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Have you heard about “bi-directional” charging? General Motors is going to be offering this capability with the battery powered version of the ’24 Chevy Silverado RST.  This capability will be added to its other battery powered devices, GM says. Other manufacturers of devices – including Rivian and Tesla – are touting similar capability.

What does it mean?

Well, GM says it means that a device so equipped can be used to power your home – when the grid power goes down. Electrical power can go both ways, as it were. Use the home’s grid power to charge up the device and – when the grid power goes down – use the device to keep the power on.

What GM does not say much about are the implications of this. The probable real purpose  of this. A news article mentions it, in passing. Bi-directional charge capability will “allow electric vehicles to not only receive energy but also send it back, enabling the vehicle to share power with other devices or even the utility grid.”

Italics added.

In other words, the grid will be able to suck the charge out of your device while you thought it was being charged. The implication being you won’t even own the electricity you paid for that was used to charge your device; you will be permitted to use it – if there isn’t a more pressing need. Such as the grid being so overtaxed trying to charge up other devices – or keep the lights on (and the AC/heat, too) that power must be extracted to compensate for what can’t be generated.

In those situations, it’s cheaper for the utility company to gain power quickly and locally,” explains Lynne Kiesling, an economist and research professor with CU-Denver’s College of Engineering, Design & Computing. “You don’t have to deal with power-line losses because the longer the distance you transmit electricity, you lose some of it. There’s also an environmental benefit because a utility (company) doesn’t have to fire up a gas or coal plant to respond to that emergency.”

An emergency that is the consequence of lack of generating capacity to meet the demand imposed by the coerced “electrification” of everything. Not just cars but also stoves and home heating systems. Rather than distribute the load among several different power sources, including natural gas – so as to reduce the overall demand for electricity – demand is to be artificially increased without any meaningful effort to meet the demand so as to avoid the need to restrict supply.

This assumes, of course, that restricting the supply is not the desired end result. It seems a silly assumption given the self-evident disconnect between mandating increased demand without doing what is necessary to meet that demand.

Speaking of demands . . .

People will not be asked to “share power,” as per the soft-voiced news story. No more than they are asked to “contribute” to Social Security. As in the latter case – as in all cases when the corporate-government oligarchy “asks” anything of you – you will not have the choice to say no, thanks.

What will happen is that the corporate-government oligarchy – which controls the grid – will decide how much electricity you’re allowed to use. And when. This “bi-directional” business is both an elaboration of the oilily styled “smart” devices already in many people’s homes and the “smart” meters already affixed to most people’s homes – as well as a kind of sotto voce confession by the corporate-government oligarchs that they know perfectly well the grid is not up to the demand they’re increasing – and they don’t care.

That they have planned it this way.

The so-called “smart” devices (whenever you come across that word in the context of a device, immediately translate it in your mind as meaning a controlling device) are part of the plan – to control your allotted energy use. The EV is the device that will be used to control your allotted driving, by controlling in real time the energy you’re allowed to have that is necessary for it be other than a very heavy paperweight.

The italics are meant to emphasize an important difference between grid power electricity and gasoline. Once you have pumped your tank full of the latter (or stored a few gallons in jugs in a shed) the fuel is under your control and it cannot be redistributed except by physical force. You do not have to worry about waking up tomorrow to discover that overnight your tank was emptied – unless someone physically came to your place and drained it.

Electricity stored in a battery-powered device connected to the grid, on the other hand, can be drained at the pleasure of the government-corporate oligarchy that controls the grid and which is purposefully pushing for the “electrification” of everything for exactly that reason, which has no more to do with preventing the “climate” from “changing” than the wearing of Face Diapers “stopped the spread.”

Never mind.

GM Energy is committed to making the transition to an all-electric lifestyle an even more compelling option by simplifying all aspects of personal energy management,” says Wade Sheffer, vice president of GM Energy. “With the introduction of these new offerings, it has never been easier for our customers to access the expanded benefits of a holistic EV ecosystem, helping to mitigate the impacts of power outages and having the ability to offset certain energy costs over time.”

Mark the italicized text.

“compelling option”? This will be as “optional” as filing what are styled “your” taxes every April 15. The “compelling” part is true enough, however.

