The first 2015 . . . plus a Porsche!

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I just got a new Volvo – the first new Volvo the Swedish (well, Swedish-fronted; the Chinese are the owners now) automaker has trotted out in several years. It’s a 2015 – the first ’15 of the year. New model launchesĀ are happening earlier and earlier each year. It used to be summer/fall. Now it’s spring. How long before next year’s model arrives last year? Or the year before that?

But I console my angst by regarding the Porsche Cayman S they dropped off yesterday. I dig this car because it’s not a 911. Or rather, because it’s what the 911 used to be but isn’t anymore. No slam there. The 911 is a brilliant car. But it’s become an exotic, out of reach. The Cayman is feasible. Not easy. But feasible.

It’s also a razor-sharp four-wheeled katana blade: 325 hp (in the S model) and 0-60 in the mid-fours. A Corvette is quicker, but not by much – and the ‘Vette is not mid-engined.

The Cayman is.

I will write more later.

Right now, it’s time to drive!


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