Virginia Creepers

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As a resident of Virginia, I feel compelled to weigh in on the Democrat minstrel show (and worse) that runs the state – in particular, the indulgence given it by the Perpetually Outraged left.

Which has held it Outrage in abeyance.

The fact that the governor donned either a Klan outfit or a step n’ fetchit outfit some 35 years ago doesn’t especially trouble me – as such – for at least two reasons.

It wasn’t murder  – or even rape; more on that shortly. It was merely in bad taste – and some 35 years ago, too.

I am much more troubled by the enslavement of the people of my state – black and white and otherwise – by politicians such as Northam.

The Klan doesn’t make me file a tax return – and force me to hand over my money, the product of my labor.

The government does. But that’s ok.

We ignore the real outrage – are surprised when career thieves, who deal in the dispossession and redistribution of other people’s property – reveal a callous turn.

It’d be worth a chuckle if it weren’t so desperately sad.

Meanwhile, people feign outrage over a 35-year-old photo that didn’t enslave anyone.

No one who isn’t mentally ill gets outraged over a costume worn 35-plus years ago. If they truly are outraged, it’s a petty peevishness that suggests what the shrinks used to call neurasthenia.

Mixed with a moral indifference to theft as a profession. And, worse.

Northam’s in hotter water over a costume he wore decades ago, as a young man, than he is over not just defending but actually promoting infanticide. The governor – a doctor – endorsed post-birth abortion, which if words have any meaning is infanticide.

Here is what he said during a debate with a reporter over the bill which would have legalized exactly that:

“The infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. “

Italics added.

It’s the sort of banality of evil Hannah Arendt would recognize. And which Dr. Mengele personified.

Northam speaks casually about a “discussion” over whether to kill a just-born baby. Not necessarily for “medical reasons,” either. Among other things, he cited the mother’s feelings about her just-born child. Whether she is happy about being a mother.

Or…. not.

Whatever your thoughts about abortion, this isn’t even about abortion. If it’s ok to have a “discussion” about killing an actually born baby, then why not six months or a year later?

Northam – “coonman” – experienced a few pips of protest over his Mengelanian proposal – links! recht! – but his job was never in jeopardy.

A 35-year-old yearbook photo? It is racially insensitive.

And even then, he gets the kid-glove treatment from the Perpetually Outraged left, because he is one of them. It is of a piece with the kid glove treatment meted out by armed government workers to other armed government workers (an example is here).

Assuming anything is meted out at all.

I am no fan of now-Justice Kavanaugh, but some will recall the ordeal he was subjected to this past Fall over  . . . the gossamer imaginings of an arguably delusional and without doubt politically motivated woman who was granted every indulgence in her quest to destroy the man’s career based on her say-so.

Not even a picture in questionable taste was introduced to substantiate a single ululation. But everything she ululated was treated with a fawning deference bordering on the revoltingly obsequious. Had so much as a picture emerged, Kavanaugh would most certainly be exactly that.

Not Mr. Justice Kavanaugh.

Northam meanwhile… and he almost Moonwalked for the press. Yes, really. How much would it take for him to sing Old Man River?

Then we have his stellvertreter – Lieutenant Governor  Justin Fairfax – who has been accused by two credible women of sexual assault. He is still the lieutenant governor. These women can recall dates and times and details – which have been corroborated, too.

Once again, the AGW parallel.

Fairfax is milquetoast inquisited; he isn’t hounded out of office  – out of the state – by angry hordes of Womyn Who Must be Believed (Because She Says So). Fairfax is black and liberal and so . . . one of them.

OJ is smiling, somewhere.

You could measure the future career prospects of a conservative politician accused of the same things – of lesser things – in nanoseconds.

It is striking, this contrast.

The upside is just that. It takes willful – hysterical – blindness to objectivity in order to take anything the Perpetually Outraged left says at face value anymore. They are not interested in justice or equity; they are after power.

Anything which serves that agenda is ok – or at least, to be indulged – while anything that does not must be attacked with the utmost ferocity.

It is St. Petersburg all over again – on the cusp of becoming Leningrad.

With creatures such as Northam and Fairfax heading up the new Soviet.

. . .

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      • Yet another band of Safety Nazis. “”Our focus is to keep everybody safe,” said Democratic House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn.”
        Is this really this left-tard bitch’s real name??? This is becoming too surreal. They all need to change their surnames to “Taxpayer-Fudgepacker” if they really want to be genuine about it.

      • eric, I’ve tried to avoid it for a couple weeks. But he seems to be everywhere, at least in the places I go and look. Such an evil looking SOB.

        We have 2.25M people killed by the medical system unnecessarily every decade and increasing. Vehicular homicide takes over 40,000 each year now, well up from what it was a decade ago after it had fallen.

        They’re evil. They want control and will tell any lie to do so. Pocahontas was asked straight out if she thought the thing in the Texas church wasn’t a good thing. She said “No”. She didn’t offer some such bs about the cops so the guy doubled down. Then she said “The gunman(not exactly what she said)should have never been able to get a gun.” I hate to tell her but the Genie’s out of the bottle. You can order a machine for $150 that makes a complete AR lower from Defense Distributed.

        • Amen, Eight.

          Today, it’s raining here in rural Floyd County, Va and I’ve been trying to catch up on inside chores . . . but the Coonman’s evil presence radiates all 240 miles from Fairfax … I gather he and his acolytes have already passed a new law dialing back carry rights (even for CHP holders) and that’s just for openers. We get no peace. Even though we are peaceful ourselves.

          All from an evil little twerp who considers himself morally superior to us hicks. There ain’t no end to din’ right.

