Armed Government Workers Flummoxed!

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Here’s a video of armed government workers flummoxed by citizens standing up for themselves – which armed government workers never like!

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  1. After seeing so many of these types of clips, it’s worth noting that you’re probably better off not requesting a supervisor.. because time and time again they just use it as an excuse to feign confusion/miscommunication and continue to hang around ‘investigating’ long after you start telling them that you’ve changed your mind and would like them to simply leave. Cookie-cutter intimidation tactics bro

    • Hi Moose!

      I speak passable German. The next time I have to deal with an armed government worker, I intend to speak to it in its native tongue.

      Guten tag, her Sturmbahnfuhrer; wo liegt das problem?

      • Oh good! What’s German for:

        Ooh looks like you’ve become sentient.. Trojan get in through the back door? CPU overheating? Circuit board malfunction? I hear the Geek Squad can malware scan and solder that up for you in no time! But seriously folks

  2. Only three minutes in but so far these are excellent examples of how to handle these situations. They oughta be teaching this stuff in schools, I get why they don’t cuz breeding sheeples comes first, but fewer citizens would be getting senselessly harassed and shot if only they’d nourish spine growth and help people learn a thing or two about the rights we’re supposed to all share and defend.


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