When Keeeeeeeeeeeev Falls

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It’s telling, isn’t it, that the apparat of power in this country is far more determined to criminally prosecute the Orange Man over the malum prohibitum of alleged paying of his own hush money to a woman who might embarrass him about his small hands (and other things) than the malum in se of  “warp speeding” the dangerous drugs millions of people were all-but-forced to take and which made billions for the greasy likes of Albert Bourla, the head drug-pusher of Pfizer.

It shows – just the right word – that it is all a show, put on for our not-benefit. It is a kind of malignant WWF, in which the “face” (that would be Trump) is beset by the “heel” (Biden) who has his minions do things like smash a chair over his head, from behind. Cue the shrieks of anger from the spittle-spewing old ladies and beer-addled Blutos sitting ringside.

Kill ‘im!

Meanwhile, Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev . . .  though probably not for much longer.

People who know the truth and are willing to say it, such as Scott Ritter and retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor, are saying the regime headed by the actor picked to play the role of its leader is close to its end, having just about run out of cannon fodder to hurl at the Russians.

So – just in time – Orange Man!

Hopefully, in an orange jumpsuit. But even if not, it won’t matter because few will be saying anything about Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev – which is exactly why the Orange Man in being trumped-up.

It will take minds off the coming unglued of the narrative about how the stumblebum (but evil) Russians bit off more than they could chew and are reeling under the mighty blows of the righteous, always victorious, Ukrainian military – the finest our money could buy. It will simply not do to have Americans pay too much heed to the news of the penis-piano-playing actor exiting, stage left – probably with a great deal of whatever remains of our money, to live kind of like the last Shah of Iran in genteel retirement, having played his part.

What matters is that there aren’t scenes similar to those that played out when Kabul fell. Of course, this time there won’t be any American heavy-lift aircraft fleeing the scene, with desperate Ukrainians clinging to the wings.

In fact, the scene will be pretty good – for the Ukrainians, who will at last be liberated – by a man who wants peace, not war – who isn’t interesting in fighting until the last Ukrainian is put out of his misery. And it may be good for us, too – as the fall of Keeeeeeeeeeeev (that is, Zelensky’s regime) could and probably will lead to the fall of the absurdly obsolescent, obnoxiously wasteful and dangerous Cold War-era alliance called NATO – which has as much reason for being as a pair of bell bottom cords.

And if NATO collapses – God willing – so might the American hegemon, who will perhaps be fatally exposed as the doddering, piss-pants-smelling has been it is.

That would be real news as well as salutary news and this is why we’re being treated to “news” that is a show, about the indictment and prosecution of a man who ought indeed to face the music – but not for palming a few bucks to a side piece to get her to shut up and go away.

. . .

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  1. There is at least one light analog driver’s car left….proof that government regulations can be met without cars weighing 3000 to 5000 lb

    On of the lightest quick sports cars today, the Porsche Cayman is 3000 lb and is full of computer driver’s assists, has electric steering, a compromised design…the old, light, analog 911’s were far better….The new Lotus is over 3100 lb….Lotus used to a light car…..

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    No driver assists only Traction control, manual transmission, no power steering….fully analog you have to drive the car….the best track car and the ultimate experience car…

    750 kg. 1654 lb…..lightness matters….

    A super 7 (a 1957 design by Lotus), is the ultimate driving experience, buy or test drive one, it is a completely different experience. The most direct, analog, raw, visceral, unfiltered driving experience, perfect for the hard core driver enthusiasts, this is how a car should be, small, light, agile, fast, no frills, mechanical art made to go fast only

    A Donkervoort…. a Super 7 clone, with an Audi 1.8 lt. 20 valve turbo engine in 2003, 2004 had the world record lap time for any street legal car on the Nurburgring, (quite a bit faster then the tesla plaid lap time).

    Donkervoort F22

    The purest driving experience, best handling, lightest…… the best sports car, supercar….. exclusive only 75 made.

    curb weight 1654 lb…………500 HP

    That gives it a weight to power ratio of just under 3.4 lb/hp, which is better than that of a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport and on par with that of a McLaren P1.

    2.15 G cornering the best of any street legal car in the world


  2. The destruction of the west…

    the club of rome said….the west…. the G7…. were the polluters so all manufacturing was moved to china and india…this was reparations for the west being too successful and polluting……(the excuse)…..so all the manufacturing and wealth produced by it…. was transferred…impoverishing the west….

    the west is still in decline today….and india and china are booming…the governments never got your consent…china miracle?…it was given to them by the marxist globalists technocrats….the communist takeover….

