Orange Man Bad and Keeeeeeeeeev?

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Is it a coincidence that Orange Man’s indictment on Thursday coincides with what appears to be – to those paying attention – the imminent collapse of the Malabar Front (to borrow from Orwell) by which I mean the Kievian Regime of Wolodmyr Zylensky?

Reports from the Malabar Front – the area around Bakhmut – have been oddly silent for a couple of weeks now. No Huge Offensives – by the Ukrainians. No disastrous retreats – and routes – of the overmatched Russians. The only piece of news of late purveyed by “the media” – that is to say, the PR arm of the corporate-government nexus that controls the news and tells you what you’re allowed to know – has been the supposed downing of a single Russian aircraft.

There has been no news at all about the meat-grinding by the Russians of what’s left of Zelensky’s forces, which have been decimated, apparently, to the tune of more than 150,000 casualties thus far. There are reports – you have to look for them since “the media” will not report them – that Zelensky’s regime is calling up what amounts to the Volksturm – that is, old men and teenage boys – to replace the fighting-age men who no longer exist, courtesy of the Russian meat-grinder.

How long will it be before we see footage of Zelensky (perhaps with his left hand shaking uncontrollably) handing out medals to young boys, in the shelled and burnt ruins of Keeeeeeev?

To those paying attention, it seems imminent. And it will be a disaster, not only for the Kievians but also for the arrogant and callous greedheads and poltroons who put the Ukrainian people into the Russian meat-grinder for the sake of propping up the loathsome actor who performed recently at the U.S. Capitol. It will not look good when it becomes impossible to deny what is happening.

Look! A squirrel!

An orange pompadoured one, frog-marched (or maybe not) before a judge, to be formally charged with a trumped-up misdemeanor – or 36 of them, apparently – in order to create the impression that a Great Crime has been committed, so as to prevent attention being drawn to the great crime that has been committed. One that has cost Ukraine hundreds of thousands of needless dead and largely laid ruin to the country. Of a piece with the ruin – and then, vamos! – visited upon Afghanistan, Iraq and . . . well, you get the picture.

But this time, it may be impossible to get people to look at the squirrel rather than the story. There will be consequences when Keeeeeeev crumbles. Zelensky, himself, may avoid his very own Ceaușescu Moment (the reference here is to the summary execution of the former dictator of Romania by enraged Romanians, who’d finally had their fill of him) and retire, very comfortably, to what is reported to be his $34 million “villa” in Florida. But there is no avoiding the utter route and humiliation of what is styled The West, as manifested in the form of NATO, the derelict Cold War-era alliance that ought to have gone out of existence when the Cold War ended (some 30 years ago) that Vladimir Putin is now putting out of existence.

And, good riddance.

Perhaps it will also put paid to the other regime. The one headquartered in DC, that is responsible for this and so many other debacles and atrocities. It seems every time one of these threatens to garner and hold too much of the general public’s diminished capacity to pay attention, something arises to distract and  occupy their attention. You may recall, as an example, the Chinese Spy Balloon – which coincidentally began its slow flight across the U.S. at just the moment the doddering old pedophile was being embarrassed by revelations about “classified documents” found in several caches.

Look! A squirrel! 

And – just like that – attention shifted and after it did, there was little if any attention paid to the “classified documents.”

So this may be another attempt to do the same. There will probably be nothing on “the news” (i.e., what you’re allowed to hear) for the next several days- or weeks – except “news” about the bad ol’ Orange Man and how very, very bad it was for him to have finagled hush money to a side-piece of his, who was at least a grown woman and unrelated to him who entered into the transaction of her own volition.

But it will not prevent the greasy turd from seeping through the carpet.

And it may result in something else that is much more substantive than just another distraction.

. . .

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  1. I wish you guys used to live under russian rule in commie period somewhere in the middle-east Europe or moved for a while to GREAT RUZZIA idk for 6 months 🙂 no one of you guys would choose Russia over gayrope and lgbtUSA what ever you call your own country xD even oligarchs children are leaving russian shithole sending kalmuks from deep siberia and muslim from caucasus to the frontline instead 🙂 you conclowns are funny.

  2. Have you all noticed that the Trump indictment news headline has pushed the Ukraine war propaganda to the back burner and right off the stove? The idiotic leftist lunacy narrative that Ukraine could “roll tanks through Red Square by this summer” has met the reality that a private mercenary Wagner group has taken the admin building in downtown Bakmut. I have read that once the fortified front line was defeated it would be clear sailing to Kiev.

    Trump is literally the whipping boy of the crazed left now having a fit that their beloved Ukraine gay tranny child organ harvesting shit hole is being defeated. Trump is going to bear the brunt of the looney left anger. I fully expect Trump to be 86ed, sent to Gitmo, or something really bad. They literally want to shut him up for good.

    Trump represents the focal point for white Christian conservative Amerika – and the left hates whites, hates Christians, hates conservatives, and hates Amerika. Thus these new Bolsheviks, led no less by “Uncle Joe” (joe biden = joe stalin) are now shredding the rule of law for the rule by Gay Perv Commies.

    IMO Trump is in huge trouble.

    • democracy means the right to trial by jury by your peers…that is long gone…it is near impossible to get a trial by jury and it sure won’t be by your peers…….and if you did it is all manipulated, tilted and controlled….

      someone said you can’t even drag these bastards into a court of record now….all that is left is a corrupt ccp style court where they decide when to harvest your organs….

