Hero Cop Shoots Puppy to Death

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And here’s another:

Stephanie Stang of WNDU.com reports:

There are two different stories being told about why a family’s dog in Hamlet was shot to death by a police officer this weekend.

Neighbors have been putting up signs and flowers around the Schoff house in Hamlet in remembrance of a 10 month rescue dog named Rosco.

On Saturday afternoon Hamlet Police officer Kyle Hinds shot the Schoff’s boxer puppy six times.

The officer stopped by the house to ask about a car parked nearby with a license plate registered to a woman wanted on an arrest warrant.

The homeowner, Kenny Schoff, stepped out onto the porch to answer any questions with his puppy, Rosco.

The dog started to bark and that’s when the officer shot the dog.

“Within five seconds of Rosco coming out, he pulled his gun and shot him three times in the back without saying can you please put your dog in the house or anything,” explains Kenny Schoff. “He didn’t’ say one word. He just pulled out his gun, just pulled out his gun and shot my dog, without being bite.”

In a statement from police the officer says he believed the “pit-bull” was going to bite him after he lunged twice. The officer also says he tried to explain the situation and apologized several times.

A neighbor, Jean McNeill, witnessed the shooting while working in the yard, “I just saw blood and guts in the air and then I saw, by then I stood up, I was in shock and I saw Kenny holding his head and going why did you shoot the dog?”

The puppy was shot a total of six times. Rosco was hit three times on the porch, twice on porch steps, and once in the head, after the family requested he be put out of his misery.

The officer said in a statement that after the dog was hit the first three times, he continued to attack him. That’s why he fired two more shots.

The police department has cleared the officer of any wrongdoing, claiming he had no other option but to protect himself.


  1. What I think must be preserved even at a very high cost and possible loss of economic freedom, is creator’s rights and privileges.

    This is not IP rights. Or even author-of-literature’s rights in most cases. In the great majority of cases, they’re not due much, because the cost benefit ratio doesn’t support it. But how does one know with certainty, which author of which idea or concept, is the one that must be fully and rightfully compensated, lest we all be the poorer for the lack of it.

    My wife doesn’t deserve a creator’s patent for her newly invented Italian sandwich, regardless of how delicious it truly is. But what if there never was sliced breads and now sandwiches.

    Actually, in regards to Italian Sandwiches, a debate might still exist, that Italians have some right to their Italianess. And a person’s culture might not always be free reign public domain in every case.

    But again, what is the mechanism, by which those many Italians through the years who’ve endured statist oppressions, collective breedings, and brutal hardships. Are to be compensated by the free market, for giving their minds and bodies and very lives to keep alive the concept of “Italianess.” With all it’s tangible reality and it’s awesomeness.

    Governments may not add value in an ideal sense. But didn’t many of those Russians die so they can hang on to whatever being a Russian still means. Millions died, so that today, they’re not amorphous American nothing blobs, lolling about on couches in front of screens.

    And didn’t all those Germans die, so they could hold tight, to whatever it meant being a German. Despite all the hidden ancient Austrian Empire treacheries, undead ghosts somewhere in the aether shadows, living on like Voldemort, and would still rather kill everyone than be denied what it meant to them to be of the Austrian Empire.

    And best of all example, the savior’s of the world’s economy: the Chinese. They’ve been giving up nearly everything, and doing just about anything, so they could continue to live as their chosen collective.

    Collectives are inherently inferior to libertarian ideals. Although the maths here are quite fuzzy and ill defined. And except maybe when they’re not. Which is the greater horror for a Chinaman. Being told how to behave from without. Or becoming one of the petulant westerner brats, who can’t be told much of anything at all.

    Me, I’m 100% on board with risking total degeneration. If I am a race, it is only an “enlightenist.” I don’t give any value to the power of force and coercion. Not even from my own friends, family, and co-workers.

    But my being an extreme individualphile is probably a vanishingly small minority. So I’m left rather like the last of the Mohicans and et. al. Native Asian Americans of the new world.

    I’d be a fool as an anarchist to risk your future with certainty on what I belive. Even though I know the many emergent paths to a stateless society, any of you might ask me:

    If you are so wise, tell me then, why you still have rulers.

    The varied almost nonsensical orthodoxies that run through this anarcho-anarchist voluntarist movement are nearly entirely unfounded, and in a great many cases, completely based in fantasy and greatly in need of some grounding principle revisions.

    Until the glorious charge of the Enlightenment Brigade shall be made. Until tens of thousands of philosophers and economists gird their loins and stand ready to take up arms and lay down their lives and the lives of others for their political goals.

    I can see that it’s likely foolhardy to stop giving a shit about the State.

    That doesn’t mean I haven’t anyway. But the more rational behavior, is probably that I should act and think in whatever ways should serve my best interests.

    When liberals and neocons start abiding by the constitution, give up on gun laws, discrimination laws, restrictions of speech, wars on morality, wars to empower the state, then it’ll start making sense.

    That my stance that I couldn’t care less about even the concept of limited government would be more rational.

    Until then, I have to concede the wisdom of those who prefer using the existing government to keep the clover’s oppressed, rather than those of independent abilities, being oppressed.

    That’s the physical universe one has to inhabit, even as a libertarian, unless your ready to join me in multiple origin algebraics. And start learning to reason with two seemingly insoluble equalities. Though at some point in the long run, only one way is likely to survive.

    This single reality of blunt minded American Math isn’t pretty. But unless some of you want to make the intellectual journey into higher mathematical probabilistic reasonings with me, it’s all that we’ve got. (Unless you have other maths that I’m ignoring or not considering here, which is entirely possible in a multi-axis model of possible universes.)

    Anyways. Take Heinlein or Harlan Ellison as examples. Without Heinlein, there’s a great many things that have a reality in our mind, that cease to exist. Look at how embarrassingly humbly Ellison is living, despite all he’s brought into this world.

    As an anarchist, I’m left with an inequality that isn’t easily resolved.

    Printing presses make us all wealthy. Except when they screw over idea creating writers, and in someways don’t make us wealthy, because of the opportunity loss of important useful things that remain unwritten.

    Media sharing makes us all potential millionaires. Any one of us with a minor amount of effort and time, could make copies of millions of dollars worth of media, and store them offline in our bunkers, for when the day kommt.

    Except that “Google”“Goolag” technology that reduces creators to powerless serfs, might be causing us huge opportunity losses of things never written, sung, or filmed. Because, what’s the point, if you lack the means to secure you efforts long enough to make it pay you for your skills and efforts.

    Possibly, the new mind institution machine ruling over the “Google”“Goolag” Generations and beyond. Might even be the Skynet Harlan Ellison or whomever was trying to warn us about.

