Clover Pulls Out/Won’t Move Over

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Here’s another Clover in action:

Crappy old truck just has to pull out abruptly – even though he could have waited 10 seconds and let the faster-moving car go by before pulling out. Then Clover refuses to accelerate – understandable, given he’s driving an old POS truck. What’s incomprehensible – but typically Clover – is his refusal to move over.

There’s plenty of shoulder; he could have just eased over to the right and waved the cars behind him by.

But that’s not what Clovers do.

Or rather, that’s what makes them Clovers.

For more videos of Clovers, see   … also, we welcome your Clover videos. Send ’em in and we’ll publish them – and (hopefully) shame some Clovers along the way.

clover lead


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  1. Clover and other twits like him (including those that SOMEHOW got elected to the State Assembly) self-righteously see OTHERS, especially anyone going 1 mph FASTER than THEM, as akin to this “protective daddy” (General Vreeland, an expy of George Patton), and feel the need to CONTROL THEM…

  2. Little Bird, Little Chavala I dont understand what’s happening today. Everything is all a blur. Gentle and kind and affectionate. The sweet little bird you were. Chavala, Chavala.

    Little Bird, Little Chavala. You were always such a pretty little thing. Everybody’s favorite child. Gentle and kind and affectionate. The sweet little bird you were. Chavala, Chavala. Little Chavala – From Goyim In The Bar Ditch – Fiat Fiddler on the Roof of Rothschild, Lazard, Israel Moses Seif, Warburg, Lehman, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan, and Hanover.

    We take a chance from time to time. And put our necks out on the line. And you have broken every promise that we made. And I have loved you anyway.

    Took a fine time to leave me hangin’ out to dry. Understand now I’m grievin’. So don’t you waste my time.
    Cause you have taken. All the wind out from my sails. And I have loved you just the same.

    We finally find this, then you’re gone. Been chasin’ rainbows all along. And you have cursed me. When there’s no one left to blame. And I have loved you just the same. And you have broken every single fucking rule. And I have loved you like a fool.

    • Jean, believe me, if clover had pulled out in front of Chuck with Kitty pulling 85,000 lbs @75 mph like yesterday, we’d definitely have less clover. It’s the reason I leave headlights on so they don’t have an excuse to do something that stupid. That doesn’t mean they don’t though. That’s why the highways out here are covered in skid marks, fuel and oil spills and smashed guard rails and ruts through the barditch. clover gives me a headache, for real….

      There is a marker for a young mom and her young child, Chrissy or something akin to that along I-20 where I spent the last week. I recall the wreck. It was in the part of I-20 that’s really steep grades and bad curves….ok, so it’s flat as a flitter and so straight you can see New Mexico. But the barditch is not the same level as the pavement so i guess that’s where the hard part comes in. I feel sorry the child having an idiot for a mother but then as the Israelis say when they storm a house and kill everybody in it “The kids would just grow up to do the same thing as their parents” so maybe they have a point. The barditches were mowed just last week in this area. That “memorial” would not be there had I been doing the shredding. Uh oh, didn’t see the cross and the fake flowers and such, was trying to avoid a road sign….and there’s not even any sign there to wipe out on.

      I have noticed something in my life on the road that amazes me. You can be going along a road, any road, and it will be flat and straight with nothing to do but just hold the wheel in one position. That ain’t good enough though cause in this state, every place there is a culvert, there are also delineators on each side marking them….and as such, you’ll see skid marks and ruts plowed right over the top of the only structure around that could possibly cause damage to anything moving…..but that’s where the skid marks and signs of implosion/explosion are left. My wife and I will look at each other and say “yeh, it was just pulling them over to it”. It must be a hypnotic thing to be drawn to reflectors. Sure, I could run off the road here anywhere and just drive back on but I want that culvert with the deep gouge and concrete and reflectors so I can try to kill myself and anybody with me, a sure sign of clover….

  3. Whoa.

    Unless there’s three comments from me here tomorrow other than the two that went through just now,… I can’t post a reply to Art1388.
    That’s kind of freaky. …Lila always said the sum bitches controlled things from The other Side. …Shit like this makes me wonder.

  4. I’ll try again.

    Hey, Art1388.

    I, myself, was kind of let down to learn that the term, ‘Clover’ came from a simpleton who posted here using that nic.
    I thought there was more to it. But hey, maybe there is?
    He/she/it (we don’t know which, maybe Clover is a sophisticated Bot?) came up with all kinds of crazy-assed reasons why it was a good idea to be stupid while driving, and why it was good in his/her/it’s view to, fuck everyone over and take their liberty, as if it were nothing. In essence, ‘The Clover’ loved ‘the empire’… and if “it” were a Person, more than his/her/its own children.
    Originally, I thought maybe the term ‘Clover’ had more significance than that, more originality, or something. ….But no, it was that simple.

    And now that I think about it, it’s quite fitting.
    Since then, many people have applied that term, ‘Clover’ towards many people of like mind.
    And, if you think about it, it’s like we’re all in a field of “Clovers”, we’re surrounded by Dumkoffs, shit-for-brains, and go-along-to-get-along’s. A.k.a. the enablers of tyranny and The Police State we’re in now. Also known on the street as: suck-ups, brown-noser’s, ass-kissers, rats, finks, snitches, no-good-sum-bitches, and often times, snobs. Plus, They refuse to think!

    …I hope that answered your question and my response was accurate.