  3. What EXACTLY is Agenda21? Sandi Adams and Richard Vobes….

    Agenda 2021 has roots back to the Earth Summit in 1992 attended by most world governments….the government signed on to it…without any consultation with the public…..and the problems started… the Earth summit had roots way back to the Club of Rome narrative….at the Earth Summit in 1992, maurice strong said we may have to destroy the industrial civilization to save the world…the wef was started in 1968…

    After the war, eugenics-promoting organizations and think tanks changed their names while continuing their work, morphing into new forms by the 1960s such as the environmental movement, transhumanist movement, now we have the wef pushing this with the great reset.

    the World Economic Forum was co-founded by Maurice Strong, who was the main promoter of the climate change movement. ……King Charles the 3rd hired Schwab to run the WEF. The Origins of the World Economic Forum Go Back to the Third Reich nazis…..

    Dr Muller was the creator of the UNESCO programs and the Common Core education system. Muller and Strong created the United Nations University at Mt Rasur where they communicate with a demon called Rasur….a satanic connection…

    Maurice Strong was creator of Agenda 21…he was a devoted communist….. along with his buddies Prince Phillip and Charles and Ted Turner. Someone said Turner put up the georgia guidestones that says the population should be 500 million only…..eugenics…..

    at the Maurice Strong Baca Grande hippie commune…. where Laurence Rockefeller say’s he met the Devil…..the satanic connection….

    Maurice strong had very strong China connections, loved the communists, was a devoted communist… so was p. e. trudeau and blackface…now the whole government has been taken over by the wef/ccp…in all G7 countries…

    @ 17:00 in video…..this CO2 narrative was just set up to make money….they don’t care about CO2…only as a money making narrative…

    The agenda 2021 came from the technocracy movement in the 1930’s…it was reinvented in 1971 as a communist system…

    @ 28:07 the club of rome said….the west…. the G7…. were the polluters so all manufacturing was moved to china and india…this was reparations for the west being too successful and polluting…so all the manufacturing and wealth produced by it…. was transferred…impoverishing the west….the west is still in decline today….and india and china are booming…the governments never got your consent…china miracle?…haha…it was given to them….

    @ 28:58 at the Club of Rome the depopulation agenda was planned…

    # 34:40 they decided….man is the enemy….watch out….and all the politicians are in agreement….

    @ 34:40 a crisis was discussed to get control of all mankind…global warming or famine because man was the enemy…they use war, plandemics and famine as tools

    @ 41:15 by 2029 all airports will be closed, all cars banned

    • now you know why all the well paid manufacturing jobs are gone…leaving only low paid service industry jobs like fast food restaurants…or uber low paid gig work….they were all exported to china by the communist western leaders like brandon….so china is booming, taking over….the G7 is in decline…getting worse daily….

      the club of rome said….the west…. the G7…. were the polluters so all manufacturing was moved to china and india…this was reparations for the west being too successful and polluting…

      so all the manufacturing and wealth produced by it…. was transferred…impoverishing the west….the west is still in decline today….and india and china are booming…the governments never got your consent…china miracle?…haha…it was given to them….

  4. And now there are 4….. The Epoch Times reports that fmr Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is now running for President, seeking the “R” nomination. The other Rs running for President are fmr President Donald Trump, fmr South Carolina Governor/ fmr UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

  5. As predicted, the neo-Bolsheviks are going to put a gag order on Trump. The want to shut him up for good.

    Twitter: “JUST IN: NY judge reportedly issuing gag order on Trump, threatening 30 days in jail.”

    If I was Trump I would hightail it out of Gulag Amerika, head for Israel, get some extradition immunity. Trump made Israel great again, so they ought to return the favor for him kowtowing to every Israel demand. The Don could build a new Mar Largo in Trump Heights.

    What Trump may not know is that they are probably planning on sending him to Gitmo and then 86ed. The Demoncrap Communists do not give a sh-t that this will enrage patriots, they welcome it, as they can use any resistance to lock everyone down.

    The Bolshevik tactics are outlined in ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Read it free here:

    • the Earth summit had roots way back to the Club of Rome narrative….at the Earth Summit in 1992, maurice strong said we may have to destroy the industrial civilization to save the world…the wef was started in 1968…

      Maurice Strong was creator of Agenda 21…he was a devoted communist….. along with his buddies Prince Phillip and Charles and Ted Turner. Someone said Turner put up the georgia guidestones that says the population should be 500 million only…..eugenics…..

      Maurice strong had very strong China connections, loved the communists, was a devoted communist…like brandon

      now all the G7 have ccp/wef controlled governments

  6. It’s Palm Sunday! Thank you, Jesus!

    Lead us not into temptation, deliver us from evil.

    Why not? Not gonna happen says Joe the Biden the Stalin.

    Time to ignore all of the Washington shitheads. Ya dumbasses.

    If diversity, equity, and inclusion were exhibited anywhere here, it would be in Atlanta, Georgia. A statue of William Tecumseh Sherman could be commissioned to be mounted and displayed in some memorial fashion in downtown Atlanta.

    If Seattle can have a statue of Lenin, then Atlanta must display a statue of Sherman the Pyromaniac, I demand it. Also, a healthy population of the Ku Klux Klan needs to move to Seattle. It’s only fair. More diversity is better than none.

    The mayor of Atlanta wrote a letter to General Sherman imploring him to not attack and to spare Atlanta, which fell on deaf ears. The letter is dated September 11, 1864.

    Sherman did reply to Mayor Calhoun.

    Undoubtedly, the letter to the mayor can be construed as ‘with bias’.

