I Pledge Allegiance . . . to Keeeeeeeeeeeev

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At one time, American schoolchildren were made to pledge allegiance to the American flag – a curious thing, when you think about it a bit.

But it was at least the American flag.

How about this business of the people who supposedly represent Americans – in Congress – holding and waving the flag of Keeeeeeeeeeeev? We can see where their allegiance lies.

As has been observed by many – and you can observe it yourself by going to the downtown area of any major city – America is disintegrating. But there is always money for Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev.

And Israel, too.

Who runs Bartertown? (per Mad Max in the Thunderdome.) And isn’t “Bartertown” exactly apt? It is the place where things of value are traded. Washington, DC having long been the epicenter of that. But it used to be more discreet, which at least gave Americans the psychological latitude to pretend they were being represented. Now it is clear who is represented – and by both political parties, which have always represented themselves.

We are told by these representatives that America is a “democracy.” Well, how about let’s seeing?

Why not put further “aid” to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev to the vote – ours – and let the people decide? Everyone knows why this will never be allowed in “our democracy.” It is because they will never permit any matter they know the people overwhelmingly oppose to be put to a vote  . . . of the people.

So much for “our democracy,” which has long been a corporatist oligarchy in which the interests of those who own the government are always represented.

This being a result of the ancient dictum that you get what you pay for.

How much did Speaker Johnson cost? A look at the major contributors to his office-seeking will give some idea. It is almost impossible to seek office without seeking money, which always has a cost. And those who provide it expect to get something in return for their money. Something more than their man getting elected that is implicit in his getting elected. Elections are not charity drives or vanity projects. They are about buying advantage via the buying of representation – which is something most of us ordinary people cannot afford to purchase and which, for that reason exactly, we do not get.

Observe the well-known fact that most people seem perfectly willing to not see – which is that “representing” is very remunerative. How is it that Joe Biden, for instance, is worth so many millions? Where did those millions come from? The same for the Clintons. The same for pretty much all of them, less a few exceptions such as Ron Paul (and Rand) that hardly matter because their well-meant attempt to represent us is drowned out by the representation paid for by the corporate oligarchs.

There is no other plausible explanation for – frankly – everything that goes on in Bartertown. It is where things (including people) are bought and sold and – to slightly modify the dictum of the comedian who spoke the truth, George Carlin, you are not a member of the shopping club. As at Sam’s, there is a price to be paid just to get in – and most of us will never be able to afford it.

So we’re locked out.

Meanwhile, the buying and selling escalates to obscene and obvious egregiousness. This is both possibly explosive as well as salutary, for exactly the latter reason. Most people will tolerate an astounding amount of shit dropped in their lap, mainly because most people will do almost anything to avoid confronting the people who drop the shit in their lap. But we are well beyond that now.

We are now at the point of having shit rubbed in our faces – by people holding and waving the flags of Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev and Israel.

And it hardly ends there.

It is everything. It is everywhere. And it has probably reached – or soon will reach – a point of insufferability if only because it cannot be suffered much longer, in the literal, existential sense. Once people realize they are seen as little more than things to be used – that their “representatives” regard them with contempt and derision as exploitable resources whose job is to smile when the shit is smeared in their faces – it becomes a matter of survival to figure out a way to pull these leeches off our body politic and so off of us.

We owe no allegiance to these people – who have made it very clear where their allegiances lie.

Hopefully, the day is approaching when anyone who dares to wave the flag of Keeeeeeeeeeev or Israel or any other foreign country in the legislative bodies of this country will be met with the response such deserves.

. . .

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  1. SELLOUT completed:

    ‘The Senate on Tuesday passed a $95 billion emergency foreign aid package, ending months of bitter fighting over $61 billion for the war in Ukraine that had deeply divided the Republican Party. The measure passed by a vote of 79 to 18 and now goes to President [sic] Biden for his signature.’


    They didn’t even bother with the pre-reserved 30 hours of debate. Just whooped it through, like a stampede of feral swine.

  2. Ron Paul says it all:

    ‘When future historians go searching for the final nail in the US coffin, they may well settle on the date April 20, 2024.

    ‘On that day Congress passed legislation to fund two and a half wars, hand what’s left of our privacy over to the CIA and NSA, and give the US president the power to shut down whatever part of the Internet he disagrees with.

    ‘The nearly $100 billion grossly misnamed “National Security Supplemental” guarantees that Ukrainians will continue to die in that country’s unwinnable war with Russia, that Palestinian civilians will continue to be slaughtered in Gaza with US weapons, and that the neocons will continue to push us toward a war with China.

    It was a total victory for the war party.


    Today the Senate will consider H.R. 815, the $95 billion swindle passed by the House. Call your ‘Senators’ this morning, if so inclined. Most will be found in the Senate barber shop, getting their hair coiffed and powdered for their imminent appearance on TeeVeeee, where they will impersonate ‘statesmen’ [sic, LOL].

  3. A stunning article by lawyer John Eastman, facing disbarment in Commiefornia for election denial, is one of the most incendiary things you’ll ever read:

    ‘Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary was based on investigative work conducted by Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote. Her team obtained, at great expense, commercially-available cell phone location data and identified hundreds of people who visited multiple ballot drop boxes, oftentimes in the wee hours of the morning, 10 or more different drop boxes. Then they got the video surveillance from those drop boxes (those that were actually working, that is), confirming that the people were dropping in 8, 10, 12 ballots at a time.

    ‘There are people in every county in the country, with eyes on the local clerk’s office and verifying that, “When it says 28 people are living and voting in an efficiency apartment, we know that is not true and we’re going to get that cleaned up.”

    ‘We have raised over a half million on my legal defense fund site. It’s probably going to end up being three million total that we need, but [a defendant in Georgia who pled out] did not have the ability to do a hundredth of that.

    ‘One of the things we discovered in that Antrim County, Michigan audit is that in fact, the vote logs that are supposed to be there had been deleted for 2020 — not 2016, not 2012, they’re still there — but 2020 had been deleted.