    No body picked the idea of “Skynet” out of a field somewhere. Or hunted it down in the woods. Or mined it from the Earth. It first had to exist in a single human mind, and then spread to other creative minds who all cooperated to make it a reality we can all perceive.

    Skynet is not just “IP.” Skynet is not just a commodity item of author created literature. Well unless we can get them to agree to this characterization, and to continue producing just as vigorously as before.

    WIthout Harlan Ellison, there possibly wouldn’t have been a “Skynet” or a “Terminator.” (Debatable actually, but if true, it matters.)

    And these Skynet Statists can’t be bargained with. Even almost all of the “libertarian” ones. Listen, and understand! These Property Rights Terminators are out there! They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it very well may be mathematically probable that they absolutely will not stop, ever, until all of us are enslaved or dead.

    Even though “libertarians” had the highest ideals and principles in mind when discussing ‘intellectual property’, of course.

  2. As an APBT owner, I am sick and tired of attending various events throughout the year where we have literally hundreds of APBT dogs just having fun with their owners (where there are NO incidences reported) and then having to read about ‘maybe’ they can be nice dogs or ‘possibly’ they’re not vicious dogs.

    Gee. How did we manage to keep things civil EVERY YEAR on October’s PitBull Awareness Day with more than one hundred pitbulls and their RESPONSIBLE owners in the same space for several hours.
    Is every pitbull a good dog? That’s like asking if every owner is a good owner.
    Every dog has a different level of drive, energy and discipline that it needs and if you do not fulfill their needs and then release them into your neighborhood unsupervised you get into those terrible situations that first guy mentioned in the comments above.
    If you want to see regular, relatively uninteresting (ie not ripping little children to shreds) pitbulls that unfortunately do not make the news, please go to themajorityproject.com and see what normal , everyday pitbulls look like.

    • I don’t like to go over to my neighbor’s when his 5 Pits are out, but only because they are so exuberant and I have bad knees.

  3. Speaking of CCW and pit bulls and loose dogs on the prowl from the above threads. I am retired military. Last year I was walking my dog a Shikoku Ken (54Lbs) and was confronted by two neighborhood pit bulls who kept me at bay for about 10 min with their snarling, growling and postured attack stance, before the owner came to retrieve her dogs after me yelling for about 5 min loud minutes with obscenities to get the owner or someones attention, she lived about 3/4 of a block away. I threw my dog into the back of a pick up truck that happened to be on the drive way of a neighborhood residence. I carry a 4-battery Mag-lite always and Taser with me for protection. I called the police after the incident. They said “Do you carry a weapon? because a taser and flashlight against two pit bulls will only piss them off, I responded with “not yet”. They told me if an incident like that ever happens again and you do decide to CCW, just make sure that when questioned you Feared for your life and personal safety, not your dog’s life get it? Open fire when ready and do it quickly and safely not to endanger others and shoot to kill not maim. The owner of those dogs was in violation on so many levels, county, city and registration requirements etc. I have a dog and love animals, but that day taught me a valuable lesson to really protect myself at all times and anywhere. I now carry concealed on every dog walk twice a day and wear video glasses as my silent witness in case some liberal Ice-hole wants to file a lawsuit for killing their dog(s). The Police said in a case like this, the worst that can happen to you legally is a ticket for discharging your weapon in public or run the risk being mauled and killed next time. Check your news in Arizona, you read about this happening all of the time. Kids as well adults suffer serious injury and death in the hands of these untrained and vicious dogs. Never assume anything about dogs, all breeds can be dangerous and unpredictable at any time.
    Also I would like to mention, some of my friends asked me if I was over reacting. I shared with them some very good advice from my CCW class.
    1) It is your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms (Be mindful and educated of your State’s concealed and open carry laws).
    2) You are your own First Responder for your own self protection 24/7/365 not the cops. (If you think Police carry a firearm to protect you, then you are mistaken, it is to protect themselves).
    3) You have the inalienable right to protect your own life that can never be denied in a court of law. (Subscribe to CCW law membership to have a pro-gun lobbyist group on your side).
    4) I now always CCW when I step out of the house because, I will not be someone Else’s crime victim or the victim of another animal attack.
    5) My CW is a part of me just like my wedding ring, the only time I don’t carry is in Government buildings, establishments and businesses that prohibit Open or Concealed carry, then the CW is locked in my Car vault.
    6) I frequent the firing range a minimum of 4 times a month to hone my skills and subscribe to the NRA gun safety tips and paid videos subscriptions as well as my State’s firearm law updates.
    7) In other words if you’re going to CCW, continue to stay abreast and continually educate yourself for your own legal protection and CCW profile because there are some real Ice-hole prosecutors waiting to label you as a gun toting danger to the public and are bucking for re-election and will use your misfortune to their advantage for gaining vote support from liberal anti-gun groups.

  4. This bullshit hero cop better stop ASAP. These officers are wusses and are afraid of their own shadow. Come pick on someone your own size. I’ve been shooting high powered rifles with scopes as a sharp shooter since I was 6 years old and pistols as well. I learned to shoot pistol with Nazi 9 mm pistols, which was a nasty weapon. All this shit came back from Germany with my grandfather’s belongings after his plane was shot down in a dogfight with two Messerschimdts. I shoot for sport but I’m also an ex-marine camando who knows how to kill.

  5. It hurts to see the smallest sliver of krptonite find its way into our easily bundled undies and turn us mental supermen red sons of of krypton into degenerate pyramid building yellow bellies for the slave masters of the fools gold sun god Ra.

    Never pray for new laws or to tweak old ones. Always nullify. The founders brought pit bulls from Europe. They were mostly brewers who fought sugar and molasses tax that killed their brewing livelihood. Pit Bulls were catch dogs. Good at catching red coats. They were rebel vice administrative lawbreaking badasses who often met in taverns and inns in the party districts.

    America died in the 1930s. We have the new era of hooverite keynesian rebloodlicans bringing the great depression. Prohibition. Women suffrage. And 1000 vice laws versus.
    Hoover called himself the great engineer. Its ironicaaly sadistically true. He engineered our demise.

    The new deal democrips that confiscate all private wealth and force everyone to work for the state and sacrifice their individual goals.

    In a real way the founders of what’s left of our freedom are those gangsters speakeasying flappers jazz lovers and rebels who intimidated and sometimes rubbed out these two monolith majorities. Republicans killed our economy. Dems made sure it stayed dead. Just like now.