    “We must have Peace, not only in Atlanta, but in All America. To secure this, we must stop the war that now desolates our once happy and favored country. To stop war, we must defeat the rebel armies which are now arrayed against the laws and Constitution that all must respect and obey.”

    “We don’t want your negroes, or your horses, or your houses, or your hands, or any thing that you have, but we do want and will have a just obedience to the laws of the United States.”

    – General William Tecumseh Sherman

    An unwavering military mind is kind of hard-headed, what you get when war is waged. That won’t change. Besides, Sherman was only following orders, not responsible.

    It was a mostly peaceful Civil War.

    Putin is writing the same letter to the mayor of Kiev and for Ukraine. It’s going to be war until Putin says there is mostly peaceful peace.

    Action figure General Sherman or Action figure Vladimir Putin?

    One and only one will sell in Atlanta, me thinks. Action figure Zelensky doesn’t sell in Moscow.

    Bakhmut is Atlanta in today’s world.

    The same people who finance Antifa finance Maidan and Ukraine.

    It’s a friendly slaughter, just another hard day on the planet, gettin’ harder to understand it.

    100 billion dollars to watch Russia meat-grind Ukraine into the ground like a cow driving a coyote into mush is what you see happening.

    Sorry if you are offended by the Sherman to/as Putin analogy.

    Even if you think it is a poor analogy, it is still a good one.

  7. They need another distraction. Watch for someone to hold a pillow over Jimmy’s face like they did to Judge Scalia. That would hold the people’s and msm attention for a couple of weeks.

  8. It’s all about the money. The grifters in Congress will hang Ukraine out to dry when they’ve bled the last penny out of it.
    China has been quietly making inroads with many other countries. This is the real story. Many countries have been ditching the US dollar. BRICS and others are now trading between themselves with their own currencies and gold.
    When those US bonds start to drop in value, there will be a rush for the exit. Then it’s over.

    • Or Israel is done with the US and is looking for stronger allies.

      I am a firm believer that Zelensky is cooperating with China and Russia. This was a play to drain the bank accounts and military armory of the USSA and NATO so China could conqueror Taiwan without a peep and then move toward the countries in the South China Sea. Putin’s hope is to rebuild Mother Russia and Zelensky is in it for the money.

      The USSA has been bled dry. Very much like the Old Don in the Mafia movies. He has lost his power and control is being wrestled from his hands from those younger and more able. Obviously, our government isn’t bright enough to let her die with dignity and in peace, but will wring every last drop from her like a good leech. It is sad to watch a once resourceful and plentiful nation die this death, but I look at the current President and I can’t help but see that an decrepited old man with Alzheimer’s is lauding over us. The similarities are striking.

        • I don’t believe anything I said was the least bit antisemitic. I also believe Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, and many other countries are doing the exact same thing. The USSA has become weak. Our reserves have dried up and we are no longer the big boy on the block. Countries are going to go where the money and the power is and the USSA isn’t it.

  9. It’s all kosher theatre, all of it. Trumpstein, jewlenski, biden, putin…actors on a stage, putting on a show for the cattle. Dancing to the tune demonose decrees. Lookie over here while we poison you, destroy your infrastructure, food supply, money, the minds of your children, your heritage, history and self esteem. Read their own words, their books…they want you dead or chipped and enslaved. You’re witness to thousands of years of Evil planning coming to fruition, a front row seat to the show.

    • True, Celticbiker. That can be easily proven by observing how they chose to let Trump slide on the business and ‘tax fraud’ charges (They’ll just prosecute ‘others’ in his organization…even though he knew about it for at least 10 years and had final say)….but put on a show trial like they did for Slick Willy, so they can let him slide, while making good theater for the dumb voters and appeasing their respective audiences.

      If anything, the theater does far more to expose the hypocrisy of voters than anything else. I was just pointing this out to some conservative relatives today who were bitching about Trump being prosecuted ‘over such a silly thing’- yet they were screaming for blood over Slick Willy’s escapades.

      Seems like pride keeps people from ever acknowledging any fault with those whom they support. Just say the right words to distinguish yourself from ‘the other side’, even though your actions are no different than theirs, and even help their agendas; and even engage in the most irreputable behavior which any decent conservative- nay, any decent person would condemn….and keep blathering on about how ya ‘saved 100 million lives by foisting the clot-shot upon the country….and they will still love you and support you and act as if you can do no wrong, even though you are doing the EXACT thing they abhor and condemn when done by those on ‘the other team’.

      It’s utter insanity. I don’t know what’s scarier: The knowledge that in reality, the average person does not have a say as to what goes on- or the thought of what might be if they did!

    • People forget, or never knew, the high inflation in 2021 and 2022 was caused by unprecedented federal budget deficits in 2020 and 2021, which were funded indirectly by Federal Reserve Bank credit creation in 2029 and 2921. Both federal budgets were signed by Republican President Trump, after being approved by a Republican Senate and Democrat House.

      • You are right, Richard. The increase in inflation started under Trump. The COVID money (PPP loans, stimulus checks, etc.). Biden just continued the spending (the advanced child tax credits, the fake infrastructure bill, the green energy plans, etc.).

        There is no difference between either party. All they know how to do is spend. Personally, I am sick and tired about the Republicans preaching about reducing expenses. Cut welfare! Send it to Lockheed Martin instead! How about slashing 15% across the board? And not with their fake bloated numbers where they tuck a bunch of pork into it and parade it around like they have done something special.
        A true and honest cut. If the budget is $6.2 trillion then automatically slash $930 billion. It is what every household in America has to do when expenses begin exceeding income.

