Armed Government Workers Harass Business Owner

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Here’s a video taken by a man who owns small business being harassed by a gang of armed government workers over various manufactured “violations,” such as not having his Occupancy Permit “prominently displayed.”

The gang members are so addled by their “training” that they don’t even grok that they are gangsters. They see themselves as law enforcement – and they Are Just Doing Their Job.

This is of course necessary – else they might question what they’re doing to innocent people who’ve caused no harm to anyone, who are just trying to go about their business and earn a living.

America is a “free” country, eh?

How is it that in a “free” country one can’t even run a business without an Occupancy Permit (and many other such permits) and must endure armed thugs entering one’s premises to collect money for not having acquired all the “required” permits?

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  1. The irony of this kind of bullshit is the elected weasels will be wondering why its so hard to get businesses to open (or stay).

    A friend had a tough time with the town building inspectors when she was building out her shop (salon and spa). 15 years later when its time to remodel, she decides to relocate the whole shop to a different town then deal with those jokers again. So that town lost a $2million dollar a year business because their inspectors were assholes.

  2. I’m always saying cops are scum, but I’m beginning to believe it’s even worse than that: #CopsAreNasty
    What kind of person has so little self-worth that they’d lower themselves far enough to commit acts of law enforcement against people?

  3. In the last minute or so of this video, the hero in the brown shirt is the one that is akin to a stick of dynamite: He’s just itching for a reason to get the business owner in handcuffs and off to jail.

    6 or 7 badge wearing heros are being used for such petty bullshit.

    Modern day American copping is the epitome of cowardice.

    • The whole system is that way. Prosecutors are only going to bring up charges that are likely to get a conviction, not something that’s hard to prove. And load up those charges as much as they can to increase the likelihood of at least one “win.” They all learned this from Uncle’s most famous win, the conviction of Al Capone for not paying taxes.

      That’s why the only thing they’ll get you on is speeding. The machine is thought to be infallible and incorruptible, no evaluation of the machine’s motive is necessary. Meanwhile who’s to define tailgating? Or hogging the left lane? Both are against the law, yet cops ignore either because it comes down to “he said she said” and the judge would actually have to make a decision based on hearsay. Of course cameras and GPS loggers will change that over time, but until then speed is not just the only thing, it’s everything.

      Why do the hard work when there’s so much easy stuff to go around?

      • Of course legislators supply the never-ending laws for these prosecutor thugs. Every year new laws are added, almost always redundant for others that have piled up.

        Carlin was right when he said pols are scum and the last thing they’re concerned with is their “constituency” as if such existed. They don’t even consider the people they rule over on even the same level as they and their immoral cohorts. HTF anyone can vote is beyond me. As Carlin likes to turn the old saying on it’s head “If you vote, you have nothing to complain about”.


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