucker in 1980 was $39,800 or so. That would be $115,000 in today’s money.

      Once RR got through re-structuring trucking it didn’t pay shit with no bottom number on any type of load. In the 80’s I noticed(wasn’t driving a truck then)the same fleets changed monikers every 6 months or so. It was a way for big corporations to show a big loss and the biggest loss of all came in the wages based on a percentage of the load eventually bringing in cents per mile since truckers went from one carrier to another trying to make a living.

      When the big lie of oil shortage was being put on the public in the early 70’s the price of fuel doubled nearly instantly. No money to be made by 75 bringing on a strike by owner/operators that had the backing of the public. It was for naught and 75% of owner/operators folded that year. 75% of owner/operators left folded in 76. It was bleak……real frickin bleak. And the only thing that saved the trucker in general was loads that paid more than nothing which the big carriers had plenty of. Of course after RR that was all over too. I list my skills as truck driver/operator since a guy who can operate big dirt equipment makes a great deal more than a trucker.


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