This is Why Armed Government Workers Are Despised

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This video shows an armed government worker berating, then physically assaulting a man for no discernible reason other than his failure to be sufficiently servile when first approached.

The man – a railroad worker, apparently – was in his vehicle, taking a siesta. An armed government worker (steroidal, tattooed like the thug he is) approaches and is almost immediately abusive to the man – who seems surprised and slightly annoyed he’s being hassled given he isn’t doing anything illegal and is wearing clothing and has ID (which he provides) clearly showing him to be a railroad worker.

The armed government worker doesn’t de-escalate.

He escalates. Pushes the man around, curses him out and cuffs him.

This sort of Treatment is becoming the Routine. We are expected to not question but to immediately Yessa Massa! whatever these costumed creeps demand of us. To do otherwise is taken as “obstructing” or even”resisting,” no matter how outrageous the actions of the costumed creep.

To understand just how outrageous this creep’s actions were, imagine if the roles were reversed. Any of us who so much as touched the Praetorian Person of a “hero” would have been charged with felony assault.

But armed government worker are free to assault us – because they are they work for the government.

And the government owns us.

Not until we reassert ownership of ourselves – and all that comes with it – will this business come to an end.

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  1. Funny thing, the local authoritahs lack jurisdiction on railroad property.

    He should have called the railroad popo and had officer friendly arrested for interfering with the train crew. A feral offense.

  2. Please, these armed uniformed thugs are employees not workers. We are fortunate that they spend as little time as possible doing any kind of work while waiting to retire early, especially since they feel entitled to push us around.


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