Armed Government Worker is “Concerned”

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Here’s a video of an armed government worker drawing his gun on a man who is legally walking down the streets open carrying. The armed government worker detains the man, who asks why given he hasn’t done anything illegal. The armed government worker tells him that “people have called” and expressed “concern.” The man states that he doesn’t especially care about the feelings of random strangers but only whether he has broken the law – which ought to be the only thing the armed government worker cares about as well.

Instead – even after conceding the man hasn’t broken any law – the armed government worker continues to demand ID and forcibly detains the man, arguing with him that he is somehow obliged to submit to an ID check because people have called in to express “concern” about his legal activity.

Does this mean we are subject to being detained and compelled to produce ID whenever “someone calls” and expresses “concern”? Apparently so. The scene depicted in this video is not exceptional. Such scenes are routine. The “someone called” and expressed “concern” trump the law – have become another way for armed government workers to harass people absent any legal cause.

Imagine if the tables were turned. If a citizen interfered with an armed government worker, got in his face, made unlawful demands. What do you suppose the result would be?

Hey, the Fourth of July is not far away. Are you getting ready to celebrate your “freedoms”?

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  1. The only this “hero” needs to be concerned about is the fact he will be dead soon from obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, arterial sclerosis, or a panic attack from the news that Dunkin Donuts and Kriskpy Kreme are both leavin’ town! Definitely a candidate for prescription drug abuse! This porker looks like he just stepped off the set of the latest “Die Hard” sequel. The only thing missing is “dueling banjos” on the jogger’s headset, lol! Only, in this case it is “reverse deliverance” where Bobby is an armed porker in a LEO costume, now THAT’S INCREDIBLE!! (or as my friends and I in H.S. called it, That’s Incredulous!)
    I wonder how Porky is going to take it when laws are passed (a lot like farts, says something, doesn’t it?) requiring him to carry an obesity permit along with an overweight carrier’s permit, sounds reasonable to me!
    I wonder how many calories per foot that lard ass burns? This guy wouldn’t pass a 5th grade phys-ed test, let alone EPA emissions test! What high standards we have for our little Nazis here!

    • Hi Tom,

      I also prefer concealed carry – but for a different reason. I prefer to not give thugs (the ordinary sort, not armed government workers) advance notice that I have the means on hand to defend myself.

      That said, the guy was within his lawful (and moral) rights while the armed government workers were in the wrong on both counts.


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