    Now all the G7 governments have been taken over by the ccp/wef……forget about constitutional law and the ccp/wef taken over crooked courts protecting you…….


  3. I look forward to seeing the faces of the libtards when Keeeeeeeeeev falls. It will a bad day in Libtardland. What did they think, that this fake president, this gay television actor Zelensky was going to defeat Mother Russia and roll tanks through Red Square?

    Trump is being persecuted because these fools are mad as hell the war didn’t go the way they wanted, they are having a hissy fit, Trump has become the whipping boy for failed Libtard world of rainbow unicorns. NPR said today Trump is facing up to 125 years in prison on his 34 felony counts. Trump should flee to Israel, they even name a place Trump heights after him. He should go build a golden palace and make himself king.

    Vanity Fair – Trump Declares Himself “King of Israel,” the “Second Coming of God”

    As far as Kiev falling, Putin said he never wanted to end Ukraine and take it over, he wanted to stop the Ukraine threat, which he now has, and Lavrov has asked for cease fire and peace talks. China is now trying to broker a peace deal. But IMO that is not likely, because the plan is to egg on Russia to march on Europe. I have presented a scenario for this here in the comment section:

    see my comment dated April 3, 2023 at 1:09 pm
    Yukon Jack’s End of Europe Scenario (updated 2 Apr 2023)

    Copy and paste this image into your browser: https://i.imgur.com/Q2T8vBm.jpg

    IMO, the game in play is to destroy Christian Europe. Russia will be taunted to first take Ukraine, then Poland, etc. Today Putin increased the Russian army to 1.5 million. North Korea wants to send 50,000 troops to the front lines.

    I know this all sounds incredible, but hear me out, read the comment link above. Tell me what you think.

    • The ccp and wef are working together to put in a one world communist government….the G7 governments are all ccp/wef controlled now..

      Later on the ccp will turn against the wef/un and wipe them out, leaving the ccp in control of the planet..

      Later on russia will have to fight china too, the ccp want the the resources there….

      Maybe the current war was setup by the ccp to bleed out it’s enemies…the U.S./nato and russia….

  4. https://theinternationallegion.org/

    You can volunteer for Ukraine if you

    have any combat experience
    know first-hand how to handle weapons
    are confident in military and high-stress situations
    have a strong will to defend world peace
    are ready to join right now


  5. In the short run at least NATO is going to expand as Sweden and Finland join.

    However Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia are now trading without the U.S. dollar, and OPEC just decided to cut production this year.

    Looks like the world is gearing up to give Uncle Sham and his LGBTQIA++ Empire a kick in the crotch, which may or may not have any balls…

  6. FauxNews: “A popular Canadian conservative activist named Chris Elston aka “Billboard Chris” was violently assaulted at a pro-trans rally in Vancouver, Canada Friday by multiple crazed activists.”

    Just before Hitler came to power, he joined the NSDAP and battled the Commies on the streets of Berlin.

    History is making a full circle, the Jews have gone to far, and people are going to start organizing violent resistance to Jew homo tranny insanity.

    The world seeks it’s new leader to clean the scum out of society. Hitler was arrested, Trump may be arrested. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in jail, this time I expect the Bolsheviks will be all to aware, and ‘disappear’ Mr. Trump.


    Simian kicks redneck’s truck, gets instant justice:


    If they shit can Trump that may be the last straw.


    Is Amerika infrastructure under a Zionist sabotage attack?

    “America is a golden calf” – Netanyahu




  7. So can I expect to see Clinton (both), Bush the lesser, Obama & Biden be put on trial also?
    I mean for real stuff, like illegal wars, bribery, violating human rights, murder of civilians, war crimes & terrorism.

    Or do we just prosecute piddly stuff for political issues and let real crimes slide as the price of international strong arming?

  8. I thought this was an excellent article by David Stockman on Lew Rockwell’s site:


    He goes into great detail about how the Orange Man’s paying-off of his former consorts should be the least of his, and our, problems.

    “We detail the Donald’s miserable record as a big spender, easy money-man, hard-core protectionist, immigrant-basher, militarist and all-around statist below, but we need to puncture divisively the myth of the Great MAGA Economy right up front.”

    ..And the despotic travesty of our Warp Speed to Hell was also not lost on him.

  9. The goal is not have a successful war, the goal is to wash money from the taxpayers in the US and Europe and into the hands of the global elite, that’s what Julian Assange said.

    Madeline Albright would agree, 250,000 Ukrainians and many thousands of Russians, worth it all… for the global elite.