    ‘Trump did not create this movement. We need to date it back to the Tea Party movement in 2010 after Obamacare comes down. It is the MAGA movement now. Either [RINOs] do not like those people in flyover country … or they do not like anybody questioning the utter corruption that is making them all multimillionaires.’


    Rule of law: DEAD AND GONE. Corrupt peculation has gone wild. Welcome to Nigeria on the Potomac. Grease my palm, or get lost.

  4. It’s worse than you think, this latest boondoggle is pure evil:


    “The final sellout? Uniparty devils sending $95 billion to corrupt foreign governments – $300 million goes to prevent Ukrainians from escaping military draft by fleeing to Poland

    The House voted on Saturday to betray America and American interests. As sellouts go, this was a big one, even by Washington Uniparty standards, as these members of Congress basically flipped their collective middle finger at America’s working poor and its increasingly struggling middle class.

    These globalist sycophants, led by the globalist Speaker Mike Johnson, passed three separate foreign-aid bills that will provide funding to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, transferring a total of $95 billion from the U.S. Treasury directly to foreign governments. The massive foreign-aid package now heads to the Senate, where it will be rubber-stamped and signed by Joe Biden.

    According to Just the News, the Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act was passed 311-112. The bill contains $61 billion for Ukraine.

    This bill is not only anti-American, it’s anti-Ukrainian. Even more so, it’s anti-human because it will result in many more dead Ukrainians and Russians.”

    • ‘$300 million goes to prevent Ukrainians from escaping military draft by fleeing to Poland’ — Yukon Jack

      So WE are the concentration camp guards now, or at least their paymasters.

      Welcome to East Germany, where escapees trying to climb over the wall into the West were shot.

      America has turned into a Joker-faced caricature of the country it used to be. We’re on the dark side now. And it’s ‘ALL LEGAL,’ thanks to the FISA reauthorization passed on Hitler’s birthday.

      Happy birthday, Amerikkka.

      • As Seymour Hersh recently reported, CIA Director Burns had to warn Zelensky to stop stealing so much money.

        The senior generals and government officials in Kiev were angry at what they saw as Zelensky’s greed, so Burns told the Ukrainian president, because “he was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals.”

        “The ten he got rid of were brazenly bragging about the money they had—driving around Kiev in their new Mercedes,” the intelligence official told me.

        Hersh went on to note that one estimate by analysts from the Central Intelligence Agency put the embezzled funds at $400 million last year, at least; another expert compared the level of corruption in Kiev as approaching that of the Afghan war, “although there will be no professional audit reports emerging from the Ukraine.”


    • Ukrainians have no liberty, the only freedom they have is to die for nothing.

      Zelensky should draft all members of Congress and send them all to the front lines.

      Chuck Schumer would freak out and go hysterical. ‘I’m a Jew, get some drunken Irishman to fight, that’s what they do. My job is to tell them what to do, who to kill.’

      Gettin’ purdy old these days.

      You have to destroy Congress to save Congress.

      How I learned to stop worrying and hate the Kike.

      The Neo-Exodus has begun!

    • “The House then passed the Israel Security Supplemental with a vote of 366-58. It contains $26.4 billion to aid Israel.”

      It is clear the Jews intend to exterminate every Arab in Gaza.
      Since the U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill, we should insist the slaughter be done using the most cost effective means possible. Clearly, this would require poison gas for extermination, followed by crematoria for corpse disposal. These are well tested technologies, which would give U.S. taxpayers the most bang for our bucks.

      The optics are not out problem. Let the Jews hire their own PR firms to tell the world how this is “self defense.”


  5. In the long run, this is a bigger deal than the $95 billion foreign aid swindle — it means the DEATH OF THE DOLLAR as a global reserve currency:

    ‘The House passed a foreign aid package Saturday as well as what’s called the REPO Act (H.R. 8038), which would allow the Biden administration to confiscate billions of dollars’ worth of Russian assets sitting in U.S. banks and transfer them to Ukraine for reconstruction.

    ‘In early 2022, following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, all of the Group of Seven countries — the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan — banded together and froze all of the $300 billion of Russian foreign currency reserves held in banks in those countries, most of it in Europe.

    ‘More than $6 billion of the $300 billion in frozen Russian assets are sitting in U.S. banks. Most of the $300 billion in assets are in Germany, France and Belgium.’


    When the G-7 openly loots USD and euro foreign exchange reserves held in trust by its banks, the world’s other 188 countries see that the US is not an honest fiduciary. Plain and simple, its central bank (the Federal Reserve) has set an ugly precedent of stealing others’ sovereign assets on political grounds.

    The dollar’s share of global reserves has been shrinking for years. Now it will shrink faster, as other nations set up trade clearance systems devoid of USD political risk.

    Stripped of its reserve currency status, America’s future trajectory will resemble post-WW II Britain, after USD succeeded sterling as the primary reserve currency at Bretton Woods (1944).

    Foreign saboteurs of the US Clowngress just pulled the plug on our prosperity (such as it was). American living standards are headed HARD DOWN. Our enemies are domestic.

  6. Ukraine is being prepped to become israel 2.0
    It is no secret that most European jews HATE the middle east climate and culture, which despite European jewish incursion still has a distinct middle eastern culture, something that European jews loathe.
    The climate and topography of Ukraine is more amenable to jews than present-day israel.
    Not only that, their criminal base of operations will be much closer to their “markets”. From international prostitution, pedophilia and child abduction to organ harvesting and sales, to reams of criminal financial schemes and scams, Ukraine is ideally located to keep the jewish criminal rackets going.
    Jews are using their European and American lackeys to support the war in Ukraine against Russia.
    The seeds of WW3 have been planted…
    As an aside, Christian orthodox churches within Ukraine have been forcibly closed while synagogues all remain open. The communists did the same thing when they took over Russia. jews=communists–same thing.

