To Harass And Impose

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It was a beautiful August Saturday night; high 70s, low humidity and mostly sunny. A local restaurant on the main strip of our town (honestly it’s not that much of a strip) hosted a small car show. The owner of the restaurant is also the owner of the developed & undeveloped lots and mini-malls in the area that surrounds the restaurant. There is a rowdy bar a couple hundred yards away on the hill and the closest residential home is about half a mile away (the ones visible below in the distance behind the trees on the left side). I cleaned up my MR2 and headed over with the family.

supercharged aw11

The proceeds from this particular get-together went to the Wounded Warrior Project. The majority of the cars fall into the category of hot rod, classic muscle cars and modern muscle cars. These small local shows are nice because these are real people who do the work themselves instead of paying someone to do the work for them. All enthusiasts are accepted and appreciated; even if you show up with a 25 year old car from Japan with only half a V8 powering it.

Some cars are nicely restored like this Plymouth ‘Cuda;


while others like this mid-engine Corvair with a V8 in the back seat are a bit more wild.

mid engine corvair1mid engine corvair2

Around 7:15pm the burnout contest started. Kids and grandkids got excited as their dads and grandpas got their cars and trucks warmed up. This was to be done on the section of the privately owned road that connects the parking lots, all of which are owned by restaurant owner (who was also OK with his property being used for the burnout contest). There were staff coordinating it to make sure there was only one vehicle going at a time and that the area was safe before each exhibition of power.

I had seen this Firebird’s engine compartment earlier and figured it would put on a good display; it didn’t disappoint.

firebird burnout

Fun was being had in a safe manner by consenting people with a common interest on private property – so the only thing missing was the friendly neighborhood storm troopers.

first cop shows up

The thunderous burnout must have scared Officer Friendly because shortly a second car arrived:

second cop shows up

Two weren’t enough to handle this riotous behavior of a middle-aged family man doing a burnout on a private drive – so a third rallied to their position.

third cop shows up1

All this for a burnout; a burnout on private property with the property owner’s consent.

There must not be any actual crimes being committed (“crimes” being someone’s rights being infringed). If the crime is so low that three cars can be spared to respond to a burnout contest on private property I don’t think the resources allocated to the police dept. match up with the needs of the community.  Then again it is the 30th of the month and quotas don’t fill themselves.

Why is it that these so-called public servants impose themselves on our lives?  The staff and property owner even went to bat for the owner of the Firebird.

discussion with cop

The police officer’s presence and interference was unnecessary, unwarranted and unwanted.  There wasn’t a single person there not visibly annoyed by their imposition. This was private property, no harm was being done to anyone and the closest thing to property destruction would be the heavy black marks left on the pavement that will persist until the next heavy rain. Why do these Dudley Do-Wrongs storm in to wreck the day? Why is this driver likely being charged with “reckless driving” (or similar violation) and the LEO isn’t being charged with trespassing?

Mind your own business.

We are treated as children even when we are grown adults; we are not provided the freedom to simply be left alone from the harassing, meddling, do-gooding and revenue milking.

The third LEO did not even join his brothers-in-arms, instead he drove around the parking lot and grass field looking for violations to add funds to the local coffers. I wanted to investigate so I headed over and while doing so I stoked the fire a bit by loudly commenting that I wondered “…when the SWAT team was going to show up with tear gas to force everyone to disperse?” People agreed and wanted to know why they aren’t minding their own business; this was not racing, nor was it on a public road.harass and collect

In reality the tear gas wasn’t necessary; they got what they likely wanted, people started clearing out early and heading home before plaques/announcement for best of show and best burnout (obviously) were even awarded. The presence of the cops was tear gas enough.

Just another day keeping everyone safe from inhaling smoke from tires and clutches; it’s for the safety of the chil’run don’tcha know…

More and more car shows are mostly attended by people whose hair is dominated by grey and white. They remember the “good ole days” when a car represented a coming of age and entry into a new level of freedom. You actually felt as if you owned the car and could use it without being harassed by rules created “for our own good.” The cars here and at most shows have heart, character and uniqueness but lack V2V communication, bluetooth, GPS, black boxes and a baker’s dozen of dashboard claymores.

to punish and enslave

Car ownership isn’t a strong priority among millenials; they have recognized car ownership for what it is becoming; indentured servitude with overburdened rules from the state that increasingly look to those who dare to exercise autonomy as prime suspects and that need to be taught a lesson, coerced and revenue milked.