          Clover “LW” will no doubt take this as evidence of my “Liberaltarianism.”

          • eric, sorry it had to happen there. I suppose they thought the actual cradle of independence was the best place to destroy.

            Snowed here last night but nice today and not bad, around 55.

            Dwight sang about Floyd county but I think it was in the Carolinas.

          • Dude, Canada.

            Yae though we have many a freakazoid greeenhaired fucktard (Vancouver, Victoria), and more restrictions on “type” of rifle you can have, with a permit from the government (OK, sucks) I can walk into a gun store and buy a handgun or semi auto rifle, and walk out with it, and two or three (or as many as you want) crates of ammo. Right now, no waiting.

            No, you can’t walk around with a .357 on you hip, but the yogurt eaters here mean you really do have almost zero reason to carry. Shootings are rare, never mind crazy MF shootings.

            The big thing is, we still have millions of acres of nobody-gives-a-fuck what you do land. It is not near a big box store and ain’t got cell service, but there is a lot of it. Just bring your long johns.

            • Hi Anon,

              I’ve been to Canada several times and you’re right, it’s a beautiful place. But it has many of the same pathologies which afflict the U.S. and some are much worse, including legal prohibitions on speech deemed “hateful” or non-PC. In the U.S., you can be de-platformed or fired. There, you can be prosecuted. As a guy who writes for a living, that makes Canada a no-go.

              Of course, the Coonman has just made it much more likely that things are going to come to a head here. It is going to be an interesting year.

              • eric, Monroe county in NY now has a law that makes it a crime to “hurt the feelings of an armed govt. predator. If it stands up in a higher court, I’d be leaving NY in a second, farm, family nor anything else could keep me there if I had to go into that county or lived there.

  1. Some Americans may have thought that tyranny would never come to the US because the rich, celebrities, media, politicians, and American people would resist.

    Who would have thought that the rich would loot the country by getting bailouts and subsidies while being the ones conspiring and building the police state by paying actors, singers, and atheletes to distract Americans with bread and circuses, using reporters to push propaganda, real crises, and false flags, and buying off and corrupting politicians with campaign donations and cushy job promises to start wars, import refugees that weaken and divide the US, drive up the debt, make laws that enslave Americans, and throw crumbs to pacify the 99% in the form of food stamps, Obamacare, Obamaphones, and public housing?

    The destruction of the USA is nearly complete.

  2. Eric, I tried to post this under ‘Ask Eric’. Seems broken.


    Got a yellow vest? And expanding spray foam?

  3. They’re so progressive for advocating for infanticide. They should lead by example and kill their offspring then end their own lives. They will be saving the planet because then those who are sane can actually take charge of this country.

  4. I’m wondering when “they” will get the Jacobinite/Bolshevik mobs whipped up enough to actually march off into the countryside and start the killings and the Reign of Terror all over again.

    Seems pretty close to me.

      • Eric, I am hesitant to weigh in on abortion since I can’t get pregnant, or at least couldn’t have until the last few years. Probably I won’t choose the option.
        What bothers me a great deal is the choice of infanticide. Why stop there?Make murder legal for everyone. If you don’t like the looks of someone, kill them. Guess I’m channeling my older sister. She used to run a now defunct electronics store even though she didn’t understand same. I happened to drop in one day and this elderly man came in and inquired about something. He was intelligent and funny. Turns out he stopped there regularly. Once he was gone my sister said “I wish “they’d” throw that old man in jail”. I was flabbergasted and disheartened. Turns out she simply didn’t like him although she couldn’t articulate a reason, much like AOC.

        When it comes to genocide the “new” neocons are first to advocate for it, you know, those with an D in front of their names.

        A cat knocked something off into the floor a couple nights ago.
        When I turned on the light to assess the damage, I was relieved to find my ears hadn’t lied and it was a magazine, a 40. When I picked it up I noticed a 30 that was empty also. I drug out a 1,000 round box of green tips and filled both.

        AOC and many of her similarly deranged coworkers advocate for armed thugs to do their bidding and relieve the armed citizens of everything to do with firearms. They can have my ammo first, one round at a time.

        • Progressivism and eugenics are forever tied together, that’s why. They try to hide it, disguise it, etc but everything that these american control freaks have been up to since the 19th century ends up with eugenics. And the last thing they are going to admit is that their actions and words are what were Hitler’s inspiration.

  5. That’s what happens when you let the inmates run the insane asylum. It’s basically what is happening, kooky people end up in public government jobs or jobs in that orbit like “higher” ed. Elected or “career”.

    Yet another very valid reason for abolishing the idea of “government”.

  6. If a man can dress up and pretend to be a woman, how come a man can’t pretend to be a black?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  7. Although identity politics gotcha bullshit started with liberals, mainstream Fox News watching conservatives are equally complicit in perpetuating and normalizing it. When “news” breaks that a liberal committed social injustice 20 years ago, the idiot right pounds the drum demanding the same consequences that a Republican would face instead of dismissing it as 20 year old bullshit. You don’t need to know the politics of the person the SJW mob is chasing before deciding whether to join the mob or condemn it.

    • Actually, you are wrong.

      Lots of folks on the Right don’t think that Fairfax should be “convicted” on allegations alone. Protecting our legal rights means protecting the rights of those we don’t like.

  8. Only reason he’s allowed to stay is the state would turn republican again if the 3 of them were kicked out

    Quite frankly, I hope the next decade’s dubbed the Ragin’ 20s, where we take out the Left for good and fight to make things right again

  9. Why not extend a mother’s right to choose to “abort” her child right up to 18 years?

    Kids would be a lot better behaved if they knew their mother could kill them anytime before their 18th birthday.