    • Everything you are saying is 100% correct IMO. There is much speculation that Israel is going to be sacrificed and Jews will have to move to Ukraine as their new homeland. See articles over at thetruthseeker dot co dot uk

      Over at Unz I got banned again for posting a picture proving Taylor Swift is a male.

      The joke here is the #1 Amerikan pop star goddess is a male.

      The second photo is Dylan Mulvaney – the Buttlite tranny

      the 3rd photo is Taylor Swift music video screenshot “I am a man” song. Yes she is a man (or male).

      Obviously I am on to something, I have been calling the “deep state” the “tranny deep state” ever since I outed Michelle Obama as a male. Back in Obongo’s 2nd term I was also visciously attacked for simple stating a fact, that Michelle Obama is not a female, she is a homosexual lover of Barrry Soetero back in high school named Michael Lavaughn Robinson.

  7. What entered my mind when I saw Congress Clowns waving Ukie flags in the People’s House last weekend, on Hitler’s birthday:

    ‘On March 1, 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists fired 30 rounds from semi-automatic pistols onto the legislative floor from the Ladies’ Gallery of the House of Representatives. Five Members were wounded, one seriously, but all recovered.’


    Strangely, I never heard a word about this while growing up. You probably didn’t either. I accidentally came across the incident while going through historical newspapers on microfiche.

  8. Some one once told me that the America as described in our civics books does not exist anymore. The new America is just a shopping center. Money moves the world and money is our new God and religion.
    This is where I lost the religion of money. Way back in 3rd grade I made the mistake of conflating vacation for vocation. My third grade Nun/sister(teacher) kept repeating as to how important it was to get ready for our vocations in life. Me, being a non native English speaker thought she was referring to vacations. I immediately fell in love with my new country because of how much value was put on the idea of vacations. I fell in love with my new country because I loved being on vacation.

    • ‘I fell in love with my new country because I loved being on vacation.’ — europeasant

      Then Dr Timothy Leary came along and added the magisterial imprint of Hahhhhhvid to your third grade sister’s humble wisdom:

      Turn on; tune in; drop out.

      No more pencils, no more books
      No more teachers’ dirty looks
      Out for summer, out till fall
      We might not come back at all

      School’s out for summer
      School’s out forever

      Alice Cooper, School’s Out

      • I prefer Roger Waters & David Gilmour’s version;

        We don’t need no education
        We don’t need no thought control
        No dark sarcasm in the classroom
        Teacher, leave them kids alone

        Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone

        All in all it’s just another brick in the wall
        All in all you’re just another brick in the wall

        We don’t need no education
        We don’t need no thought control
        No dark sarcasm in the classroom
        Teachers, leave them kids alone

        • I should add that some people can’t benefit from education and some people don’t need education or very little to get them started. Just show them how to read, write and some arithmetic and the rest we can do on our own.

  9. Great post Eric. I also wrote about the traitorous DemonCrats and RepliDemons on my Substack page yesterday:


    I don’t vote and I never will. The system is corrupt to the bone, money laundering is cheered in Congress while the demons wave a foreign country’s flag. I will not pretend to support America’s “democracy” by voting and propping up the evil system. Instead I will deride it, point out the blatant corruption to the masses who don’t care, and mock it by animating sarcastic cartoons that no one looks at.

    I may be useless but I am not a thieving murdering piece of crap as are the majority of our so-called “Representatives” in government.

    • Thanks, Pug!

      And – amen. I have a multitude of flaws, but not among these are any desire to have dominion over anyone. I’d just like to be left in peace and very much wish to extend the same to everyone else. It has always baffled me that something as mutually beneficial, decent and civilized as “live – and let live” is apparently despised by so many people.

      • Those who refuse to “live and let live” are control freaks. If they are miserable they cannot stand to see others happy and at peace with themselves…and heaven forbid, by themselves. They insist the rest of us be as miserable as them. It is sad when you have to fight to be alone and happy.

        • It’s the LGBTQXYZ types who will not leave US normal people alone. These mentally ill defectives DEMAND that we not only tolerate, but “accept” them. Even the Christian churches are caught up in this “acceptance” of mental illness…not good.
          Brandon just expanded title IX mandates to cover LGBTQXYZ discrimination.
          It turns out that us normal heterosexual White males are “one more notch down” on the totem pole.
          I don’t care…I recognize mental illness for what it is…

          • What I do not understand, is how others cannot see that this is not a mental illness? How does any sane person think that whacking off body parts suddenly makes you a different gender? WTF?? Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire) quote was apt: ‘We came here looking for intelligent life. Oops, we made a mistake’.

    • Read an interesting summary of the Tucker Carlson/Joe Rogan interview on ZH this morning. Apparently, the “intelligence” community has dirt on ALL of them, or can create it with fictitious videos.

      • That’s an easy one.

        Call their bluff.

        When/if they do it, prove it (find a computer expert in advance & enlist their help, if you have to). Then publicly call them out. Force the issue. Turn it back around on them, excoriate them in hearings, establish better oversight, take them down a peg or two.

        All it takes, is integrity and balls. Two things that are, unfortunately, in very short supply in the capitol.

        • Heck if they even had the foresight to tape some of these conversations, then pass the tapes through back channels into the hands of someone who’ll publish them. Deep Throat redux.

          It would be so simple.

          I’d do it myself, but I’m powerless.

  10. I’ll never understand why many people STILL vote Democrat. Blind hatred for Orange Man and people who voted for him? Hatred of people who got COVID, face diapers, and mRNA “vaccines” RIGHT? Propagandized into believing that the D Party REALLY cares about the little guys and minorities? Hatred of people they deem “gap toothed hillbillies”?

    It has became so obvious the past few years that the D Party, in addition to the Biden regime, is doing the bidding of the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, the censorship-industrial complex, as well as billionaire psychopaths such as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, who wish to radically change humanity and implement agendas that can only be described as demented or evil…..


