Bay St. Louis “hero” Collected Ex-Officio Revenue

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The FBI has confirmed that a police chief who killed himself after being suspended last year had committed the crimes he was accused of.

Bay St. Louis Mayor Mike Favre told The Sun Herald on Wednesday that the FBI found that Chief Mike De Nardo defrauded the city of $47,000 over two years and illegally sold firearms twice.

A bonding company had insured De Nardo in his official capacity for $50,000, and the city will file a claim against that insurance, he said.

De Nardo was suspended was suspended because investigators were looking into an anonymous tip that he’d sold city weapons for personal gain and had put his wife on the payroll for work she didn’t do. Favre said the FBI did not hold De Nardo’s wife accountable, and found that he alone committed the payroll fraud.

He shot himself Sept. 8, 2016, in the police department parking lot, after being relieved of his duties.

Officials have said he told authorities that he’d bring city-owned guns from his car, but grabbed a police rifle from the trunk and shot himself.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department temporarily took on supervision of the police department and assisted the FBI in the investigation.

Favre said the FBI notified the city in a meeting four to six weeks ago, but did not provide a written report. The mayor updated the City Council Tuesday night.

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  1. look at Bevin for instance

    formerly with antiwar and others, and a full screenplay completed,

    now with a vanity blog and a Pro China Quora account

    a gifted mind whispering upaid sane wisdom into the vast electo plasma abyss

  2. His temporary replacement ended up being fired by the mayor over “lack of communication”. Yeah, right.

    They truly are mobsters with badges. If the local media wasn’t so corrupt, they could help put a stop to this. We desperately need local investigative journalists. I don’t understand why alternative media doesn’t exist at the local/regional level yet.

    • Hi Handler,

      In re: “I don’t understand why alternative media doesn’t exist at the local/regional level yet.”

      Because it is almost impossible to make a basic living this way. The local/regional media are all owned by the larger corporate entities. In my area, for example, the Roanoke Times is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) and carries carpetbagging wire copy, mostly. Whatever is staff/locally written is written by establishment hacks, “progressives” and others who do not rock the boat.

      You could launch an independent web site, of course. But getting any traction is damned hard. I’ve managed to do it, but only because I already had a fairly large audience and some name recognition – which I got by working for MSM outlets for years.

      For a person without those things as the initial gas in the tank, it’s almost impossible to make any headway, as far as reaching a large audience and doing it full time, as one’s living.


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