Tasered 11 Times Over Turn Signal

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Here’s a particularly awful story and video out of Glendale, AZ – with implications that are national.

Armed government workers followed a car into a parking lot – over an alleged turn signal violation – and almost immediately escalate the traffic stop into a violent “takedown” that ends with the front seat passenger being Tasered 11 times.

He “don’t got no ID,” says the AGW. “Shut up. Shut up. You’re fine.”

The passenger – who was not driving – didn’t make the alleged illegal U turn and so objected to the AGW’s demand for his ID. Many people do not realize – understandably – that when a vehicle is stopped by AGWs because the driver allegedly committed a traffic violation, the law in some states empowers AGWs to demand ID from the passengers as well.  

This is another one of those laws designed to get around our ex-protections  – articulated in plain English by the Fourth and Fifth  Amendments, parsed into the opposite of their plain meaning by the government’s lawyers, who represent its interests rather than ours – i.e., the Supreme Court.

The vehicle’s passengers’ rights are negated because of something the driver allegedly did. It seems obnoxious because it is – and many people are incredulous when confronted with demands for their ID when they themselves violated no traffic or other law – and hence, have given AGWs no probable cause to search or interrogate them.

Well, the man expressed incredulity  – and questioned the AGW’s demands.

This affronted the Authority of the AGWs, which is the most dangerous “offense” one can commit in the United States these days.

They commenced to show the man how to respect their Authority:

One AGW almost immediately presses an Agonizer – that is to say, a Tazer – directly on the man’s right shoulder and begins barking orders. The man “tenses up” – as most people would probably do when an armed government thug appears almost out of the blue and begins barking orders and making violent threats.

The Tazering commences.

Not once, not twice. Not even thrice. Not even three times thrice. They hit him 11 times with the Agonizer. Some will recognize the Star Trek reference; it is from the classic series episode, Mirror Mirror – in which the transporter sends Kirk to an alternate universe where the Federation is evil and the crew of the Enterprise is kept in line via the threat of a device called an Agonizer – which looks remarkably like a Tazer and does exactly what a an actual Taser does do.

That was 1966 – and science fiction.

This is 2019 – and reality.

Roadside torture for noncompliance. Which ought not to be surprising given the legalization of torture – literally – by the federal government itself. The legacy of The Chimp, now safely retired to paint John Wayne Gacy-like watercolors – and official policy. If it is okay to torture “evildoers,” it is okay to torture anyone the government says is “evil” – which amounts to anyone who affronts its Authority, which is – ipso facto – the very essence of “evil.”

Oil poured in the creek tends to run downstream.

“It’s just a goddamn piece of paper,” after all.

But wait, it gets better.

Actually, much worse.

The AGWs pull the man’s pants down and deliberately Taser him in his testicles – while the man’s kid, who is riding in the back of the car watches.

Yes, really.

Remember: The man is writhing in agony – on the ground, utterly helpless. And they pull his pants down and attack his genitals, just for the sick pleasure they got from doing it.

And the AGW who did it has not been arrested. Much less fired. His compatriots didn’t intervene to stop this attack 0 which was worthy of Ralph Fiennes’ sadistic character Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List.

The inhumanity beggars belief – and it was done under color of law.

They are “investigating” the incident “internally.

What does one say? Words fail. It takes one’s breath away.

What the Hell is happening to this country?

There is no “other side” to this story. The entire event from beginning to end is captured on video. No question as to the facts. The man balked at handing over his ID. Nothing more. The man – half the size of the bald thug who tortured him – was never any sort of “threat” to the “safety” of the AGWs, who were several to his one as well. Similar incidents cannot take place again if people go to these more.

No one even attempted to flee.

There is nothing that can be adduced to justify what happened – other than a costumed, government-Rottweiler’s determination to inflict pain as the price of not properly submitting to him.

This “man” is at this very moment armed  and prowling the streets of Glendale, AZ. People are advised to remain indoors.

And not just the people of AZ, either.

This horror is far from isolated. It is becoming routine – because abuse has been normalized.

It didn’t happen all at once, because it never does. It takes time.

And, precedent.

To get people used to it. To acclimate them to violations of their persons and effects by the state’s goons.

This is why random “checkpoints” are far from innocuous – and why the Gate Rape is so goddamn dangerous. One thing begets another thing.

And here we are.

. . .

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  1. And further investigation demonstrates that it was physically impossible for the LEOSAGWS in question to have seen the alleged ‘failure to operate the turn signal’ that was ostensibly the justification for initiating the encounter. Imagine that – the cop(s) LIED . . .

    • Hi Bob,


      Imagine it!

      I really have to give it to the ABC affiliate – they have gone after these bastards like the Mossad did Eichmann…

    • Hi Anonymous,

      It is a measure of how beaten down, psychologically, the general populace is that such things pass without national outrage. A disturbed “civilian” kills a few co-workers and it’s major news, with keening calls to “action.” But when a government-anointed thug tortures a helpless victim on video . . .

      It leaves me speechless.

      There is a moral – and legal – doctrine I endorse which says the individual has every right (legal as well as moral) to defend himself when attacked, even if the attacker is an AGW. That doctrine is in urgent need of restoration, in tandem with a reversion to peacekeeping rather than law enforcing.

      This latter – in my opinion – is arguably the source of all these problems. All these “laws” – many, probably a majority, merely statutes forbidding X or demanding Y but utterly victimless (e.g., buckle-up laws) and so utterly illegitimate, morally speaking – endowing armed government workers with “enforcement” power… creating conflict where none should exist.

      This Glendale business, for instance. It all began over an alleged “failure to signal” – tyrannical juridical pedantry, involving no harm to anyone – except the soon-to-be-victimized “offender.”

      Eliminate the “law” giving AGWs the authority to “enforce” a turn-without-signal and they would have had no legal basis to do anything to the occupants of the car. Same with regard to demands for “papers.”

      If people were free to go about their business absent some clear indication they were committing or about to commit a crime – defined as some action that will result in harm to an actual human victim – my bet is that 90 percent of the population would never have to so much as speak to an AGW during the course of most of their lives.

      AGWs would fade into the background and disappear. Peacekeepers would deal with the comparatively few legitimate problems.

      • There was a case that made it all the way to the Indiana Supreme Court. The question was: Is an individual allowed to defend himself against rogue, unlawful use of force by “law enforcement”? The Supreme Court of Indiana ruled “no”. The court ruled that any redress would have to take place in the courts.
        The Indiana legislature was outraged and took action. The legislature passed a law negating the Supreme Court ruling, legalizing the use of force against rogue law enforcement actions.

        • “The Indiana legislature was outraged and took action. The legislature passed a law negating the Supreme Court ruling, legalizing the use of force against rogue law enforcement actions.”


          And then the corrupt courts ignore it anyway. 99% of the people have zero chance of challenging a court verdict. Same as it ever was.

          • Just to emphasize,


      • I think that the heroes were just fine.
        If a cabbie runs a red light camera and there is a hero close it’s OK with me to pull up the shirt and pull down the pants to Taser the woman. Of course it will not require the “Thanks for Your Service” ossifers to merely Tase the cabbie while de-pantsed.

