Tesla the Man vs. Tesla the Car

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One of the great ironies – and abuses – of our time is the use of a brilliant man’s name to hawk everything he didn’t stand for.

The man, of course, was the self-taught genius inventor Nikola Tesla – whose name (both first and last) has been used to market very conventional battery-powered devices (cars and big-rigs) that depend upon the very controllable infrastructure he had devoted himself to eliminating.

Many people associate Tesla – the man – with electricity, which is accurate in a general sense and why the use of his name to hawk electrically-powered devices makes sense, superficially.

But Tesla – the man – wanted to unplug everything.

He wanted to figure out how to transmit electricity wirelessly, anywhere – and for free. Or very close to that.

He may have figured it out, too – which of course would have been extremely dangerous. For Tesla. No one (except perhaps for Scully and Mulder of the X Files) knows whether he succeeded. What is known is that he died alone and poor in 1943 in his New York City apartment, which was subsequently ransacked by FBI agents who – apparently – made off with chests full of his papers, never to be seen again.

At least, so far.

Maybe he did – and maybe he didn’t – figure out how to generate and transmit electricity wirelessly. The point is that the idea of it is the antithesis of everything embodied by the recycled yesterday-tech battery-powered devices that have his name (one or the other) on their flanks.

A real Tesla would not need a battery, for instance. This being ancient (and hobbling) technology that predates Tesla (the man). And he’s been dead for almost 80 years.

Batteries, whether lead acid or lithium ion, are merely storage devices – just like gas tanks – only much less efficient. A Tesla’s battery pack can store the electrical energy equivalent of about half a full tank of chemical energy (i.e., gasoline). But because of the physics of non-Teslian electrical transmission, it takes many times longer to convey electrical energy from a power source into the storage device and during the time it takes to do this, the two are tethered together.

While you wait.

Teslian technology – at least, what the man is said to have been working on – would have done away with all of that.

The wait – and the weight.

A true Tesla would be much lighter than a non-electric car because all it would need to propel itself would be an electric motor – and these are smaller and lighter than gas/diesel engines. It would for that reason be able to propel itself handily with an even smaller, lighter motor.

It would also be much cheaper – not needing a massive (and massively expensive) energy storage device.

The Teslas being pushed on us have to carry around battery packs that weigh about ten times as much as one full gas tank (15 gallons times about 6 pounds per gallon equals about 100 pounds or so for the gas and the tank, which is typically made of plastic and so itself weighs very little – and almost nothing, when it is empty).

A Nikola – the truck – must carry around thousands more pounds of deadweight storage device.

Neither goes very far – in part because it saps the power stored in the device to lug around the storage device. It is analogous to dumping a second engine (make that two of them, as the typical modern gas four cylinder engine only weighs about 400 pounds fully dressed) in the back seat of a non-battery-powered car and then only filling up the gas tank to a little more than half full.

See how far it goes.

A real Tesla – or Nikola – would go as far as you like because it would never run out of charge. It would draw the power it needed to make it go as it goes – wirelessly. There would be no waiting, either.

Not even for the less-than-five-minutes it takes to put 15 gallons of gas into the tank of a typical family car.

And it would be free – or nearly so.

Tesla – the man – envisioned harnessing the natural electrical energy produced by the Earth itself and using the Earth, itself, to send that energy wherever it was needed. No more power lines – and no more transmission losses over those lines. No more central utilities, either.

Instead, free or extremely low-cost energy – for everyone. Everywhere.

Maybe it’s a pie-in-the-sky vision. It may not be possible – or at least, not practical – to transmit electricity wirelessly or to harness the Earth’s free electricity. All of that is beside the point. Which is that Tesla’s ideas were epochal. They would have changed everything, if they turned out to be viable.

Instead, we have old, worn-out ideas being re-marketed as new ones, using the names of a man who might have changed everything and may well have done so, if his ideas hadn’t been suppressed on account of being too dangerous – to the very same interests that are now wanting to tether us to a cord.

And keep us plugged in.

