Today’s Thoughts . . . Nov. 12, 2013

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Jesus Christ. No, Rudolf Hess.

I am hearing the voice…

Hitler is Germany, just as Germany is Hitler…

Applied to Google.

I just tried to post a video I took of the new Kia Forte I’m reviewing this week on YouTube. When I clicked on “upload,” guess what came up?

A got-damned Google sign-in page.

One account. All of Google.

Sign in to continue to YouTube

Stay signed in

That’s right. In order to post YouTube videos, I must now create and use a Google account.

YouTube is Google – and Google is YouTube!


Well, not this guy.

I’d like to include video reviews with my articles, but on principle, I will have no dealings with Google – let alone a Google account.

I’m looking into Liveleak.

Fuck Youtube.

And, fuck Google!


  1. One in three women pays a technician to end the developing child inside her by the age of 45. Many of the remaining babies born begin life as wards of the welfare state. What greater proof of failure of the forced social system of the ruling PTB can there be? Here are 26 individual stories of women who had abortions.

    Nicole, 19, Kentucky, 2013

    It was this past spring. The due date’s coming up—I’m dreading it. I wanted to keep it. My boyfriend always had football practice, so he couldn’t go to the doctor appointments with me. If he’d gone, he would’ve felt differently. But he said, “No way.” I wanted to show him that I loved him enough to do it for him.

    When I was thirteen weeks, we made an appointment at the closest clinic in Kentucky, four hours away, but the night before, we decided not to go. At two in the morning, he called and said, “Get dressed.” I said, “I don’t want to go.” We both cried the whole way there. I don’t think abortion is killing, but I’d always been against it. When I told him the credit-card scanner at the clinic wasn’t working, he asked if I was making it up.

    We went to get $1,000 from a gas-station ATM. I was hysterical, and he said, “Okay, you don’t have to go back.” I was so happy. Then he said, “We drove all this way. Stop crying, act like a woman.” I was angry, but I was so sleepy and tired of fighting. When I had the ultrasound, I asked for the picture and a nurse said, “Seriously?”

    A month later, he said he regretted it too. When I cry about it, I cry alone. He thinks it would make me sad to talk about, but I don’t want our baby to think we forgot. I’ve never heard of anybody else having an abortion here.

    Deming, NM And CBP Heroes Anally Probe Third Border Crossing Victim – A 50 Year Old Woman – After Drug Dog Alerts

    Heroes- Making Everyone Safer

  2. Eric – I have noticed that lately that the Goog is custom trimming, directing and eliminating undesirable info sties from their word searches. Alternative history etc. just does not show up. Their new catch phrase should be “Now That We Are In Control” – don’t touch that mouse – we will channel the information to you”,

    • I have noticed that, too.

      It’s pretty clear they are making a move to consolidate everything under the Google pyramid. It seems virtually every web page now requires one to “sign up” for Google in order to post a comment. That is, so Google can more readily inventory everyone’s comments.

      I hope enough people simply refuse – and alternatives to Google appear.

      Google strikes me as more of a threat than the “great trusts” at the height of the gilded age. These pig fuckers have their hooves in everything.

      • eric, I don’t recall the person’s name but in ’03 they said what I had feared a long time, that G—— was a tool of the spy sort. I quit using the search engine even though I did use a gmail account. I have gone years without accessing that account. Don’t seem to be able to eliminate it though. I have no illusions about Yahoo either. Supposedly they save your mail for six months. A year ago or so ago I was just trying to read email when it went into this search mode I didn’t even know it had. It brought up a 10 month old email to a friend I had DELETED. FF to June of this year. It brought up a 2 year old email I had DELETED. Obviously they keep all email forever. On neither occasion did I instigate the search. Both times it got screwed up(it does it all the time now)and just started searching for email from someone I had sent mail to . Maybe it has a guilty conscience and wanted me to know or just wanted to intimidate me. Either way, I’m under no illusion my deleted mail is DELETED.

      • The MADDENING thing about this is that we all should’ve seen this coming (most of us here probably did). Any organization that loudly brags to all the world that its goal is to be THE central repository for literally ALL information ever created should have sent up bright red warning flags of “EVIL.”

        • Exactly, Liberranter. I’m trying to search for the picture now, but I can’t find it (I’m using google…) but there is a Time Magazine cover story picture from either 1995 or 1996 that shows a spider on a web and the headline is something like “Google, the spider that wants to control you throughout the world wide web”. I remember seeing the picture from but now that they’re “” they seem to have taken down all their pictures…

      • Now I see that marketing giant Amazon wants access to your Facebook and Twitter (what an apt name) accounts address book. They want you to share your wish lists, friends, fans and thoughts with them so Amazon can market their wares to your address books and know what you and your friends like. The whole 6 degrees of separation thing automated for my (?) convenience.

        Now if I could just get unstuck from the Microsoft/Skype knowledge exchange automatic tracking link – Google+ and Yahoo Profile systems sucking data off of my browser long enough to let Amazon/ Kindle Books know that I want to share my life with them and their friends.