    I leave you with this bit, which, IMHO describes how a ‘Clover’ came to be:

    “During my 30 years as a reporter covering “the news behind the news,” I’ve seen countless instances in which the matrix shows up, swims into view.

    By “the matrix,” I mean a false and strong consensus which is a lie. But not just any old silly consensus.

    I mean a very deep shared picture of reality.

    It has all the earmarks of being true. So many people accept it. So many people know it’s right.

    So many people believe that, if it were wrong, if it were an illusion, their view of the world would shatter like cheap glass.

    So they retreat. They turn their backs. They settle into accepting the matrix-picture.

    Watching this happen has been a revelation for me.” …

    Power Outside The Matrix: what we strive for

    • helot, my cousin, the statist, can’t stand Jon. He can’t even give him his due for the expose’ he’s doing on the CDC right now, simply, no comment even though I’m not the one submitting it(and that would do it). It comes from the oldest member of our group who has embraced libertarianism wholeheartedly and has enough sense and doesn’t owe his past livelihood to the govt. to see what’s easily seen without blinders.

  5. Hi Eric
    Here in my part of Maine there’s a lot of roadworks going on. It amazes me the sheer number of folks who will slow down, even when the road is completely clear of equipment and workers and no work is being done. It was especially irritating when driving on one stretch in a 55 mph zone which was finished; even the lines were painted! Yet because there was still a “Road Work Ahead” sign, We were 15th in a conga line! At the gas station, the leader of said line was fueling and another driver commented that the work was finished and the speed back to normal. “That ain’t what the sign said!” Makes you wonder…

    BTW Where did you come up with the term Clover? Just curious.

    Have fun!

    • It goes on everywhere but people in Tx will tailgate your stupid butt and it gets sorta intimidating. Gee, I miss the old El Camino. You could pass 15 cars like they were tied down. Funny how that would always embolden the second car in line and then the rest and they’d begin to pass.

      Six year ago waiting for a line of traffic that wasn’t moving on I-20 due to single lanes each direction and a huge wreck at the end, I got pissed to the point that the signs saying not to cross to the access road didn’t seem enforceable, or at least, I was so tired, thirsty and needing fuel as well as letting my dog take a leak I just piled off into that couple hundred of feet of barditch and as i did, a guy about six cars in front of me did so in a Tahoe. We led the charge and the dirt started flying from every damned car in that line tearing off across there. Of course there weren’t many cars, mainly SUV’s and pickups. We all came hauling ass into the next station/truckstop sorta thing as a hoard headed for the pumps and the bathrooms. The guy with me laughed like hell as I did too. Amazing what one person making that move will do. I’d bet 30 vehicles pulled into that station almost as one. That was one of the most insane construction zones I’d ever seen though. Going into Dallas that morning, only about 2-300 yds behind us someone got in a bind and it caused a huge wreck of 30 vehicles with some deaths. They had lined the center stripe with big concrete things for a divider and cut the sides down to the point that big rigs had to run right against the concrete to keep their outside tires on pavement and that wasn’t always the way it worked. I had hell keeping my pickup in that narrow and evidently some people couldn’t and that’s what caused that huge wreck. We found out about it by tuning in to a radio station that gave accident and road reports on this ridiculous thing. We had the same thing happen going back west that evening in nearly the same place on the west bound side. It was my contention that a bunch of bureaucrats should have been strung up for the deaths of all those people that day. I stay with that assessment to this day. There was a big stink about it that made statewide papers and electronic media. I avoided using it again till the situation was somewhat resolved. TxDOT took a lot of heat but of course, nobody was held liable.

    • What was the problem Eric was you late for telling us how GM was going bankrupt? So you are telling us that he pulled out 10 seconds in front of you? That is hundreds of yards in front of you. So you want another driver to wait 10 seconds so that you will not be delayed 10 seconds with your speeding? Is that what you call Eric’s law? Clover

      I have waited in parking lots on the interstate for hours because speeders and weaving drivers caused accidents only because they were speeding and weaving through traffic. Is your 10 seconds worth more than my wasted hours because of drivers that drive like you do?

      Eric where is my compensation?

      • No, moron, Eric is saying that he could have waited a lousy ten seconds of HIS time to let him pass and THEN pull out, presumably with no more traffic coming. But NOOOOO…(ode to the late John Belushi)…he HAS to pull out in FRONT so he can CONTROL the speed of traffic all by his widdle self…

        Clover, somehow methinks you greatly exaggerate how many times you were stuck in an “Interstate Parking Lot” and just KNEW that the cause was impatient or speeding drivers causing a wreck. Yep, HIS ten seconds is worth MORE to Eric…because they’re HIS, not YOURS…quit acting like everyone should kowtow to your cloverish expectations, or get da “f-bomb” off the damn road that MY taxes pay into as well!

        • Hi Douglas,

          Yup, that’s it exactly.

          It all comes to courtesy – to not expecting others to accept being impeded by you.

          It is no skin off Clover’s nose to move over to the right/yield to a faster-moving car overtaking from behind. His trip isn’t made longer. But if he refuses to yield/move over, he is making the other driver’s trip longer, by impeding him. Clover does not grok that it’s not his job to enforce the speed limit; indeed, that speed limits are just arbitrary constructs and have (as such) no moral weight.

          Of course, he disagrees – and regards speed limits much in the same way that sane people regard laws against theft and so on!


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