. . .

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  1. This 4-part series on the impossibility of the fallacious energy “transition” is really quite good!


    It goes into two separate but similar studies on how the transition could be done — outside of whether or not it must be or should be done. Just, ok, how would you do it? What would it take and how would it look?

    In a word: impossible.

    In part of the series, he gives a link to a PDF entitled “The Magical Inventions of Nikolas Tesla” which, if you’re interested, you can jump straight to here:


    I just finished part 2 of the series. Part 3 is about transportation that I’ll probably be reading tomorrow!

  2. EeeVee fanboi Al Roooooooot bears more bad news:

    ‘Electric-vehicle start-up Fisker delivered a flurry of disappointing news on Tuesday, sending the stock lower.

    ‘For the first quarter, Fisker announced a loss of 38 cents a share from sales of less than $1 million. Wall Street was looking for about $5 million in sales, according to FactSet.

    ‘More importantly, the company said it expects to produce 1,400 to 1,700 vehicles in the second quarter and 32,000 to 36,000 for all of 2023. The full-year number was down from the 42,000 to 43,000 units the company expected to produce in February.’


    Dang, who coulda seen that coming? Among EeeVee makers, delivery shortfalls are going around like crabs in a whorehouse.

    But still they dangle a shiny orange carrot in front of credulous investors: next quarter, comrades, we’re going to release the Kraken!

  3. Did it again this weekend. 1-2 times a month. Towed 3000lbs 350 miles.
    Used 30 gal of gas, left at 7AM, got home at 8PM, travel time total was 5-6 hours.
    30gal of gas = 1011 Kwh.
    Ford’s lightning says it’s battery is 131 Kwh. So would I have had to stop for 1-2 hr recharges 7.6 times? If true, than I would have had to add 7 to 14 hrs to my trip? Then an overnight stay? Or leave at midnight and return at midnight? Crazy.
    And I’m not even considering that we can’t use all of the 131Kwh in the battery.
    My only hesitation on my numbers is it’s reported that the Lightning can tow 4-5K 80-100 miles per charge, so then that would have added 3-4 stops not 7.
    Ready KW please check my numbers, I don’t know E-stuff very well.

  4. I’ve been wondering lately, since I’ve read a lot of Allan Stevo’s substack, why hasn’t someone put in a FOIA request for everything & anything that the government has on Nikola Tesla?

    I used to wonder that about the infamous “Valachi Papers” as well. Those were “disappeared” by the same organization that disappeared Tesla’s work.

    I’d bet my last dollar that, in either of the two collections, there’s an eye-opening trove of treasure beyond people’s imagination. Probably along the lines of how people say, “as bad as you imagine things to be, they’re actually very worse” (speaking of govt. corruption).

    I’d also bet anything that Tesla’s lack of monetary success had everything to do with govt. intrusion into his life, well before his death. These people murdered a president and, in the past couple years, have murdered and injured countless people to satisfy the greed of Big Pharma.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, if the current climate hoax, “renewable energy” scam can be traced way back to the Tesla and Edison days as one continuous thread.

    It’s not that they’re trying to be evil. They just don’t know how to do anything else apparently.

    • I agree, XM –

      Cheap energy is anathema to them. It is why they have stifled cheap hydrocarbon fuels. We know they have done this for a fact. So why would they not do the same with regard to free energy?

    • Edison believed in Peak Oil. Got that wrong.

      Oil depletion never stops, predictions for the end of oil never stop. After Titusville came Texaco, Gulf Oil, Lucas Oil, Union Oil. Standard Oil had competition they never thought would happen when Spindletop started gushing 75,000 bpd. The game changer.

