Blocked in by a Clover

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I was out for a drive early Sunday morning when – like a spoonful of crap in a gallon of ice cream – a Clover ruined everything.

It was a guy in an old truck with a mower in the back. Understandably, he was driving slowly. A truck with lawn equipment in the back is not the hot ticket for hustling through the apexes. Not so understandably, Clover would not pull over for the handful of seconds it would have taken to let the three cars stacked up behind him get past.

This is an example of the Clover Mindset.

Their time matters (can’t be bothered to briefly pull off, to let faster-moving traffic get past) but your time doesn’t.

What’s the hurry? You should have left sooner!

But it’s not a question of Clover’s seconds vs. the other drivers’ minutes. It’s a simple question of road etiquette. If you are driving slower than the speed limit (and cars are stacking up behind you) the courteous thing to do is move over. Pull off onto the shoulder and wave the cars behind you by.

Clovers never do this.

And that’s what makes them Clovers!

PS: Some very good news… we’re making progress on the pie chart. Might just make it out of the hole, if we get another couple of decent days. Again, I’d like to thank those who stepped up. Your support is what makes this all possible!




  1. Look at all those double yellow lines on a straight and flat roadway. Most of the road in that video should have passing zones. It’s gotten really shitty in the good ol’ USSA(R) over the last 30 years.

  2. The thing about drivers like this is you know, without a doubt, if they know you’re there or don’t. I’m not as pissed at those who are clueless, but the ones who look back in the mirror and find you staring at them and don’t move over are just looking for trouble…..and that ‘s the sure sign of a clover. No, they try to shit you into thinking they don’t know you’re there or simply try to piss everyone off behind them. I come across the latter quite a bit these days. How can you drive interstate, have a 13’ tall big rig behind you with brights on and not know it? Well, 99 out of a 100 times, they know it, they just want to mess with you. Clover, don’t slam on the brakes and think you’ll get a bye. I don’t stop that fast and have NO intention of letting you bully me on the road. Want to hear my chrome horn?

    • This Clover knew.

      Rural windy country road that people generally operate at 55-65 MPH and he’s doing mid 40s, with three cars stacked up behind him. Clover was a local – not a Yankee tourist boggled by the new terrain. He just didn’t give a damn that he was holding us up – the sine qua non of Cloverific conduct!

      • eric, rarely do these people not give a damn in my opinion. Often, holding up others is just what they plan. They feel some power when they can mess with someone and the more the better.

        I had a young guy with his wife and child in a new car outrun me in baby pickup one day and kept me strung out trying to get around him. It eventually devolved into me still being beside him going much faster than I had originally needed to. He was grinning like a possum at me as if he was having a great time. My nose itched so badly I had to scratch it with a Hi Power. Damned if he didn’t have to brake hard for some reason. He didn’t ride my ass either. Of course you couldn’t do that these days with cell phones and not become a “terrrrrisssttt”.

        • It occurs to me that an EMP bomb might be more effective to deal with modern @$$holes…
          Kills the cell phone, too. 😀
          And the tablet.
          And the car’s electrical system.

          How to make sure you’re out of range, I haven’t yet determined – but the power (and “damage”) drops with the square of the distance.
          Or maybe there’s a way to short it, as shown in Fast and Furious? If it would only blow the one car, that would work wonders. Don’t want to injure any innocents here… Including financially.

          • A high powered laser hidden behind the front bumper is the way to go. Aim it low enough to hit the bottom of the fuel tank and……….

            Or a remote controlled nail gun to shoot nails at clover’s tires…….

                • War of the Clovers has already gone on for several decades.
                  Of note, my parents tried to cloverize me – sheltered me from life until I was 18 or so. Shielded me froma ll the filth and evil of the world (E.G., “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was a dirty movie because of his shower monologue… I was probably 13 or so..?)
                  The problem with the schools wasn’t that the other kids abused me (That is the best word), but that they didn’t discipline me enough…. Not enough corporal punishment, or, I didn’t get beaten enough by the nuns. I don’t respect authority enough.

                  And of course, going to an all-male high school was NECESSARY so I wouldn’t be distracted by girls…And while I was expected by the school to join the after-school activities, I didn’t have transportation from the parents (and this was before cell phones). Sports, drama, most clubs in fact, went into the evenings…
                  Which then would’ve had a mile+ walk to the nearby train station (not safe after dark), or farther to the next-closest; and then, on the other end, I’d need to do another mile plus walk. Plus, I wasn’t allowed to do that sort of thing by the parents… Too much freedom, I guess. WTF?