  11. I remember a video a few years ago, of some group showing pics of houses of politicians to some people in a public place. Does that one belong to Rand, Bush, Gore, Sanders, Clinton etc, they ask?

    But they tricked the guessers. All the houses belonged to one politician, Hillary Clinton. Like 5-6 houses……

  12. Yikes!

    You Guys are getting Waaay too Libertarian. I reckon we have “at best” 3 years before Nasty “stuff” starts happening….

    Can’t escape what’s coming but you can delay it.. hey I’m 67 and I want to spend my waning years in a pleasant “organically cultivated micro environment”

    … That is, NO Monsanto crap.. just Cow shit, Chicken shit and my personal “evacuations” strategically placed to maximally enhance the plants nutrition. And THATS NO SHIT…..

    Do any of youse guys know a car mechanic or “Gomero” (tire buster)..that wants to “explore other life options”?

    Have had inquiries from several folks about “decoupling” and “Bugging Out for Real”.
    All of the inquiries are from solid dudes and indicate ….there is a yearning, to blow off big brother.

    Already have a couple of “candidates”……Lawyer, would be useless in Dominican Republic…
    BUT….This place actually has USPS post offices..looks like zip 00646..7 etc. north coast, and
    a “USA, USA fist pumping “…legal system to counter ….”Sorry Yanqui Dog”…third world attitudes about remaining property rights.

    The other dude is a master carpenter that did High End work….for the, well to do in MI and is utterly finished with his spouse and needs some space.

    Stay tuned, Puerto Rico …may prove to be THE “Half-way House”….

    For ” escape from New York types”

    Onward through the fog….
    Will be “sonar pinging” the place for more detail..stay tuned

  13. Printing money…..how luciferion….

    The slave owning control group is a satanic cult….

    in video….

    secret meeting at Jekyll Island
    in 1910 and of course the Act was passed
    in 1913 and there again john d
    rockefeller son-in-law had set up that
    whole meeting and run the whole thing so
    Paul Warburg could bring a Rothschild
    central bank to the United States and
    the result of that meeting on Jekyll
    Island is you have 1/4 trillion dollar
    national debt created out of nothing and
    that again is occult you say God can
    create something out of nothing
    but ordinary humans cannot do that
    only through satanic means can you
    create something out of nothing through
    the use of their occult so that’s what we
    have an occult temple and they have a
    temple a marble temple right there on
    Constitution Avenue in Washington DC
    that is the headquarters of the Federal
    Reserve System and it is a temple of the
    occult where they open their Ledger’s
    and perhaps Baron Rothschild calls Alan
    Greenspan from London and he says enter
    in your book ten billion dollars so that
    the American suckers will have to pay it
    and Greenspan enters in the book……

    real money is gold and silver….until the luciferions took over….


    NOTE: all the debt is owed to the slaves….they are hoping the slaves don’t figure it out…off them 1st….

  14. The present system is so utterly and hopelessly corrupt, it can’t be redeemed.

    It will eventually fail and be replaced by something else, maybe worse, maybe better.

    • My guess, Dan? Our dying system will be replaced by Communism, because too many-especially the younger generation-thinks Communism means getting everything for free. Sadly, they are too damned lazy to figure out it means that they are going to starve to death for it. But hey, at least it was free, right?

      • I hope not, Shadow – but I agree it’s going to be a fight. Not only because so many young people believe they are entitled to (insert here) but also because they are dangerously angry – about everything.

        • Young, angry, entitled, ignorant if not down right stupid. If that is not a dangerous combination. Just wait until they realize they have been lied to, and the ones who tried to warn them were right all along. There will be no brownie points for being right because their bleeding self esteem will be screaming for blood. Most likely ours.

      • Hi Shadow,

        I don’t think this country will ever go full communist…full anarchy…absolutely.

        Communism is a horrible form of government, but it is structured and requires participation from its peasants. I don’t see American peasants participating. We will just have mass chaos like in many areas of the world. I see our country taking on a more anarchist rule like areas of Africa or South America. Corruption will be rampant (well, it is already), but TPTB are dreaming if they think 330 million Americans, that immigrated from various countries, will bow down quietly.

        We are a melting pot, and that may be our saving grace, if you can believe it.

        • Hmm, you may be right, RG. There are too many guns in the hands of the citizenry to go full-on Commie, although the opposition may try. But yes, it is not going to take much for anarchy to erupt. The country is deeply divided, and I think we should just divide and be done with it. The problem is, the opposing side refuses to leave “our side” alone, and demands we bend over and submit to them. That does not bode well for a peaceful future.

  15. What is the link between Ukraine and Israel? Israel is about to fail, so Ukraine is being ethnically cleansed of white Christian Ukrainians as their new national home. So far 500,000 Ukes have been killed and no Jews – as they are exempt. Over half of the Ukraine people have left since the war started.

    Just remember Abraham is fiction and the modern Israel Jews are not Semites. The holy claim to Palestine is based on myth, and thus no court recognizes the Torah text as a legal claim. The Jews from Europe who are slaughtering the native Semites are not blood related to the Israelites of the Bible fable.

    Johns Hopkins genetic study shows 97.5% of Jewish people living in Palestine have absolutely no ancient Hebrew DNA, are therefore not Semites, and have no ancient blood ties to the land of Palestine at all. Whereas 80% of Palestinians carry ancient Hebrew DNA and thus are real Semites.

    The fake Jews of Poland, Lithuania, and Russia are killing the real Semites, and screaming anti-semitism at anyone who challenges their cruel, barbaric acts – caused because of their insane and irrational beliefs in words in a plagiarized unholy fable.

    Just because you believe something does not make it true. Like the father Abraham – who is a ripoff of Brahma.

    Abraham never existed. Abraham and Sara are stolen directly from Hindu mythology, Brahma married his sister Sarasvati, likewise Abraham married his sister Sara(h). Sarah’s maid servant Hagar is derived from the Ghaggar river in India.