    Dog fighting should be as legal as MMA. Design a muzzle and cage for it. Keep an eye on the temperment of Old English Terrier mixed with English bulldog. If dogs are being bred bad see something say something man to man sans uncle sam.

    The more dangerous dogs are american bully + mastiff bulldog – which is not even a pitbull. In 2012 dog bite deaths were by labrador-shepherd, mutt, mastiff-rhodesian, golden retriever, rottweiller, husky, germann shepherd, and 10 pitbulls for 18 deaths total.

    Its important to have a lethal gun, but why not also a phaser you set on stun, tranquilizer, and chemical paralyzer, among others. Laissez Faire not idiot Jim Dove laws abot Breed prohibition. Also repeal dog sterilization. First they came for mans best friend. When they came for me there was no-one left.

    After Lincoln turned America into a military dictatorship the south fought back and instilled Jim Crow.

    In 1965 the south again was put under military law. Now we live under Jim Dove laws A dove and a pidgeon are the same bird and neither a white a grey or a black crow have any freedom now but only a gilded suburban cage like the yeelow smartass tweety. I thought I saw a camoflauge cat.

    Thomas Dartmouth Rice wrote 9 plays and a 40 verse song about Jumping Jim Crow.

    Come listen all you gals and boys I’m just from Tuckyhoe. Is gonna sing and dance for y’alls my name it is Jim Crow. This white guy is still relevant today. Many of the freedmen slaves and freemen civil waared into slaves have made no progress and are just another cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.

    But just as relevant as a guy in blackface. Was then, now could be a yellow skin asian in liquid paper who’s name is Jim Dove.

    I live in fear of a god and state Im as timid as they come. My ma and my woman wear my pants and smash all my bottles of rum.

    Jump Jim Dove neath the barbwire and the steeple. Jump around this world and pretend you aint a henpecked sheeple.

    When you only can think to call nanny and uncle to print more dollars and save ya form the pit bulls like you did that time with the moo-slims. Its time to admit you a cartoon Jim Dove same as the ol cartoon Jim Crow.

    • Tor, I know several veterinarians so once when going to get shots for Ace(pit bull, crazy sob, everybody loved him, the feeling was mutual, had a steady coyote girlfriend)I stopped across the road from my old vet since he wasn’t there and went into the office of the new one, the old one’s former assistant. I’d always gotten along well with him so I’m walking Ace in on a leash and he’s gaga over all the new sights and smells and sounds. I’d already made sure no dogs were in there so no clovers would flip out. Turns out I didn’t have to, the vet did it for me. I couldn’t believe the guy, acted like Ace, the most laid back dog you ever saw was a monster waiting for a victim. Ace sitting on the table, nearly asleep in the cool a/c since it was hot that day. Vet walks up and starts talking to him and Ace is just being his chilly old self so then the vet gets an IV tourniquet and slips over his muzzle for reasons known only to him. Ace just sits there, drowsy. Vet turns his back and is getting a rabies shot ready when Ace just yawns real big and stretches the tourniquet out to where it would fall off if he dipped his head. He closes his mouth and just sits there, always the chilly guy. Vet turns around, sees the tourniquet, looks at me, I shrugged, said Ace had to yawn. He gets his vaccination and then a rather cursory check as if he’s scared of him. Then he asks me if I wanted to neuter him. I play along(not on a cold day in hell)and ask why I’d want to. He says it’s better for him, he’ll be healthier, won’t roam, that sorta thing. Well, healthier, happier, just all around better, do you subscribe to this yourself? He claims no. I say well, we’ll both keep what we have right now like you do. I never went back to that guy. For years this coyote bitch would come up about 100 yds from the house in the pasture behind some gates where you couldn’t see her and howl. Ace would want out and head that way. After a couple hours he’d come back, tongue hanging out about 3 feet, a really silly, satisfied grin so big you could see it a mile away. He’d get to the house and be done in and stink like coyote so bad I’d have to bathe him twice. Then he’d go lie down on his bed(queen size of course)and sleep that sleep of the truly happy. A few months later she’d be back, repeat. It sorta worried me but I never saw any white coyotes with a blue and brown eye and a wacky big grin.

    • “After Lincoln turned America into a military dictatorship the south fought back and instilled Jim Crow.”

      Not exactly. Jim Crow was an invention of the union states. Delaware and New Jersey were the first states to adopt Jim Crow laws.

  6. Pit bulls used to be bred to fight other dogs and to be nice to their handlers. They have a bad name now because too many drug dealers and other misfits buy them. Nice people own nice pit bulls. Wonder why no one ever picks on Chows. They do almost as much harm to people as pit bulls but no one ever suggests banning them.

    • Good points, John –

      Pit bills have been around a long time – but only gained notoriety as “bad” dogs relatively recently – chiefly because of thugs who deliberately inbred/abused them in order to make them uncontrollably vicious. They aren’t necessarily vicious, though.

      • Under UN “Jim Dove” laws we are only permitted to have a small number of nice pets as long as we have paperworkshowing our full lockstep compliance.
        Make sure your cat is neutered at $300 expense. Get too many its hoarding and a big fine.

        INCREDIBLY NOW IT is A FELONY TO MOVE UNDOCUMENTED FISH OVER STATE lines. Take your chickens to WV and you become a fugitive in violation of the Lacey act.

        The south didn’t see the threat until it was too late. Neither does the entire Western Civilization.

        Jim Crow wasn’t really about laws you could follow. It just felt good to kick the other guy. Both whites and blacks were subjugated and robbed blind by the Gar great army of the republic.

        Reconstruction was anoher 12 years just to be sure every cent was stolen. WHEN THEY FINALLY PULLED OUT jim Crow was brought about.

        We have ended the cold war and the Berlin wall. But America is the new Jim Dove.

        The mundanes have all been robbed by their govt and banks. Watching American men getting a wood shampoo and toiling under impossible laws make the rest of the world feel a little better and be thankfull they’re not us.

        Enjoy your 46 hour work week and other chains of being the worlds leader[laugh I’m LOOKING TO FIND all the escape hatches I can from the:

        The runaway american dream. I sent the bankers some jingle mail about my mansions of glory and repo’d suicide machines.

        Its been 8 years Wendy and you did live with the sadness beyond the consumer madness and I still love you with all the debtfree gladness in my soul.

        Someday soon, I don’t know when. we’ll get to the free place with free men and we’ll dance in the sun.

        Till then, extremist sovereign prepper anarchists like us, baby we were born to run.

      • Eric,
        That is the most relevant post regarding pit bulls.

        A breeder can breed physical characteristics in a dog but can’t breed aggressive or vicious traits. A muscular dog must be taught through abuse to attack or fight. Dogs can also become aggressive by not having their needs met by their owners.