So it goes in the former land of the free

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  1. What concerns me about the accompanying picture of the two “heroes” in their “Smokey the Bear” head gear is the one with the M4 carbine at the ready. As Slim Pickens said in “Blazing Saddles”, what in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is a-goin’ on? Is there some active shooter situation, where the mountie with the carbine stands ready to ‘protect’ in case the bad guys come out, guns-a-blazin’ ? Or is there a report of a kidnapper with hostage(s) in the car, and they’ve set up a roadblock to ferret him out? Please tell me it’s THAT dire of an emergency that necessitates the trooper brandishing that firepower! But if this is just an “ordinary” DUI checkpoint, or even one of the “Migra” checkpoints wherein the 4th Amendment is all but suspended, then there’s NO legitimate reason for the trooper to have that weapon out and ready! What’s the matter, didn’t he get enough “trigger time” in Fallujah or Kanduhar? Just imagine what would happen if the troopers found you even having a semi-auto version of the same weapon, perfectly legal IAW Federal and your state’s laws, and being carried in a perfectly lawful fashion (those said laws are typically, IMO, in complete contravention of the Second Amendment) in your respective state (of confusion). The troopers would shout, “Gun!”, and if they don’t immediately start blasting away and riddling your corpus full of bullets, you’ll be on the ground with the muzzles of their weapons, ready to send you to a “one-on-One” with “Geez-Uz”! (Jesus). At minimum, you’ll be arrested on some serious charges, and even if your high-priced attorney (and it WILL cost you dearly) gets the charges dropped, say goodbye to your hardware and probably your ability to acquire another. But nothing will be said about THEIR ability to brandish an “assault rifle”, not even by the “Dummycrats!”

  2. I wonder, did the cops just happen apon the scene or did some clover with nothing better to do call and complain?

    My guess is someone doesn’t like the resturant, the car show, or people in general and decided to use the cops to lever their power.

    • eric_g,
      you are probably right, it likely was some parasite calling about “street racing” and then the police show up and have to “do their job.”

      this morning I stopped at the grocery store on my way to work and as i was walking down the aisle i saw a shopper open carrying a walther. even in my state of pa where open carry is legal (technically) i suspect that if this was a few hours later a “concerned citizen” would have called in about it.
      I wish for the day when the police receive a call from such a person and ask “has he shot it? is he pointing it at anyone? is he threatening anyone?” and when the caller says “no”to those questions the cop hangs up.

  3. Law enforcement polices by consent. In this case they deliberately stepped over the boundary to try and force consent. Starting from the county down, they should all be personally sued for trespassing on private property, disturbing the peace, acting outside their duties without just cause and harassment.

    They have no power unless you consent or invite them. Imagine if a group of your FRIENDS imposed themselves like this. You’d be pissed right? They’re far worse than that. Nail them to the wall with a class action personal suit sending a clear message. Know your rights and act on them, or you have none and will be forced by the county to do on your property as THEY wish.

    • RE: “they should all be personally sued for trespassing on private property, disturbing the peace, acting outside their duties without just cause and harassment.”

      As. fucking. -IF-.

      The dude that called attention to this shin-ding was prolly a friend of a judge, or some other higher-up in the american caste system.

      I know some guys who set up a racetrack on private property. A judge up the road had the whole thing shut down,… because he didn’t like it.

      I admire your spunk, ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N. ….I really do.
      But that shit you say (wonderful and glorious as it is) it’d get ten seconds here and then they’d find a way to say, “STFU” and, “the fine is…”.
      The rule of Law is dead here,… totally.
      Might, makes right at the moment.

      That’s how they roll.

      Maybe things are different where you’re at,… Lucky You.

      Let me repeat that: ‘The Law is Dead’.

      At least, in the unitedstate it is.

      • And that’s precisely why you’ve lost your freedom. If the people don’t stand up and complain and take action against every one of their infractions, their behaviour becomes rule of law.

        There were enough people there to take a group action against them. If they do nothing, it’s presumed they’ll never do anything and it’ll happen again, if not worse.

        They rule by fear. They fear you losing your fear. All of you know this but most do nothing except kowtow. Obviously, I’m speaking to certain “hear-no-evil” monkeys cowering under the bed waiting for the feds to kick the door in for any reason they can imagine.

        I feel sorry for the state of your country and it’s happening here in Oz just like the rest of the world. You are one of the few common law nations left. Common law exists, but you have to know how to access it. Educate selves please.

        You have the right to take them on for grievances they inflict outside their jurisdiction. Kowtowing to them gives them that jurisdiction they need.

        I’m over wasting my time telling people what they CAN do but WON’T. Sorry, but I’m just disappointed. Enough.

        • RE: “Common law exists […] You have the right to take them on for grievances they inflict outside their jurisdiction.”

          I’m reminded of this bit where the judge eagerly granted a motion to disallow a portion of an argument… because the judge said so, that’s why.

          If We Prick the State, Does It Bleed?