    The Marines were attacked back in 1983 along with French soldiers in Beirut, that makes it going on 40 years of bilking taxpayers for everything they’ve got.

    You deserve nothing and you should be happy!

    So what if Zelensky has it all?

    Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Grenada, the Panamanian Strong Man went to the hoosegow, then Serbia and Clinton the Clown, then 911 and Dubya, Iraq and Afghanistan, then the Senator from Chicago, more Afghanistan, then the President from Chicago, then Trump.

    Now Biden, no more Afghanistan, Ukraine is where it’s all at now.

    War after war after war after war after war. Genug!

    Something is not right. Until you start following the money.

    Julian Assange said it some time ago now, all he can do is bang pots and pans, thought criminal number one is thinking it over these days.

  10. I think the Orange Fail indictment was/is cover for burying the Jan 6 fakery. What kind of person would you have to be to have been one of the many (mostly?) military/cop provocateurs that day? Just following orders. Paycheck now please.

  11. “Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.”
    -Grand Moff Tarkin, Star Wars IV -A New Hope.

    Turns out having the biggest weapon (in the case of the US its checkbook), doesn’t guarantee victory after all. I only hope the banks will be happy with whatever assets were seized from Russia and not demand the US take action to help out “our” ally who happens to owe the banks billions in lend-lease.

    Of course they won’t! But the fools who got us into this mess also know full well the public has no appetite for war, so they’ll just put the taxpayer up as collateral, like they always do. Can’t have another Word War over a land dispute in Eastern Europe. That didn’t work out so well last time.

  12. I have to wonder how much of this is just wishful thinking – the fall of Keeeev, collapse of leviathan, Boobus waking up and taking back his country from the destructors, trains stop derailing, end of woke/DEI, rounding up of would-be kid fuckers, ad nauseum. Yet all this vile crap goes on and on, every day a bit worse than the day before. What seems unsustainable sustains itself nevertheless. How is this even possible? A fetid sewer of breakdown, depravity and violence that continues like the fucking Energizer Bunny. How it has gotten this far is a mystery, but I also don’t see any apparent reason for it to end and we seemingly have a long way to go before it will.

    • Hi BAC,

      Don’t lose hope just yet. I know it is difficult. I struggle with it every single day. It takes a pot of coffee and other things besides to get me out of bed at 4 and dealing with this stuff. But – here’s what I think, in brief:

      People like us – normal, well-meant people who just want to live/work in peace – are almost desperate to avoid what might be necessary, precisely because we are normal and well-meant, whatever our eccentricities and quirks. It is very hard for us to get pushed… but a point comes at which we have been pushed beyond endurance and when that point has been reached, may God have mercy on these people.

      Because we won’t.

      • Hi Eric,

        There are Democrat politicians in the Oregon Legislature who seem hell bent on DISARMING law abiding Oregonians who own firearms but haven’t harmed anyone, even going so far as to attempt a work around against a judge’s ruling that, for now, placed a hold on an AWFUL anti-gun law called Measure 114. It barely passed last year, but supporters of it in the legislature have gotten quite arrogant indeed, even proposing stuff that has been ruled unconstitutional elsewhere in the country. As if they weren’t brazen enough, now there’s even an anti-gun bill that, if passed, would effectively say that any lawsuits against it can ONLY be done in ONE county in the whole state. I’ve never heard of anything so blatantly ridiculous. Republican politicians do have a tool to try to stop these egregious bills through denial of quorum by walking out, but so far they seem unwilling to do so, be it from cowardice or fear of some awful measure voters stupidly passed last year saying that politicians who have more than 10 unexcused absences in the legislative session can’t run for reelection.

      • And I’m all out of coffee too.

        I really can’t stand stupid people anymore and that’s a huge problem for me. Let’s say through some tribulations we rid the world of this cancerous elite. Then what? This woolly stupid fold is still there staring blankly, just waiting, or begging, to be sheared and slaughtered again.

      • Hope is the cope dope while you tread water in hell. My bets are on Rothschild taunting Putin to take Kiev, then Poland, Germany, and march all the way across Europe destroying everything in the path of Mother Russia’s army. The game in play, I believe, is that the Zionists are making a move to destroy European Christian culture – that is why they staged the Notre Dame fire, because that is the prime symbol of Christian Europe.

        I Pet Goat 2 PREDICTED the Notre Dame Fire! MUST WATCH!

        Did you know that Michelle Obama (aka Michael Robinson, Obama’s high school gay lover) was on a photo tour during the fire, and was photographed with the cathedral in flames reflecting in the wine glass. No accident, it was a message to us.


