Another Kid-Touching Armed Government Worker

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It’s interesting that these news stories about “heroes” who do horrible things get very little national play, especially given the over-the-top play given to stories about “heroes” who are victimized  – which happens only rarely and disproportionately rarely vs. the abuse committed by “heroes.”

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  1. Obviously the young woman led him on, otherwise this hero would not have taken liberties with her.(sarc)
    I’ve said it again and again: all cops, local, county and state need to be given psych exams and those that fail tossed out and blacklisted.
    There was an incident several years ago up here in Antrim County, Mi. sheriffs dept where the turn key was giving women inmates extra time outside in exchange for sex. He went so far as to pick up one of the younger women after she served her time and bring her to his house for some bed romping. It wasn’t too much fun any longer when women began filing complaints and….when his wife found out.
    He got three years and no doubt has to register as a sex offender….wonder what his ex-wife did with the house?

  2. At first I thought it was a story I’d seen yesterday…but, wait, there’s more…

    Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018

    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department this afternoon arrested Officer Matthew E. Porter (DOB: 9/25/1963). He will be charged with 8 counts of first degree sex offense and 20 counts of indecent liberties. He will be transported to the Mecklenburg County jail shortly.

    The victim, now 17, reported the incidents in Nevada, where she now lives. The victim told officials with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office that she was assaulted by Porter, whom she described as a family friend, between July of 2010 and December of 2013. The victim lived in Charlotte during that time.

    On Feb. 8, 2018, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office contacted CMPD with this information and CMPD immediately began an investigation. Detectives interviewed the victim in Nevada, as well as, family members there and in North Carolina. This morning, detectives interviewed Porter at CMPD headquarters and then placed him under arrest.

    Porter, who is assigned to the Aviation Unit, has been placed on unpaid administrative leave. He has been employed by CMPD since July 26, 1995. There is no indication these incidents occurred while he was on duty.

    Statement from Chief Kerr Putney:

    “I am disappointed that one of our officers is accused of this very serious offense. We represent the law and absolutely will not tolerate one of our own violating it. It’s our job to protect this community. We have no place in our ranks for anyone who would violate the trust of a child in this manner.”

      • Hi Mark,

        One way to address this problem would be for every other victim of the “hero” – and here I mean every single person arrested by this creep – to have their convictions thrown out and damages awarded commensurate with the losses suffered. This includes even people who are in fact guilty of some actual crime. The point is that any evidence/testimony derived as a result of this “hero’s” activities should be considered tainted.

        That might yank the system’s chain a little.

  3. I’ve been calling all members of the Blue Line Gang “molesters” anyway. It’s just what they do. Some do it in ways their masters approve of; some go freelance like this guy. But if it wears a badge, it is a molester.

  4. Took this pig to the hospital??? WTF??? I hope they broke his goddamned legs first? He needs to be in jail getting a rectal reaming with a cattle prod. Then take his bleeding ass to the fucking landfill, or wherever they dispose of refuse!


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