        • Yep. Remember when Trump called Thomas Massie a third rate congressman because he wanted a voice vote on covid spending?

  10. What is the fate of the bad orange man? Is Donald Trump playing 4D chess like the Q theorists say? Will DJT sweep the 2024 elections and rise to victory, then crush the Demoncrap Communists under his second term?

    In my opinion, not a chance. I think they are going to put him away for good, let me explain what I think is really going on. Amerika is currently being rolled by the neo-Bolsehviks and is slated for destruction, and this is currently being carried out with the weekly train derailments, factory fires, food line disruptions.

    IMO the Norte Dame Cathedral fire was a shot across the bow, as Michelle Obama was there on a river cruise and photographed with the burning cathedral reflecting in her wine glass:

    That was a statement of their intentions. They are going to wipe out the Christian civilization in Europe. Ukraine is going to rise as the new bigger Israel, a glorious Khazar mafia headquarters brokering energy flows from east to west, see map:

    See this article: ‘Makow- Jewish Leader Described Plot to Destroy Civilization’

    And indeed, Zelensky has proclaimed that Ukraine will be rebuilt in the image and likeness of Israel, a bigger Israel, a security state:

    And since the Zionists control the US Congress, that would explain all the fawning over Zelensky when he gave his speech this winter, Congress gave him standing ovations and so far the Biden regime has forked over $200 billion, no small chunk of change – this when Social Security goes unfunded, is facing bankruptcy in 10 years, yet USA taxpayers are currently funding the Ukraine government and all the pensions.

    The inquiring mind begs to know what the hell is really going on here? Well here is my theory that matches the facts. The plan is to wipe white Christianity off the map, especially in Europe, which is the worldwide hub of that religion.

    If I was Rothschild and I wanted to destroy Christianity what I would do is arm Ukraine, install a puppet (Zelensky) who then attacks Russians in Donbass to provoke Russia to invade. Then I would send money and arms to Ukraine to keep the war going.

    I would start the destruction of christian peoples by having my puppet leader draft all males to go to the front line and have Russia execute them with artillery fire. I would send in Polish military units so that Russia starts shelling Poland also. Most of the Ukes and Poles are Christians, so I first would eliminate them by feeding them into the front line meat grinder – which Russian has no choice but to wipe them out as they are being attacked by the west.

    Then just before all the Christian Ukes are annihilated, and the war about lost, I would have my puppet president of Amerika, Biden, give Zelensky some tactical nukes to use on Russian forces, and make the war go beyond Ukraine bounderies. I would do everything possible, like send in Depleted Uranium munitions to get Russia to respond in kind with tactical nukes.

    Since all of Europe is wall to wall Christian churches and cathedrals, which I, Rothschild, want eradicated, I would taunt Putin (or his successor) to march his army all the way through Ukraine to Poland and beyond, destroying everything in their path, especially the entire European culture, especially Christian artifacts. I would have western forces set up their command bunkers in cathedral basements to force Russia to take them out with missiles.

    Just like in Amerika, the historical monuments will be leveled, memories erased. They did this also in Syria and Iraq, where Israel sponsored ISIS units smashed important Sumerian archeological sites.

    I would use my control of the Jew media to stoke the war, and send in all the German and French males, to eliminate them also. I would fast track the Baltic states into NATO, send them forbidden weapons, that cross the Russian red line, to get Russia to march on those states also. I would have my Jew media become completely belligerent against Russia, freeze her assets, never negotiate peace, or suggest anything reasonable.

    When the plebs rise up and revolt, I would use police forces to crush and destroy them too, I would send all the tanks and armor to the front line, so that Germany, Poland, France, and Britain have no defenses when Russian army arrives. I would have my Jews in Amerika, bankrupt her, so Amerika could not respond to save Europe. I would have my Zionist forces in Amerika systematically derail all trains, destroy private aviation, fuel supplies, food supplies, and the electrical grid so that Amerika is plunged into a severe economic depression, locked down by climate change policies.

    On Amerikan television, I would have my Jew agents foment hatred toward whites and Christians, with my control of the courts and media, I would foment blacks to attack whites, and not prosecute them. I would send in hordes of dirty brown Mexicans, then once infiltrated stoke them to kill whites also. I would have my Jew pharma vaxx all white girls sterile, if not outright kill them. I would use my demonic trannies attack Christian churches, and kill white children, then have my bought and paid for political whores laugh about whites being killed.

    I would also have my Zionists attack anyone as a dirty antisemite if they suggested that all of this was being orchestrated by Jew bankers. I would pass laws making antisemitism a crime, I would stage false flag attacks on synagogues to elicit sympathy for the Jews who were systematically destroying Amerika from behind the scenes.

    I would throw any patriot in jail and charge them with sedition, the leader of these nationalists, DJT would be publically handcuffed and humiliated, then thrown into the gulag at Gitmo. Trump is a symbol of the resistance, a rallying point for Christian white Amerikans, so obviously the “bad orange man” must be crushed.

    • Hi Jack,

      For the sake of discussion – and assuming your analysis is correct – the fly in the soup is Putin, who has been extremely careful to avoid escalating this to the nuclear level. He seems clearly to have limited and reasonable aims and is on the cusp of accomplishing them. Is it possible “they” will give that creep Zelensky a nuke to use against Russian forces. Yes – and God help us, if so.

      I am now “standing” with Putin, who for all his faults appears to loath the “woke” culture of the depraved West and seems to be a man who is a Russian nationalist and traditionalist. Were I 20 years old today, I would give serious though to expat’ing to Russia and building a life there.

