Kaw H2 Annoys AGW

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Here’s a happy video of a guy on a Kawasaki H2 obliterating an armed government worker attempting “pursuit.”

We all need such equipment!

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  1. I’ve watched this 100 times… and crack up every time:

    @3:03 – “Bye Bye, dickhead!”

    @4:15 – 200 mph, if I’m any judge.

  2. The new H2, that explains my disbelief at the beginning of this video. I remember riding the original H1 & H2, and I don’t seem to recall an electric starter, lol! Rode a ’97 Triumph Daytona 900 Triple a couple of summers, and it was like this, murderously fast! When traffic going the same direction is coming at you at 70+, it’s like a time warp, as if everyone has just stopped completely, and you just entered an obstacle course from Hell!
    I’m no Guy Martin, and you couldn’t pay me enough to do that stuff anymore, lol!

  3. I’ve seen this before but it does my heart good. Going so fast at times the other traffic appears to be going the other way. Sunday mornings were my favorite time to go as fast as possible

    I used to meet DPS going fast enough they’d maybe hit their brakes and then go on
    It was rare for them to even turn around.