“Access the benefits”? Of waking up to a discharged device?

Did you ever imagine an American automobile manufacturer would tout  the “expanded benefits of a holistic EV ecosystem”?

That’s what happens when you transition to being a manufacturer of devices. And when you fundamentally transform a country. Or – more accurately – vote to elect someone who promised to do exactly that.

. . .

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  1. The entire idea of “bi-directional” charging is to control your living habits. Those commercials showing a F-150 Lightning powering up a blacked-out home are nothing more than conditioning the population to accept blackouts as routine. And yes, you can expect workaround technology to keep the voltage leeches at bay. But just imagine people waking up to an empty EV battery because the utility decided that the juice you paid for is better off used somewhere else.

    Would you buy a gas-powered car knowing that you would be giving some or all of the gas back on the demand of “society?”


    • Hi KTL,

      I agree with you. These people are conditioning the population to accept energy as a public resource to be allocated according to “need” – as defined by them, of course.

      • Aaah yes, “each according to his ability, each according to his need”. From the mouth of Karl Marx. Never mind Marx was a sloppy, lazy fool that expected his middle class, working parents to give him inheritance money he arrogantly assumed was his, did not want to work, and wrote just such a “manifesto” that has never worked. Much like the author’s (Marx) founder, ironically. Funny (or not) how history repeats itself.

        • Always found that phrase to be ridiculous. What if your abilities are zero and your “needs” are limitless? The rest of us proles are supposed to support you? Bite me.

          • Indeed, Mike. Those who ascribe to such a view are the ones doing all the taking, while doing absolutely nothing. No surprise that Karl Marx Communist views have failed spectacularly, and for good reason. It is just astonishing that there are younger people in the U.S. who think that because THEY are trying it (Communism), it will somehow work for them…this time around. As the saying goes, “there is no fixing stupid”.

      • “There was twenty (square) meters of living area in that room.” Thus did the Madame Commissar chide Dr. Zhivago,, after he protested the comandeering of his home, in “allowing” him to keep his master bedroom for himself and his wife, son, and FIL. Soon afterwards, someone “connected” to the Zhivagos wants the master suite, and as they’re evicted from.what was once their home, one of the rabble taunts him, saying, “now you’ll have to live like the rest of us.”

        I’ll keep my ride off the grid, thank you very much. And if they come for the gasoline and/or diesel in my vehicles’ tanks, viola, they’ll be perpetually EMPTY.

  2. Bi Directional….

    But the information only goes one way…to the slave owning control group….

    Things that rat you out…..but were sold to you as convenient….

    Your…. computer, cell phones, all the new APPS, smart appliances, smart meters, cars after 2016, door bell cameras, UBER taxi, millions of surveillance cameras everywhere, your leftist neighbor, payment terminals when you buy something (they have cameras too now so they take your picture when you use them…pay cash), web sites, debit and credit cards, any transaction where you can’t pay cash, etc…

    Processed foods and junk food were sold to you as convenient too….but they ruin your health….

  3. Lithium battery power storage….will the utility pay for your house when it burns down because they over stressed out your lithium fire bomb battery in your EV?….

    with the utility wearing out your battery it should last at least a year…lol….

    Fire at huge Tesla utility storage battery at PG&E Substation Closes California Highway

    the fire at the PG&E substation originated from a Tesla battery pack, but the size of the utility-scale battery has yet to be determined. They are huge…The Australian one that caught fire is a 300MW battery.

    The incident comes as utilities increasingly rely on large lithium-ion batteries to store renewable energy from the wind and the sun. These batteries are similar to ones used in electric cars and are also prone to fires.
    90% of these lithium batteries used in EV’s and for storage are made in china, are low quality and catch fire.

    Last July, a massive Tesla Megapack caught fire in Australia’s Victoria state. The blaze took three days to be extinguished.

    There’s no official word on what caused the Tesla battery pack fire in California this morning.

    Besides being highly flammable, lithium is the lightest metal, with an atomic number 3. Lithium is so light, it floats on water, so lithium will blaze away while sitting on top of water.