      Also, oil wells replenish themselves, you’ll get a cone depression after pumping for a few years, have it go inactive for a few years, it’ll come back. Millions of oil wells pump oil like there is no tomorrow. Fresh new crude oil is being generated in those massive quantities of keragen buried thousands of feet deep in the lithosphere, heat and pressure cook the keragen into crude oil. All of the time, it does not stop, Heat and pressure expand the layer of TOC, the new oil then migrates from the source. Fissures form in the shale layers after the expanded total organic content has become crude oil, natural gases are mixed in, i.e. wet gas, comes out of the ground hot and under pressure. Blowouts can happen unexpectedly. There’ll be 400 feet of drill pipe whipping through the air at the well site. Hot oil and gas blowouts can start on fire. Get away fast.

      Search and Discovery dot com has an exhaustive compilation of oil exploration research. Leigh Price was a petro-chemist who made important discoveries researching oil formations, a good place to start.

      90 to 100 million barrels per day is Conehead mass quantities.

      Klaus is wringing his hands in frustration and is no doubt planning a takeover like Snidely Whiplash would haplessly attempt, Boris and Natasha would be all in to make it work perfectly. In other words, Klaus is a joke.

      Donde esta el dinero?

      Dinero Electrónico!

      The first CBDC began in Ecuador, it failed. The beginning was in 2014 and ended in 2018.

      Nobody trusted it, cellphone digital banking wasn’t popular, cash is instant, done deal.

      Cellphones can stop working then there is a problem not worth having.

      It was apparent the system could also be used for surveillance, so it was a no go from the get go.

  5. We were supposed to be heading into pie-in-the-sky technology and amazing things. That’s what people used to think. Flying cars. Cure for cancer and greatly expanded lifetimes along with significantly better health. Intergalactic space travel. Transporters, holodecks, and warp drives.

    None of that. Batteries and ever-more expensive wired power. All the well-developed energy technologies, liquid gas, internal combustion engines, nuclear power. All of that miraculous and technology — the product of more than a hundred years — just going to be scrapped and left behind.

    All because of the greedy, control-freak lunatics, that have wrestled into power against ever concept of enlightened humanity. Magna carta. Bill of rights. All rendered useless and powerless to stop all of this insanity.

    “Health care” has also gone back in time. Face masks — that’s 1930’s stupid shit. Social distancing may as well be tribal dancing akin to offering prayers to the health god. Vaccines — even the actual ones — are stone age and incongruent with actual health.

    Poison the body into health?? You’re dis-ease is clearly because you haven’t been properly poisoned. A poison deficiency. Maybe your snakeskin rattles haven’t been properly blessed by an anointed hero.

    House arrest and confinement to certain areas. Open air prison, run by lunatics and sociopathic armed government workers.

    If you’re good, you can trade in your carbon credits for some cricket powder.

    Welcome to the new Dark Ages. I hear it’s “normal”.

  6. This comment will get ridiculed by EP, and probably others, but is worth considering even though this serious subject frightens most people. I’ve heard all the jokes.

    Since the 1940s, and probably before then, our planet has been visited by flying vehicles that are obviously from other planets. They have been filmed and witnessed by over ten thousand pilots in the military since the 1040s. During WWII the US pilots called them Foo Fighters (mispronouncing Faux Fighters).

    Some UFO videos were released by the US Navy several years ago. These vehicles not only came from other planets, but they have no wings, no exhausts, and do incredible maneuvers that no Earth vehicle could do, or that any human could survive. And we have no idea how they got here or what keeps them in the sky, sometimes not moving at all. What we are seeing is technology hundreds or thousands of years in the future.

    Compare the UFOs with electric vehicles and their batteries. Surprisingly little progress on batteries in a century. Meanwhile, ICE’s have improved efficiency and power compared with a century ago.

    I had a father who talked about electric cars from the 1970s until he died at age 98 in 2013. I have heard FAR more electric car dreams than most people. Dad always talked about much better batteries in the future, because they were the obvious weak point, while electric engines were efficient without much waste heat. We used to debate his “better batteries are coming dream”. I would always say they were like fusion power, or the coming climate crisis — both were “always” coming in ten years, but never show up.

    To paraphrase an electrical engineer working on 2026 model EVs in 2022: ‘They’re great until you have to recharge them … if you can afford one.’