    ISRAEL is derived from 3 Egyptian gods ISis, RA, and EL(ohim). None of those gods were real. Inventing a nation from 3 fake gods does not make that nation real. Israeli archeology proves it never existed. It was only a story – a powerful one that has captured men’s minds and emotions.

    The Genesis creation myth is stolen from Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. How the Universe was formed is not what the Bible says, the Bible was written in pre-scientific days. And if Genesis is wrong, then what measure do you apply to the rest of the text? The truth is, it is all fiction. No “god” told the ancient Israelites to kill all. It was imaginative fiction of psychos that wrote the text.

    The Bible story of the Israelites NEVER HAPPENED. It is only a story (or fable) created by rewriting older myth into a supermyth. When a Jewish person claims Abraham as their father they are wrong, Abraham never existed.

    Barbaric Savagery! Israel to “Sacrifice” Red Heifers, Tomorrow
    Hal Turner World 21 April 2024

    “Barbaric Savagery! Israel to "Sacrifice" Red Heifers, Tomorrow

    In a display of Barbarism and Savagery, Israel will “sacrifice” Red Heifers tomorrow; as a “Spiritual Cleansing” for the Rabbis who will “rebuild the Third Temple.” Except in order to do that, the Muslim Temple Mount must be . . . ahem . . . gone.

    In a ceremony akin to a Voodoo ritual, wherein Witch Doctors cut the heads off chickens or goats, the Israelis will “sacrifice” Red Heifers. And they dare call themselves “civilized?” Barbarian Savages.

    But the world already sees that Israel is a Barbaric, Savage, country based on their dropping almost 2,000 pound bombs, from Fighter Jets, onto Apartment Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, and Refugee Camps in Gaza for the past 6 months or so.

    Of course, their savagery was also clear when they bombed the Iran Embassy Compound in Damascus, Syria on April 1.

    So mentally sick is the Israeli government – and the Israeli people – they became aghast that Iran struck them back in retaliation for the Embassy attack – and then had the audacity to declare there must be “An eye for an eye” calling the Iran retaliation “an attack” for which Israel had to strike back!

    It never occurs to the mindless, violent, savages that THEY started it by attacking the Embassy!”


    Ancient man was superstitious – sacrificing animals/humans to the gods for atonement of “sins”. No one believes that anymore except those stuck in the old ways. Go ask a physicist about sin. It does not exist except in theology. Sin is a way to guilt trip the rabble in compliance to priestly edicts. No god is going to judge you upon death. The only judgement you will ever encounter is on earth from other people, yourself, and the courts.

    Killing baby cows ritually to the fake god Yahweh should be banned and those who practice jailed in mental institutions. It is one thing the whole nation of Israel is mad, and another for our Congress to support such insanity. Our values do not include genocide and I look forward to the day the Congress is called before a world court and charged with genocide – aiding and abetting makes you just as guilty.

  16. The United States is 35 trillion in debt, going up a trillion every 90 days, interest soaring past 1 trillion a year – so ask yourself. do they really have any money for any foreign aid?

    Money to Ukraine = more dead Ukrainians

    Money to Israel = more human rights atrocities in Gaza

    It is evil to give either of those two states anything.

    See my latest comments on Unz, same topic:


  17. Sixty percent of the $95 billion theft from the American people goes to grease palms throughout the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB):


    Only $7.8 billion of the $61 billion Ukraine total goes straight to the Ukies. The rest gets ‘processed’ through dozens of fedgov departments, to facilitate industrial scale rake-offs and grift.

    ‘MISSILE PROCUREMENT, ARMY. For an additional amount for “Missile Procurement, Army”, $2,742,757,000 … PROCUREMENT OF AMMUNITION, ARMY. For an additional amount for “Procurement of Ammunition, Army”, $5,612,900,000 …’ — H.R. 8035; text posted at congress dot gov.

    WHOOPS, there went $8.35 billion into the maw of ‘defense’ contractors! Not to worry, ten percent of it will circle straight back to the generous Congress Clowns who appropriated it.

    Did you a get a seat at the Porkfest, comrade?

  18. “They are about buying advantage via the buying of representation”
    “drowned out by the representation paid for by the corporate oligarchs.”

    Excellent Eric!

  19. More proof that the D’s and R’s are either side of the same coin, nothing else is as bipartisan as FOREIGN aid, while our own country is failing apart. All the traitors that voted for this should be lined up and shot for treason. Of course the $95 billion will just be added to the deficit (and the offshore accounts of the overlords) so when it all comes crashing down the Clowngress critters will be hiding in their bug out locations.

    • ‘When three conservative members of the House Rules Committee opposed the rule governing the four-bill package, Johnson spoke with Jeffries and the pair secured a deal to have Democrats on the panel make up the difference.

      ‘Later, when 55 conservatives voted against that same rule on the floor, Democrats took the rare step of crossing the aisle to pass the measure, allowing final votes on the foreign aid bills.

      “The most bipartisan rule in my career,” said a chuckling Michael McCaul [R-Texas; chair of House Foreign Affairs committee]. — thehill.com

      Did you catch the ‘chuckling’ bit? These depraved RINO clowns are openly laughing in our faces, as they stuff their greasy pockets with kickbacks.

  20. They’ve gone mad, sanity will return one mad man and woman at a time.

    It’s like they are all sieg heiling to the hilt. Well, Adolf’s birthday was yesterday, the timing was good.

    The Brainwashed House of Representatives won’t come to its senses any time soon.

  21. Great piece today Eric.

    So the question is, just who are the bad guys? Who can we point to and say, ahh hah!, it’s those guys over there who are causing the majority of our problems? Is it only because of a few bad apples, people like Biden, Trump, or Obama? Or maybe it’s a problem of philosophy. Too much democracy or socialism? Or perhaps it’s something else, maybe it’s the idea of government itself which is the problem. Or even, maybe it’s all of the above? Could be.

