Armed Government Worker Pulls Gun on Mentos Buyer

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Here’s a video taken by surveillance camera at a convenience store of a man at the checkout counter, paying for some Mentos candy. As he is doing so – an armed government worker in mufti who entered the store after the man had paid – and who “thought he saw” the man shoplifting the candy (he put the candy he paid for in his pocket) draws his gun on the man and orders him to “put it back.”

The startled clerk informs the armed government worker that, in fact, the man had paid for the dandy he was putting in his pocket. The armed government worker apologizes. But that’s beside the point.

Why wasn’t he arrested for brandishing a firearm – as any other person would have been?

Because armed government workers – law enforcement – are exempt from the laws they enforce.

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  1. All this police brutality is easy to understand once you realize that cops view EVERYONE as a suicide bomber until proven otherwise.

    “Guilty until proven innocent” is now the default position of GovCo toward us, the great unwashed.

  2. Say Eric, I’ve known some “dandy’s” in my life but none I could put in my pocket.

    Sorry, it was in me and had to come out.

    I’ve noticed for a long time now that people speak strangely. Not necessarily the customer who has a weird accent but even people who were born and raised in the US and not just 1st generation. Their parents speak just the plain old English. So where do these strangely speaking people get their weird accents?
    Mostly I hear this from the youngest generation.

    I just find it “strange”.

  3. Doesn’t everybody react to theft the same way?

    I stuck a BDAin a friend’s face when he filched a beer outta my cooler. Well, the light wasn’t good and it looked like my cooler. He acted funny afterwards.

    But we’re still tight and I call him regularly. I keep getting that error message saying I’ve reached a number not in use.

    You gotta wonder if these idiots could hang out socially and not kill each other.


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