    • Well, I do know from my own hellish past that when a “new” technology comes out it is already 20-30 years old. But to the little people it is new. Makes me wonder how that applies to vehicles?

    • Hi Richard,

      Actually, I tend to agree with you that something is afoot with regard to UFOs. They are certainly real – some of them. Now, whether they are from outer space (or were, a long time ago; viz Bob Lazar’s comment that the craft he saw seemed to be extremely old) and being flown by aliens – or by us – it is almost beyond reasonable debate to suggest there is “nothing to see” there.

      The technology seems to be based on either a gravity drive of some kind or – really spooky – dimensional shifting. Some people believe UFOs are supernatural.

      Who knows?

      The Nazis were working on very advanced and unconventional things – including flying wings (that flew; viz the Horten 229) and – possibly – flying saucers.

      All I know – all I am sure of – is that there is something going on.

      • OMG we agree on something!
        Call the newspapers!
        Michigan 1960s UFO sightings were explained by the goobermint as “swamp gas”. That nonsense caused quite a few people to stop trusting the government after Republican Congressman Gerald Ford complained about the malarkey explanation. Michigan has since become a lot more leftist, and most people here would probably believe a swamp gas explanation if it came from the Bidet Administration!

        • Hi Richard,


          The ur event of modern the UFO saga was, of course, whatever happened in Roswell back in 1947. I have no idea what. But I know it was not a weather balloon. That is absurd. Insulting to the professional military aviators who were on scene. As if such men would not be able to tell at a glance that whatever it was, it was not a “weather balloon.”

        • >Republican Congressman Gerald Ford complained about the malarkey explanation.

          That would be the same Gerald R. Ford who actively peddled *another* “malarkey explanation” known as the “single bullet theory,” for which he was rewarded by a) becoming the **unelected** President of the United States, and b) having the lead ship of the U.S. Navy’s latest class of aircraft carriers named after him.

          The so-called “Deep State” takes care of its own.

  7. Of course it’s thanks to Mr. Tesla’ AC motor that we have the current power distribution rather than Edison’s inefficient DC distribution. Very few countries use the efficient 220Volts, 60 Hz Tesla designed for household use. Many consider him the patron saint of electrical engineering.

    • Sadly, Edison ripped off many of Tesla’s ideas and marketed and was credited for them as his own. All while “pretending” to befriend and take Tesla under his wing. And yes, Tesla firmly believed people could merely “plug in” to the Earth for energy. Cannot have that, as then the little person cannot bankrupt trying to be energy independent. No surprise, then, that the Feds stole his writings after his death, and disappeared them.

  8. > old, worn-out ideas being re-marketed as new ones
    How old?
    This old:

    >The 105-year-old battery-powered electric truck is driven by four (4) 85-Volt, 100-amp GE electric motors, one at each wheel; each producing 16 horsepower (Total: 64 HP). When new, the truck operated for 22 hours on a single charge, and could be recharged in as little as 2 hours using rebuildable batteries (not included in this sale) or the “Edison” battery (also rebuildable). However, some owners/operators preferred to maintain a fully-charged set of interchangeable batteries to further extend service hours.

    A good friend of mine is in the process of resto-modding one of these for a wealthy man named Brad Boyajian. Part of the mod will be to replace original lead-acid batteries with modern Li ion.

      • Fascinating. To see it in pictures really brings it home that what’s old is new again even if it didn’t work out so well back then. But, electric cars goooood! Kind of reminds me of how people so easily forget the past. 110 years ago? Forget it. Like when you mention how alcohol prohibition required a constitutional amendment to enact and another to repeal because it was an incredible fail on so many levels and how could certain plants or chemicals be treated the same way without any constitutional actions and expecting a different result? But, drugs baaaaaaaad…

  9. We have Tesla’s wireless power transmission system. It’s called radio. What he failed to take into account was the inverse square law as it pertains to a point source radiator.

    From the wiki…
    In science, an inverse-square law is any scientific law stating that a specified physical quantity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity. The fundamental cause for this can be understood as geometric dilution corresponding to point-source radiation into three-dimensional space.