          Frequently this sort of ‘goings on’ happens. Here and there, common law exists, maybe? But when reading stuff like this, it seems unlikely:

          “The Law died because she had to in order to make room for what Bastiat called “legal plunder” which “destroys for its own profit, and in different degrees amongst the rest of the community, personal independence by slavery, liberty by oppression, and property by plunder.””…

          The Law Is Dead

          “The invention of crimes by prosecutors violates every known legal principle in Anglo-American law. Yet, it has become commonplace.”…

          How the Feds Imprison the Innocent

          RE: “There were enough people there to take a group action against them.”

          And the judge would likely throw out the lawsuit and fine them all for filing a frivolous lawsuit. That’s why I mentioned earlier, “The Law Is Dead”.

  4. When I read this: “they got what they likely wanted, people started clearing out early and heading home before plaques/announcement for best of show and best burnout (obviously) were even awarded. The presence of the cops was tear gas enough.” I thought about how bad money drives good money out of circulation.

    There’s a term for that which escapes me at the moment, seems to me there should be a similar term for when the cops do it. Or is there one already, like, “Roust! Roust! Roust!”?

    • Correct. They protect the owners and the owners property. Most likely you are not an owner and they think you are on their bosses property.

  5. harryp.

    Stories like this carry more impact and credibility if they include all the basic info. You have told us the “who,” “what” and approximately “when.” Could you let us know “where” this occurred?


    • York PA. the proceeds go to a different charity every month.
      for what its worth the firebird was declared the “winner” for august I am not a member of the club so I don’t know more details, only what I saw while I was there.
      here is the video of the burnout, you can see the cop at the very end of the clip preparing to “protect and serve”

  6. I wonder what would happen if the owner of the property simply handed the copster an invoice for being on his property. You would need a couple of witnesses willing to sign affidavit’s and some time at the court house but it could be rewarding.

    • FA, things were different back then so I paid the fine(after all, I was 14). I suspect his kids had to suffer since my parents gave them lots of clothes my spoiled assed sisters wouldn’t wear but once. I didn’t get another ticket for many years. And that piss ant gave me a ticket cause I squalled my new set of Polyglas GT’s. I worked hard for those Goodyears and it was none of his business if I wanted to burn them off. Once again, he had to suffer me ripping by his house, exhaust dumps wide open, rattling windows, waking the dogs and the dead with fire streaming out under the car. Paybacks are hell and I paid him back time and time again. I’d wait till he went home about 2 am or so and then go by half an hour later as he was hard into REM…or his old lady, I hoped. I bet I cost him more sex than he could ever admit. And his big-tittied wife was always giving me the eye with a big smile. I think she reveled in the hell I gave him. I was a stinker.

      • E8M – That is great payback!

        I’ve not had a ticket for a long time – my wife claims I have both a compass and radar detector in my head. Mostly, I think I just smell them from from afar.

        My first was when I was 16 returning from working late when a co-worker called in late. I was on my motorcycle and only had some tinted glasses to wear to keep the bugs and crap out of my eyes. The copster gave me a ticket and started me down the path of enlightenment.

        • FA, I used to have a way better precognition than I do now. I could drive 100 miles and then just get a feeling, slow down and there porky would be. CB’s weren’t always right or even there and I drove many a year before radar detectors were invented. I’ve known some other youngsters that got it and it does me good to hear what they say now. Nothing like an unjust prosecution to bring out the anti-statist in a person. Nothing like unjust prosecution to take everything you have too. That’s another story…..or maybe not.

  7. HarryP, great post. Great photos, great subjects(libertarianism, authoritarianism and outstanding cars). BrentP’s post has taken on a life of it’s own, a good thing and excellent post BTW. This one strikes the same sort of chord in me.

    Yall keep it up and eric will become a moderator ha ha.

    I got my first ticket at 14 from a state trooper for running a stop sign. The problem was is that I turned and cut through the parking lot of a cotton gin after getting a load of hog feed and never went out the road with the stop sign. I was also looking at the back of the troopers car the whole time I loaded feed so it wasn’t as if I were trying to get away with anything or was unaware they were there. I was busy loading self feeders when they came churning up through deep mud and since my pickup was blocking the only hard surface, had to slog through it too. That was the only good thing about it in my book. A holes did their best to turn me against them and it worked quite well.

    • dom,
      I don’t know for sure, there was a group including the owner talking to the cop when I left but the owner of the firebird wasn’t cuffed, tazed or p-sprayed, it was approaching my son’s bedtime and he was getting restless so I didn’t get to see the resolution. I will likely try to go next month (they have these once a month) to find out what happened and if he “got off” or not.
      typically these shows aren’t hassled as long as they don’t race or do burnouts on the main roads because quite a few cops are members of these car clubs.


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