  2. This deserves a byline of its own:

    No One Cares If You Go Home Safe At The End Of Your Shift
    Jan 02, 201812:50AM
    Category: Politics
    Posted by: Michael Z. Williamson

    Here at the house, I have a couple of decades plus of military experience. I have tools to dig in or out of natural disasters. I have extinguishers and hoses. I have a field trauma kit and bandages. I have weapons both melee and firearm. I know how to use them. I know how to trench, support and revet. I understand the fire triangle and appropriate approaches. I understand breathing, bleeding and shock. I know how to detain, restrain and control. I have done all of these at least occasionally, professionally. I’ve stood on top of a collapsing levee in a flood. I’ve fought a structure fire from inside so we could get everyone out before the fire department showed up, which only took two minutes, but people can die that fast. I’ve had structures collapse while I was working on them. I’ve been in an aircraft that had a “mechanical” on approach and had to be repaired in-flight before landing. I’ve helped control a brush fire. I’ve hauled disabled vehicles out of ditches in sub-zero weather.

    My ex wife has over a decade of service and some of the same training.

    We have trained our young adult children.

    My wife is a rancher who knows her way around a shotgun, livestock, sutures and tools, hurricanes and floods, and works in investigations professionally.

    Our current houseguest is another veteran.

    This means if anything happens at the house–and last year we had a lightning strike, a tornado and a flood within 10 days–we’re pretty well prepared.

    Now, we’re probably better off than 95% of the households out there. The level of disaster that necessitates backup varies.

    If we find it necessary to call 911, it means the party is in progress and it’s bad.

    You will probably not be going home safe at the end of your shift.

    And you know what? If it gets to that point, I really don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit if you get smoked. I don’t give a shit if you fall under a tree. I don’t give a shit if you get shot at.

    Because at that point, I’ve done everything I can with that same circumstance, and run out of resources.

    If my concern was “you going home safe,” then I’d just fucking hunker down and die. Because I wouldn’t want that poor responder to endanger himself.

    Except…that’s what I pay taxes for, and that’s what you signed up for. Just like I signed up to walk into a potential nuke war in Germany and hold off the Soviets, and did walk into the Middle East and prepare to take fire while keeping expensive equipment functioning so our shooters could keep shooting.

    There’s not a single set of orders I got that said my primary job was to “Come home safe.” They said it was to “support the mission” or “complete the objective.” Coming home safe was the ideal outcome, but entirely secondary to “supporting” or “completing.” Nor, once that started, did I get a choice to quit. Once in, all in.

    When that 80 year old lady smells smoke or hears a noise outside her first floor bedroom in the ghetto, she doesn’t care if you go home safe, either. She’s afraid she or the kids next door won’t wake up in the morning.

    If I call, I expect your ass to show up, sober, trained, professional. I expect you to wade in with me or in place of me, and drag a child out of a hole, or out from a burning room, or actually stand up and block bullets from hitting said child, because by the time you get there, I’ll have already done all that. And there will be field dressings, chainsawed trees, buckets and empty brass scattered about.

    I don’t want to hear some drunk and confused guy squirming on the ground playing “Simon Says” terrified you so much you had to blow him away. I don’t want to hear that some random guy 35 yards away who you had no actual information on “may have reached toward his waist band. Or that “the tree might fall any moment” or that “the smoke makes it hard to see.”

    Near as I can tell, I don’t hear the smokejumpers, or the firefighters, or the disaster rescue people say such things.

    But it’s all I ever hear from the cops. If you and your five girlfriends in body armor, with rifles, are that terrified of actually risking your life for the theoretically dangerous job you volunteered for and can quit any time, then please do quit.

    You can get a job doing pest control and go home safe every night.

    Until a bunch of fucking pussies with big tattoos, small dicks, body armor and guns blow you away for minding your own business.

    Because what you’re telling me with that statement is, your only concern is cashing a check. That’s fine. But if that’s your concern, don’t pretend you’re serving the public. If you wanted to help people at risk of life, you would be a firefighter, running into buildings, dragging people out, getting scorched regularly.

    If you’re cool with writing tickets, then there’s jobs where you can do just that.

    If you want to tangle with bad guys and blow them away, fair enough. But understand: That means they get to shoot first to prove their intent, just as happens with the military these days. Our ROE these days are usually “only if fired upon and no civilians are at risk.”

    If your plan is “shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, then if anyone is still alive try to ask questions,” and bleat, “But I was afeard fer mah lahf!” you’re absolutely no better than the thugs you claim to oppose. All you are is another combatant in a turf war I don’t care about.

    Since I know your primary concern is “being safe,” then I’ll do you the favor of not calling. Cash your welfare check, and try not to shoot me at a “courtesy” sobriety checkpoint for twitching my eye “in a way that suggested range estimation.”

    If you’re one of the vanishingly few cops who isn’t like that, then what the hell are you doing about it? If there’s going to be a lawsuit costing the city millions, isn’t it better that it be a labor suit from the union over the clown you fired, than a wrongful death suit over the poor bastard the clown shot? Both are expensive, but one has a dead victim you enabled. So how much do you actually care about that life?

    How is the training so bad that it’s not clear who is the scene commander who gives the orders?

    How is it that trigger happy bozos who, out of costume, look no different from the gangbangers you claim to oppose, get sent up front to fulfill their wish of hosing someone down because “I was afraid for my life!”?

    Why does the rot exist in your department?

    If you can’t do anything about it, why are you still in that department?

    At some point, collective guilt is a thing.

    You’ve probably not been a good cop for a long time.

    And I still don’t care if you go home safe. I care that everyone you purport to “serve and protect” goes home safe.

    • You should be involved in a prairie fire. On one such occasion, the wife and I, on the verge of simply falling over, finally, with much volunteer fire dept. help, made it through that fire. When it was over, about dark, we both fell out, shed our ruined clothes and boots and hosed off before even going to the shower. At no time did any “law enforcement” show up to help in any way.

      This is another year we’re sweating it….and the wife had a stroke in the first part of June so she’s virtually null and void in an emergency.. I could give a shit if some “hero” doesn’t go home without a scratch.

      Look at the dangerous jobs statistics. Nowhere will you find LEO’s even close to the danger of truck drivers. While they’re pulling their puds, we are putting our lives on the line…..while they are holding back to see if it’s dangerous for them, at which point they will continue to hold back.

      Never in my life have I seen an occifer put his life on the line. He always stood back while we “civilians” jumped in to save a life or at least attempt to save a life. I have seen EMT’s go way beyond what the badged thugs would do. They seem to always be “looking out for crime”.

      When buildings are burning and livestock is being decimated, they are always on the fringes ready to “charge” some person with some “crime”.

      I’m nearly 70 years old. I’ve witnessed some of the most cowardice acts it was hard to believe by the thin blue line.