    But I believe there’s another issue that’s causing most of our problems and yet, somehow, seemingly manages to fly so low under the radar that it, strangely, seems to be ignored by most. To me it’s so obvious and now so out in the open that even people living in california should be able to see it for what it is. And it’s one that Eric adroitly points out in today’s piece which should be receiving our utmost attention: Corruption. . .the big C. No, not cancer, Corruption, which is a cancer, and a giant one on society.

    Government Corruption should come as no surprise to anyone. As shown by history in example after example, it’s practically a guarantee that every govt that’s ever existed has fallen into its clutches. And once it inevitably “invades the body” (ref “Return of the Arcons”, one of my favorites), it’s like being sucked into a black hole, in that once you go in you never come out. You know you’ve got big trouble when it begins because it surely devolves into a free-for-all and complete chaos. And that’s where we find ourselves now.

    OBTW, drove by a house yesterday with both an amerikan flag and an Israeli flag hung outside.
    Give me strength.

    • You’re right about the corruption. Inflation is the big accelerant, adding fuel to the fire. As everyone looks around, noticing the dollar is nothing more than glorified shit paper, corruption all of the sudden becomes socially acceptable, making many feel they must get theirs at all costs. Once it becomes the norm for contracting and mom and pop business, we’ll probably have arrived at the crack up boom, described by Ron Paul, and Von Missus.

  22. Yes, Washington is bought and paid for like a bunch of streetcorner whores. But I doubt that explains all if it. You can bet the farm that they have dirt on everyone who cannot be bought or bribed. What do you think Epstein was about? He was a fucking Mossad agent who had sex tapes on nearly everyone. When the time came to pay for Israel’s wars, both parties were unanimous. They always are.

    Johnson capitulated to the Deep State on the FISA vote and the Ukraine vote. What is the probability that the FBI has a big file of dirt on him and gave him a talking-to before the vote?

    Everyone knows about Johnson’s “adopted” black son with a criminal record, right? And his smokin’ HOT wife, right?


  23. If this recent vote in the House doesn’t definitively prove that the U.S. government is looking out for the interests of the military-industrial complex, the establishment, the Neocons, the billionaire class, and other special interests instead of their own citizens, I don’t know what does….and then of course, there are those who also have sheer hatred of any & all Russians….


  24. From the misuse of our money to the flat out refusal to secure the borders to gov agencies making our lives as miserable as possible this government has failed miserably and needs replaced, overhauled or better yet eliminated.

    Money says most of the traitors will be re-selected and the thievery and lawlessness will continue unabated.

    [A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.] – Cicero 40BC,,, died trying to save his nation from the tyrants.

  25. What a sad state of affairs. Saw a news clip with all the traitors cheering and waving Ukraine flags. What kind of sick, soulless creature cheers for wonton death and destruction? Its beyond my limited ability to comprehend. A disgusting spectacle which made me sick to my stomach.

    We cant even get the Senate to take up a properly referred AOI against that vitamin D deficient slimy POS Cuban lawyer.

    Our only hope its probably complete $$$ collapse. Don’t think our enemies aren’t salivating at the thought. Problem is, the enemies inside the gate, are working with those outside. Makes me feel like shit when I think of the future my kids and grandkids will face.

    Its going to get nasty. Of the handful voting against this abomination, three were from Northern Arizona, Eli Crane, who is my rep, Biggs, and Gossar. Expect the deep state to make an example of them

    • ‘complete $$$ collapse’

      A provision they slipped into the Ukraine aid act — ‘lending’ a portion of the aid to the bankrupt Ukies, collateralized by stolen Russian foreign exchange assets — is the sunset clause for the USD as a global reserve currency. It makes US dollar foreign exchange reserves an unacceptable risk for any country that isn’t a vassal state of the US.

      Why would Clowngress intentionally sabotage the dollar’s reserve status, which allows us to buy tangible stuff from abroad, and ‘pay’ for it with pieces of green paper?

      I don’t know, but it’s consistent with what hostile foreign agents would do. Losing USD reserve status is going make America look like Argentina, paying for imports by the sweat of its brow — or, more often, just doing without.

      Yesterday, within half an hour of the final vote, I thanked Eli Crane for being one of fourteen (14) Republicans who voted against aid to Ukraine, Taiwan AND Israel (despite all the Christian zionists in these parts). Here is the short list of actual patriots in the House:


      Arizona punched way above its weight.

      • Thanks for the tip on the hidden poison pill. Having a rules based order in which a tiny group doesn’t follow the rules never works out in the end. I will continue to hedge accordingly.

        Arizona has always punched way above our weight. Unfortunately with 6.6 million people we live under a system where our top two (illegitimate) executive officers only care about the 50 thousand blue haired teachers unionists. Its the usual suspects, the fierce feminist fatties with hundreds, maybe thousands of bodies buried in their nasty bollix boxes. The types who shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of kids, let alone teaching them. Watching the local news you see these so called stunning and brave women agitating for abortion on demand, and gender mutilation without parental consent. Its as if thats the only problem we face.

        I hope I live long enough to see the collapse. I have a feeling these broads will change their tune in a hurry once gLobO HomO is no longer able to paper over their inevitable demise. In the meantime I continue to encourage Eli Crane to run for governor.

    • Norman Franklin: “Makes me feel like shit when I think of the future my kids and grandkids will face.”

      I used to think that way, but not so much anymore since none of them think there is anything wrong. They don’t even understand there was a problem, let alone try to do something about it. Since I am well into my Geezerdom all are are of voting age and, sadly, among those who still consider voting to be a duty of good citizenship. I figure they deserve the hit and maybe the great-grands will pick up the pieces and put something worthwhile back together.

      To tell the truth, it really took the downslope with “The Greatest Generation”, of which I guess I am a late member. I guess I just hung around with the wrong crowd of disgruntled misfits in the mid-60s and never grew out of it. But the longer animals are away from the wild, i.e. zoo born, the less they know of what their heritage should be. Hence, the acceleration since the end of WWII. As long as they can still get to Vail for the snow, Bora Bora to snorkle, and catch all the sports on wide screen inbetween, they are happy as clams. (Klaus probably loves Clam Chowder.)