    Lithium melts at 180C / 356F, and burns at 2000C / 3632F – almost hot enough to melt steel, more than hot enough to destroy most composites and metals like aluminum.

    The fumes from a burning lithium fire are highly toxic, capable of causing death or long term dementia like brain injuries, so you need to keep members of the public at a safe distance. Fire fighters need to wear respirators if they approach the flame.
    By-products of thermal runaway may include large amounts of flammable hydrogen and other toxic fluoroorganic gases.

    Australia’s lithium storage battery fire:
    Huge lithium fire bomb storage battery catches fire….lol

    A large blaze at Victoria’s “big battery” project has been brought under control by firefighters after burning for more than three days, allowing investigators to begin examining the site.

    A Tesla battery bank caught fire while it was being set up in Moorabool on Friday morning, and then spread to a second battery. It was being installed, hadn’t been used and caughty fire already…lol

    The fire burned throughout the weekend and into a fourth day, before it was declared under control just after 3pm on Monday.

    Fire crews will remain at the site for the next 24 hours “as a precaution in case of reignition” and will take temperature readings every two hours, the Country Fire Authority said.

    File photo of South Keswick Solar Farm near Dubbo, Australia
    World’s biggest battery with 1,200MW capacity set to be built in NSW Hunter Valley

    Investigations into how the fire started will soon begin with multiple agencies involved, including Energy Safe Victoria, WorkSafe, police and the CFA.

    The 300MW battery project is being produced by French renewable energy giant Neoen and was registered with the energy market operator on 28 July.

    Neoen Australia managing director Louis de Sambucy told AAP its own “physical inspections and investigations are now underway”.

    CFA incident controller Ian Beswicke said the fire had been particularly challenging due to the complex nature of the battery site.

    NOTE: “lithium battery fires are difficult to fight because you can’t put water on the mega packs …….all that does is extend the length of time that the fire burns for.”

    Firefighters have taken advice from experts including Tesla, the battery’s creators, and UGL, who are installing the battery packs.

    “The recommended process is you cool everything around it so the fire can’t spread and you let it burn out,” Beswicke said…….. You can’t stop these fires, you let them burn and pollute….lol

    The site is slated to become the biggest battery in the southern hemisphere and forms part of a state government push to transition to renewable energy.

    But the fire has sparked calls for the government to conduct its own probe into what happened before pressing forward.

    “If Labor’s renewable energy solutions go up in flames even before they’re fully operational – what hope do Victorians have that this government will be able to effectively manage the renewable energy transition?” shadow energy minister Brad Rowswell said.


    • utilities increasingly rely on large lithium-ion batteries to store renewable energy ….but they catch fire and are very expensive…..

      the solution….use the lithium battery in your EV…..and burn your house down….lol

      …and it wrecks your battery….lol

  4. Charging an EV at your house…..

    Insurance companies may not insure a place where an EV is being charged?….if not it is coming….or….. everybody’s rates go up 500% to cover the fire claims……

    maybe they have it in the fine print now….do people read 100% of the fine print?….never……Insurance companies hate paying out….

    maybe they have it in the fine print now….and the agent didn’t tell you…..

    NOTE: in contracts there is a clause that says you read the whole contract and agree to all of it….and you have signed it…you are screwed…..

    If the EV fire spreads off your property and the insurance company won’t cover it…that is a huge liability….

    Pay more and charge it at public chargers…costs way more…but…..less liability when it catches fire…maybe….at least your house isn’t burnt down….lol

    Do not buy an EV….. or a lithium fire bomb battery for power….too much liability……..

    • Absolutely Dan. Have the air conditioner on and are doing laundry as well? Oops sorry gotta shut off that a/c you are using too much energy for the earth. Thanks to the smart chips in the appliances you control nothing. None of us do.

  5. Being Earth Day and trying to fit in with society I bought a used Hyundai Home Power HHD6250 Power Generator for $190.00 VS buying new for $700.00 plus tax. A little beat up but it seems to work fine.

    Coming up next I’ll buy a used chainsaw on Arbor Day…….

  6. I resent having to think about “power management”. I live in Silicon Valley, and in the last year, I spent a total of 3 weeks without power. I also have a mountain cabin, in “red” CA where Trump signs are everywhere, which lost power for close to 6 weeks – not all continuously, but two to three days at a time.