      It really doesn’t work the way you might think in rural places. Those “heroes” are often told in no uncertain terms to “go fuck yourself” or something similar. We just won’t put up with it…but then again, when the shit hits the fan, we rarely have to interact with them.

      What kills me is they are always “coordinating”….as if the fire dept. and everyone else isn’t “coordinating” to save everyone elese’s lives. While they don’t have a clue as to the people most at risk,, the rest of us do since we know them and their situation. Just sayin…..Fuck the PoLeez.

      • Oh my gosh, Eight-Man – I spent 12 years as active volunteer wildland firefighter (reserve now, though I’m just about to turn in my gear) and I could go on for pages about the NON-Help that we got from the sheriff and deputies!

        For example, almost seven years back we had a really bad one that destroyed about 70 rural homes. Started (lightning) not far from our house but blew the other way (105*F + ~50mph winds). After we finally got some structure protection organized (another a$$hole story, not leo) the damn sheriff comes around in an utter panic and starts ordering us to vacate the entire area, after we had our orders and were all set up at a residence waiting for the fire front to burn over us. Fortunately, he was a relatively harmless moron and I just stood there and said “you’ll have to go talk to our chief.”

        Unfortunately, one of the deputies he hired and trained is the new sheriff (by less that 50 votes against a write in candidate – another long story) and from all appearances he is a steroidal maniac who is going to kill somebody now that he doesn’t have any oversight. Hence the reason I’m done with it because as a F/F I won’t put up with his shit and I don’t want to get shot.

        Whenever you think that you have bad LE, then it just seems to get worse.

        • dread, I’m only a firefighter when I have no option. I didn’t belong to a VFD simply because I’m too far away. Those guys who do it, and for nothing, have my utmost respect and I have seen a local guy or two who didn’t go back home. It took a few hours to get to him under the wall that fell on him.

          And another thing I noticed long ago, you never saw a LEO in the VFD. They “need” to be there to go notify the next of kin, you know, one of those jobs the next of kin would take it better from anyone else.

          • Actually, there was a deputy from another neighborhood VFD sitting next to me in Basic Wildland course about 15 years ago. But he quit and moved his family out of the county because of all the horrible problems in the sheriffs department. We’ve had several deputies that seemed really decent and they have all left for the same reason. The system is engineered to get rid of the “good cops.”

            I have a 1000 gallon water tank that I fill in the summer, and a gasoline powered pump and hoses. After all these years I’m saying the heck with volunteering and just plan to stay home and protect my own place. All that training and experience so I dang well know what to do.

            It’s really gonna be hell to pay if some deputy comes around during a fire and tells me that I *have* to evacuate. You’ll probably read about it in the news.

  3. All cops should be tested for steroids at least every six months.
    Those who test positive should be fired instantly.
    Steroid abuse makes one a sub-human. These goofy cops who
    behave in such abusive ways are something less than human.
    Just a guess: If all steroid abusing cops were fired, there would
    be a lot of job openings in a lot of police departments on a
    regular basis.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      The steroid thing is one facet of one’s wrong; but it also gives us a window into the absurd, exaggerated perception that the “work” AGWs do is dangerous. They’re all Tacticooled up, buzzcut and jacked… to hand out traffic tickets? Violent crime is grossly exaggerated – at least, outside of the bad areas of big cities. Most of what AGWs do involves the enforcement of various victimless “crime” laws – such as violations of traffic law. Does one really need to have 20 inch biceps and a bulletproof vest and a Batman belt full of lethal equipment to do that?


      These geeks like to think of themselves as besieged soldaten – heroically fighting a dangerous enemy. In fact, they are just deranged security guards with a sense of murderous self-importance.

      • Used to be a Chicago suburb back in the 1990’s that actually tried to be fiscally sound (a very rare thing for Illinois). To the point of eliminating property taxes on residential property (more than half the land area was covered in tax rich light industrial, commercial and they had a big retail street (lots of sales tax). They managed to do this from the late 1960’s (when the village was incorporated) to about 2000.

        That meant that the police department had to make due with “lessor” equipment (compared with neighboring communities) and all part time heroes (except for the chief). Most were second jobs for cops with a full time cop job in a nearby town. They got paid hourly with few or no other benefits, so you had to have another job.

        The heroes patrolling the retail district had to make due with golf carts, the horrors (they at least had compartments and heat)! Like you really needed a Crown Vic in a mall parking lot. It’s that kind of thing that annoys me too, why do they need all that stuff?

        But the whining from the police groups and their supporters about the lack of fancy equipment and full time jobs. Yikes…..

        • It is a real joy to get those scammer phone guys trying to collect your dough for the cool guys with the shaved heads and tats that are immune from drug testing here.
          Diagonal from my machine shop is a pain in the butt apartment building filled with those that get off on black history month.
          A while ago the SWAT team showed up to one door and smashed it in, broke all of the windows and the ten of them went through the breach to find that no one was there and it was the wrong place anyway. The correct place was unoccupied too.

  4. And people wonder why “police” has such a negative connotation nowadays, that they are referred to as “law enforcement” in polite company.

    Well, bad laws don’t need to be enforced. And bad LEO’s don’t need to be employed, either.

    Just watching those videos made me recoil in disgust. Which is a good thing.

  5. The solution is simple: stop driving. By driving under the prevailing conditions one is, in effect, stipulating to abuse. Put your car up on blocks in the yard and walk or take the bus to work. If you can’t get there on time, politely explain that you’re sorry, but it is just too dangerous to drive anymore. If they threaten to fire you, let them. If a critical mass of our people did this, the Enemy could survive the economic consequences for what?–one month, two, at the outside? They would quickly fire all the traffic cops and hire Walmart greeters in their places. They would metaphorically come crawling to you on their knees crying, “Oh, we’re SO sorry! We had no idea you were so upset. We’ve gotten rid of the guns, tasers, and radars. Please start driving again–our stocks are in a tailspin!” Heh heh. Democracy could be powerful–if it worked.

    • Hi Axis Sally,

      It’s not a bad idea… except they’d just divert the Hut! Hut! Hutting! to every other form of transportation; heck, they already do. Which is worse? A speeding ticket? Or having your crotch felt by a government geek while you stand there like a convicted felon?

      • The AGWs come on buses and search you too. I was reading somewhere that some court decision said it was ok for them to do this. I remember this happening I took a Greyhound bus to FL when I visited my brother some years ago.

        • I used to take AMTRAK to Libby, Montana to meet with pals. The previous year put me off of flying and the hassles from Somali creeps in Minneapolis that looked for an excuse for whatever they could subjugate me with.
          I carried a rifle- a single shot Anschuss target rifle on the train. It was a pain to go so slowly and end up in the good places in the later evening with diminishing light. These creatures that now make travel such a pain is why I avoid it. I paid big money for a crappy little sleeper berth. The “seniors” got a deal that I could never get.
          Enough of that. As a kid there were decent cops and I was taught to be cordial with them and to do an “Hello”. Some were pleased with that and said decent things.
          Now all that I see are nasty fecks with shaved heads and tats that are as clean of drugs as was the cover boy of Sports Illustrated that turned out to be the biggest fail of the Green Bay Packers.- Tony Mandarich.

