Crunch Time

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My least favorite thing to do – after dealing with Clovers – is writing these posts reminding everyone that EPautos, like other independent media, depends on you to keep the lights on. There’s no multimillion dollar corporate juggernaut behind us; no big pockets slush fund. It’s just me – your Libertarian car guy – and Dom, your Libertarian tech guy.organgrinder

Two guys trying to make a go of something not owned and controlled by The Man (or Goo-guhl).

More people are coming to EPautos all the time and eventually, we’ll break through – and have the mass audience that’ll make it easy for use to get more advertisers.

But for now, we need you.

If you think we’re worth supporting.

I can’t force you – and wouldn’t try if I had the power. I’m a Libertarian, after all.

But I hope you – enough of you – do think this site is worth supporting. And will continue to do so.

Our donate button is here.

For those not Pay Pal-inclined, you can mail us at the following:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079


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  1. Dear Eric,

    I just donated $20.00.

    I hope others will be incined to donate as well. I know there are many lurkers like myself here, who thoroughly enjoy what you freely give us day after day.

    Shoot! Even dear hubby is starting to chuckle and roll his eyes at the lame stream media news reports, which he would not have done in the past.

    I feel this is a small victory in my household, because he got tired of me spouting off at the newscaster when they related some lame excuse of a story, obviously full of “spin” with not much substance.

    Dear hubby got a no-seat-belt ticket a couple of weeks ago. The prick turned around and made a 14-mile loop in order to ticket DH. Now when I say that the highway cops are just there for the revenue the tickets bring in, he is in complete agreement. Harmony at home is a wonderful thing.

    I just want you to know that I appreciate your blog. I have never donated to a blog before, and only sent $25 a couple of times to Ron Paul when he was a presidential candidate. But every month I donate to EPAutos because I have gained so much as a result of reading the articles and the comments.

    Thanks, Eric (woops! I wrote your name more that once in this post…..I hope I don’t sound too much like Clover who addresses you several times in each of his/her/its posts) for keeping us informed on what is going on with the gunvermin, etc., as it affects us each every single day.


    • Thanks, Linda!

      And for the kind words as well as your financial support!

      I know several other writers/editors who are (as I am) trying to spread the proverbial word. Or at least, encouraging people to look at things from a different perspective, outside of the Team Red vs. Team Blue false paradigm. None of the ones I know do this for the money. Many of us could make a lot more money within the MSM, shilling for one side – or the other. We choose to do what we do because we strongly believe it’s the right thing to do. The tough part is making enough money to be able to do it. There’s the rub.

      The left finances its mouthpieces. So does the right.

      But independents – especially advocates of peaceful cooperation and non-aggression – have a much tougher time of it because we’re not selling anything. The entrenched interests – both sides – view us with equal hostility. Because if the ideas we bandy about start to catch on, they’re in trouble.

      So, they do their best to marginalize us – and one of the most effective tools to that end is making it impossible (or damned hard) for us to make a living without selling out. When Goo-guhl pulled the rug out from under, it just about killed EPautos. It’s been a struggle ever since….

      • Eric,

        I have to disagree. You have a valuable product. Liberty and Love. Both very potent. This combination is exactly what the powers that be want crushed. Their goal is tyranny and hate. If you hate your brother, why then you look to the benevolent dictator to control him etc. You know the spiel.

        Now, I know you aren’t all that keen on Hey Zeus. But, as I recall, he actually got quite a following merely talking about Liberty and Love. Was he the son of a God? Well, if there is one, in my opinion we all are sons and daughters (hat tip to the women folk here). 🙂 Me, I tend to err on the side of there is one because the design is just to astoundingly beautiful for chance to play a role.

        OK, enough of that. However, Liberty and Love as I stated earlier are very potent products. Clover is hates them both. Why? If we all love each other as men and women then there is absolutely no need for protection from each other. Utopia? Maybe. I don’t harm my fellow man for many reasons. The most important of all is I love them and what they have achieved in spite of the yoke of tyranny that abounds.