    So, if I’m to keep my fridge from defrosting and food from going bad, I need backup power. In the valley, it’s no problem; solar panels + battery from Tesla gives me 24/7 power. In the mountains, it’s just battery + generator when battery runs out in a few days. The reason for the batteries is that they’re zero maintenance and switch power seamlessly, and also allow me to use off-peak electricity and run off battery during peak power pricing, which is nuts.

    Elon may be a grifter, but when it comes to electricity storage for home, he makes by far the best product.

      • Diesel is better for long term power, but at the cost of regular maintenance and oil changes.

        My mountain home is on bottled propane, so a better option that diesel is a propane generator. I don’t need to have a separate generator fuel supply, but I still need to run it regularly and change oil regularly.

        I’m looking for the easiest way to deal with grid outages of 2-3 days at a time, and battery was the best choice. They require no maintenance, and if I don’t charge them past 90%, they’ll last longer than I will.

        • […] if I don’t charge [the batteries] past 90% […]

          So in other words, the technology is so ridiculously bad that you actively have to restrain your use of it to an unreasonable degree in order for it not to deteriorate. And to think you actually paid money for this…

          • Yup. High convenience factor. I still have a very old Honda generator hardwired for longer outages. I’m currently rebuilding it because it was totally seized when I bought the place. The battery inverters produce much higher quality power, though, perfect 60Hz sine waveform.

        • Lithium fire bomb battery….

          A bit dangerous isn’t it?

          Insurance companies may not insure a place with lithium battery power…maybe they are on to this already…..maybe they have it in the fine print now….they hate paying out….

          No insurance….if the lithium battery catches fire and damages something outside your property……..that is a huge liability….

          A diesel generator would be safer and last far longer……

    • Note that the state government oversees CA power grid management. I predict “sudden” powers outages in CA on Nov 5th where one might find many a Trump sign.

  7. This concept arrogantly presupposes that people would be willing to have their EVs plugged in for hours on end. Why on earth would people be willing to put up with that? Unless they are forced to, of course…

  8. Still a group of us in the Verde Valley that has avoided smart meters. The sneaky bastards at APS charge more to ‘read your meter,’ which they rarely do, sometimes going months without sending a person, all while charging you a 5$ a month ‘fee’ for a service they don’t perform. They (under) estimate your actual usage. Then, after a few months of guessing, they read it and all of the sudden you’re jammed into a higher billing tier. I’ve had this happen twice, both times I was able to get the bill revised to what it should’ve been. You need to go out on the supposed meter reading day and write down what it says. PITA but only way to keep them honest. I cant imagine ever trusting these slimy PsOS to do the right thing.

    • Just for info, here’s the report they send when you are on remote meter reading:


      From the lower daily chart, you can infer that they sample the meter hourly.

      What was I doing on Monday two weeks ago that spiked power use at noon? I don’t remember. But it was ‘all legal,’ I assure you. 🙂

      • The only big draw on mine is my well, and thats random and sporadic. We use overhead barn lights and outlets occasionally. Other than that our bill is probably 85-90% fees, taxes, and administrative. Only a small portion is for the actual electricity we use. Most of what we do requires small gas engines. Any growing needs done….The sun is still free, for now

    • At least you can OPT OUT of smart meters! Here in PA, we can’t. The corrupt GOP Speaker of the State Assembly was in bed with the utility when they passed the smart meter law back in 2008, and they nixed any opt out provision. A couple of old ladies in the Philly area tried to challenge the law on heath grounds a couple of years ago, but the Dem controlled, elected State Supreme Court turned them down. IOW, we’re stuck with the things.

      What pisses me off about the whole smart meter thing is that they were tricking people into accessing their meter. One day, I got a knock at my door from a guy asking to read my meter. It wasn’t the typical meter reader, nor was this guy from the electric company. I didn’t think anything of it, as I thought the electric company outsourced meter reading. I let the guy have access to my backyard, where my meter is. I went upstairs to do something else. When it seemed like he was taking a long time, I went down to check on him; normally, the meter reader was in and out. When I got to my meter, he’d swapped my old analog meter for a smart meter; IOW, the SOB lied to me to gain access to my meter, and to change it out without my consent! I understand that this was typical when they couldn’t gain access to your meter without you being there.