    • But like everything that works when done in mass, who goes first and what happens if it doesn’t catch on?

      That’s the big problem. Perhaps the ‘enough is enough’ of the yellow vests will continue to spread.

      • Nothing will happen.
        Leaders get shot in the eye, or just shot.

        Those who follow are generally cowards who will cave and sellout the leaders at the first sigh of hardship, disregarding any commitment or promise they made to stay the course. Be a union president and you will get to see this incredibly clearly. I have. (BTW, unions are a whole new level of social BS)

        The world is full of selfish pricks, unaware or unconcerned that ultimately their selfishness is why TPTB can manipulate them so easily.

        Life is still far too comfortable for the average USA mid-iq drone to care to rebel. By the time they wake up (if ever) it will be too late. They will follow, but only until they feel they are in danger or having to sacrifice their comfort. Most would sell their soul (and yours) for a Mocha-latte. Few if any would sacrifice FOR you.

        • And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.

  6. These uniformed guys are out there dealing with thugs every day. We as a society have progressed very far indeed because a few years ago before tasers and body-cams the police woulda shot this guy dead and gotten away it.

    Instead, they tased him to live another day – to terrorize society for years go come.

    • John,

      Interesting that you describe as a “thug” a guy who – at least in this instance – didn’t threaten anyone with physical violence but was himself the victim of a physical attack notable for its gratuitous sadism.

  7. This happened in July of 2017. The City of Glendale covered this up and it is only coming to light because they are being sued. The officer has been previously disciplined 3 times for use of excessive force. The Maricopa County Attorney has turned the investigation over to the FBI and the Governor called the first investigation a whitewash.

  8. There are things that could be done to reign in questionable behavior by police and other public officials.
    1. Eliminate both absolute and qualified immunity for ALL public officials. If public officials (yes, this includes police officers and their administrators, firefighters, prosecutors, court officials and all other public servants) knew that they could be sued personally (and possibly lose everything they own), they would tend to behave themselves. Require all public officials to purchase and maintain “malpractice insurance” as a condition of employment. Insurance companies would be unwilling to “pay out” for a “questionable situation”. Insurance companies would be more efficient in “weeding out” the “bad apples” as not doing so would affect their “bottom line”.
    2. Any awards to the citizenry as a result of official misconduct “under color of authority” should be paid out of their respective pension funds. This one move would do much to curtail bad behavior by any public official.
    3. Establish and enforce an video audit trail whenever there is interaction by any public official with the public. In the case of police and firefighters, no video audit trail would mean the inadmissibility of evidence as well as censure and immediate dismissal with loss of pension for failure to assure that this video audit trail is present. Equipment malfunction would not be a valid excuse. A video audit trail works both ways and would also do much to eliminate the possibility of frivolous lawsuits by the public against public officials as well as assure that public officials behave themselves. This is especially true in police interrogation rooms where police-coerced false confessions occur with alarming frequency.
    4. Prosecutors should be subordinate to the grand jury. Grand juries should be able to indict without needing the prosecutor’s permission. Of course, there would be NO absolute or qualified immunity for prosecutors or grand jurors.
    Police agencies should not be allowed to investigate themselves. Outside, disinterested agencies should do the investigating.
    5. Civilian police review boards should be mandatory-they should exclude anyone who has a police background or relatives of police from serving. Civilian police review boards should be able to bring up charges against corrupt police officials and officers as well.
    These changes would put the public on an equal footing with our leaders (who are actually supposed to be subordinate to us citizens).
    There have been many cases where people who have been legally recording police (mis)behavior have been harassed by police, their equipment damaged or destroyed, and charges brought against them. Severe punishment should be meted out to those public officials who interfere with lawful recording by citizens.
    So-called “law enforcement” has become out-of-control…and an entity unto themselves, where they have become judge, jury and executioner.

    • Hi Anarchyst,

      Your list of reforms, if implemented, would undoubtedly be helpful. However, no politician could be elected advocating such a proposal. First, as police are the enforcement arm of the political class, almost no genuine anti police politicians exist (I would say none, but Ron Paul showed that such a creature is at least possible). Those politicians who pose as anti police are either disingenuous race hustlers or thoroughly brainwashed with the PC orthodoxy that sees all abuse of power as racist in origin. The former are despicable shysters who intentionally foment racism for fame, money and power. The latter, whether they realize it or not, are serving the interests of the political class who benefit from racial animosity, which precludes class solidarity.


  9. They knew the minute they looked at his elbow that he was a former prison inmate. In fact, today he’s sitting in prison on a burglary rap. They found meth in the car. This was no upstanding citizen, he was being resistive and that they had to taser him 11 times to get his compliance. My heart’s not going to bleed over this scumbag.

    • Jeff, I can only hope neither you nor someone you care about ends up in this guys position. He did not bring this on himself as so many costumed thug apologists are always saying. The next time you are pulled over for something you did not do, just remember to keep your mouth shut or you could very well end up with electrodes on *your* balls.

      • “Jeff, I can only hope neither you nor someone you care about ends up in this guys position.”

        Fuck that. I hope Jeff ends up in exactly this position. Preferably truly crippled.

        I hope Jeff spends the rest of his life trying to get someone to care about what was done to him. I hope he spends every day in agony from having done to him what he is happy to see done to others in his name.

        Those who so blithely celebrate the torture of others deserve the same for themselves. Fuck the Jeffs of this world. What an asshole.

        • Cold Frog,
          I appreciate the passion of your statement, but I truly do not wish evil upon those who have not sought it out. Jeff believes this guy got what was coming to him simply because he did time, or possibly possessed the wrong drug, or asked the wrong question (resisting). I think these cops should get a strong dose of their own medicine, though I doubt it would do anything to cure them or make them care.

      • Hi Ray,

        This video https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/arizona-man-repeatedly-tased-officers-traffic-stop-front-family-video-n970061 shows the encounter from the very beginning and it’s captions seem to display a bias in favor of the police. Still, other than challenging the demand that he show ID and disputing the claim that he put something in his bag, he does nothing physical that could reasonably be characterized as “being resistive”.

        When the officer chose to violently escalate the situation, it is hard to imagine how, still strapped in his belt, the victim could have reacted in a way that the officer would not interpret as resistance. After all, “stop resisting” is a common refrain hurled at prone and helpless people on the receiving end of police brutality. If the caption can be trusted, at least the wife had the guts, if not the common sense, to go after one of the armed assailants.

        Anyway, I know that you do not condone this violence, but your statement makes me wonder: does condoning, celebrating and justifying evil qualify as seeking it out?

        Kind Regards,

        • Hi Jeremy,
          You are right. Condoning, endorsing or attempting to justify violence makes one no better and just as bad as those perpetrating the acts. One does not need to actively seek it out to put them in the same camp as those doing the evil.

          I am thinking someone like Jeff – and I admit I am giving him the benefit of a large amount of doubt – truly have no concept of what they are talking about. And in that case I have hope he can come to his senses before something like this happens to him. Perhaps I hope for too much.