        Dogs are natural followers. Today, it seems that most dogs are raised like children, with a free reign. When a dog is free to lead a human the dog is playing an unnatural role which can lead to other unwanted behavior. Powerful breeds need to be in the hands of knowledgeable people, which there seems to be a shortage of in the US.

        Take a pit bull puppy who has been bred to be a fighting dog and place him with someone who knows how to raise a dog to be non-aggressive and non-dominant, and you will end up with a loving family dog who is safe with other dogs, children, and adults.

      • eric, pits gained a bad name because of sensational journalism. Pit bulls are bred for temperament, the No. 1 factor. When you fight dogs, the other owner has to handle the other persons dog(real sparring matches). This assures each owner each dog is clean, doesn’t have poison on it. During this handling it’s common to wash the other person’s dog. Where I live everybody in the country used to have pits and they were just dogs, nothing to be afraid of, just a little better to take care of themselves and could be trained to be a catch dog. We have had two catch dogs, one for cattle and one for wild pigs, both great family members everybody loved. Cholley Jack’s main claim to fame is to protect the cats he grew up with and he does that very well. When he’s resting, he most likely has a cat or two or three up against him. What people don’t realize because they’re stupid, is when dogs are together and one aggresses against the other, the pit bull, just like any dog will defend itself and almost always win the fight. I’ve seen it countless times and have tried to stop people from doing stupid things like feeding little fufu who’s aggressive as hell at feeding time side by side with the new pit bull. Little fufu is gonna get hurt…..and if the fight goes on long enough, so is anyone who stupidly sticks there hands in there between the dog’s mouths(like any dog fight)to break it up. Any decent pit bull owner carries a “break stick” so you can pry the dog’s(either dog, both dog)jaws apart without causing tearing damage. I could write a book, guess I should

        • Roger all that, eight.

          It’s not unlike safe handling a 1911, “cocked and locked.” Only dangerous if you’re stupid or careless.

          • Dear Eric,

            I’ve never understood those who insist that the single action 1911 carried in Condition One is “dangerous.”

            I always felt that double action revolvers with no safeties whatsoever are far more dangerous.

            It’s subjective I admit.

          • Dear Eric,

            I admit there is definitely a subjective element here.

            The fact that nothing, nada, is blocking the trigger and preventing the hammer from falling on a chambered round in a DA revolver makes me nervous. Never mind that the trigger pull might be quite heavy.

            An old west style SA revolver such as the old Colt Single Action Army for example, not so much. At least if the hammer is resting on an empty chamber.

            But as you note, the real safety is between the shooter’s ears.

          • eric, Bevin, I don’t recall how every pistol is made but safeties on DA revolvers are very common, just not a manual safety. They have blocks over the firing pins just as auto’s do so that pulling the trigger moves the blocks out of the way. It’s in there on countless guns, you just can’t see it. I don’t mind stripping(in fact, I love it)an auto down to the tiniest parts but revolvers, not on your life unless it’s an old simple one and I HAVE to. Hi Powers on the other hand are notorious for having the safety come off(of course they’re not DA)and as such, I have always used a “condition one” holster with a strap that goes over the firing pin when the gun is cocked and hopefully locked. I’ve looked down countless times to find a HP off safe. I never understood why they didn’t use a sprung ball detent except they could argue it could get stuck locked but that would mean there was a really bad condition with the spring behind the ball, packed with detritus.

          • Dear Ed,

            We’re probably addressing different aspects of the DA function.

            I’m thinking of the fact that the trigger can be pulled and the hammer will then drop on a live round, discharging the DA revolver. The only thing preventing this is the heavy trigger pull weight of the DA, which is noticeably greater than for SAs.

            The hammer block only prevents the revolver from discharging when dropped on its hammer.

    • Owned a Chow once. Great dog. Got him as a “rescue puppy” from the pet store that was going to put him down at 10 WEEKS OLD. He had been sold to a family with two little boys who terrorized the poor dog to the point of him biting one of the kids. It was a 10 week old puppy for craps sake!

      I took him in and kept him till he died some 13 years later. He had a heart attack. Great loving and kind dog.

    • John, pit bulls were bred to kill vermin, hence the pit where they’d be loosed on rats. Sure, they got fired up watching the other dog doing his thing and as with any animal, enough excitement and they’d get into a fight. This lead to fighting dogs. I’ve raised many pit bulls and never had a mean one. I’ve seen a lot of dogs(all breeds) be aggressive, mostly from being chained or just kept apart from contact with most everything. We had a pit bull who loved babies. He’d lay down beside one and keep a vigil protecting it. Anyone he didn’t know, he’d do the look deep into their soul thing, stare into their eyes. Nobody needed to be told what he intended if they made an aggressive move to that child. He was a great little pit and we all grieved greatly when cancer took him.

  7. Paperboys, mailmen, girl scouts, avon ladies, jehovah witnesses, process servers, petitioners. All these people come to the your and sometimes deal with a dog who gets out. without weapons . But not cops. They are filled with fear propaganda and rabid ideas of their glorious importance.

    ONLY A MENTAL DEFECTIVE can see a benefit in having these keystone krips terrorize our neighborhoods.

    • Yeah.. It’s truly amazing all the people that are able to make it to the door and have a conversation without incident. One would think a highly trained professional such as cop would be able to carry out a routine event.

    • Patrick,


      A Rottweiler or German Shepard can maul you very effectively, also. Ban them as well?

      Why stop there? Any dog is potentially dangerous. Some have been abused; others are poorly trained – or have owners who cannot handle them.

      Strikingly similar to the “logic” used by Clovers to argue that guns should be banned – and for all sorts of other manifestations of prior restraint.

      I’ve met well-behaved pit bulls – and poorly behaved mutts.

      I know people who could be trusted with a closet full of Uzis… and people who can’t safely handle a can opener.

      Instead of broad-brushing everyone, why not limit your bans (and so on) to people who have actually done something to warrant it?

      PS: The dog shot was not a pit bull. And the asshole cop was on private property, uninvited.

      What do you suppose would have happened had a civilian tramped up to someone’s door, uninvited, then brandished a gun and shot the property’s owner’s dog?

      • Eric, there is an exception though with some pit bull dogs. A lot of people breed the ones with the “most game” creating monsters. Basically a super aggressive dog that is completely retarded and can snap anytime. Just sayin’

        • Yeah, that’s true –

          But they did the same to Dobermans (inbreeding for narrow skulls to get the “look”).

          People who breed dogs to fight and attack (not defensively; just attack) are assholes. I feel bad for the dogs – and of course, for the people who have the bad luck to get attacked by one.