      • My kids thoughts align with mine on a broad range of issues, for the most part. I’ve tried to tell them of late that nothing this country represents is worth fighting for, or losing sleep over. Its just not worth it to stick your head up and openly resist. Its hard as a parent, to see the beginning of hopelessness that exists in many their age. The thing I remind them of often, is after this country is ground into dust, if they are still around, there will be great opportunity and rebirth.

        Knowing a thing or two about how things were in their childhood and going back even further, while knowing you’re powerless to stop it, would be frustrating. At least I always had hope until recently that this mess could be turned around. If I’d of known how bad it would get I would have been much harder on them.

  26. As much as I hate to say it, the threat of George W Bush putting your country on the “bad guy” list was a deterrent. And NATO did keep the members at arm’s length for ~75 years. But that “so far, so good” success may or may not have anything to do with Team America, World Police, and more to do with nations preferring to take the wealth internally instead of trying to rob their neighbors. Socialism costs money. War costs money. You have to choose.

    Peasants who lived under the king had the idea of royal tribute beaten into them, and they did usually get some sort of protection from roaming gangs. America (even in the south) was exceptional because we didn’t believe anyone -even the king- can just take from your neighbor, you had to earn it. Even slaves could purchase their freedom, although in practice it wasn’t that simple. At least up until 1929, when the proto-socialist Hoover started meddling in places where he had no business. And expanded by FDR, who took everything from Americans including their children. All that productivity, taken from everyone. Oh we won the war and killed God (charity -God was reborn as a TV personality), so that means it was all worth it… right?

    I don’t know what the end game is here. Bleed Russia dry? That’s going to take decades. They aren’t fighting in Afghanistan either, this is pretty much their home turf. One might even call it an unresolved civil conflict. Chernobyl is in Ukraine, recall, as is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe (something the Communists are always good at is building big). Ukraine had some early success, with improvised weapons and guerrilla tactics, but that strategy can only sustain the conflict, probably turning Ukraine into another Gazza strip (or Baghdad). Meanwhile Germany is buying our oil for dollars and Russia is selling to India and China, getting paid in gold.

    As for what’s going on in the Middle East? No idea. But IIRC the Ottoman Empire wasn’t worth much either, despite the strategic location between continents. Maybe that’s intentional.

  27. This picture needs to be posted everywhere across this country. It should be on the front of every newspaper, website, and TV ad. Americans need to remove their heads from the sand and realize that the only thing “our representatives” represent are their own pocketbooks. If one sees this picture and is not angry then (I’m paraphrasing Uncle Joe) you aren’t an American.

    Where is Trump? Quiet as a cricket. I will be damned if I ever vote for these pieces of scum. Both the Asses and Elephants have worked against the citizens of our country. They have robbed us, terrorized us, and lied to us. When is enough enough? If any American is willing to walk into a voting booth and pull the lever for any of these traitors then you are an idiot.

    • $61 billion? ‘Not enough!‘ sneers Zelensky from the dais of the House of Ill Repute, as some tranny in a black covid mask, wearing a pajama top, prepares to bury the superseded American flag.


      This December 2022 photo is the Zapruder film of our day, documenting the broad-daylight assassination of our republic.

      I mean, it just doesn’t get any plainer, short of conking us on the skull with a 2×4.

      • The puppet regime. Worked great in South America, why not try it everywhere? United Fruit Company’s business model is still taught, and I’m sure there are enough psychopaths in business schools willing to give it one more try. Hell, the Clinton regime tried it in post-soviet Eastern Europe, which is one reason why we’re in this mess now.

    • Thing is, no one counts the non-voter. If only 3 out of 333,000,000 people vote, the election is counted as valid. The winner will declare a “landslide victory” with 66% of the vote and talk of a mandate from the people to do whatever he wants. And after a few weeks of the media beating that message into you, you’ll forget that only 0.0000000009009% of the population voted at all.

      • I can’t stand behind this, RK. I cannot pretend that I did not see pictures of our country’s Congressmen waving another country’s flag in America’s Capitol. I am disgusted. I cannot vote for these people.

        As Norman stated above, what person would rejoice for destruction and death? These people are sick. Why do we think that one psychopath is better than another psychopath? I will not participate. I owe these “representatives” nothing and I will not abide by participating in a fraudulent system that is keen on destroying our children, our livelihoods, and our country.

        • I understand, and I can relate. That’s really what got me looking at the LP as an option. Throwing my vote away is still voting.

          Fact is, the majority of US citizens don’t vote. And the majority is unaffiliated with any political party. Yet the people who do vote are overwhelmingly Democrat or Republican, and at nearly a 50/50 split too. That’s why the electoral college and the winner take all outcome is so important to the status quo. They can claim a landslide with a 51.9/49.1 outcome.

    • Trump? He’s in on it. Especially the Israel part – kill all them no good Palestinian kids. And those pesky Russkies. And the mad mullahs in Tehran. Then the chinks and their TikTok videos. Seriously – does anyone believe anything would be different under Trump, other than the pretext and the platitudes, and maybe all done while singing Lee Greenwood songs, about being proud and free?

      • I agree. Which is why I included Trump as part of the scum and then mentioned he would have pushed it right along and signed it. My point was Trump was quiet and has slinked into the back ground because he does agree with what Congress did yesterday otherwise he would have already raised a fuss.

        • I hate that Trump is our only chance, which means we have no chance. He will object when it’s expedient for his political campaign to do so. At some rally with thousands of screaming and adoring fans wearing stupid red hats and gold sneakers. It’s all so frustrating, going down in flames like this, watching powerlessly as it happens in real time and in our faces. I want my kids, and your kids, and those from others, to have had a chance…

          • Hi BAC,

            I used to be fearful of American society crashing. I don’t know what I was anticipating. A huge ball of fire? A periling wave of crime and destruction? The loss of every asset? Possibly.

