I Will Shoot You in The Head Hero

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Open carry stop by Neenah Police, WI, 11/3/2013

The officer threatened twice to shoot two different citizens in the head if they moved their hands.
They were legally carrying and this stop was extremely bad example of how a police officer should carry out his duty.

If you want to contact the Neenah police department about this stop you can contact them here:

2111 Marathon Ave, Neenah, WI
(920) 886-6000

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b59_1384076493#I5dPMwAYfKBBRl3s.99


  1. This is just the typical attitude of “law enforcement” everywhere in the US. They all feel entitled to issue commands backed by arbitrary deadly force. Though it has dropped out of view rather quickly, the murder of a young murder in DC by federal police comes to mind.

    After the unarmed woman was murdered by SS and USCP, the Senate Sgt at Arms stated:

    ” “We operate in an environment under the constant threat of attack from suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices.””

    This ridiculously delusional claim was allowed to stand by our mainstream media without any challenge whatsoever. I was left wondering just what the fuck the imbecile was talking about. There has never been a suicide bomber in DC. IEDs have not been detonated there and there have been no incidents of terrorist attack. Federal cops in DC have the safest duty posts of any cops anywhere.

    Being lauded as heroes for no discernible reason gives cops the attitude that they ARE heroes. Being encouraged to see themselves as an elite force for order who are unbound by rules of acceptab;le behavior or even of common courtesy makes them dangerous to public safety.


    • Ed, shit, I just laughed out loud, more than once. What a bunch of self-important fuck ups. I once drove around a big shitty on the highway they’d expended countless gallons of water(needlessly) and countless hours of “stopping traffic’. I grabbed 4 Hi through the wet barditch while this dick was waving at me. I waved back and went on. He looked a bit miffed. JFHAFHFH’s. It was dark, he couldn’t see my tags and nobody at the next town 40 miles away ever came to jack with me. They would have had to haul some serious ass since I was cruising about 100mph. Oh no clover, I was speeding, out in the middle of nothing, no houses, no roads coming in from the side, nada, nothing…except the most dangerous animal in the world, the whitetail deer.

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    • I’m sure those are the same douchebags, like MAC from the “Military Arms Channel” on youtube and facebook, who thinks the only proper way to speak with someone anti-gun is to be super nice and ass-kissy about it. I used to follow him, until he made multiple comments about Alex Jones’ performance on his Piers Morgan interview. Sheep will find out the hard way what authoritarians (with guns, no less) will incrementally do to them thanks to their whimp ass, “politically correct” tactics. These are the same idiots that say to vote for Republicans because they’re the “lesser of two evils”.

  3. 4:55 of this video is where it gets super good. “We” are not “innocent until proven guilty” we are guilty for attempting to live freely, and how dare we do so!

    Wow. Only have way through this video and I’m extremely pissed. That’s enough for me… Cop forcing his opinions on a single person just to show off to his female partner.

    9:05 Pig says he has to put his “thinking cap on” so he can desperately find a reason to arrest this innocent civilian for legally carrying a firearm in America.


    • Yup.

      Notice that “the law” is irrelevant.

      No crime committed; no reasonable suspicion one may have been committed. It’s legal to open carry. These guys were in compliance with “the law.”

      And the cop – ostensibly someone charged with knowing “the law” – nonetheless threatens to shoot these guys in the head.

      To execute them in the street.

      So much for “serve and protect,” eh?

      • IIRC, an articulable threat of that sort would result in a legitimate shooting.

        Two cops, two citizens, should’ve resolved as two dead cops and two angry (and free) citizens.

      • Just a heads up, my son went to throw 35 in support via VISA and got a could not process from PayPal. Weren’t trying to use PayPal. Mailing check tomorrow. Wish we could do more and will when we can. You are one of the best in the Liberty movement! Thanks for all you do! Have you thought about ads on your site from other businesses? Other pay services related to automotive you could offer? Just brainstorming.

        • Thank you, Ernie!

          And yes, we are actively looking for advertisers – ideally, those with products or services people people here might find genuinely useful. Talon knife, for example. Their ad will be up today, hopefully!

          • I noticed the “talon knife” ad and it looks pretty sweet. Instead of preaching “just buy a straight razor, hell, you can apparently hijack airplanes with them, lolz” I’ll say “if the cops ask, it’s not a Talon Knife… it’s a letter opener! All hail loop holes!”.

            • We thought so, too!

              We’re trying to get advertisers whose products/services we’d buy/use ourselves. I do not want to become an Internet shill for debt relief and Viagra!


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