      • Thanks for publishing my long comment, I like to say my stuff is radical, but it really isn’t, I am just saying what everyone will be saying in the near future. The real situation we are in is much much worse than we imagine. You have to give the elite’s credit, they think big and then they eliminate us, they want the whole planet, and they do not want 8 billion useless eaters, which is why they boldly went ahead with the death jab, that either sterilizes or kills outright. BTW, still to this day, Covid-19 has not been proven as a real virus.

        Many say Putin is being way to cautious, and a whole lot of Russian nationalists are getting tired of this special operation with kid gloves. Apparently the main Russian army has not engaged Ukraine, they are being held in reserve while a private contractor Wagner group, which recruited from prisons, has been doing most of the fighting. I don’t really know what is going on but I read alot and that is what others are saying.

        As far as tactical nukes go, well I hate to tell you they are already using them. Fukushima, Beirut, Syria, Iraq Veterans Today cataloged them. And if Blinken and Biden blew Nordstream, then what won’t they do? The also did 911 with nukes in the basement. So yeah, nukes are on the table, and if you remember Zelensky missiled some Polish potato farmers and demanded the west nuke Russia. Ukraine forces have also attempted several times to shell nuclear power plants and create a radiation plume for mother Russia, and now Britain is sending DU weapons.

        • You are correct. Thanks.
          As to “tactical nukes” being used to destroy the WTC, you are spot on. This is why building 7 had to come down as well. All three buildings are connected by underground tunnels. If building 7 were allowed to stand, increased radiation levels would have been detected. Future occupants of the building would have been subjected to increased radiation levels. The “jig” would have been up.
          Best regards,

    • In the news is more confirmation of a wider war – which I say is being orchestrated at the very top of the central bankster food chain – Rothschilds.

      Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu warn Britain

      “The United Kingdom announced not only the supply of tanks to Ukraine, but also shells with depleted uranium.”

      ” If this happens, Russia will be forced to respond accordingly, given that the West collectively is already beginning to use weapons with a nuclear component.”


      “Russian State TV host Vladimir Solovyov said:

      Until we punch the Europeans in the face one more time, the Europeans will not understand anything.

      But this time we won’t leave Europe, this time we won’t talk with Europe, we are not going to put up with Europe.

      The Poles want to be next? They’re not Ukrainians, we won’t treat them like brothers.

      We’ll f****** destroy all those cities on the count of one, not using the ground troops to do it.

      We’re the ones who feel sorry for Ukraine, but here [Poland] we’ll fight like the Americans in Iraq.

      I’m not sure about nuclear strikes, but with missile and air strikes I’m sure we’ll just f****** destroy them and we won’t even hesitate.”


      This pic is worth a thousand words, King Charles in not in charge of sh-t, he is a figurehead to the real power behind the throne:

      • Thats a good pic of fag Charles and how the world works. If I was Russia I would have already gone nuclear. Putin is a bit soft tbh. It’s fucking war there are no rules and we the West don’t have any.

        • Agreed, the west follows no rules, and the whole world is becoming frustrated with Russia and Putin holding back, for god’s sake they need to put the Amerikan and British leadership out of their misery like what you do with a rabid dog.

        • There may be no rules, but there most assuredly are considerations. The American people with the ultimate check and balance that the bill of rights/second amendment is, is one such. Corrupt and evil leadership including judges is another. The bad guys cannot win unless we blink, go soft, and dont say NO until our teeth bleed. A billion weapons in 100 million hands says so, even assuming 90% capitulate to evil.

  11. Thank God for Col. Douglas McGregor and Scott Ritter.

    With respect to Trump, his support may well have been galvanized with the banana republic’s kangaroo courts & useful idiot DA. But like in 2020, to paraphrase Stalin, it only matters who counts the votes.

    God give us the brains of Robert E. Lee, the balls of George Pickett, the integrity and faith of Stonewall Jackson, the political courage Jefferson Davis, and the toughness of the everyday man in gray. Amen.

    • Hi Mike,

      Amen. I think Lee’s great mistake was to invade the North rather than let the Yankees come to him and be slaughtered in a war on “foreign” soil, which I expect they would soon have lost their appetite for. Let cavalry ghosts like Forrest tear them to pieces and then disappear into friendly woods…

      • Lee acknowledged that Nathan Beddord Forrest’s talents were under used in the war. He was an early adopter of the power of mobile warfare. Lee while competent, led a conventional war as he was trained in not up to the task of facing a larger, better supplied enemy. Yes I wish I was twenty and could speak Russian.

  12. Alvin Bragg opened a can of worms for sure with this indictment of Fmr President Trump. But why stop with Trump? Going by the precedent that Bragg set, we have a few former Presidents who are still alive who should also be indicted, be it for war crimes, infringing on constitutional rights, etc. And why stop there? We could also indict politicians and bureaucrats who infringed on civil liberties, tried to force people to partake in a COVID vaxx experiment, or had a role in the COVID insanity people have been forced to endure the past few years, or even politicians who are trying to disarm their own citizens while shipping endless weapons to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev! and/ or freeing violent criminals from prison.

    And future Presidents could theoretically also be indicted if that President’s opposition simply hates him (or her if we ever get a female President) for one reason or another.

    And I read that fmr Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claimed that Trump had to PROVE his innocence. No, Nancy, it’s up to the government to prove that Trump committed the crimes he’s accused of, not the other way around. If there’s anything I learned from the years I watched Judge Judy, the burden of proof is on the accuser, NOT the accused.