        Ya right. Like I am going to WILLINGLY share all my contacts, lifestyle and purchasing information to be re-sold on the open market to the NSA, Google, AT&T, Verizon, Sony, MasterCard, Visa, IRS and every other corporation in the worldwide spy-grid-triangulation empire. Why hell, maybe OnStar will buy in and notify me when my friend Twiggie gets a new dress.

        I think I will ask Amazon to share that same level of information about their corporate executives with me. As if.

        • Garysco, I think I’ll try the paid hushmail. I have no illusions about Yahoo or Googul and haven’t had for 10 years. Now I have confirmed how long they keep deleted emails(yahoo, 2 year old DELETED emails, probably since 2000)I’m simply looking for a secured service. We may be close but I’m guessing you already know that.

          • Garysco, I have an unpaid account. What’s your assessment of their paid accounts? There is a supposedly unhackable(???) new email that MAY be coming soon, but hasn’t been created yet. There are some other things out there I’m going to check on.

          • @8 – I like the encryption check box, unlimited alias’s, folders and POP / IMAP features of the paid. It is plain vanilla system not really visually different then the one you have. They are hosted in Canada and maybe Anguilla (.ai TLD extension in the web address), but I am not sure about the .ai location.

            StartMail is supposed to be in beta and available shortly, but beyond that I don’t know what they are doing.

            Just to keep NSA busy I sometimes send encrypted kitty pictures around for fun.

        • Morning, Gary!

          I will never use Amazon (or any do business with anyone else) if they demand I provide them with Facebook and Twitter details. Hell, I don’t even have a Twitter account (no way in hell will this grown man ever “twitter” about anything) and the Facebook is a dummy set up by Dom with spurious info that I personally never visit.

          Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads!

    • “There is nothing wrong with your search engine.
      Do not attempt to adjust the results.
      We are controlling transmission.
      If we wish to make it louder, we will increase the search volume.
      If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper.
      We will control the horizontal…
      We will control the Vertical…
      We can roll the results, make them flutter;
      We can change the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen one site image to crystal clarity.
      For the rest of eternity, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear and say.
      We repeat, there is nothing wrong with your search results.
      You are about to participate in a great adventure.
      You are about to experience the Awe and Mystery which reaches from the Inner Mind – to the Googul Limits….”

  3. What they really mean is: “One account. All of your soul.” Just read the disclaimers. Which can be summed up as: “We own your ass!”

    • Also, is Google’s log in page (the “One account. All of google”) not some bullshit straight out of “1984”? THIS IS HOW I KNOW SOCIETY WILL COLLAPSE. THE SHEEPLE ARE GOING RIGHT ALONG WITH THIS CRAP WHEN IT COULDN’T BE ANY MORE IN YOUR FACE WITH THE TYRANNY.

      Waaaaaaaaake up. How much more evidence could “your” sheep ass possibly need?

    • My sister-in-law keeps spamming me with invitations to join her Google + followers. I keep telling her to knock it the fuck off with the spam and get a life, a plea that always falls on deaf ears. Then again, my SIL is the living, breathing, walking dictionary definition of the word “Cloverette.”

  4. Google reminds me more of a government intelligence agency than a business these days. They’re monolithic, they subvert criticism, they ignore questions, they spy on everyone. They’re the CIA with a smiley face, the NSA with Fisher Price colors.

    • Needless to say, this also describes Facebook (FUCK THEM too) and Twitter (FUCK THEM too, to the twentieth power).

      Good thing I never picked up those two bad habits…

        • Ed, that Stuxnet bot the CIA and Mossad created and inserted in Iran’s reactor that supposedly wasn’t connected to any net, is now cruising the world and threatening reactors everywhere. Great move idiots.

          • Yep, they also have disseminated bootkit and rootkit malware that allows remote monitoring of keystrokes on the infected computers. It’s great for their “espionage” work such as identity theft for stealing the contents of bank accounts.

            If your Windows machine exhibits changes of power settings without your input, such as the monitor failing to shut down at the time you’ve specified, that could be a rootkit at work. Years ago, Sony distributed a rootkit with their music CDs meant to prevent rip&burn of tracks on their brand of CD. That same type of malware is attached to websites and emails and can infect your computer without your knowledge.

          • Ed, Sony’s been on my shitlist since they did that. They denied it at first and then had to admit it….but that didn’t mean they didn’t defend themselves for the tens of thousand of personal computers that were essentially destroyed. Naw, you can fix them if the hard drive doesn’t quit but it’s a significant repair bill and how many people have the time and inclination to take on a megacorp? No more Sony for me since then and I had three Trinitrons when this happened.

        • Yep. I long ago warned people about this who ordinarily would know better than to ever think of going there, but it did no good. Apparently, being poplur and having your binness splattered all over cyberspace trumps common(?) sense.

    • Cosigned. There are alternatives to YouTube (Vimeo being a prominent example) that I suspect will become much more popular and widely used once more people start realizing that YouTube and Google are welded together.

      I also second this: FUCK Google.


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