Now DADSS are “Concerned”

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Here’s news about the latest collective/presumptive guilt fatwa making its way through the legislative colon:

By 2025 all American drivers are to be presumed”drunk” until they prove otherwise – before their car will start. Of course, the fatwa has the usual insipid/virtue-signaling name attached to it.

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  1. Eric,

    Is this the same device that Candy Lightner was working on a couple of decades ago?

    That was supposed to check your BAC, glucose, and cholesterol.

    • The technology described in this bill doesn’t exist. It is supposed to check your BAC passively – ie you don’t need to blow into a breathalyzer. I wonder how it will work when one is wearing a mask that blocks 95% of particles? What happens when the mask requirement and the BAC insanity collide? Which totalitarian wins?

  2. Unfortunately, by 2025 a great many of us may be drunk a great deal of the time. Given the pure hell being inflicted upon us by the Psychopaths In Charge, why would one not imbibe quite often and in quantity? What reason to remain sober, except to please a breathalyzer in a car? Sober thought is becoming less popular by the minute. Insanity reigns. The most hateful among us accuse the rest of us of hate speech any time we put forth an idea that conflicts with their delusion.

    • Hi JWK,

      Indeed. And as this process accelerates, it is certain they will also pass edicts outlawing the older machines that are not encumbered with this as well as other “safety” (and “emissions”) tech. I’ve been warning about this for decades. Maybe people will begin to listen.

      • Hi Eric,

        Here’s a press release about the loathsome proposed legislation.

        It provides a link to the text if you are interested. The most hilarious requirement reads:

        “ensure the creation of market demand for such devices.”

        Even if it were true that “drunk driving” causes 10,000 deaths per year in the US (it’s not, drunk driving fatalities are padded much like Corona fatalities), how many deaths will this totalitarian law cause? Even at 0.08, it will prevent many perfectly safe drivers from possible life saving use of their car. If passed, we can be sure that MADD will immediately seek reductions in the level, ultimately pushing for zero.


        • I once called a local TV station after viewing a piece of “drunk driving” propaganda and and gave them notice that if “half of fatal accidents involve a drunk driver”, then the other half involved a sober driver. And so, it makes just as much sense to jail a driver for being sober as it does for being drunk. Unless a driver is demonstrating symptoms of intoxication, weaving or constantly changing speed, etc., there is no need to stop them.

  3. Speaking of collective psychosis, today Tesla became the most valuable car company on earth.

    That’s right: Tesla’s market cap (price per share times number of shares outstanding) now exceeds that of a modest little garage-based shop called Toyota.

    When will the madness end? Tesla stands as a PTSD-inducing rebuke to all of us, as our mentally-deficient species proves no more capable of rejecting Elon’s siren call than lemmings plunging over a cliff just because the ones in front of them did.


    Might as well get a frontal lobotomy then run for Clowngress …


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