    • > former Presidents who are still alive who should also be indicted, be it for war crimes
      We could start with The Shrub, for waging a war of aggression against Iraq, using lies as “justification.” Or is that only a crime when done by Germans?

      • Adi,

        Yes, W is one former President who could be indicted if we were to go by the precedent set by Alvin Bragg. Another one would be Barack Obama, who used drones against AMERICANS overseas when he was president. IIRC, Obama promised no more wars when he first ran for President, but after getting into office, we went to war against Libya and Syria. The US government definitely seems to thrive on endless war.

        • All the former presidents, if this is how it going to go from now on, should be indicted for various crimes. Clinton, Bush, Obama all have major skeletons in the closet. Biden is dirtier than dirt. They are opening a major can of worms by indicting Trump, and they don’t seem to care. It was kind of unwritten rule that you don’t indict former presidents. They got to ride off into the sunset no matter their crimes. And the charges are stupid things too. Like paying off those women were a big secret or something. Who the f**k cares?

          Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if it wasn’t partisan bull***t and was real crimes. Knowing you could be indicted after office. Would maybe lead to better behavior. Who am i kidding, it’s the swamp, it changes nothing. Republicans are too stupid to figure out how to indict Clinton, Biden and Obama. Clinton and Biden don’t even hide their crimes anymore. Obama still tries to look like he isn’t, but he is thick as thieves. He did that in Chicago big time, keeping his name away from dirt that covered everyone there.

          • Personally, I think the Clintons’ should be tried and shot for treason for giving all our military secrets to China. Shrub Jr for the illegal war in Iraq. And how about trying Carter just for being so damned stupid as to give away the Panama Canal (that WE BUILT) back to Panama, just so that the Chinese can now own & control it? Obama, for being an illegal president. I mean, I am not sure too many of them could not be indicted for something. Never mind all the worthless members of Congress: D’s and R’s alike. Could we throw in Jane Fonda for a bonus?

      • His real crime was being a tool. And signing the f#$k the Patriot(s) act. But the undeclared foreign war was a close second or a tie.

  13. I knew another psy-op campaign was underway when “they” changed the spelling of Kiev to Kyiv. Why? Who cares? All part of a Mossad/CIA operation to blind the sheep covid style I suppose. What a world.

    • Hi Mark,

      I have a good ear for things and this supercilious, cloying business of media-government people going out of their way to enunciate (and spell) the name of a foreign place in the manner of the locals is of a piece with the use of such oily words as “gender” rather than sex. It’s an attempt to posture as more intelligent/educated and sensitive than the deplorables who don’t know better. But have you ever heard a foreign media or government person drawling out Atlahnta, say?

      • Eric,

        The government also redefined words or used oily terms the past 20 years or so such as “Patriot Act”, “Affordable Care Act”, “gender affirming care”, “Safe and Effective COVID vaccines”, “The Science”, “Hybrid immunity”, “Lockdowns and masks save lives”, “Our Democracy”, etc. And now they’re trying it again with some awful bill called the RESTRICT Act. It’s framed as banning TikTok, but there’s language in the bill that, if passed, effectively gives the government broad powers to censor any speech on social media or the internet THEY don’t like or want the public to see.

      • >going out of their way to enunciate (and spell) the name of a foreign place in the manner of the locals
        And possibly getting it wrong, posers that they be.
        cf. “Roe-day-o” Drive (Beverly Hills, CA)
        Posturing Gringos do not trill the “R,” as would be correct Spanish.
        Hell, every redneck in Bakersfield knows the correct *English* pronunciation.
        Besides which, rednecks know how to pronounce WARshington. 🙂

  14. I have tried to find the actual indictment, charges against Trump in Manhattan for basically settling a civil suit for $$$. I have resolved many such a case. Hope they don’t indict me or my clients for paying money to people to go away and leave us alone. Insurance companies do it every day in thousands of Courts all across America. Maybe Lewinsky should go after Billy boy. Apparently statutes of limitation don’t matter anymore. But as she is “still among the living”. She was most probably “compensated” for her silence.

    Also great precedent to get Shrub, get Billy boy (my greatest shame is I voted for him), I have even met him semi-personally at an event, after he was President, he is good in person a great glad hander always friendly and personable, (better than Barry, in my opinion).

    Lots of folks we can indict and then hang or my fav is the guillotine. Viva La France. But I digress.

    Anyone have a copy of the actual charges against Trump. Or are we gonna have another secret trial.

    Even Hamilton would object to this shit. Aaron Burr of course would nuke DC. I sympathize with Burr, but to many innocent people live in DC.

    • The actual charges do not matter (not that we, the people, should not know what they might be, strange as that may sound).

      The entire point of this circus is to get one or both of the following photos:
      1. Trump in handcuffs
      2. Trump mugshot.

      Even if the charges are dismissed, as could happen, the Democraps will have their “damning” photos for next year’s campaign. Anyone else remember the little girl picking petals from a flower while a countdown played in the background (Johnson vs. Goldwater, 1964)?

      Makes “Would you buy a used car from this man (Nixon)?” sound tame.


    • The indictment is sealed. The public won’t find out what’s in it until it’s unsealed, presumably, for the trial.

      • Oppositelock,

        Remember, you have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.

        Somehow I suspect that even the jurors won’t be allowed to know, until after the verdict is rendered.

  15. Here is the funniest thing which really sticks out to anyone with half a brain – Trump is the only president of my life time to NOT start a new war or some overseas misadventure (and Im now just over 40). And hes getting arrested – its like the stuff of comedy movies….