          But I’m leery of banning an entire breed, because it seems to be very much like banning “dangerous” guns (for example, “assault” rifles).

          It’s some individuals causing problems. Deal with them, as necessary.

          • I agree banning is a bit much. As with everything else, it’s people causing the issue. When I was at my father’s house a few years ago my brother was watching his friend’s dog. It was a big muscle bound pit bull that looked serious as shit. I was scared of it, but it was actually a very awesome and well behaved dog and had a clever personality.

            • Our neighbors (friends of ours, luckily) have this sweet-looking, white fluffy dog – not sure what breed – that is a holy terror! It wants to rip the guts out of everyone who gets near it. It was dumped (and probably, abused) by its original owner. Our neighbors keep him kenneled and do not let him run free, so he’s ok – and makes for excellent burglar repellent!

          • Has anyone really thought through the idea of banning a particular breed of dog? I mean this from a purely technical and legal perspective.

            What happens when you cross a Rott with a Bernese Mountain dog? Is it a Rott? A Mountain dog? A mutt? One thing’s for sure, it’s a Mastiff.

            The same argument can be made for any breed. Cross a Malamute with a German Shepard. Not a Malamute. Not a Sheppard. Safer than a wolf? Depends on how its been trained doesn’t it?

            Morons. The people who try to ban dog breeds demonstrate a complete lack of understanding; they know virtually nothing about animals they haven’t learned on TV.

            • Dear Scott,

              I know very little about dog breeds.

              But it sounds as if the movement to ban this or that breed of dog is similar to the movement to ban this or that type of firearm.

              It sounds as if the same fallacious arguments that have been used against “assault weapons” are being used against “attack dogs” or whatever.

              In any event, the key contributor to the problem is “public property”, i.e., government property.

              Privatize everything under anarcho-capitalism, and the problem of who may bring this or that breed of dog out in public goes away. Contractual arrangements will settle such disputes in a manner 100% consistent with the NAP.

              • Dear Bevin. I have to apologize to you for bumping up a 3 year old thread and posting a reply to it. I didn’t realize this thread was so old. Now here we 3 are, you, me and 8, posting away in an old, dead thread like a buncha noobs.

                I’m kinda embarrassed.

                • Dear Ed,

                  Hey man, don’t be.

                  The underlying issue of “cloverism” is as current as ever, sad to say.

                  I for one don’t believe the age of a thread is any indicator of its relevance.

                  Fundamental issues of natural rights, individual liberty, and their philosophical roots are far from fully understood by the masses. Until they are, they still need to be hashed out, no matter when they were first raised.

                  • True, that. Thank you for a gracious reply. It’s good to see you and so many other regulars still here after my long absence.

                    There are also quite a few new participants here whose comments are enjoyable to read. This is a great forum.

                    • Dear Ed,

                      It sure is!

                      Actually you just happened to bump into me on a day I too dropped in.

                      EP Autos is too addicting, so I have to get away every so often. Otherwise I would wind up posting comments here from dawn to dusk.

                      But yes, good to hear from you once again.

                    • Thank you, Ed!

                      I also value the intelligence, wit and general thoughtfulness of many of the regulars here. I hope one day we can all have a get-together (and that it’s not at a FEMA camp!)

          • Lots of dog ignorance here. Pit bulls are terriers. Dobermans are in the “fear biter” family with some other dogs. I’ve raised Dob’s too and bad by themselves they aren’t. There’s a reason you see two Doberman’s as guard dogs, they need backup. While the Dobs we raised were good pups, one whose owner finally took home and had for a year or so, went crazy from the time we left to go into town and when we got back. i had always read of Dob’s going crazy but had never seen it. Their skulls stop growing before their brains do. It’s a terrible thing to see and they have to be put down. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t recommend a Doberman for anyone. And yes, I’ve known many that were great dogs till the time they died of natural causes. Once I saw the textbook example of one lose it’s mind, I never raised another one. . It’s a shame too. They’re pretty dogs.

            • Well, 8. I just got a pit bull pup, a female named Jade. She was my grandpuppy until my daughter was told to get rid of her or lose her apartment lease, so she came to live with us.

              I’ve never seen a prettier Staffordshire Terrier, she’s black and white harlequin marked with uncut ears. She is in love with Napoleon, the wolf hybrid male who guards the place, and she plays all day with Emmett, the beagle pup.

              Guess you already know how good natured this breed is.

      • Quite right BrentP. There are any number of dog breeds that have been used in “pit” fighting over the years. Of course the breeders of fighting dogs cull anything other than the most aggressive and tenacious of the litter. I knew a fellow from Georgia that raised two strains of American Pit Bulls: one was a farm / working breed, good with kids, protective of livestock and property, stable. The other strain was pure vicious fighter and he wouldn’t sell those dogs to anyone he didn’t know, nor for any other purpose (right or wrong) than what they were bred for. When bloodlines like the latter are introduced into normal communities, either by accident or so the owners can swagger around with a “bad mo fo” on a leash, unfortunate things happen often enough that they give the entire breed a bad name.

        I can remember being warned about Rottweilers, Germans Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls and even Boxers being “bad dogs.” I had a fantastic Boxer for a number of years that would ride around in the truck with me. I can’t count the number of times people asked “Is that a pit bull?” or told me “I thought it was illegal to own a dog like that here.” Americans can be such presumptuous dumb-asses and since they try not hire anyone with an IQ above 125 as a cop…

        What’s odd is that some of the most vicious dog breeds aren’t even recognized as such. Over the years I’ve known a number of people who owned Huskies that were frequent biters and it was considered “normal” playfulness by their owners. One of my friends had his Husky put down because the dog became so “playful” he was constantly drawing blood on him and his kids and finally bit a cop. They can be hell on small stock and they’re very intelligent to boot. One of my coworkers had two beautiful Huskies that his neighbor informed him were killing his goats. My coworker told him there was no way, the dogs were penned all day and they were in when he got home. He told the neighbor to go ahead and shoot them if they were in his pasture. The very next day the neighbor called him and told him his dogs had killed two more goats and maimed a third one before he shot them. When the dog owner went out to look he discovered that the dogs had dug out under the back of the pen. They were smart enough to go out during the day, kill a few goats for fun and get back in the pen before the owner got home. But you don’t hear people calling for a ban on Huskies.

        Full size poodles, of all things, make fierce guard / defense / attack dogs. They were actually used as trench dogs in combat by the French military. We were having a problem with mixed breed fighting dogs running loose near where Michael Vick got caught torturing dogs. One of the area farmers showed me the kennels where another local scumbag (not Vick) raised and penned some of these poor animals. During the day, this idiot let a few of them roam (or they got loose). The farmer was scared of them and told me if he saw these (mainly Rottweiler mix) mutts on his land he shot them.

