Maniac Cop Knees Kid In Head, Screams “Move So I Can Kick Your Ass And F*** You Up”

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A disturbing video of an arrest that took place in Hurst, Texas shows a deranged police officer sprinting into a park and thrusting a knee into the back of a teenager’s head, then screaming “move and die” repeatedly, before identifying himself on camera.

The video commences with the kid being held on the ground by another officer as he states “you just won’t leave me alone and let me call my mom.”

The officer calls for back up claiming that the kid is resisting arrest, then puts him in a headlock, and says “this is not going to work out for you buddy.”

As the kid complains that he can’t breathe, the officer appears to have the situation under control, and convinces the kid to lay face down and put his hands behind his back.

Then another officer comes tearing in from out of shot and throws his knee into the kid’s head.

“MOVE AND DIE. MOVE AND F***ING DIE. YOU GONNA MOVE AGAIN? F***ING MOVE AGAIN. F***ING MOVE AGAIN.” the cop yells, before also yelling at the person videoing the incident.

“MOVE SO I CAN KICK YOUR ASS. MOVE SO I CAN F*** YOU UP… Give me a reason to f*** you up” the officer states.

“When the police are talking to you, you be quiet and shut up.” the cop yells while slapping the kid on the back of the head.

The cop then admits that he “sure did” knee the kid in the back of the head before marching up to the camera and yelling his name and badge number.


The officer then yells “blink wrong”, repeatedly as he escorts the kid to the patrol car.


    • Despite Pope’s claim of excessive force, the internal affairs investigation determined the amount of force used by Arnold was reasonable since he believed Jimenez was struggling to subdue the teen.

      The investigation did find, however, that Arnold was disrespectful to a citizen and “used indecent, profane, and harsh language in the performance of his official duties, and conducted himself in a manner which brought discredit to himself and the Hurst Police Department.”

      So the PD was ok with the (excessive imo) violence used by one of their own. The PD did not like one of their own embarrassing them (PD) before the public.

      I guess I should have some satisfaction that one thug can no longer hide behind a badge.

  1. 20 years ago I wanted to be a cop. My new bride supported me in my efforts, but would remind me with every application and interview, “Sweetie, you really don’t fit in with them. But I support you.” Needless to say I did not become a cop. I thank God that I did not because I cannot fathom the idiocy and the goonery that people encounter every day by these cretins who think that by opening their mouths or putting their hands on their tasers or handguns that we should do everything they say. Am I free to go?

    • A few months back I wrote something about the weird (and recent) social pressure to regard cops as “heroes.” It’s the same sort of verbiage (and conditioning) one always finds in authoritarian states. The necessary first step, though, is to establish in people’s minds that “the law” is holy writ. Cops – law enforcers – then become something like a Jesuit order; not be questioned but reflexively obeyed. To challenge this is to commit a mortal sin. Literally. People are now routinely threatened with lethal violence for doing so. But instead of chanting “hallowed be thy name,” the secular call to worship is “officer safety” and “stop resisting.”

  2. Arnold 654 needs to be fired, but he wont. I hope the family sues his ass. The first cop was fine with what he did. The kid was in the wrong, but after putting his hands behind his back thats where it should have ended. So sick off these cops that feel like they have to prove something. What’s wrong Arnold 654, get your ass kicked too many times in school?

    • Hi Den,

      My take: Modern law enforcement is an inherently bullying, even sadistic type of “work.” It therefore attracts bullies and sadists. No basically normal man – possessed of a conscience, empathy and the ability to think – could become (or remain) a cop, in my view.

  3. Disaeli Arnold is not a field nigger like his great grandpappy, nor a house nigger like his grandpappy, nor a sharecropper like his daddy. You can take a slave out of the plantation, but you can’t take the plantationout of the slave.

    See Slavecatcha Arnold is a Costumed Slave, and that’s the bestest kind of a slave, yessir. His Mastuh is making the whole planet into plantation, and Disraeli Arnold 654 is got himself 38,184 slaves in the Hurst City Plantation that he gets to whip and dominate as much as he likes.This Slave Franchise is currently hiring, call Hurst Police at 817-788-7146 if you want tonquire about the Slave Catcher Application process.

    Hurst County 82nd Ranchborn is looking for a few good cotton picker supervisors, the position pays $4900-$5400 a month, plus all you can beat 24 hour gladiator buffet and bloodfest country club membership for life.

    Disraeli Arnold, 817-788–7146 or ask for police chief Steve Moore, city manager Allan Weegar, or Mayor Richard Ward if you have any comments or suggestions for them

  4. Sovereign Citizen gets shot in the face and then sentenced to 35 years in prison in Feb 2012. Incident occurred on Hurst TX city border.

    Sequence of events. 1 received $140 seat belt ticket. 2 refused to pay, petitioned to higher authority and ignnored. 3 escalates to arrest warrant. 4 Officer John Fossett gets plate reading hitof warrant & follows Joseph M Tesi (sovereign name) to home 5 Sovereign gets out of car holding cellphone and refuses to comply 6 Fossett subdues by firing bullet into foot and face then claims sovereign has pulled his gun 7 evidence shows Fossett lied – but trial proceeds without admitting Fossetts lies to public, how does a free press get a chance to talk to this sovereign or counsel and get truth?

    Upon reflection, the Dallas sniping of tyrant JFK is a case of 2 wrongs not making a right. Hurst TX is 13 miles NE of Fort Worth, which is in Dallas-Fort Worth metro. The Kennedy brothers made nearly everything illegal, unless it had a prior approval and tax permit in advance. LBJ turned the tyrant knob to 11 and deepened our slavery to a million pond ball and unbreakable chain.

    Sure, taking the snipers pledge upon retirement and savings depletion sounds preferable to joining the FSA, but it seems signing a bootleggers pledge to be more effective and in compliance with The NAP. OBL was right, break the govt thru economics is the way. (But being a caveman, he disdained his own advice and destroyed his homeland)

    Life in prison, face full of lead, due to petty official financial holocaust, seems like a lose-lose. But 300,000 plus Sovereign menare out there living on principle; and if need be dying on principle. I salute these 2nd Amend. heroes, You come into my home in a Halloween Costume after declaring “Trick or Treat” and I don’t open my door, YOU might FIND OUT JUST WHAT AN INALIENABLE RIGHT TASTES , smells, and feels like, if you gnomesayin.

  5. Watching again more thoughts came to mind:

    One: why don’t these kids know anything about their rights?
    Two: Brazilian jiu-jitsu–kid, learn it. That cop had very sloppy technique, the kid had three chances to get out of the grapple.
    Three: the smug satisfaction on Arnold’s face…just needs to be wiped off.

  6. Totally unjustified, even by ridiculously stupid cop standards. Unarmed kid, on the ground, hands behind back.

    God I hate bullies with a burning fervor! I’ve despised them since I was a kid defending myself against them. To see thugs, sycophants, goons like Arnold 654 elevated to unaccountable power sickens me like nothing else.

    The family will probably get a settlement. But Arnold will carry on secure in his “job”; perhaps to shoot someone’s dog, certainly to assault more Mundanes, and perhaps, if he’s lucky, to kill some of them, too.

    And yeah, MoT–he was “following department procedure”.


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