VA Heroes Hassle Cripple

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This one’s local – Hometown Heroes! Larry Dodson rides his scooter to the grocery store.  (Source: Stephanie Klein-Davis / The Roanoke Times)

ROANOKE, VA — A wheelchair-bound man was taken to the ground face-first and handcuffed because he rode his motorized scooter on the shoulder of a road against traffic, the way pedestrians are legally supposed to. Police impounded his scooter and took him to jail.

Paralyzed from the chest down, 52-year-old Larry Wayne Dodson has limited transportation options. He said that he has used his scooter hundreds of times to take himself the short distance to the local grocery store without incident.

News story here.

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  1. Here’s Cara A Jacobs, Roanoke’s swinest.

    Roanoke County Police Officer Cara Jacobs

    Part of me wants to take the rational high road and discuss this matter logically.

    Larry Dodson’s been paralyzed from the chest down since a van fell on him at work in an auto repair shop eight years ago. He doesn’t have an OFFICIAL costume, or a BADGE. Working on a van? What an asshole.

    But most of me is praying she be stricken with an incurable case of cunt cancer and die a long and horrible death.

    Cara Jacobs is on here liking something maybe more

    Cara Jacobs honored

    C A Jacobs image

    Cara is the praetorian piglet on the far right

  2. After some heated dispute, Officer Jacobs called for backup.

    You have got to be kidding?! The phero needs help against the cripple. If the phero can not effectively deal with a single parapalegic man, then he should leave LE or move to meter patrol.

    Police have disputed Dodson’s side of the story, but have yet to release the dashcam video as he requested, over 8 weeks later.

    I wonder if the dashcam video will disappear? I can not picture the video portraying the LEO in a good light.


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