        As other people have pointed out, it’s not so much the breed or the individual dog’s fault; it is the idiots that make them vicious, train them to fight or attack and don’t keep them up. People that do that need to experience some hot tar, feathers and ride to the edge of town on a split fence rail!

  8. I am trained better than most of our police. It was interesting that when a man shot his supervisor in New York City then took a walk. Cops stopped him confronted him And proceeded to shoot the man and NINE bystanders who just happened to be on the street. If New York City needs gun control it is with the New York City. Cops. And by the way where is the outrage from the left with this “massacre” in New York by cops

    • Please give us the state as well as town where officer Kyle Hinds lives and works. Some of us might like to forward a message, and even meet one day.

  9. It makes more sense to refuse to engage in any conversation with a cop without your attorney present. Cops have a habit of lying to whom ever they speak with and are quite willing to use whatever you say to them against you. Cops are merely sadistic, political errand boys who are snivelling cowards, who become legal felons. I personally would not give them the time of day.

    • That reminds me–I recently finished a fantastic book, Boston T Party’s You and the Police

      It’s a play-by-play, quoting relevant court cases along the way, of every possible interaction with the Costumed Thug class…from contact, to detainment, to arrest…and what to do in each.

      Despite all the other reading I had done–including watching and researching videos like those “Flex Your Rights” (which are excellent)–this book gave me renewed confidence.

      I was pulled over shortly after reading it. I’d just ripped through a yellow light in second gear…my car’s loud at full throttle. He was sitting perpendicular to me at the intersection, and came on with lights a-blazin’, hopped up like he’d just seen the reincarnation of Osama bin Laden.

      I adopted the tone implied in the book; kind of cold and disdainful. He started with the usual baiting lines–because he had no radar reading, just sound and fury–“How come you’re driving like it’s NASCAR?”

      From me: “I’m doing no such thing. Why have you stopped me, I’m busy and would like to be on my way.”

      Etc. He waved me off after a perfunctory license check.

      “You and the Police”–highly recommended.

    • I’ve never had a big problem with police. They always seem to treat me respectfully, and I always try to treat them respectfully. I always expect some of them to have attitudes and some to be arrogant idiots and I just try to give them space when needed. They have to deal with a lot of things I wouldn’t want to have to deal with.

      • Dear Ken,

        “They always seem to treat me respectfully, and I always try to treat them respectfully.”

        You are an extraordinarily lucky person.

        To see other people who were not “disrespectful” [sic!] to fascistic cops, but who were beaten half to death or even murdered, check out some of the incidents at “Pro Libertate.”


        Pray your luck doesn’t run out and the next cop you encounter doesn’t blow you away and get away with it, citing “officer safety.”

        • Reading that is chilling.

          Since we are made richer by having armed men imposed upon us for our safety, why stop there? Why not have each nation of the United Nations issue uniforms to its citizens so we can all fill the world with beautiful music together each Sunday? The Obamachoir. My vision is a good one, no?

          Next Sunday, we’ll do Skyfall. See you there. See something sing something Earthizens!

          [G.Stankov – Say No! – Relative Passage]
          Do not be fooled! Who pushes himself into your life (as in the supermarket scene*) and tries to gain a personal advantage with servility, show him the door, and he, who speaks to you about duty and Country, while he himself is soulless, show him the door. You will easily identify these forces by the unnatural glow of their aura, their colors appear synthetically, and at the cold glance in their eyes.

          *{I tell him without looking at him succinctly “No, please wait” He boils over inside. This shows that his original humble and submissive way of asking in order to get what he wants, is now replaced by hatred and aggression. When he goes out at the door, he looks back at me and throws at me in his native language an unfriendliness, a curse.}

        • Reading that is chilling.

          Since we are made richer by having armed men imposed upon us for our safety, why stop there? Why not have each nation of the United Nations issue uniforms to its citizens so we can all fill the world with beautiful music together each Sunday? The Obamachoir. My vision is a good one, no?

          Next Sunday, we’ll do Skyfall. See you there. See something sing something Earthizens!

          [G.Stankov – Say No! – Relative Passage]
          Do not be fooled! Who pushes himself into your life (as in the supermarket scene*) and tries to gain a personal advantage with servility, show him the door, and he, who speaks to you about duty and Country, while he himself is soulless, show him the door. You will easily identify these forces by the unnatural glow of their aura, their colors appear synthetically, and at the cold glance in their eyes.

          *I tell him without looking at him succinctly “No, please wait” He boils over inside. This shows that his original humble and submissive way of asking in order to get what he wants, is now replaced by hatred and aggression. When he goes out at the door, he looks back at me and throws at me in his native language an unfriendliness, a curse.

  10. And we want to give guns to everyone? It makes me afraid for my own safety when even those trained to handle stressful and dangerous situations cant control themselves and handle their weapons properly. Just walk down the street and wonder which one of these idiots has a gun, and how they will respond to a situation.

    • Almost too easy Ken but I must assume your response is in good faith, so I’ll reply with compassion:

      First, the Costumed Thug class is emphatically NOT well-trained to handle their weapons properly. It’s a standing joke at ranges how poor their gun control is.

      Secondly, they’ve been inculcated with an hysterical fear for their own safety–which takes priority over every other concern, especially “protecting and serving”. It’s Praetorian Uber Alles–and fuck the mundanes.

      On the other hand, the average gunowner who’s carrying concealed or (in more enlightened states) openly, is MUCH less of a danger than a cop. Depending on whose statistics you believe, private gun owners prevent between 500,000 and 2,400,000 crimes a year–yet you don’t hear about widespread massacres by peaceful gun owners. The extremely few massacres you do hear about are the ones perpetrated in victim disarmament zones–like that movie theater in Aurora.

      So no; contrary to your position, I want MORE private people armed and FEWER police armed. They’re better trained, have better self-control, and aren’t psychopaths on a power trip.

      Best of all–private citizens are actually liable for harm they cause, unlike the Special Ones.

      Statistically you’re eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. On a per-capita basis, cops

      • Whoops…replied too soon.

        Being a cop isn’t even in the top ten most dangerous professions; so their hyper-vigilance, hair-trigger responses, maniacal behavior and extreme aggression are products of their poor training…and more than that, the intentional selection of borderline psychopaths with sub-average IQ’s.

        Don’t believe the latter? It’s been to court, and the 125-IQ applicant was rejected.