    • Hi BAC,

      I understand where you are coming from and the absolute disgust that you feel. It is like living in Bizzaro World.

      Just in the last 24 hours the CMAs (Country Music Awards) had performances with drag queens and is now joining anti gun groups. Anheuser Busch put a guy dressed like a chick on a beer can congratulating her “year of womanhood.” WTH!

      Does Bud Light and country music know who their fans are?!?! Merle Haggard would have never done this. I just can’t figure out where this is going and what will be the final outcome.

      • How many trans induhviduals drink Bud light? Think about the potential for growth! They don’t care about existing drinkers, because they are a shrinking market anyway. Besides, the “price concious consumer” of their product is just going to buy whatever’s on special anyway. So either Bud Light or Keystone depending on the week.

        Meanwhile, there’s a number of people who are going to buy the product just to mock the can. You might remember Generic Beer, with the white can, black label and barcode. Great fun for five minutes.


      • Hi RG

        Disgust doesn’t even begin to cut it. Something broke in me sometime in March 2020, when they decided to kill off all that was good, sacred, holy, and normal. Then they salted the earth with diapers, warp speeds, riots, and mayhem. Then they seeded psychosis, division, and hatred, while they poisoned the ignorant and helpless. Then they sent Ukraine to Valhalla, burned our food, wrecked our transportation, and poisoned our homesteads. Now they want to destroy our wealth, turn our women butch, and fuck our kids. The beer and CMA stuff is just to rub the noses of the hoi polloi in it. The Orange Ass made all of this inevitable. And still he gets held up as some Man on a Horse. Puke.

  13. I doubt NATO will fall Eric. It would certainly be a welcome news for peace loving peoples the world over. The American Empire has reached a stage of its life cycle where it now lashes out like a wounded and dangerous beast. Best to steer clear of anything queer, avoiding the madness of crowds

    The best outcome would be if the whole rotten Atlantic edifice Died Suddenly along the Potomac. Collapsing Ozzymandis style into the surrounding fetid swamp. Distractions will fly around at a fevered pitch. Cant have more than a small segment of the population waking up. All the truth bombs dropped and exploded the last three years, and we still only have about 25-30% who see past the ‘Show that Never Ends.’

    Seems the empire might have misjudged. That or their well has run dry. They gain less and less purchase, in terms of compliance and narrative value by recycling the same script, yet still they persist. Every false flag shooting, all the incidents of transgendered kiddie fuckery, and Oranges Mans constantly grabbing a certain part of the population by the Pee hole, becomes less shocking and less interesting.

    My hope is that when this collapse comes, the rest of the world will leave us alone to work out our own problems, as we always have. Thats probably more than we deserve seeing as how we’ve been all up in everyones business for the better part of the last 60 years.

    • Hi Norman,

      One thing that’s clear is the now-pervasive cynicism, accompanied by widespread nihilism. People sense the ungluing; that nothing is holding this wagon together except inertia and the absence – so far – of a cliff to fall over. But I suspect that’s up ahead and not too far off.

      This week – and the next several – could prove to be very . . . interesting.

      • Wish you could bottle this, Eric. Sums up my feelings on where we find ourselves. Somewhere between despair and fuck it. But I have kids, and feel they deserve a future.

        • Exactly, BAC!

          I haven’t got kids, but my sense of duty – to the future, to civilization (including the one I was bequeathed and had the good fortune to grow up in) impel me to stand up and do whatever is in my power to do.

          I hope to live for many years to come. But life is not the most precious thing we have in this life.

      • Thats an excellent take Eric. Nothing is holding this wagon together except inertia and the absence of a cliff.

        The producers of the world have pushed their chairs back from the table and stood up in unison. We should know by summer if they sit back down or step away from the table completely. I suspect the edge of that cliff is much closer than we think. Most Murikins wont even see it until its too late. All the Kool kids have their faces buried in their phones.

    • Oh, NATO will fall, because it is wholly dependent upon the formerly almighty dollar, which isn’t so almighty any more. The US/EU, like the Ukrainians, have run out of ammo. The ECB is in even worse shape than the US Federal Reserve. They decided to poke Russia and China in the eye with a sharp stick. It backfired on them big time. The world existed before the US, and it will exist long after its suicide.
      The US Defense budget is more than twice that of China and Russia combined, but they can’t stop a weather balloon?