                  Plus – imagine the socialization aspects. I was damaged (i mean that literally) in grade school; socialization therefore was a bout “behind enemy lines.” Add in girls…? Well, there were none, but in college – well, I wasn’t exactly sociable, and I had NO CLUE of the game. Brought up on “Rogers and Hammerstein” musicals, and chick flicks (romantic comedy/light drama) of the 50s, you can guess how that worked…

                  No one realizes how pernicious the plot to emasculate Man is. It’s on the TV – ALWAYS “Woman good, man bad & stupid.” Same on most songs. Same on the literature of the day (Divergent, Buffy, Breaking Dawn et al, Mockingjay – forgot the series name; but also, look at the messages in the GI Joe, Transformers, even Robotech and Battle of the Planets (Japanese roots) series; or the sitcoms, and how they dissolved – Who’s the boss to Charles in Charge to Roseanne… And I can point to the more female-centric stuff, too, though that’s a later issue – but, “Bridezillas”? Ugh.

                  Compare to anything useful – Mark Twain’s literature, Louisa May Alcott, even the female-centric tripe of the day, Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre. (They weren’t meant to be great literature, they were the chick-lit of the day… And it was still much more mental, intellectual, and thought-provoking.)

                  Somehow, that brutish introduction to reality at about 18 didn’t completely destroy me – but from parent’s perspective, being that far away from home, THAT is what “destroyed” me (IE, made me into a human being instead of a sheep, expected to follow them into the righteous life of a Catholic who obeyed… Despite my father’s explanation of why he didn’t become a priest, he “didn’t agree with the church on everything…” Do as I say, not as I do. Obey and Submit or else.)

                  Sorry, too much of a rant – but the war has been going on, for generations already, and IT IS ONGOING, and we’re being attacked – and we need to defend ourselves.
                  Because “they” are attempting to indoctrinate future generations by destroying the critical thinking, literature, swapping the masculine and feminine roles and drugging children (mostly males) into compliance, then cramming shit into their heads (like gender studies and african-american oppression and women’s liberation theology) as fast as they can – while ignoring such minor things as math & science.
                  We don’t need thinkers or builders, we just need a PERFECT STASIS.

                  It’s akin to the Planned Parenthood stuff, only it’s being done to the “soul” of the human (in quotes because whether you believe in a God-imbued soul or not is irrelevant, the plan is to neuter and crush the human spirit.)

                  And the saddest part is, it makes SENSE to butcher Clovers… and if you miss, it likely won’t matter.
                  These are the people who demand YOU walk to work, while they can drive an armored SUV.
                  Demand YOU be disarmed, while they have a cadre of bodyguards.
                  Worship authority and Celebrity, seeing them as God’s gifts for righteous behavior.
                  Yet want the State to do everything for them (good little Socialists, they worship Government as God, and don’t realize they’re violating the FIRST commandment – and demand YOU ALSO worship the State God, while they indoctrinate your children to worship the state – and would take your children away should you declare the state to NOT be God. And they see no problem with this… Yet they allow those children who ARE being abused to die in the State’s control, and that’s just “collateral damage.”)

                  We are at war, Morlocks and Eloi, but WE are playing the role of the Eloi. Just because you’re moral, doesn’t mean the SOB who is not, won’t stick a knife in your back.

                  Don’t be the “most moral man in the cemetery.” Plant Clover first.
                  He’d do it to you… And is doing it to your children and grandchildren….

            • Laser isn’t bad; maybe a maser instead (microwaves). Particle beams might be possible (Van de Graff generators with a magnetic coil to include a current flow once charged? But not an electrical engineer, so it would be expensive “build and test” cycles, and I have neither the funds nor the space. 🙁 )

              Neither leaves anything visible.

              Nail guns, they might get fingerprints off the nails, so there’s the potential for evidence.

              Maybe something like the 98 buick I have would be essentially immune, or could be built to be immune, to EMP… Then there’s the “range” issue, if the pulse is high enough, how do I ensure it only affects about 10 – 15 feet, by radius? And could it then be set to dissolve itself with acid or something…? (Yes, I’m going TV-geek here, but it’s a cute concept… 😉 Can’t be TOO serous ALL the time. )

              • Hi Jean,

                You’ll love this!

                As you/others here may know, I own an old two-stroke Kawasaki triple. It has oil injection, but to be safe (old Kawasaki two-stroke triple cranks are not cheap) I also pre-mix the fuel. Which results in a fabulous blue haze out of the three pipes – especially when I let the engine bog a little.

                You can see where this is headed, perhaps….

                When I am out on this bike and roll in behind a Clover, I give the Clover a little while to do something non-Cloverfied, like wave me by or pull off on the shoulder. If the Clover ignores me and continues to trundle along at his sub-speed-limit pace, I dart around him at the first opportunity …

                Then, once ahead of him, I let rip with a mushroom cloud of oily blue smoke!

                I can envelope Clover in this, if I get it right.

                The grin plastered on my face lasts for the rest of the day!


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