        It won’t do to have cops who can think about orders. No, we want steroid-inflated, bug-eyed bow-chested thugs with rage issues who can follow orders.

      • I agree, the statistics are in total support, but I still wonder about the nuts on the street who cant control themselves. There are a lot of people I wouldn’t want to see with a gun. Responsible gun owners are a different breed.

        • Ken, I’ll take that risk. I’m armed and trained; I would prefer a certain amount of risk from a few crazies who don’t have the power of the State behind them, over the risk from a few armed crazies with the entire weight of the State behind them.

          A lone crazy, I can shoot in self-defense; case closed.

          A crazy cop? Shooting him is probably a life-ending event…regardless of the facts of the case. It’s an “oh shit, go buy a beater for cash right now and run for the border…and never come back

    • Ken –

      What Meth said… and:

      No one here advocates “giving” guns to “everyone.” That’s the sort of hysterical emoting typical of people who don’t want to discuss this subject on the merits.

      We do object to denying responsible people their right to possess a firearm for self-defense. Self-defense (and having the means to defend oneself) is not a privilege. It is a natural, inalienable right.

      And we do object to giving cops kid-glove treatment when they handle their firearms recklessly or abusively. If anything, those who wield state authority ought to be held to a much higher standard of personal responsibility for their actions than ordinary citizens.

      What you ought to be afraid of is being rendered defenseless against those who seek to harm and even kill you.

      One of those “idiots” you mention may just save your life someday.

      A cop may just be the one to take it.

      • I never advocated denying responsible people the right to have a gun. I just wondered how many nuts I see on the street do have guns, and about my own safety when the police who are supposed to be trained in these situations react so poorly.

        • Very few, Ken.

          I mean, think about it: There are more guns in private hands in this country than there are people. And in some areas (such as my area) it’s a safe bet that everyone is armed. Yet – relatively few shootings. The majority of crimes involving guns take place in places like DC and Chicongo and Noooo Joisey – where it is illegal (or very difficult) for average citizens to possess a gun, especially concealed. And virtually all the splashy mass shootings have occurred… wait for it now… in “gun free” zones. You know, places where it is illegal for responsible people to have guns (because responsible people often foolishly obey even stupid laws) but which by dint of this fact are target rich zones for the irresponsible – evil – people who don’t give a tinker’s damn about “the law.”

          • Although I take slight offense at the use of New Jersey (it has been the butt of too many jokes over the years, some justifiable), the rest of you point is well taken.

            Laws in general mean something to those that follow the rules. Criminals by nature flaunt many laws. The best (criminals) can be often found in government.

          • @Mithrandir: “The best (criminals) can be often found in government.”

            Reminds me of a cartoon that I would insert here, but copy and paste doesn’t work and I’m too challenged to figure out another way. Anyway, a small boy tells his father that he is considering a career in organized crime. His father says, “Government or private sector?”

    • Ken, they don’t control themselves because they don’t have to. They have no liability. They face no penalty.

      Honestly I think that many of the cops that do this just want to / like to shoot and kill and use the excuse. The rest are paranoid and were trained to be paranoid.

  11. Jesus Fucking H. Christ.

    How are these guys not lynched, mob-beaten, and dragged through the streets?

    What kind of savage psychopath shoots a puppy?

    I almost don’t want to believe this happened, but I know better.

    Question for you guys; how would you react if this happened to you?

    I have a rescue dog we got for $35. We’ve spent probably $4,000 on medical care; she’s a walking accident, sticking her feet through glass windows, swallowing chicken bones, etc. I love this dog about 20% less than I love one of my kids. She’s super-friendly but only about a foot high; when she meets strangers she jumps three feet straight up and tries to lick their hands.

    If someone shot her, my rage would be uncontainable.

    • Incredible, isn’t it?

      Meanwhile, imagine what would have happened – what the reaction would have been – had “some guy” just walked up to these people’s door – trespassing, technically – then shot their puppy to death, claiming his “safety” entitled him to do so?

      At the very least, a not-cop would have been charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm – and been arrested on the spot.

      It’s entirely likely that, had the dog’s owners shot the “some guy” before he could shoot the dog – they’d have been within their rights to have done so. Some guy shows up uninvited on my property, pulls a gun on my animals ( or me – how am I supposed to divine his intentions?) and I am pretty sure I have the legal right to use my gun to prevent him from proceeding further. Right?

      But a cop? He’s a protected Praetorian – and may kill at his discretion. And we must stand there and take it.

      • Wow did you nail it. Praetorian. Perfect.

        Funny thing is in ancient Rome “citizens” had rights. Seems we are being treated akin to the ancient Jewish slaves.

    • There Is a statement on the internet with an incriminating lie. It calls the 10 month old dead boxer puppy a brindle colored pit bull. Its 2414020-17113346.pdf.

      Kyle J Hinds Hamlet chief deputy is at 574-867-2623. Khinds@hamletpolice.com. Related to Megan Hinds and James Hind per mylife.com/c-150089010060 in Grovertown IN.TOWN MARSHALL Frank Lonigro III also looks to be joiniing the perjury.

      Can’t tell if he’s stronghands88 on Youtube for sure but his vids seem kinda swinish and the name and state match.

      Pigs are an invasive species sadly introduced here in1500. They are 10 times older than human being and quite intelligent and dangerous so be careful when they’re around. I say No more free doughuts for this baconator.

    • You know Methyl, I agree with the rage part. Both of my dogs are rescue dogs, but of the Search and Rescue variety. Both are Rotts and as you must know Rotties share the fate of pit bulls in the public’s imagination; they’re horribly vicious animals. Never mind “Good Dog Carl”, think “Cujo”.

      Here’s my problem; if someone, maybe even someone in uniform, came up to my front door and was suddenly and enthusiastically “greeted” by my dogs, then chose to pull out a handgun and shoot both of them to death in the name of self defense, there’s absolutely no way I’d be capable of defending them, since I don’t usually answer the door packing heat.

      The problem we face is that these people have gone way over the top. We simply aren’t physically or emotionally prepared to defend ourselves or our loved ones against psychotics who shoot puppies and one armed men in wheelchairs. That’s the problem.

      No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

      • Scott, it’s up to us to prepare ourselves physically and mentally. I read about the Houston cop murdering the amputee just this morning, too.

        After I’ve read so many of these cases–I think I’ve read at least a hundred–I’d feel stupid and irresponsible if I didn’t prepare.

        I’ve expanded my martial-arts training to diligent exercise in disarming guns and knives. A pistol is particularly easy; firmly grab the slide, and he can get off one shot, no more. It’s astonishing how easy it is to remove a gun from an assailant’s grip.