    To prevent dilution of energy while propagating a signal, certain methods can be used such as a waveguide, which acts like a canal does for water, or how a gun barrel restricts hot gas expansion to one dimension in order to prevent loss of energy transfer to a bullet.

    Pretty good but simplified explanation. We can easily make multi-megawatt transmiting equippment (TV transmitters, radar, HAARP), but unless that energy can be very narrowly focused on a receiving antenna it will quickly dissapate and become useless. Even very tightly focused “beams” are subject to Fresnel zone intereference paterns in addition to inverse-square losses. Beamforming antennas are very complex designs and at the low frequencies Tesla was using would have to be built on many acres of land. And even if tight narrow beams worked, they don’t scale to the point where it makes economic sense to build such a device for locomotive power. Compared to stringing up the country with “waveguides” AKA transmission cables, the solution would never be competitive, due to the inherrent inefficiency of distrubution in free space. Just dandy for communications and remote sensing though. Even Tesla demonstrated this having built what would today be called a radio controlled model boat. If he hadn’t gotten himself sidetracked by the dream of free electric power he might have leapfroged decades of radio experimenters and charlatans.

    It is well understood even by an old college dropout like me, but I’ve had the benefit of 100 years of radio engineering at my fingertips. Tesla didn’t have any previous work to fall back on. Faraday laid the groundwork in electromagnetism but didn’t have the resources to create big experiments. Marconi, working on many of the same ideas as Tesla, was able to use spark gap EM field generators to create radio waves -fundamentally the same as Tesla- but concentrated on improving the reciever, now optimized for communication. If you look at a Marconi site from the era and compare it to Tesla’s experimental sites they have more than passing similarity.

    • RK. You may be right. But the point is we don’t know. What we do know is that people with power try to preserve that power anyway they can. JFK, RFK several other Kennedy’s, hope Robert, JR. is not added to the list soon. Lots of “small Plane accidents” FAA investigates, “pilot error”.

      If Tesla did have something it was killed. He was smarter than me, I admit it, I can’t speak for you, it is the kind of thing the Oligarchs of whatever persuasion would STOP by whatever means was available.

      • Proabably a better safe than sorry approach if anything. If anything his research should have been property of Westinghouse corporation and they didn’t seem too interested. Even if there was new work in his notes, the normal government employee isn’t qualifed to make the decision to quash it. That much we can agree on for sure.

  10. There is some far out theories about where Tesla got his ideas from. When he was old 8n his late 80’s he was given an awards dinner and revealed in a speech where he got his ideas from:

    Nikola Tesla: “Every night, at precisely this time, I do this ritual.”


    Then we have the new book by Lawrence Spencer ‘Alien Interview’ which claims that a Grey Alien telepathically influenced the imagination of Nikolai Tesla:


    ““A few officers of The Domain Expeditionary Force have taken it upon themselves to provide technology to Earth during their off duty time.”


    “The single strangest invention Tesla ever proposed was probably the “thought photography” machine. He reasoned that a thought formed in the mind created a corresponding image in the retina, and the electrical data of this neural transmission could be read and recorded in a machine. The stored information could then be processed through an artificial optic nerve and played back as visual patterns on a viewscreen.”

    The source of this idea, is that Tesla was under the telepathic influence of Gray Alien officers who were send him mental images of technology.


    Then in the TV show X-Files, the shadowy ultra rich investor group was in contact with alien and attempting to get as much technology for their corporations to exploit and get extremely wealthy.


    And in the infamous book “The Day After Roswell”, Phillip Corso explains how he farmed out alien tech to industry, like night vision, and integrated circuits. In that book, he claims that the Army intelligence understood that the Roswell craft was the intentional seeding of computer chips and electronics on earth. Sort of like pan spermia – but with technology.

    What that means, is our feverish effort to increase tech on earth is a grand cosmic manipulation of higher intelligence – which will result in our own elimination.