          • Hi Ray,

            Fair enough, it is important to recognize how deeply ingrained is the myth of political authority, and to maintain a magnanimous attitude toward otherwise decent people who have not seen through the fog. But, Nietzsche’s admonition to “distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful” is important and seems to apply to our friend Jeff.


    • Jeff,

      So it’s ok to torture a man because he’d previously been convicted of some offense? And because he had arbitrarily illegal “drugs” in his possession?

      He was being “resistive”?

      I weep for this country.

      • Please don’t cry Eric. At least you have a bully pulpit!

        Glendale Arizona can be a rough place, I know. I lived in and around there for 4 decades. Glendale cops are not the best of the best, believe it or not I’ve had a few brushes with them myself. But one thing I know for a fact is that police officers are not de-escalators. The harder you push, the harder they push back. If you self-identify with prison tattoos as a convicted felon, then start acting like you’re up to something… you get what you get.Clover

        Oh, and by the way… the woman who was driving took a bag full of bottles and hit one of the officers in the head knocking him out prior to the scumbag’s “torture”. You failed to mention that little tidbit.

        Your mischaracterization of this on David Knight today disgusted me.

        • Jeff,

          It disgusts me that you don’t see anything wrong with AGWs gratuitously “escalating” a situation. With the immediate resort to horrific violence. You seem to think it’s justified because the victim was “a convicted felon.”

          So it’s ok to torture someone for a crime they previously committed?

          You place “torture” in italics, as if to deny that’s what it was. You really do not consider having your pants pulled down and your genitals Tazered torture?

          What qualifies, in your book? Peeling off their skin?

          The victim did not “push” anyone. He verbally objected to the AGW’s demand for ID. Did not immediately “submit and obey.” This, in your mind, justifies the “escalation.”

          In other words, it is okay for government goons to brutally assault someone for Failure to Show Deference.

          You will say, he had drugs!

          I say – so?

          Alcohol is a drug; so is nicotine – so is caffeine. You refer to arbitrarily illegal drugs – which we’re told we may not possess by people who seem to think they own us. How else would you characterize it? A grown man forbidden to “use” or “possess” a substance decreed to be illegal. Where is the harm caused… to other people, I mean?

          And the hired Dobermans of these control freaks will beat and cage us for the “crime” of ignoring their obnoxious and arbitrary laws.

          I smoke pot every now and then. Do you think I deserve a violent beatdown by AGWs? Who, by the way, increasingly have as many tattoos as the “scumbags” you deride and are becoming indistinguishable from violent gang members in physical appearance as well as attitude.

          You claim I “mischaracterized” the incident. I didn’t need to do any such thing; the video tells the story. There was no heinous crime; there was no physical resistance; no “threat” to the “safety” of the AGWs. It was a brutal demonstration of Submission Training – sadism under color of law. And – sadly – one of many such examples.

          You strike me as a “law and order” conservative type. I used to have several such friends, but no longer do – because I cannot abide their cognitive dissonance – their reverence for Authority… for authoritarianism…. when it is directed against those they do not approve of, or used to force on others the things they do approve of.

          Just like the “liberals” they claim to dislike so much.

          The truth is, they are birds of a feather – differing only insofar as the ends, but not the means.

          • Jeff you copsucking POS.

            Since you seem to be so sure and sanctimonious on what the ‘little people’ did that was offensive, please highlight all the things that the cops did that were wrong and illegal in this encounter.

            Here is a hint. In AZ police are not entitled to demand ID from passengers. There is more.

            Resistance of an illegal/unlawful command is not grounds for torture. In fact, there are no legal grounds for torture. And his resistance was verbal. The PIG escalated to physical violence.


            Again, I very much hope you experience the same as it is what you deserve for cheering the torture of others. And I hope that all around you have as little compassion for you as you have displayed. You are an asshole and I hope your life is filled with the like minded when you are abused.

    • As a former deputy sheriff I could give a rats ass if he was a former capias or had a warrant for his arrest. There was NO justification for this attack, none. The “thug” that committed the tasering should be fired, arrested and charged with assault.
      He and ANYONE who defends this type of conduct has deep seated mental problems. Is there human garbage out there? Of course there is but brutality by a law enforcement official should never be tolerated. Especially if the person is not being violent.
      When a society condones this type of brutality we are on a slippery slope to the destruction of our Republic.

    • There wasn’t any meth in the car or at least it isnt mentioned in the police report. The only thing he was charged with was resisting arrest and those charges were dropped.

  10. Government is the mob, but worse. At least the mafia had some scruples. These thugs are nothing but enforcers for a ‘protection’ racket. Kneecappers with metastasized egos . They set up traps to generate revenue. They have civil asset forfeiture as an incentive to loot and pillage for profit. We have so many rackets being run on us it’s mind numbing to contemplate. Seeing videos like this is just a reminder of how tightly everything is being screwed down.

    Liberty is dead. The left was brainwashed out of any regard for it a long time ago, and now there is a growing movement on the right who incredibly somehow see liberty as an impediment to survival. There is likely to be a war coming and it would seem that liberty is not a desired outcome for either side. Welcome to the new dark ages.

  11. The primary unwritten responsibility of ‘law enforcement’ is to protect the politicians. Otherwise oppression and milking the public for pretend offenses is a revenue generator.

  12. Freedom / personal liberty is the aberrant state in the great arc of human history. The Founding Fathers knew that it would take a certain type of people to maintain a free nation, and the ‘murikans of the 20th / 21st century ain’t it. Sadly, we seem to be returning to the mean, base state of most human existence.

  13. Criminal thugs like this deserve to be shot on the spot. I will celebrate if that starts happening nationwide. Let the cops’ butt-kissers scream that there’s a “war on cops”. It’s about damn time that people started fighting back against these illiterate, sadistic half-wits.

  14. Every action has an immediate and opposite reaction.
    Doing this in a state like Arizona is suicide.
    There are still a lot of people out there and one of them is likely to respond in a manner that is tragic.
    There is a saying in police ranks.
    There are bold cops and old cops. There are no old bold cops.
    I am surprised infernal affairs has not put a top to it.

  15. MAGA,,, yeah…
    I get sick to my stomach every time I hear “Land of the Free” from some news nut of pol. I am old enough to remember when the peace officers were respectful so long as you were.

    Like you Eric, I see this just getting worse by the day. More gun laws,,, more taxes,,, more injustice from the ones responsible to protect it.

    Where does it stop? I fear they will end up starting something no one wants.

    Thanks for the info,,,

    • In my life only once I’ve met one Police officer who behaved at least “like normal”.
      The rest imbecile psychopaths , absolutely compulsive maniacal mental sick people, that means extremely dangerous because they knows they are “untouchable”and the so called law/institution will protect them .
      The Police is by far more criminal dangerous than any bandit , because the bandit in their world have some internal gentleman rules and they knows that they could be punished one way or another.
      For me accordingly my 66 years long life never ever I’ve seen not any normal people between the Police people. Not anyone.
      And I am doctor and I know those pathologies related with genetically and structural pathology.