    • No but he murdered an Iranian general and at least 9 innocent Syrians with tomahawk cruise missiles over a fake chemical weapons attack. He’s not the good guy.

      • And DeSantis’ campaign is being run by Karl Rove & other Shrub neocons.

        It’s hard to find the least-bad option, because all of them are terrible. But that’s where we are.

      • But it IS war and he is a useful ally. If there is an opportunity, I will vote for him again. But the communist junta will likely just kill him, depriving me of that chance.

  16. And in case anyone doesn’t already know, these people give you the real deal on the Ukraine turkey shoot:

    – Alexander Mercouris, Alex Christoforou, The Duran (Rumble, YouTube, etc)
    – Military Summary (Rumble)
    – Defense Politics Asia (YouTube)
    – The New Atlas (Rumble)
    – The Dreizen Report
    – Simplicius (Bitchute, Substack)
    – The Ancreport and/or Ry Dawson (Rumble, Substack, web)
    – Anything with: McGreggor, Ritter

    Almost everyone else — minus the greater minds of libertarianism — has got the story wrong on some level. The more GOP establishment the more so — never mind the necons, they’re outer space. Any principled libertarian has it right without even having to know the particulars but the truth of the matter just reinforces it.

    • Add this news site to your list:
      (set your browser to translate from Greek)

      Too many stories challenge the establishment fairy tale. All that money and all those lives wasted.

  17. The whole Ukraine thing has been a huge lie, just like corona hoax, just like climate hoax, just like Russiagate, …, ad nauseum. I mean, it is a war, so unexpected things cand and so happen on both sides, but the tail is not gonna wag the dog.

    No matter what mainstream/establishment talking point one could dig up going back to 2014 or earlier, it’s been a crock of shit the entire time. Fuck, everyone with the slightest critical thinking skills with the shallowest understanding of the world, knew that Maidan shit was a setup from the get go. Very similar to the Libya thing. Which they’ve also tried in Iran more than once.

    Sure the Russians had set backs and got spanked a couple of times but the Ukies have been getting their asses handed to them the entire time. The situation can only go in two directions: 1) Ukr is annihilated and surrenders, 2) other parties join the war to extend it.

    And option 2 doesn’t guarantee that Ukraine doesn’t lose anyway but does increase the chances of anything from devastating conflict through nuclear holocaust. There is no scenario where the Russians say, “Well OK. We tried and we’re good. Thanks for playing. We’re going home.” Not happening.

    It’s a question of just how insane the psychopaths that have been running this grift since Obama’s days are gonna go. Clearly, especially after Afghanistan, all we do after a huge military loss is say “We won!” and it’s all good. So we’ll see.

  18. Eric, I believe you are correct.

    The Trump Vaudeville show has been ressurrected. Trump with bizillion indictments, Trump in handcuffs, Trump riots at the courthouse. Ukraine is now off the front burner, the MSM will now distract you with Trump and trannies. Trannies with manifestos, trannies for days of rage, trannies with AR’s.

    The indictment of Trump and the staged tranny shooting up a Christian school false flag are distractions from the failed war in Ukraine. The conspiracy world expected and predicted this months ago, we said Russia would win hands down and the west would tire of the support, and having seen this time and again, we said just watch for the news cycle to flip – and it did.

    BTW Scott Ritter, the outspoken commentor on this war, just said the Uke army has only 10 more days left before it is completely annihilated. Thus, such an epic defeat must be completely ignored. Your attention must be diverted, thus the MSM will now focus on Trump and trannies.


    Jim Stone writes (scroll down):

    SANDY HOOK 2.0

    “The shooting is provably another Sandy Hook. The objective was to get mental screening for everyone before firearms purchases with the story line behind it being that a whacked out trans on antidepressants shot up a school.”


    Everything on TV is fake. The president is fake. Russia is losing the war is fake. The false flag shootings are fakery. The yellowcake urainium was faked.

    Colin Powell holding the vial will live in infamy:

    The moon landing faked? Yes, the evidence is in, the moon landing was just more fakery, televised fakery that fooled the world.

    So if they are willing to fake the moon landing, how in hell can you trust them on anything?

    • Hi Jack,

      Yup. And – in re the “mental screening” thing: They have a little problem in that any imputation of mental illness in this instance would trigger the “trans community” and prompt more of the same as occurred in TN. They want to pathologize straight white males who just want to be let alone. The “trans” thing didn’t further that cause.

  19. There is no evidence the NYC DA is in cahoots with the Biden Administration over the timing of his indictment. He has been promising to do this for many years. He was elected on the promise to indict Trump for anything he could come up with.

    Aside from no evidence of collusion, I will simply assume there was collusion and this indictment was timed to cover up another important story. it could have been. Seems like a leftist strategy.

    But Ukraine is definitely not the story that is being covered up. Ukraine has been losing a war with Russia since February 2022, so Ukraine continuing to lose a war is not news. And probably very few Americans ever heard of Bakhmut, or care.

    In fact, few Americans know any history of Ukraine before February 2022, and after that month, all they know is anti-Russia propaganda. Zelensky is Churchill, and Putin is Hit ler, is all they hear.

    Americans rarely know a President of Ukraine was overthrown with CIA money and help in 2014 for the “crime” of about to be signing a large trade deal with Russia that would have been very beneficial for Ukraine.

    The US would not allow that to happen and engineered a coup.

    I believe the Ukraine President escaped to Russia to stay alive.

