Hero cops shoot man’s dog

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HAWTHORNE, Calif. (KTLA) — A Hawthorne police officer shot and killed a dog Sunday belonging to a man accused of disturbing a crime scene. A bystander recorded video of the disturbing exchange and posted it on YouTube.

It all started when dog owner, Leon Rosby, started taking video of police officers outside a barricade. As police approached Rosby, he can be seen placing his dog, Max, in his car and then putting his hands behind his back to be arrested. As Rosby was being handcuffed, Max started barking and jumped out of the car. As Max approached the officers, one of them shot him four times.

Rosby’s attorney says he plans to sue the Hawthorne Police Department….MORE



  1. Max being shot alternate angle video

    Star the pit bull is shot by NYPD

    Austin pigs respond to wrong house and kill a man’s dog

    Pigs say “you need to calm down, you can get a new dog” after killing an innocent man’s pet

    Jeffrey Salmon (Badge #317) has his own website now

    Group Photo of Dog Killers, Jeffrey is second from left

    – The more they boil frogs, the more we boil pigs.

    Comments about Jeffrey Salmon
    Fucking pussy ass pig I hope someone is fucking your wife on her lunch break
    Fax Hawthorne PD @(310) 978-9355] using faxzero dot com
    He runs around like a bitch because that’s all he is. The only reason he’s a fucking pig is to be in authority over people because he cant do shit without the badge. I hope someone twists his fucking balls in hell
    What a fucking mongoloid, how do these fucks get anywhere near a gun?
    That’s insane. I’d want to murder the cop if it was my dog.
    I hope this dog killer never gets a good night’s sleep. Someone please find him & punch him in the nose for being a nosy fucktard!
    He is a coward. I hope he is harassed and beat for the rest of his shitty fucking existence.
    Fucking cop should be fired and sentenced to work at a local animal shelter

    The Hawthorne CA spokesman Scott Swain shot and killed a down-syndrome kid as a rookie.

    Pets Gunned Down By Pigs Report

    Slideshow of Family Pets Shot By Law Enforcement

    Recording police is a dangerous but necessary act

  2. Scott Swain is a police spokesman.

    The pig seen killing the dog in the video is Jeffrey Salmon. This hero was also involved in an incident where a homeowner had his jaw broken by several police officers. The home owner was awarded $1 million dollars because the police kicked him in the face while responding to a complaint from a neighbor that he was making too much noise.


    Stream of justice for Max rally

    Facebook page for Community against Hawthorne CA Police Dog Murderers

  3. Adult actress Bree Olson tweets about dog killer cop:

    Look at my sweet babies [DoctorSniffles] & [PNettyPuff] If anyone ever harmed them I say an eye for an eye!

    There is so much wrong with this situation. They told him they were arresting him so I don’t think his 1st thought was to crack windows!

    They have clubs, tasers etc. The dog was pretty calm under the circumstances. This situation could have been contained. Instead, MURDER.

    Bree posts his personal cell and office numbers:

    Please call & voice your concerns! Officer Scott Swain
    Cell Phone (310) 349-2835
    537 N Glendale Ave Glendale, CA 91206-3307

    Precinct Phone Numbers
    (310) 675-4443
    (310) 349-2700
    (310) 349 2835

    Call your mayor Danial Juarez — his public office line is (310) 643-6139. Tell him you saw the video and explain that, as a dog lover, you’ll vote on that issue alone in the next election.

    Call Roderick Wright (your state senator). His office number in Sacramento is (916) 651-4035. Again, calmly explain to him about the video and tell him you want firm action.

    Next, call assemblyman Steven Bradford. His office number in Inglewood is (310) 412-6400 or in Sacramento at (916) 319-2062.

    Bring these cops to justice for shooting this dog: facebook page: 4,025 likes


  4. Help ! we need protection from the vry people who say they are trying to help us and do us a service to the community. we dont need people like this protecting our community. we really dont. how are we going to protect ourselves now that the Real Terrorists are disguazed as police ?

  5. More hero cops. They’re looking to serve an arrest warrant on an old lady landlord with ovarian cancer who isn’t cutting her grass short enough to suit the Turtle Creek, PA official city council tax mafia.

    She’s not there, so a herd of seven pigs illegal enter one of her tenants’ units, swear and threaten her, and then kick down her bedroom door, handcuff her, and do an illegal search of her home.


    “You know, I don’t even see a name tag on you,” Ruckman tells the officer after opening the door, which can be heard in the above video.

    “I don’t give a shit what you see, go get your ID. You see, that says, ‘police,’” he says, pointing at his sleeve.

    Ruckman walks upstairs to retrieve her identification with several officers following behind.

    “They were like a pack of wolves,” she said in the interview. “They kept yelling at me, giving me different orders.”

    “It was very hostile, very aggressive, very intimidating. I backed up into my bedroom and closed the door.”

    That prompted one of the cops to kick the door down.

    “There were three cops in my bedroom and I didn’t even know where my ID was,” she said. “I was nervous and shaking. I didn’t remember that I had left my wallet downstairs.”

    ” He told me in the bedroom when the camera was off that he saw me as a threat, that he thought I was going to go get a gun.”

    The cops handcuffed her, which is how she remained for more ten minutes before they finally found her identification and realized they had the wrong woman.

    Tenant’s rant after the fact

    Turtle Creek Police Department (412) 824-2500
    Mayor Adam Fogie at (412) 823-0154.



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