      • Hi Alexandru,

        My argument is essentially this: The people who are attracted to “law enforcement” are people lacking in either understanding of or concern for right vs. wrong. Such people are intellectually and morally automatons. Order takers and order givers.

        They very term – “law enforcement” – ought to alarm normal people. It is a nihilistic term. Whatever “the law” is, we “enforce” it.

        Well, the Nazis did the same.

        Note that their defense was also that they were “just doing their jobs” and “following orders.” It is remarkable that Americans do not see the parallels; perhaps because they no longer know history.

        The term, “law enforcement” is of relatively recent currency. In my youth and young manhood, there were police and cops. Not “law enforcement.”

        The distinction is important. Police and cops connote something closer to peace keeping, i.e., to protecting people, not forcing them to obey.

        What sort of person is attracted to a job which is fundamentally about making people obey? Not, this is wrong but rather – it is the law.

        What sort of person does not feel uneasy about subjecting people who’ve committed no crime, or given him any reason whatsoever to suspect they may have, to a roadside stop and interrogation, a demand that they produce “papers”?

        Even the trivial things are ominous. What normal person would threaten another grown adult with a gun for not wearing a seatbelt? The idea sickens me.

        So, my argument is that “law enforcement” attracts people who are control freaks and bullies, or of low intelligence – or outright psychopaths.

        • Beat cops are selected because they have a below average IQ. This has been proven by lawsuits and pretty much common knowledge. It isn’t necessarily only because dumb aggressive people are attracted to the profession, it is that the system is intentionally weeding out thinking/thoughtful people for front line work. Oh sure, they’ll hire management and detectives from a pool of “criminal justice” grads, since they’ve gone through the university system, but if you have a calling to serve and haven’t been through the collegiate meat grinder, well, no place for you!


          They want automaton cops on the street, people who won’t think, just act. Because in the extremely rare cases where they might run into a real bad guy that’s what you want. So they run them through training and simulation over and over again with the same worst-case scenarios to prepare them for the worst. The same thing happens with commercial airline pilots, and that’s one of the reasons flying has become even safer over the last twenty years. But in the case of AGWs, I think it might only be setting them up to only be ready for the worst. Instead they should be training and simulating for the routine situation that not be 100% the way the cops expect.

            • Exactly! And don’t forget the pilot is in a highly regimented environment where even starting the engine has a complex checklist to be followed. A traffic stop is far more chaotic and unstructured. I’ve worked on the side of major highways, the pucker factor of seeing a semi rolling full Jake brake in the right lane is pretty unnerving. Add to that being trained to expect something bad to happen with the driver and it is a recipe for horrible emotionally driven responses. Not too many people would have the ability to maintain professionalism in that situation, made all the worse by conditioning and institutional attitude.

              • Just curious as to what a semi rolling “full jake brake” might be? A jake brake only works where you’re using no brake or little brake. Most have 3 settings so if it’s full jake brake, that means the operator isn’t on the brakes at all. If he’s on the brakes, especially standing on the brakes, the jake brake woulnd’t be working. Just to clarify how an engine brake works.

                Rarely does a driver use a jack brake unless he needs it on since it negatively affects upshifts. When the engine brake is on, especially full on, it changes your upshift radically and makes it agly……screws it up.

                BTW, you can’t “see” a driver rolling full jake brake. You can hear the engine brake working and that means he’s slowing down. The real pucker factor is not hearing the engine brake and seeing smoke boil off the tires. At this point the driver is more worried than anyone else.

        • Morning Eric,

          “What sort of person is attracted to a job which is fundamentally about making people obey? Not, this is wrong but rather – it is the law.”

          Reverence for the “law” as an abstract concept, disconnected from any particulars, is a mental condition that afflicts the intelligent as easily as the stupid. Of course, such reverence is the intentional product of social conditioning (schooling, political pomp, military and “hero” worship, propaganda posing as police dramas, etc…). Combined with the illusion of popular control provided by “democracy”, this inculcated reverence negates any meaningful resistance to the continual growth of government power.

          The intelligent rationalize this reverence as necessary for the orderly functioning of society. While they admit that many laws are unjust, they fear the imagined consequences of people judging for themselves the justness of any particular law, and acting accordingly. Or, more precisely, they fear the consequences of allowing “stupid” people such respect. In this, elitist contempt for the “deplorable’s” is transformed into the virtue of placing the general welfare of society above all else. While they believe that they are capable of judging the rightness of the law, they will seek change only through the “legitimate” democratic process; to do otherwise is to sacrifice the “greater good of society” for the sake of a mere individual.

          Reverence for the law, in those not intellectually inclined, is produced by nurturing envy and resentment, transforming these base emotions into the moral virtue of respect for the law. Such people are angered that others have the temerity to judge for themselves. Driven to rage at the sight of harmless infractions, they sputter and froth, babbling about the duty to follow the law, concealing their cowardice in a burst of righteous fury.

          I’ve experienced both of these recently. A few days ago, I was running errands on my town bike. After crossing one leg of a major intersection, I was waiting for the “walk” sign at the other leg. A man came up behind me and said, ” are you aware that New Mexica state law requires you to walk your bike through the intersection?” I ignored him and, when the walk sign appeared, rode my bike to the other side as he was yelling, “get off your bike”.

          A few months ago, two close friends visited for about a week. Both are off the charts intelligent and good people. We share much in common, with the glaring exception of our attitudes and beliefs about government authority. One evening while discussing the immorality of the drug war, I stated that if I were ever on a jury in a non violent drug case, I would vote to acquit, no matter the evidence. I even stated that I would lie in the voir dire in the hope of remaining on the jury. Both were appalled and “saddened”. They asked me how I could justify “taking the law into my own hands”. I replied that I would refuse to participate in an injustice (they both agree that locking someone up for using drugs is unjust). I pointed out that eradicating bad law always begins with civil disobedience; it was those refusing to enforce the fugitive slave act that laid the foundation for the end of chattel slavery. Likewise, in modern times, it was those refusing to convict in low level marijuana cases that led to the tidal wave of reform.

          This had little effect as they really believe that government is, at root, good and necessary. Interestingly, their condemnation of my willingness to judge the law myself was motivated not by elitist contempt, but by a deep sense of the correctness of democratic egalitarianism. To them, my disdain for democracy and the law as such is arrogant, elitist and dangerous. They believe that politicians can be persuaded through moral and logical arguments to enact just laws and eradicate unjust laws. I believe that politicians are motivated solely by the desire to acquire and maintain power, often this requires “saving face”. As cultural attitudes change, politicians eventually catch up; they never lead. Of course, they exploit changes in cultural attitudes that empower themselves (concern for the environment, bifurcated rights, etc…) and resist changes that challenge their power (justice reform, drug war, imperialism, etc…).

          The belief in the necessity and legitimacy of government is the most widespread and dangerous religion ever created by man. Challenging this faith really scares people.