        Why DON’T we keep heat near the door? We should. I think that’s my next step.

        This is no longer simply an indignity, or a hassle, or just suffering through a false arrest. This is now life and death; these people are absolutely unaccountable killers. They like killing people; they are psychopaths.

        I won’t even qualify this with the usual “well there are some good cops” blather; if there were, they’d have to stand up and defend the people against the predators in their midst.

        But they don’t.

        And their complicity makes them guilty, too.

        • Some of us do Methyl. It’s like any system composed of individuals capable of exercising free will; we aren’t all the same.

          I have some advice that probably should have gone into one of Eric’s “prepper” posts but didn’t. I was either uninspired at the time or I just missed the opportunity, so I’ll include it here in the hope it will be read and headed.

          Aside from stockpiling the usual suspects (food, ammunition, trade goods) give some serious consideration to medical training. I know this is wasted completely on you Methyl since you spent years as a pre-med, but others might benefit.

          The best training I’ve found so far is the Wilderness First Responder course offered by the National Outdoor Leadership (NOLS) school in Lander, Wyoming. It’s a ten day intensive that will prepare you to intervene in most cases of traumatic injury. It will prepare you to provide long term care for an injured person in an isolated setting.

          Also consider having a useable copy of Gray’s Anatomy on hand (recommend the 36th ed.) along with a complete set of the Oxford handbooks on Medicine, Practice, Specialties and Surgery. The whole lot, bought second hand, might run you $100.

          And that’s all I have to say about that.

          • Ha! Somehow I’m not surprised you’re that prepared, Scott 🙂

            Totally agreed on taking at least some kind of emergency medicine course. Believe me, even having an MD doesn’t mean I’d feel confident fixing a sucking chest wound in an expedient situation.

            My wife also has to do some review; she’d be just great if someone has to deliver a baby, but I think she’d be as lost as I if it came to a gunshot or similar.

            We’ve been quizzing each other and referring to an ER medicine handbook.

            The supplies to fix some of these problems–especially the chest wound–are cheap, and vital.

            Stock up on:
            suture kits
            antibiotics–I recommend three or four to get total coverage including azithromycin, augmentin, and metronidazole. You might throw in a good fluoroquinolone like Cipro to cover anything you missed with the first three.
            antiseptics–lots of Betadine, rubbing alcohol, bleach. Consider getting some sodium chlorite; it’s a wonderful water purifier and solutions can be used for lavage etc.

            If you’ve got all that, some IV kits and a few bags of lactated Ringer’s solution, D5W (5% dextrose and water), and 1/2 NS (half-normal saline) could be life-savers too.

            The scariest thing is medicines you depend on. My wife needs thyroxine; go without that for a while, and you’re useless…

            Stock up. See what’s happening in Greece? They’re desperate for medicines.

          • Methyl says: “even having an MD doesn’t mean I’d feel confident fixing a sucking chest wound in an expedient situation.”

            Baggies. Plastic sandwich bags. And firm pressure on the open wound. If you don’t have a baggie, lick your hand, slap it on the hole and pray.

            You take one out and firmly apply it over the sucking chest wound. You’ll probably need two; one for the entry wound and one for the exit. If you don’t have baggies, spit on your hands to make a seal.

            Editor’s note: Dom added the last sentence from a duplicate post that was deleted.

          • BTW: My experience with Augmentin has been bad. It can, in certain haplotypes, cause liver damage. I happen to be one of those unfortunate individuals in which it causes more harm than good.

            I stock Cipro, Penicillin VK, Amoxycillin, Doxycycline and Flucazone. Closed course, professional driver. Do NOT attempt this at home.

          • Oh, and as to suture kits: I find the best solution to this problem is the “steri-strip” instead of sutures. They still require skill to use, but much less skill than sutures. Add to those “benzoin” swabs and those nifty clear dressings called “Tegaderm”, they’re made by 3M. Out fucking standing.

            And 4 or 5 liters of lactated Ringers. Good call.

          • Ha ha Scott you had me at “out fucking standing“, I’m dying.

            My favorite f-word concatenation is still:

            Yes Steri-Strips, good for what ails ya.

            Chest wounds–the one that scares me is the lacerated lung. Any puncture, and the lung’s elasticity causes it to deflate inside the chest as the air leaks out the hole in the lung and into the pleural space. The chest fills with air, the lung collapses, and they die real quick.

            Gotta stick in a chest tube, pull out the air after sealing it well, then put the end in a jar of water under the bed. But no lung laceration, no problem mate–as you say, seal it up (duct tape would be my choice) and go.

            Oh yeah and for closing skin–gel superglue. The surgical stuff is butyl methacrylate; the gel you buy at Lowe’s is ethyl or propyl methacrylate, 90% as good and 1/100 the cost. There’s good evidence it has better outcomes than sutures…less chance of infection, better healing.

            Also: silver–not just for saving your wealth, but as a disinfectant and anti-helminthic. Kills parasitic worms, bacteria deader’n a hammer. There are silver salves commercially available.

          • Yeah-A good anti-septic -antibiotic stand-in is Colloidal silver- the salve is great to put on wounds– And for IVs coconut water is great – Contains all needed electrolytes

  12. What would happen if the postman carried a gun?

    When did people become paranoid? My dog would get out on to the porch or driveway when I was kid. She would run around people’s legs barking sometimes until I could grab her. Never bit anyone. Just dance and noise. Which by everything described is all this dog. Dance and noise.

    • “Dance and noise.” That’s what Native American Indians used to do too, when ‘confronting’ Federal troops on the high plains. The results were the same.

      Rub out the Indians.
      Rub out the dogs.
      Rub out the free man.
      Rub out the law.

      That whole ‘scorches earth’ policy,… and salt the ground too.

      • I’m totally with you, Ray. Although I suspect that his friends might take umbrage. Still, at my age going down in flames is not so bad, especially if it is for a good cause like protecting my beloved dog and taking out an a*hole from this world.

      • It’s funny, when you shoot and kill a Police Dog, it’s considered MURDER, you will be tried for Murder, because the police dog is considered a police officer. LOL

      • Had a cop in my house a while back. He stood just inside the doorway. My wolf-hybrid was standing there watching him. Neither moved or said anything. It was quite the sight. I don’t think the cop was expecting to see “the dog” when he went inside the house. He didn’t know what to say or do as he was being “watched”. Quite the scene. He went back outside after a minute and stood by his car.

      • Raymond,
        That is stupid, you bury the remains, with the cruiser, some distance away – where he had an “accident”, after leaving your home….

        So piggy went through a woodhipper first, who really gives a cr@p? Plenty more like that…


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