  14. I wish for the same as you Eric, NATO reached its expiration date when the Soviet Union fell, the Berlin Wall came down, and the Warsaw Pact dissolved. Bet there were many sleepless nights for the neocon warmongers wondering how to keep the grift going and the money flowing their way. Funny (not) how no Clowngress critters ever suggest cutting the Pentagram budget to reduce the deficit; instead they pile on even more money and start pushing for WWIII against China. I keep hoping for the asteroid to land on DC.

  15. I think most Americans have forgotten about Ukraine. It isn’t on anyone’s radar except the media. Seriously, I am seeing significantly less yellow and blue flags than I did a year ago. If Ukraine fell most Americans would shrug their shoulders and go about their day.

    As I stated the other day the arrest of Trump is carrot on the stick to take the focus off of the China and Brazil foreign currency agreement. It also takes the focus off of Japan buying Russian gas – so much for that NATO agreement “we will all hang together or hang separately”. Separate it is then! Did I mention the surprise oil cut that was administered yesterday by OPEC? If you own a couple shares of Exxon stock, today will be a good day for you though.

    The USSA has been kicked to the curb and when she tries to call everyone around is ghosting her. The mojo (aka money) is gone. Who wants to hang out with the old senile guy who can’t walk down a flight of airplane stairs without tripping and who continuously has no clue what the hell is going on around him? The answer is no one.

    What does the USSA do when the going gets tough? Send Kamala to Zambia, that’s what! As the media fawns over her and how she was warmly embraced. Yeah, well most of us would be warmly embraced if we started handing out hundreds of millions of dollars for someone to be our friend. “Here is a check for $150 million please say something nice about the US.” If this doesn’t shriek of desperation, I don’t know what does.

    If the USSA has any chance of saving herself (and it is pretty slim) she must throw out this woke garbage, let diversity, equity, and inclusion actually DIE, and get back to productivity. This is about survival. If you don’t work, you starve. The only qualifications should be the ability to work hard and merit. We need brains and brawn not befuddled and brittle.

    • “Who wants to hang out with the old senile guy”
      Who is in charge of bankrupting the US. The reason no one pays attention to him is that he has nothing to bribe them with anymore.

      • Hi John,

        You don’t think Kamala going to Zambia was helpful for foreign diplomatic relations? 😉 I was hoping she was going because the country has a good amount of resources in copper, cobalt, gold, and silver, and maybe we were looking at expanding our trade routes. Not a chance. China and Russia already have it cornered. She did discuss climate change though. What a waste of Air Force Two and American tax dollars.

        • Well, it did get her out of the US, which is a good thing for the Democrat Psychopaths In Charge. Less chance of embarrassing them.

  16. I think under the circumstances, Putin has been remarkedly restrained. We engineered a coup that took out a friendly to Russia legally elected president and had a pro Marxist-Democrat tyrant installed. Then *we*, I mean the Marxist Democrats, use Ukraine as a corrupt playground to money launder USA dollars into Marxist-Democratic political campaigns. Putin then takes back the Crimea which was given to Ukraine by Russian Khrushchev because he felt guilty about being part of Stalin’s regime that killed 6-MM Ukrainians in the 30’s…sorry. Then Bite-me and his minions start making noise about Ukraine joining NATO to keep their corrupt playground going. Putin had enough and invaded. He hasn’t run a meat grinder down through Keeeeee….v so far and took back Russian speaking areas which were under attack by Ukrainian mob gangs. Then Bite-me blows up his and Germany’s gas pipeline (an act of war). Putin hasn’t used that as an excuse for yet more carnage.
    Putin is a thug. But maybe not quite as a bad thug he is getting in the press compared to our regime’s behavior.

    • Hi Hans,

      There are concerns that the Biden Thing will bring back the draft in the name of “Getting rid of Bad Man Putin”. If that actually happens, I suspect we’ll see MASS protests against that and burning of draft cards like what we saw during the Vietnam War.

      There are also people bent on starting World War III. If the elitists and Neocons behind that succeed, they should send their own sons and daughters to war, but instead they’ll likely send The Deplorables’ (to use Hillary Clinton’s term for non-elitist people) sons and daughters to war instead.

      • I never have, and still don’t understand how conscription squares with the Constitutional prohibition against “involuntary servitude”. Because it doesn’t. A nation that has to subscribe to conscription to “defend itself” does not deserve defense.

    • Don’t forget about the corporate marxist Republicans who have there hands in the money laundering cookie jar. Sometime last year there was a report about the Romneys moving money through Kiev. I’m sure the Bush’s aren’t too far behind.

  17. Martin Armstrong has also been posting stories on his website about Ukraine, Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev, and Zelensky, and the Neocons in our government who’ve been pushing for endless war for years, particularly against Russia.


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