            Then when I go back and read history I see that most civilizations went out with a whimper and not a bang. Look at England, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Greenland and the Vikings.

            Will we even notice? Everything doesn’t perish overnight. People rebuild, new governments (I can’t even imagine) form, assets trade hands, etc. The entire slate doesn’t get wiped down and we don’t start back at zero.

            I am of the same mind as you…I want a chance for the younger generations to succeed. They will though, but it will be tougher and things won’t come easy.

            There is a saying “Good times create weak people, bad times create strong people.” We are here now. People are going to need to be self sufficient, mentally astute, and prepared.

            Good times will still happen and maybe (just maybe) we won’t have the government noose so tight around our necks and merit and hard work will once again reign supreme.

    • Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again
      and expecting different results.”
      Albert Einstein –
      Don’t blame me – I voted Libertarian.
      Not listening to the “wasted vote” crowd
      and their bla, bla, bla.

    • I agree with David, helot. What happened yesterday was traitorous. Where is Trump? The man has an opinion on everything, but apparently, not this. Nothing changes. It is one big uni party. I cannot vote for Trump, because the same crap would have gone down under him. He would have signed the legislation, as will, Biden. They are selling us out and we are letting them.

      • I agree with you. I could see the exact thing happening. I never saw Trump once use the Veto Pen. The last president that I remember vetoing legilsation was probaly Obama.

        In the 1970s President Ford used it against the Democrat congress a lot in 1974-75 to reduce out of control federal spending. He vetoed 65+ bills between 74 and 76. Carter used it 20 times. Reagan used it 30 times or so, but that was in 8 years.

        Clinton did it a few times, but since then, it has happened with a lot less frequency.

        These people are all disgraceful. Trump included.

  28. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene delivers an incandescent rant yesterday against Ukie funding, ending with ‘AMERICA LAST! AMERICA LAST! That’s all this is!’


    Note the empty seats behind her. Yesterday morning the House allocated three hours to five-minute speeches — all made individually, by Members shouting at the walls in a vacant chamber.

    Congress Clowns no longer even listen to each other. THERE IS NO DEBATE. The legendary kabuki show has ground to an ignominious halt. This way to the egress, folks.

      • I strongly suspect that the jowly thug in this video (never mind the green-jacketed, scowling tranny seated next to him) may be your Congress Clown.

        Pro hint: sling an entire carton of Morton’s salt at ‘Ken Calvert,’ and he will dissolve like a slug into a stinky brown puddle on the sidewalk.

        Might want to bring a vomit clean-up kit with you, before hosing down the reeking mess.

    • I hope they forgot to strip out her amendment where anyone who voted “Yes” had to join the Ukrainian Army. She should have said “Infantry” instead of “Army”. No desk jobs for these bastages.

      I dislike her personally, but she was good on the lockdowns, and is good on the wars and FISA.

  29. Foreign aid, especially to Ukraine is a massive money laundering operation. The thieves on Capitol Hill have voted themselves and their families a financial largesse that will eventually find a portion of those “aid” dollars coming back into their pockets. That would explain why the scum were joyous and waving those flags! The big taker, the Mummified Meat Puppet and his crackhead son will have their 10% squirreled away in an off shore bank account in the Cayman Islands.

  30. Keeeeeeeev is about the contractor cabal who moved or are in the process of moving HQ complexes to DC to be closer to the money source, as Boeing did just recently.

    Money “for Israel” pays for the F-15s to keep rolling off the assembly line.

    You forgot about Taiwan, where the cabal outsourced the manufacturing of all the chips which keep the cruise missiles and planes flying as well as the AI hardware which the cabal believes will allow them to fire their white collar workforce who writes the software which runs it all.

    • Yup. Cui bono? I saw a pic of some Rep. from VA (beltway area, Reston, Burke, etc.) shouting “Ukraine’s borders are our borders”! Single client (.gov) contractors for the win.

  31. They long ago stopped being presidents, senators, representatives, judges, or even bureaucrats.
    They are prostitutes, plain and simple, with the fee for service negotiated ever higher. A fee we always get stuck paying, one way or another. Inflation is the current means of that payment.
    Had I awakened this morning with Russia having consumed Ukraine last night, I would have been more concerned with todays weather forecast, even though that forecast is usually not that good, and I’m usually too crippled up to go outside anyway.
    Meanwhile, they are apparently Hell bent on destroying what’s left of the fabric of the nation. It would make it much easier to collect the fee. If per chance there was anything left to collect.

    • Please don’t compare those scumbags to prostitutes. At least prostitutes for the most part are selective on who they accept money from. Politicians on the other hand will take a dollar from anyone!

  32. ‘We owe no allegiance to these people – who have made it very clear where their allegiances lie.’ — eric

    Many implications flow from this principle. Among them, that we have no duty to fund self-declared foreign agents (like those in the egregious photo above) whose interests are implacably hostile to our own.

    Nor should a single American, including those in uniform, be obliged to fight in their undeclared, unconstitutional permawars.

  33. $100B printed dollars. How are they turned into munitions when the US has very little organic manufacturing capabilities, and we are so reliant on China for parts?

    This money will encourage Ukraine to continue on, and sacrifice more men. But it won’t change the ultimate outcome.

    • While most of the military industrial complex loves to tout the “high tech” nature of their products, most of the stuff is rooted in 1990s and early ’00s chips and tech. Stuff that’s available nearly anywhere. Once the contract is signed and the product design is frozen, so it is nearly impossible to change anything.


      Besides, most of the profitable stuff has a fairly simple point-and-click interface that doesn’t require any high tech silicon at all. Hell, the F16 is still being flown today. As long as they don’t get shot down there’s no reason they need more chips.

      Trump pointed this out many times during his 2016 campaign and was bashed for it. Fact is, fighting wars is more about communications systems and bullets, not high tech gadgetry. Android powered phones, hardened for combat, do 90% of what a soldier needs, including adding a little protection (like the old cigarette cases of a far off time).


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