          • Well first on resentment. I resent the law because I resent being treated like a moron, I resent it being selectively enforced upon me because of factors beyond my control.

            Why do your friends have an issue with jury nullification? Jury nullification is not only legal it is part of the very design of government. Of course it is because such teachings are not done in the government schools or by anyone who holds the institution in high regard because it undermines the absolute power the government has claimed.

            You know this, but I have to go through the exercise for this to make sense: The very purpose of juries is to nullify bad law. To make it irrelevant. If juries simply apply the law there is no need for them. A well programmed computer could apply the law better than any jury. Anyone who has studied the law could do better as well. The jury could be cost reduced out of the courts if the purpose is to apply the law. The purpose of the jury is to judge the facts, judge the law, then apply the result. If the law is unjust then it is discarded.

            Now when it comes to jury nullification we see why statists are nothing more than people who desire control over their fellow man. They won’t even uphold the way government is supposed (advertised?) to work. They enjoy the tiny bit of power that they can get through government for themselves.

            They don’t want some law they agree with to be done away with by some jury. They want those people over there that live in a way they don’t approve of punished and brought to heel. And if they let that power go for the laws they don’t believe in then it goes for the ones they do believe in.

            But, these laws (agreed with ot not) should not be applied to them. As such we get the human interest stories on the news about how some sympathetic character is being abused by government enforcing some law on him. See that law was intended for X, but he’s not X you see.

            Even people I know who’ve been abused by the state far more than I want more government based on their own interests and beliefs. I don’t get it. Even the minor abuses (besides taxes) I have suffered made me rethink the entire nature of it. The more I dug the more reason I found.

            On sidewalk riding bicycles. Not only are there many safety and traffic issues with sidewalk riding I don’t like the practice being normalized because it tells motorists they can abuse me because to them I am not where I belong.

            Also as road bicyclist I have to be very much aware of every little bit of the law to avoid that selective enforcement mentioned earlier. Even then cops will stop me to enforce their own made up version. Hence if I am having a particularly bad day or had to take evasive action for someone on a bicycle not following the law I may say something.

            At a particularly difficult left turn when I was driving such a person on a bicycle used a crosswalk while mounted and then gave me the finger as he delayed my turn, taking an all too rare gap in traffic and with no provocation or even any action besides how one positions a vehicle for a left turn. As I recall the walk signal had expired but not the green ball. So sure if he had been using the road it wouldn’t be all that different, but I did say something after he gave me the finger, probably about being a pedestrian or a bicyclist instead of some quasi thing in between.

            Another issue is bike trails crossing roadways. Often they are marked as crosswalks but they are really intersections and I treat them as such most of the time. I say most because one in particular I would often wait for the heat death of the universe for a big enough gap in traffic so I dismount and leverage pedestrian law. Government laid it out poorly so I do what I need to do.

            • Hi Brent,

              You are correct. Resenting stupid and arbitrarily applied law is healthy and is not a base emotion. However, those who resent others who “get away” with harmlessly breaking some law by thinking and acting for themselves are transforming a base emotion into a moral virtue.

              I agree with you on this, “jury nullification is not only legal it is part of the very design of government.” I also agree with your general assessment of the power dynamics and hypocrisy of those opposed to jury nullification. These people are easy to understand, expose and criticize. My friends are different. They seem to have an abstract, quasi religious faith in the democratic process and the law it produces. While they recognize that this process often produces unjust law, they also believe that if most jurors felt entitled to judge the law themselves, and acted accordingly, that this would produce worse results. They are neither hypocritical nor motivated by power. They are just, in my opinion, spectacularly wrong.

              I often rail against democracy because i see it as an enabler of government power. The widespread myth that democracy serves as a check on government power is used to justify eradicating the few areas of effective power inherent in the “people”. Thus jury nullification, civil disobedience, draft dodging, tax resistance, etc…, even in pursuit of commonly accepted, moral goals, are all delegitimized because a democratic solution supposedly exists to redress any particular wrong.

              As for cycling, I ride in a way that is safe and effective for me, without creating danger to others. I am unconcerned about the law, except as it may be used as an excuse to mulct me. There is a shared sidewalk/bike path leading up to the crosswalks of the intersection I describe. At six lanes (three lanes per side), it is one of the largest, and busiest, in Santa Fe. Using a traffic lane, instead of the crosswalk, would be incredibly dangerous and would provoke anger from drivers. The crosswalk is safe and bicyclists are expected to use it. If, the clover was correct in his assertion, I don’t care. Walking my bike through the intersection is cumbersome, time consuming and less safe than riding through it.


              • I do resent the people who “get away” with breaking the law because by and large these are the people who demand the laws they breaking in the first place. It is not because they break the law but because of their hypocrisy.

                WRT sidewalk riding and motorist anger, motorist anger is IME not a function of road size but of design. Underposted speed limits forcing passing traffic into the right lane is what makes wide roads problematic in this regard for bicyclists.

                • Hi Brent,

                  Ok, I see where you’re coming from but, I also think you know what I mean.

                  As to cycling, I ride in the way I perceive to be safest and most convenient for me. However, I am hyper aware and do my best to never endanger myself or others on the road. If appropriate, I will use sidewalks, shoulders and crosswalks. I will use a lane as well, sometimes briefly asserting the full lane if necessary to avoid an obstacle or to position myself properly for a left hand turn.

                  I know with certainty that my riding style does not inconvenience drivers in any way comparable to that of other, “normal”, drivers on the road. As to the specific crosswalk. It is not a sidewalk, bicyclists are expected to use it. Using a lane would be dangerous and likely attract the unwanted attention of the police.


  16. What really freaks me out about this kind of shit is the fact that they do it WITH BODY CAMERAS ON!!! They KNOW that the chain of command, the DA, and the public will get to see it — and yet these swine are so twisted they DO IT ANYWAY!!! They just DGAF! They have NO FEAR of any consequences!! The Shaver shooting was also on body cam and the f–ing swine got acquitted!

    I was a BIG believer in body cams because I thought they would help rein in the police… but I was WRONG!

    • Imo, the control system WANTS you to see this.. Body cams are just another tool in the toolbox FOR THEM. They want every disgusting act and murder pumped into your brain 24/7 to show you “See what will happen to you if you don’t respect our authority?!” Then they fluff it up on the major news channels to piss us off and get the division sparked up even more. I can’t watch any more video of cops being complete fucks, because I want to go ventilate any and all wearing a badge after the viewing. And that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. When the cop killings start, they will lock the control system down even tighter. Meanwhile, our “rulers” will sit back and watch their creation come to life with glee.. Maybe what needs to start happening is ventilating the asshats that let them off with not even a slap on the wrist, take the battle up the food chain a bit.

    • Once they saw the prison tattoos on the passenger’s arm, they knew he was “fair game”…FOR THEM. The cops know that there’s enough copsucking jerks like Jeff that are perfectly fine with a gratuitious, extra-judicial beat-down and TORTURE being applied to the man merely b/c he’s a FELON, knowing full well that they’ve enjoy virtual immunity.