    Another big clue as to what is really going on with humans on earth comes from famous author Zacharia Sitchin, who claims that deciphered Sumerian stella cueniform says Anunnaki space humanoids came here to earth to mine gold, and created humans as a slave race witht their own DNA. The “gods” crossbred with the local hominids to make us.

  11. ‘A Tesla’s battery pack can store the electrical energy equivalent of about half a full tank of chemical energy (i.e., gasoline).’ — eric

    With equivalent energy stored, a battery is ten times heavier than a gasoline tank. For a vehicle, that is just disastrous. ‘Ciderköpfe!’ the talented Tesla would have scoffed at EeeVee Mary’s legions of tech drones.

    Yesterday I was stationed at the 17.5-mile mark of a 32-mile trail race, recording the times of elite runners after about 4,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain. The leader made it to my post in 3 hr 10 min. Energy analysts have worked out that for four sustained hours, the human body can produce 5.8 Watts per kilogram of body mass — taking into account a gross metabolic efficiency of 25% (i.e. 25% of metabolic energy is transformed into mechanical work).


    Take a step back, it’s amazing. It’s elegant. The human body is everything that a stinkin’ EeeVee with a 1,000-pound battery is not.

    • >‘A Tesla’s battery pack can store the electrical energy equivalent of about half a full tank of chemical energy (i.e., gasoline).’ — eric

      Not to quibble, but I think it is worth pointing out that batteries are also chemical energy storage devices, because they work by transforming matter at the level of atoms and molecules in order to produce useful energy. Yes, it is “electrochemistry,” because the energy is made available as a stream of electrons, but the current is produced as a result of one or more chemical reactions.

      The only purely electrical energy storage device I can think of is a capacitor. Analogously, a purely mechanical energy storage device would be a flywheel. Both of which obviously have their uses. But, it seems impractical, at least to me, to use a massive flywheel, a huge capacitor bank, or a nuclear reactor:
      as an energy storage device for an automobile.

      Since you pretty much *have* to use chemistry, or biology, for transportation, it makes sense to use the lightest, most efficient, chemical energy storage device you can invent, because F=ma.

      The “big breakthrough” in battery technology has been “just around the corner” for fifty years or more. Ain’t a gonna happen, is what it looks like to me. The unobtainium-based “magic battery” remains, and is likely to remain, a myth, as far as I can see.

    • Speaking of living things and the energy they produce, not long ago it dawned on me that EVs are not unlike horses in some ways. And that “transitioning” to EVs resurrects some of the same drawbacks of using horses for transportation. Ignoring all of the aspects of caring for a live animal, the main thing about horses (as compared to ICE engine vehicles) is that horses must stop at some point and eat, drink and rest. Some horses can run very fast, but they all have to refresh and rest. Same thing for an EV. It has to “rest” for at least a couple of hours (yes I know there are fast chargers, but they have their drawbacks and brief charge won’t result in a full charge) or even overnight.
      In contrast, an ICE engine will continue to run and run, as long as it has fuel. That might be an hour, or it might be days….all with no “rests”. Other than fuel, all it needs is occasional maintenance.
      And in some ways, the horse outperforms the EV – a horse can traverse from one place to another all day, at a slow to moderate speed before it has to rest (though it might have to drink if it’s hot). Driving an EV for 8 or 10 hours would necessitate a re-charge for sure. Granted, the horse won’t travel the same distance, but can still travel further within the limits of its performance ability without having to take a long rest. And luckily, I’ve never heard about a horse bursting into flames! That would only happen if the barn caught fire, and the horse itself wouldn’t ignite it. Worse yet, in some places it would be cheaper to own and care for a horse than an EV! And a horse can live longer than any EV battery would ever hope to last….

      This push for EVs really does seem to me like going back to a more primitive time.

    • Nice. I love it. I coach Track and cross country. I know people can outrun animals. It is good to to we can outrun the machines.