        In an earlier article you asked, “If motorcycles were a new invention would they be allowed?” I ask if airplanes were new inventions would they be allowed? Tyrants throughout history have always tried to chain their tax base to themselves. A perfect example, of which, is, of course, the thug Abraham Lincoln.

        I am 61 years old, a veteran of a unjust war waged on innocent individuals in far away land. Sometimes, I’m astonished I survived at all. However, to this day I condemn that war crime and all it entailed. When people learn I’m a veteran and thank me for my service, I look at them and ask, “So you condone the murder of innocents?”. I never get an answer, just insults, like, “You Jane Fonda commie lover..” Sigh! The hate never ends. Today the Viet Namese tomorrow the Syrians. Amazing how easy the herd is willingly led by criminals.

        Anyway, to end this post, I recently made my first donation to ANY website this past June (wink, i think you know who’s site it was…). Now I’m going to make my second. Mind you, I think this site important enough to do so. While others, like LRC and the VMI (Von Mises not the thug institute…), do need donations they have a much larger audience than you have.

        All worthy fledgling endeavors need nursing along. I’m just doing my part. Keep up the good work and don’t let the bastards get you down. It is a tough fight for the battle of ideas but we have to keep plugging along as best we can.

        David Ward
        Memphis, Tennessee

  2. Is there any freelance work available? Every once in a blue moon, I’ll see a more mainstream site/publication print a libertarian-esque article.
    I contribute when I can, and more so lately, to causes I believe in. I’m in the middle of a move, etc, etc… But what I’d like to see more of is some kind of activism or agitation. Have you considered ‘lobbying’ and the like? Getting together with seasoned “activists”(more pain in the ass types like Adam Kokesh, Mark DIce, John Stossel, even) and hassling politicians or something along these lines?
    How many minds need to change in order to revoke this 25-year import restriction nonsense, for example? There has to be a subcommittee that can fast-track that sort of thing. Expose their skeletons.
    I look at Alex Jones, and how he became a success was by pissing off the right kinds of people and the audience responded with more financial support. Just thoughts, not armchair quarterbacking. I’ve no idea what your obligations are, of course. But you’d definitely get $60 a month out of me to see scumbag, sociopaths in Washington squirm.

    • The 25 year import restriction comes from Mercedes Benz. Back in the 1980s people figured out they could import the base models from Germany, make the required changes, and drive a Mercedes minus a bunch of stuff they didn’t want/need for a good deal less money. Of course MB didn’t like this much. No corporate marketeer does.

      Corporate Marketeers want the product they specify for region X to stay in region X and not be available for region Y. (see the supreme court case on text book importation, which actually was ruled in favor of the importer remarkably as I recall) Because corporate markeeters in any business want what MB wanted as far as a law there wasn’t any opposition to it except car enthusiasts, and small grey-market import businesses of whom congress critters couldn’t give a damn about.

      So it’s those of us who want odd ball cars vs. big corporations and government to get that repealed.

    • Thanks, Swamp… it’s been a tight month…

      I get depressed sometimes because as much as people seem to be interested in not being spoon-fed mainstream/corporate media pabulum, only a relative handful are willing to support independent media. And I don’t mean just EPautos, either.

      Only a relative handful of non-MSM media are generating enough support to be going concerns. The result is that sites like this end up closing down – because the editors and writers have to make a living and if they can’t do it this way, they have no real choice but to try some other way. Or, they operate on a shoestring, with the writers and editors working part-time, when they have time – which puts them at a huge competitive disadvantage relative to the MSM and their paid, full-time staffs.

      It all comes back to the Catch 22 of the Internet. It’s a fantastic means of spreading information that otherwise would not ever see the light of day, or only be available to a relative handful of people. But as much as people seem to appreciate having access to the information (and the venues for expressing their own opinions) a majority seems to expect it to be produced and disseminated and made available to them for free. This has put enormous financial pressure on writers and editors, who have no choice but to offer their work gratis – and hope that enough people will decide it’s worth tossing them a few bucks.


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