      I asked my electrician about changing my meter back to an analog one. He said that it couldn’t be done; he wasn’t allowed or something. Because the rollout period has expired, it appears that I’m stuck with the thing.

      • My neighbors related a similar incident. A few years back the power company would just show up with a couple rough and burly dudes and try to browbeat people into a smart meter. They seem to be leaving everyone alone now. The electric companies probably have work arounds by now, to where smart meters aren’t even needed.

  9. The Amish were right all along: technology is no savior but tantalizing trap. When the oil runs those want freedom will go back the family farms while the slaves will beg for whatever electricity they can get.

  10. Just another example of their duplicity. That somehow, leaving your door unlocked so the Psychopaths In Charge can steal your stuff is good for you. They come right out and say this equine excrement.

  11. Joe Biden will mark Monday’s Earth Day by announcing a $7bn investment in solar energy projects nationwide, focusing on disadvantaged communities, and unveiling a week-long series of what the White House say will be “historic climate actions”.

    I like how it’s called a $7billion dollar “investment” when it’s just the latest scam to throw more of our tax dollars into the “climate crisis” scam. Too bad it’s not “global warming” anymore because we could use some of that around here, almost the end of April and high temps only in the 50’s, not to mention cloudy and windy 🥶. Joke Biden just loves to throw other people’s money around without having to worry about running out of it, as Margaret Thatcher once warned. Just keep printing those Fedbucks until it all comes crashing down. I always remember old timey Senator Everett Dirksen, decades ago when the R’s were considered the “fiscally responsible” party, saying “a million here, a million there, soon you’re talking about real money”. Have to update million to billion but he was spot on with his warning.

    • “historic climate actions”.
      Indeed, an historic rape pillage and plunder of the people in the name of a thing that does not exist.

  12. Another lever to push EV’s…..

    No EV?…..not helping the agenda?….your power rates go up 10X….or you get cut off first…or no power period….

    Another way to stop/control slave mobility

    Cut off power to slaves not complying…no power for their EV….and suck it dry…..don’t co operate?….they will brick your EV……

    The real reason is….the number one priority is surveillance…AI server farms consume huge amounts of electricity….this is another way to power it…buy an EV….help to power your own surveillance/imprisonment….lol…

    AI power requirements are high this week….your EV driving ration this week is 2 hours…and keep it plugged in or there will be a $1000 per day fine….

    Ban all cars except EV’s…then shut off the power…..a trapped rat….

    • Setting up the trap….total surveillance and control of the slaves….

      First the internet….then smart meters….then millions of surveillance cameras……then EV’s…..then CBDC….then chip implants in your body…..

      • ….total surveillance and control of the slaves…

        Also cell phones (tracking devices)….computers and their operating systems…..smart appliances….cars since 2016 that can rat you out….surveillance camera door bells….etc…..

  13. Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, winner of the Best Picture Oscar, was focused on the man who built the bomb. Because Americans love our superheroes, it was presented as less a team effort and more about a seriously flawed human who was able to put aside morality in exchange for glory.

    What’s not really mentioned in the film, or most of the accounts of the Manhattan Project, was just why the uranium processing was done in Hanford WA and Oak Ridge. See, there were these fancy new electric facilities built by the Federal Government under the guise of “rural electrification.” Turned out that processing uranium into weapons grade material needs a lot of electricity. A whole lot of electricity, like what is generated on an average day at Grand Coulee and the TVA. Handy that the Roosevelt administration just happened to bring all that new capacity online just in time for a top secret research project that (that also just happened to require all the silver and copper coins in circulation at the time for calutron coils, BTW).