  12. A curiosity, how is it that a culture apparently consumed with convenience would ever accept one of, if not the most inconvenient devices ever built? I’ve been pondering this all morning, and I can think of nothing ever invented, built, and sold, that was LESS convenient than what was already available. For God’s sake, that’s why we adopted the ICV over existing electric and steam powered cars, and why we STOPPED using wind and solar as power sources.
    So make up your mind tech gurus, are we going to get more convenience, or more pain in the ass? Looks like pain in the ass is at the top of the menu.

  13. Thanksgiving 2019 in San Luis Obisbo. A glimpse of the future.


    I saw a similar scene in George West, Texas in early March, the first weekend of Spring Break and the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

    I didn’t think to take a video or pictures. I doubt that would have sat well with the crowd, lined up three deep at 8:30 PM, the last of whom were facing not getting back on the road until midnight.

      • Ironically, the scene happened at a renovated Howard Johnson’s hotel, a symbol of mobility in a bygone era.

    • Wow, why would anyone ever put up with that? Now imagine even only twice that many EV’s waiting to charge – you might as well bring a tent and sleeping bag to spend a couple days waiting.

  14. I wonder if there were technocrats during Nikola Tesla’s day who didn’t want electricity to be low cost or even FREE, but rather centrally controlled by THEM. It has become increasingly obvious just over the past few years that technocrats see inexpensive energy as an obstacle to their dream of TOTAL CONTROL over the population, hence the Biden Thing’s continual assault on traditional forms of energy and attempt to SHOVE EVs and a nonexistent green energy unicorn down everyone’s throats.

  15. Nikola Tesla ruined the dynamo at the power plant in Colorado Springs and angered the mayor way back when.

    The mayor of Colorado Springs wasn’t a happy camper.

    You have to write it all down on paper, you’ll forget too much and if it isn’t written down on paper, it’s all gone.

    Tesla designed the Niagara Falls power plant, hydro style, had 400,000 horsepower, and generated electricity up the wazoo.

    “Where’s the meter?” – JP Morgan

    The question for Nikola Tesla on the day the power plant became operational.

    Edison never did figure it out, alternating current, you need flow of electricity, otherwise it is useless. Coal is useless until you burn it. In the old days, large chunks of coal were available, too much work to bust them up, the farmer can do it.

    Coal is a natural battery from the sun’s energy. Gotta have an earth to have some.

    Usable energy is the way to go. Gas, electricity, nuclear, hydro, doesn’t matter, as long as it is there.

    Hydro can do the cable system and still run a manufacturing plant, don’t need any hydrocarbons other than grease. Wire rope and steel apparatus works too.

    Nikola had a brother named Kokakola. har

  16. We will never know the radical advances in technology that have been buried by the Psychopaths In Charge, to keep themselves in the “driver’s” seat, so to speak.
    If Tesla’s wireless power transmission worked, and wasn’t buried by the FBI, those psychopaths would be out of business. Period. As we would all be far more prosperous, without any subsidies at all. After all, that’s all the psychopaths have to offer is other people’s money, and if power were free, we would have no need of other people’s money at all. And so no need of the psychopaths.

    • God gave us everything we need. Plants animals for Food,,, Trees, rocks, sand for homes,,, oil, gas. coal for heat,,, gold, silver for money and we allow a POS mafia.gov to control/steal it all. AND it appears we will allow the brightest and newest form of slavery… digital trash for money,,, all for the same reason the killer in Allen, Texas was ALLOWED to kill 8 and wound 7 without nary a whisper of return fire. Yes,,, all those brave, molon labe texicans never returned fire. The reason given for this brave behavior… the mall has a no gun policy. Believe it or not,,, a cop with a gun took out the killer meaning just about anyone with a gun could have put crazy man down and prevented some of those deaths.

      • Indeed! Want to be the target of a mass shooting? Become a gun free zone. Such shooters are insane, but that doesn’t make them stupid. They ALWAYS target a “gun free zone”. A hint, NRA conventions are NEVER a target of mass shooters. Not that I’m big fan of the NRA, but there are likely to be some armed folks there.


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