Boston “hero” Goes Fishing

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This one’s making the rounds. It is a video taken by a black guy walking down the street in Roxbury, Mass.

An unmarked car pulls up to the curb and the “hero” within asks the man whether his name is Kevin. The man replies – politely – that it is not. At this point, the interaction should have ended – unless the “heroes” had some legitimate reason to suspect the man of some crime.

It did not end.

The “hero” gets out, begins demanding the man give his name and other information, which the man – politely, at first – refuses to give. As is his right. People are still free to walk down the street without having to ID themselves or answer the belligerent questioning of armed government workers.

Of course, the armed government workers do not like this at all. It is taken as an affront to their authority – which they conceive of as without limit, regardless of legal limits. So the “heroes” mock the man, get in his face – bully him – for not acceding to their unlawful demands.

The interesting thing about that is there will be no legal consequences for these “heroes” – notwithstanding there is incontrovertible evidence of unlawful action  . . .  by the “heroes.”  Who style themselves Law Enforcement yet routinely break the law and get away with it.

Had that man given the “heroes” the slightest, flimsiest technical foul excuse to “bust” him, they would almost certainly have done so. But the “heroes” get away with abusing a citizen in a way that would result in assault charges being leveled at any ordinary citizen.

And they wonder why people increasingly dislike them.

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