    Imagine what happens when the war comes home, and we’re all asked to make do without “for freedom.” But how are you going to get to work at the war production plant without adequate transportation? Well, we’ll set up barracks for you. Just like your son/daughter/misc in Faroffistan. Don’t worry, your EV will be right where you left it, providing valuable backup power for grid sags and shortfalls. Unless of course the tweekers and squatters decide they need to trade the lithium batteries for their next fix…

  14. “GM Energy is committed to making the transition to an all-electric lifestyle an even more compelling option by simplifying all aspects of personal energy management,” says Wade Sheffer, vice president of GM Energy. “

    Wade…you are a eunuch for working for this high estrogen fueled nanny state firm of GM (General Marxism). Wade, you go ahead and transition your lifestyle to personal energy management with your boyfriend, I’ll stay the hell away from your products in the meantime.

  15. I wonder how ‘they’ make it so that when the power goes out, say from a downed line from a tornado, and a lineman is working on the line where an EV was hooked up to it bi-directionally, how is the lineman not energized & knocked off his bucket?

    Do “smart meters” shut down when the power goes out?

    I just wonder how that works, exactly.

    • I can only speak for my solar array and the various backup systems I used to work with. All backup systems are required to have an automatic transfer switch. It is a break-before-make contactor that air gaps your backup generator from the grid. Most of them were solenoid and spring affairs that had a significant delay while switching.

      My solar installation has a similar setup, except that it must sense line voltage before operating. AFAIK there haven’t been any cases of a properly installed PV system back feeding without grid input, and I know that there are relays/contactors in the inverter (I hear them switching when the array reaches operating voltage).

      My guess is that there will need to be some sort of ATS installed on your EV charging circuit for it to isolate the battery in the case of an outage. Otherwise, it will only put out power when there’s a grid connection.

      Putting power back into the system during peak load times is beginning to be a subject of grid operators. The so-called duck curve of production vs consumption is moving from hypothetical to actual, and there’s nothing really can be done to resolve the problem. See, solar produces most of its power before the peak of consumption, so there’s a big incentive to store electricity when it’s not needed for release later. A graph of production vs consumption looks a little like a duck. My co-op is offering a deal on Tesla Powerwalls in exchange for allowing them to pull power during peak hours (it’s only a deal on the hardware, the actual deal is pretty bad, requiring a million dollars in liability insurance and installation by one of their approved contractors).

      Problem is, peak consumption time is also when you happen to come home from the day’s activity. So your EV is likely to be somewhat discharged, and now the power company wants their cut. So if you limit the charge current you might wake up to a less than full charge, depending on how much the electric company needed to make up the shortfall.

  16. If you buy a generator and charge your EV using gasoline, diesel, or propane, you have your own electricity, the power company is out of luck then.

    If the power company can use electricity stored in your EV battery, Mobil should be able to siphon a few gallons of gas from your tank when they want some back.

    At a bank, if the bank needs some money, the bank can just withdraw some money depositors have in their accounts.

    Your cooperation will be appreciated.

    • drumphish wrote, “If you buy a generator and charge your EV using gasoline, diesel, or propane, you have your own electricity,”

      Ahhh…doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of having an EV to “save the planet”?

      • Yes, it does. It is also absurd. The power company can provide electricity, you can buy electricity from them. The power company is not going to save the planet, they want money to operate, you receive the benefits.

        I spend plenty of money to have electricity. The rates are going to increase this summer, the amount spent in five years will buy a decent generator, in 10 years, one great generator. Caterpillar makes generators, Kubota makes them.

        The demand for electricity is off the charts. A 40,000 dollar generator is going to be able to produce some spark.

        You could open a charging station for EVs and make some real money then.

    • ‘if the bank needs some money, the bank can just withdraw some money depositors have in their accounts.’ — drumpish

      Also known as the ‘Corzine rule.’

      Don’t attempt this at home.

  17. I think the most important point here is that they just don’t care. They fully well know that none of this shit is going to work. The EVs are not going to work. The holistic bullshit all-electric lifestyle trip stands zero chance of being even remotely sane. That’s not holistic anyway and they know that too.

    When all of this blows up, it won’t be these CEOs and politicians that do the suffering. It’ll me and you. Our families. Our friends. Then, they’ll take even more from us in the name of fixing what they just blew up.

    Remember, it wasn’t little people that got us into any of this mess. It was the evil bonding of government with corporations. Who is the biggest polluter on the planet again, please remind me? Is it you and I clearing the Amazon rainforest? Did you get a vote on any of this shit because I didn’t.

