End of the Month Push

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This is my least favorite thing to do (well, it’s right up there with “buckling up for safety”) but – like buckling-up – it’s something I find myself having to do every now and then. hat pass pic

That is, jingle the coffee cup – and ask again for your support. We’ve got about a week left in the month and we’re about halfway there (see the “thermometer” on the main page, top right). So, please, if you can – and haven’t done so already – consider supporting this site financially. Independent media such as this corner of the Net relies on you to stay afloat.

We are making progress securing advertisers to cover most of our nut – speaking of which, please patronize them if you’re in the market for radar detectors (Valentine 1) or precious metals (Austin Coins) – but it’s a process and will take time. In the meanwhile, it’s you guys who keep us going. For which we are grateful – and hope to continue to deserve it.

Our donate button is here. For those not Pay Pal-inclined, you can mail us at the following:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

Thanks, as always!

Eric & Dom

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  1. Again this month I am laying $20 on the table for EPAutos.

    IN my eyes, this site is well worth the cost to support it.

    I challenge every regular reader to do the same for the month of April. Is a one-time 20 dollar donation too much to ask, in order to have the quality articles and the free-flowing exchange of ideas expressed here?

    Be your own judge on this challenge, for I cannot presume to know your financial circumstances.

    But it is disheartening to watch the donate % gauge only reach midway month after month.

    Many of you are regular comment-ers here and perhaps elsewhere as well. What is this site worth to you?

    I have become a better person by reading the articles and following closely the comments. I’ve been shown a side of current events that is not found in MSM circles, nor among my family and friends.
    This is the only place where I can experience the back and forth of differing viewpoints to help me gel my thought on the topics introduced.

    Perhaps I am just an infant in my libertarian thinking, and therefore I need this site much more than the others here. Anyway, I treasure EPAutos.

    I don’t have a regular income, but I will do whatever I can to support Eric, because I understand that my life is better in many, many ways for lurking here and absorbing the libertarian principles contained in the articles and the comments.

    Thanks Eric for producing quality arguments for LIBERTY.


  2. End of the month Putsch. A fee for services rendered. A single obolos coin placed in the mouth. Pay for passage on the ship of Akheron. Unfurl the sails for another month before we’re all taken by force.

    Scorpions – The Sails Of Charon – Taken By Force Album

    Dark night, there is no light. In the realm of the black magic man. Soul’s flight into the cold blight. Of the destroyer’s magic land.

    Poor man, whose spirits are stronger. They’re the ones who will reign. You’re struggles are in vain. Blind man, you’re sucking your own blood. Soon black magic’s dying.
    You’d better start crying.

    Throw out your evil desire. The dark king’s kingdom is
    Made out of mire. Keep on for the kingdom of light. There is no darkness, there is no night

    Slint – Good Morning, Captain

    Let me in, the voice cried softly, from outside the wooden door. Scattered remnants of the ship could be seen in the distance, Blood stained the icy wall of the shore.

    I’m the only one left. The storm, took them all, He managed as he tried to stand. The tears ran down his face.
    Please, it’s cold.

    When he woke, there was no trace of the ship.
    Only the dawn was left behind by the storm.
    He felt the creaking of the stairs beneath him.
    That rose, from the sea, to the door.

    There was a sound at the window then.
    The captain started, his breath was still.
    Slowly, he turned.

    From behind the edge of the windowsill,
    There appeared the delicate hand of a child.
    His face was flush and timid.
    He stared at the captain through frightened eyes.

    The captain reached for something to hold on to,
    Help me, he whispered, as he rose slowly to his feet.
    The boy’s face went pale,
    He recognized the sound.

    Silently, he pulled down the shade against the shadow.
    Lost in the doorstep of the empty house.
    I’m trying to find my way home.
    I’m sorry, and I miss you.

    I miss you.
    I’ve grown taller now.
    I want the police to be notified.
    I’ll make it up to you,
    I swear, I’ll make it up to you.

    I miss you.

    • Just got this e-mail from “Bob” – note that he describes me as a “Libtard”!

      “Wow… bummer! It’s time to pay those darned bills again and your suckers haven’t seen fit to pump your bank account. Must suck to be a beggar.. and gauge it on your front page. Goog was right to tooss your LIBTARD ass.

      As I said before, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Have a nice month! ASSHOLE


      • Dear Eric,

        Thanks for sharing that note from Bob. I’m speechless.

        I don’t know a single person who isn’t suffering grave financial distress.

        I am fairly certain that all the clovers who say they are doing well are just lying.

        Even if someone is much smarter and far richer than you, I hope you can also take comfort in this Good Will Hunting clip like I do.

        Good Will Hunting – You’re just a kid

        – In my heart, I take comfort in knowing my life has probably had more meaning and was more authentic than those who are supposedly my betters.


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