      • One wonders how quickly this behaviour would stop if a few dozen of the more despicable pigs were ‘detained’ then flayed, quartered and left in public with a note explaining in detail why they met their end.

        When peaceful revolution is impossible………

  17. Soon to be released…

    “An internal investigation has been conducted by AGW’s and it has been found that the AGW’s in question were operating within Department Policy and Procedures and have been cleared of any wrongdoing or liability”….

    What a bunch of A-holes.

  18. That’s just some SICK stuff! How could any decent person be an AGW? How can anyone lionize law enforcement in light of this crap?

    • Amen, Marky –

      I don’t get it, either. I have an ongoing argument with a friend (who will probably not be a friend much longer, because of this) over AGWs. He defends them. I consider the indefensible. Even the ones who aren’t outright sadists abuse innocent people routinely, as part of their “job.” I point out to my friend that AGWs conduct probable cause-free searches, order people who’ve done absolutely nothing to cause harm to anyone to produce IDs – or else – throw people in cages for possessing arbitrarily illegal substances and – at core – draw their salaries via extortion.

      I don’t jab a gun in the belly of anyone to earn my money; people support EPautos because they want to. AGWs use force or its threat to make people pay their salaries; therefore, they are thieves, even before they commit further abuse as part of their “job.”

      • I have a problem with most conservatives because the LIONIZE law enforcement. The big name talk show hosts are bad-especially Sean Hannity. Even after a mountain of evidence that the FBI is corrupt from top to bottom, he still insists that the rank & file agents are ok. When Pres. Trump talks about loving our law enforcement, I want to vomit.

        The customs/border patrol AGWs are big a-holes. Whenever I return from Latin America, I get treated WORSE by our immigration officials vs. the immigration people in LA. I get treated like a criminal even though I’m a US citizen!

        I remember returning from a recent trip to LA and I needed to contact my limo driver. The return trip is a red-eye flight, and I usually don’t sleep too well on those. I’d just walked into the periphery of the waiting area when I went to text or call my driver to let him know what was going on. The AGW yelled at me in the rudest, most obnoxious way; he acted like I’d committed a serious crime! I know that they prohibit cell phone use in there, but I’d just gotten off of an 8 hour red-eye (where I’d slept an hour or two, if lucky) and wasn’t thinking clearly. I’m just thinking about getting home so I COULD sleep. I was thinking, “What an a-hole! That was uncalled for.” The AGW could have politely reminded me that cell phone use was prohibited, and I would have put it away or stepped out to communicate with my driver. Don’t those clowns know that if one has an early morning arrival from an international flight, that they’re TIRED and probably not thinking clearly? Where is their empathy? Do they even have any?

        I’m old enough to remember when police officers didn’t behave like Nazi wannabes; I’m old enough to remember when they treated you with respect. Now, Adam-12 looks like a fantasy akin to unicorns! I remember living through the change from police to AGWs. It took place from the mid 90s to early 00s; that’s when I noticed it anyway. Nowadays, it seems like all LEOs are Nazi wannabes. I’m not sure if I can STAY here in the US…

  19. Has anyone ever tried nude sunbathing on asphalt in late afternoon in July in Arizona on a 100+ degree day? I think I’d prefer getting tazed in the nuts to 30 seconds of genital frying.

  20. The courts allow these costumed thugs to “punish” people for being disrespectful or non-compliant. I have children and I fear for their future in this place. It’s my duty to make them aware of what’s at stake when dealing with people of this caliber. What’s at stake is dignity and self respect. What’s that worth? If that’s not worth fighting for, what is?

  21. “Brailsford got away with murder, never being charged or prosecuted.”

    Hi Anarchyst,

    While it’s true enough to say that Brailsford “got away with murder,” the rest of your sentence is totally inaccurate. In light of the video documenting his heinous act, Brailsford was fired from the Mesa PD, then charged and tried for murder. The most horrific part is that a jury totally acquitted him! That’s like sending a message to the PD to “go kill some more civilians.” 🙁

    • Thank you for the clarification. The fact is, Brailsford DID get away with murder. Part of the problem is the “official immunity” that police enjoy. Add to that, police have nothing but time on their hands; the “thin blue line” closing ranks and harassing jurors who don’t “acquit” police officers.
      You can bet that the fear of police was on every juror’s mind in the Brailsford case. Conviction would have brought retribution upon the jurors themselves, from being stopped for “traffic offenses” or other reasons by police, “just because they can”.

      • I could imagine the gallery full of off-duty cops just watching the jury box, the witnesses and everyone else. We know mobsters do it, why not the cops?

        • Hi ReadyKilowatt

          they have been there, and they have done that…..

          uniformed paramilitarypredators reportedly filled the spectators’ galley in a courthouse during the People v. Ramos and Cicinelli (Beating and Murder of Kelly Thomas) trial in 2013

        • “We know MOBSTERS do it (I.e., scope out a jury to identify them and target for intimidation or retaliation), why not OFF-DUTY COPS?” … and the DIFFERENCE is…?

  22. “Command and control” strategies are right out of the Israeli playbook–immediate and total compliance with “law enforcement” commands being necessary to avoid injury and even death at the hands of today’s “law enforcement”. In fact, American police departments send their personnel to train in Israeli police tactics.
    The murder of Daniel Shaver by police officer Philip Brailsford is a prime example. Shaver was ordered to crawl on his stomach, while being commanded to put his hands behind his back, following conflicting commands from multiple police officers. It is clear that Brailsford wanted to murder someone, having the words “you’re f#cked” engraved on the dust cover of his weapon. Brailsford got away with murder, never being charged or prosecuted. Once again, the thin blue line protects its own.
    Even when incontrovertible video and audio evidence is presented, “law enforcement” quite often, gets away with outright murder. Grand juries and petit juries are loathe to convict “law enforcement, no matter how egregious their conduct. Fear of retribution figures into the reluctance to convict “law enforcers” who abuse their power.
    This is the same mindset that is prevalent in Israel, where Palestinians are seen as the “enemy”, no matter how benign.
    “We are all Palestinians, now”.

    • Oh, I remember poor Daniel.

      Cops need to recieve an eye for an eye treatment, or eye for a tooth, for their vulgar abuse of power. That would discourage most of these armed pigs from attacking us if they received twice what they were recording and then fired and open to liable as well

      Again, only when it’s straight up abuse thought

    • American police are also sent to Australia for training. When the yanks get here, our cops take their guns away from the yanks who are not allowed to use the guns. When the Aussie cops go to the US they are allowed to keep their guns. I had a chat with an Aussie detective 2 years ago when my son reported a theft from his car and the cops came to my house to get finger prints. He had visited the US and couldn’t believe what he saw in NY.

      • Never much liked Ayoob, I always thought fo him as an arrogant, copsucking, former jack boot thug. I wondered why anyone sane person would give this idiot the time of day. Now that you have pointed out his defense of the indefensible in the case of Dan Shaver, I wouldn’t throw him a life jacket if he were drowning.


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