Another Kid Touching “hero”

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Here’s a news story about a “hero” caught diddling kids – including a six-year-old. The interesting thing – the connection not yet generally uttered aloud – is that the profession of “hero,” like the profession of Catholic priest, attracts a certain type of defective. In both cases, the defective seeks power over others – and social status. This increases his access to victims and also makes it easier for him to victimize.

The solution is to do away with both of these inherently depraved “professions.” No normal man agrees to lifelong celibacy and no normal man becomes an armed government worker, enforcing tyrannical laws upon victims who may not legally resist his depredations.

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  1. Raping hero may get his job back, even if he is convicted. He has beat off disciplinary charges related to the rape charges he still faces. The Lake County (Indiana) Police Merit Board has dismissed disciplinary charges this week on a technicality. If the felony charges are reduced to a misdemeanor he AUTOMATICALLY gets his job back! The victim is a co worker (not a hero). Guess your not part of the club if your not a badge carrying gun carrying creep, just a mere “support” drone.

    This is after the now indicted former sheriff sat on filing charges for 9 months after being informed of this crime. So this hero was on the street an additional 9 months (and will be again unless felony charges are upheld and a jury finds him guilty).


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