    But, they think that you and I did have a say because we are offered the illegitimate fantasy ritual called voting. People will say, “you get the government you deserve”. No you don’t. You get the government that big money insists upon. YOU get fucked.

    Not only will voting not fix any of this — but hey, nice to see some people have finally fucken tuned into that “new” idea — but there is really only one obvious trajectory. Collapse.

    However, the “superpower” (as people like to call it) of the govt/corp fascist tyranny under which we live is that they can prolong it, nearly indefinitely. Slow agonizing death for the slaves, while the elite won’t break a sweat.

    Like Walter White said in Breaking Bad, “Those consequences? They’re coming.”

    • [I think the most important point here is that they just don’t care.] -XM

      You covered it nicely! I’d like to add……

      Actually no one ‘cares’. If they did, DC would already be in ashes.

  18. So the bi-directional power thing will incur more loss in the form of heat. Which will accelerate global warming. Which will necessitate more eeeeveeees. Got it.

  19. Henry Ford must be rolling in his grave even faster now. That said, how long will it be before some one offers a diode pack (like a check valve but for electrical) that you would install where the EV charger connects to the house wiring?

    Next question; what tells the charger to drain energy from your battery and how can this be blocked? My guess is the newest chargers will be one of those IOT (internet of things) connected devices. Luckily my gas generator is always ready to go along with my ICE car.

    President Reagan was right when he said the scariest phrase in the English language was “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

    • ” My guess is the newest chargers will be one of those IOT (internet of things) connected devices.”

      It works like this right now. Tesla Level 2 home chargers are an IOT device and have a damn API too! This means that not only is Tesla fully watching both the charger and the car at all times but any 3rd party they given an API access token to can also access your wall charger & car.

      So in CA, MD, NY, other lefty hellholes the power companies offer helpful apps to help you monitor your EV charging. Unsaid: THEY get to monitor your EV charging. They also then know you -are- charging an EV vs. just a normal electrical draw. So if they want to play with the rates and raise them they can then carve out the charge that went to the vehicle vs. the rest of the house.

      It is also so sinister and Orwellian that I just find it darkly comical at this point, particularly like the cellphone, people’s eagerness and excitement to put the slave collar around their own neck. THAT is the part Orwell never dreamed of.

      • ‘THAT is the part Orwell never dreamed of.’ — Useranon99

        A self-financed, user-addictive Panopticon: it is indeed darkly brilliant.

  20. The words of GM in this regard are traditionally called Bull Shit. I think we need to reconsider this designation.

    Bulls are proud, direct and honorable. This is nothing of the sort. In fact, it is about as far from that as possible.

    What they are doing is dodging, evasive and anything but direct and clear. I would suggest it should be called Weasel Shit. It embodies much of what TPTB shove out via PR strokes every day. From Karine Jeanne Pierre to your local “health” department. To paraphrase Churchill, “It a dodge wrapped in a lie inside a turd.”

  21. ‘the grid will be able to suck the charge out of your device while you thought it was being charged.’ — eric

    This is the ultimate betrayal. Arizona Public Service, aping PG&E in Commiefornia right down to the terminology, is introducing Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) next week. This means that during high winds, power will be pro-actively shut off to entire towns until the wind dies down.

    Suppose a forest fire starts on one of these Red Flag Warning days. The town goes dark with a Public Safety Power Shutoff. The Ready-Set-Go all-hazard evacuation warning system flips to ‘Go’. Then you find that before pulling the plug, APS helpfully drained your EeeVee down to 20% charge.

    Buying a ‘bi-directional’ EeeVee is the same as pinning a sign on your pants reading ‘KICK ME’. It is an open invitation to abuse. And that invitation will be gleefully accepted by our EeeVee-pushing utility monopolies … at their discretion, not ours. It’s all about control.

    Die, GM, die.

    • JimH, it reminds me of a scene from M*A*S*H,

      Frank Burns: “I don’t have to take this abuse.”

      Hawkeye: “Oh, yes you do, Frank. You invite abuse. It would be impolite of you not to accept it.”


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