Facebook Has Blocked Me!

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I think Facebook has blocked me.

Every morning, I copy and paste links to the latest articles on my Facebook page (here). This morning, when I attempted to post the rant about the Roxbury “hero” (it’s here)  Facebook would not let me post it.

I can view – and others can post – but all of a sudden, I cannot!

Slowly but surely, the noose tightens.

Last week, Goo-guhl tried to make it more difficult for independent media to download and upload images, allegedly for reasons of “copyright infringement” but in actuality, to make it harder to independent media to quickly access and use images that are in the public domain. Now, it’s effectively impossible to download – as an example – an image of an old indenture contract – an image no one really owns but which is now deemed “exclusive” to whatever site Goo-guhl decrees published it first.

I have also noticed that – all of a sudden – images obtained elsewhere, which used to take seconds to upload, now often take as long as 60 seconds to upload. Something has changed.

And the change isn’t good.

. . .

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  1. Yep.

    Why would the government’s child- the internet- be a platform for free speech and on which to proclaim the virtues of liberty and evils of government?

    No….it was free for a while, just to see what people wanted, and to get them used to it. Once everyone became addicted and life now centers around the web, it is becoming the ultimate web of surveillance, propaganda and control.

    And Facebook is the absolutin’ist WORST! Fascism taken to a whole new level. Corporate-government spying, with your signed [“Click ‘accept’ to agree”] consent. I’m surprised that you’d even have anything to do with Facebook, Eric.

    And what does using Facebook accomplish? Most who use it, are already too far gone to help. It’s the epitome of pop culture. It’d be like running a Libertarian ad at a football game. The mass-market blissfully ignorant consumers are happy ineir blissful stupor, and can not even digest the premise of the most basic Libertarian argument.

    Youtube is pretty much gone too. Now they’re even using the Southern Poverty Law Center as their guide as to what to censor.

    As we are being forced out of existence online, so too will we be forced out of existence in real life in these “first world” countries. See what’s going on in South Africa? After years of Nelson Mandela’s communist terrorists killing white farm families for their land, now the SA government has just made it official- that the remaining white farmers will lose their land, without compensation…. But the bloated gas bags in DC are concerned with NK and Afghanistan!

    I’m telling ya buddy, start working on plans to get out of here….’cause those who stay, who are “enemies of the state” will be disposed of- and I fear that that time is rapidly approaching. We’re getting it from all sides, like never before. Soon, it will be impossible to avoid the noose.

    I love my place here, but better to give it up while I can still get something out of it and choose a place to go…rather than flee into the night with nothing, or be slaughtered. It’s coming.

  2. Their webpage, their prerogative. It is truly a shame the so-called Web 2.0 stuff after the dot com crash was centered around locking people into a web page instead of a protocol, but they keep this sort of crap going on and they will become irrelevant.

    I use Facebook sparingly, and then only for communication with people I know personally. Even then it gets difficult to avoid politics and grandstanding. I can tell that some of my friends are addicted to it.

    The problem now is that there is no alternative. Nothing is getting any attention because no other companies want to take them on. And there’s the pesky protocol vs application problem. Think of the difference between email and gmail. Gmail is email, but email doesn’t need to be gmail to work. I can easily set up my own microblog, but there’s no way to update people easily without duplicate posts to Facebook. If more users were familiar with RSS (which is how I get updates about EricPetersAutos.com for example), I could just know that they’ll get an update in their feed any time I put up a post. This could easily be incorporated into the browser for link sharing. Instead we have Facebook “like” buttons on web pages. But there’s no way to monetize protocols.

    Then again, what the hell do I know? I’m just an old cable guy.

    • “The problem now is that there is no alternative.”

      How about private one-on-one communication, without spying or censorship? Why must everyone “broadcast”? Broadcasting loses it’s impact when every 6 year-old with a tablet can do it.

  3. Check out “The Chive” website. They have some articles about what Facebook has been doing to squeeze out what they call “publishers”, which is probably what they consider you to be. I don’t do Facebook, so most of what the articles discuss means diddly to me, and I really don’t understand what they’re talking about, but I think it might make sense for your situation.


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