    From 2014 to 2022, the Ukrainian military committed a genocide against Russan speaking eastern Ukrainians who wanted a vote to become an independent nation. About one third of them wanted to break away from corrupt Kiev. Instead of allowing a vote, which separatists would have lost by a wide margin (2 to 1), the Ukraine military responded with artillery shells and sniper’s bullets, murdering 11,000 Ukrainian civilians in the next eight years

    Russia, the only signer of the 1948 Genocide Convention that ever acted to prevent a genocide, since 1948, and there were many, waited eight years too long but finally acted in 2022 when the murder rate inside Ukraine was increasing.

    They annexed the Donbas region to stop a genocide which was legal by international law (1948 Genocide Convention).

    Russia may regret doing that, not realizing the US would get involved (we ignored Crimea in 2014) but they have already won the only battle (for Donbas) they intended to fight.

    Russia does not want to annex any more of Ukraine, or destroy it, but Ukraine still wants to keep killing civilians in Donbas. So that is what they are doing — and killing Russian soldiers too.

    But at least five Ukrainian soldiers are dying for every Russian soldier killed, and they are all dying in vain simply because Zelensky does not want to admit he promoted a genocide in the Donbas region, and as a result, he lost the Donbas region. So Zelensky keeps fighting with American money and weapons, refusing to admit that Russian has won everything they intended to win. Just like the US did in Vietnam and Afghanistan — fighting for years just to avoid admitting a loss.

    There is one possibility of using the Trump indictment to hide something NEW and BIG, and that would be the totalitarian RESTRICT Internet Censorship Act

    Read about it and you will see how much more important it is than Ukraine losing to Russia, which has been true for over a year:

    First announced on Tucker Carlson show Wednesday night March 28, 2023

    Here are the only three articles I’ve found on the subject from Thursday morning through Saturday morning. I read many dozens of “one page” articles every morning so three articles on RESTRICT is a small percentage.

  20. Regardless of any covert reasons or intent, it’s good to see any of these bastards getting at least a little comeuppance -albeit, much less than they deserve. I don’t think that there’s any question that the Orange Turd is guilty of what he’s being accused of. Are his enemies guilty of that and much more? Yep. Is Trump guilty of much more? Yep. (Like mass-murder; destroying the liberties and economy of his own country via his role in establishing the flu BS).

    Maybe he should have used his time in office to ‘clean up the Swamp’, and prosecuted some of our enemies (like the Clintons), which opportunity was handed to him on a silver platter, but he chose rather to serve the Zio-Satanist NWO Cabal instead as an obedient servant. Well, not that it makes any difference, as this is all just theater anyway, and I’m sure he’ll suffer no real consequences for it, unfortunately.

    But I do wish that Libertarians of all people, would stop echoing the nonsense that the ‘Democrats and Republicans are arch enemies’. Remember, Trump was on Epstein’s plane sipping drinks with the Clintons many times. As George Carlin said, they are all in the club and you’re not. So if you think any of them are somehow working for you or are “less evil” you are sorely deluded. It’s just words on a stage. I would think that Libertarians had figured that out.

    • “Trump was on Epstein’s plane sipping drinks with the Clintons many times.”

      Trump was on the Epstein plane one time to hitch a ride from New Jersey to his home in Florida, when his own private plane was being repaired. Trump was not on the plane with the Clintons. Flight logs released by prosecutors in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial show Donald Trump flew onboard Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet with his former wife Marla Maples and his children Eric and Tiffany, as well as a beauty queen returning to Florida, and a senior aide to Bill Clinton. The Bill Clinton aide was on board, but I don’t know if he ever talked to Trump.

      A passenger list shows that on March 12, 1993, Mr Trump and Epstein flew from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to Palm Beach, Florida.

      To the best of my knowledge Mrs. Clinton was never on an Epstein plane, so “Climtons” is wrong too.

      You should work harder on your lies — I caught this one in ten seconds.

    • Exactly. Trump appointed the swamp. Neocons like Bolton, Haley, Pompeo, Trump allowed Fauci to scuttle his presidency. Trump never investigated 911. Why in the hell did Trump appoint Bill Barr, who currently wants to hang him? Trump did not drain the swamp, Trump is the swamp leader.

    • Good summary Nunz,
      When Trump was just a candidate he said a lot of things that made sense and I agreed with, specifically that NATO was long past its expiration date when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Warsaw Pact went away. I bet a lot of weapons manufacturers and Pentagram generals had many sleepless nights worrying how they were going to keep the gravy train going. The Mossad took care of that on 9/11 so Cheney and the Chimp were right there with the police state “patriot” act (gotta love the way they name these things the opposite of what they are) and it’s been constant wars ever since.
      As it was said at the start of the Ukraine invasion Amerika will fight to the last Ukranian. When things get really bad for Keeeeev I bet Zelensky will take all the money handed over by the Biden think and turn up on a tropical island somewhere.
      What scares the crap out of me is that one of the psychos in the Pentagram hands over some tactical nukes to Zelensky as a desperate move to stave off the inevitable defeat.

      • Exactly, Mike & Dave!

        It KILLS me when people act as if Trump is somehow ‘on our side’. His words may try to convey that image, but to anyone with an attention-span greater than that of a moth, all one needs do is to look at his actions and see that he, like virtually all Republicrats is just damage-control.

        He plays his part…. He panders to the audience by saying that he’ll reverse Obozo’s flying of the rainbow flag under the US flag at every embassy…then he quietly signs legislation to continue it….

        He’s nothing but a fraud and a player who hates the very people he plays to.

        You know how you can tell who is real? By the factthat they aren’t allowed to get anywhere. Just look at how far Ron Paul [didn’t] get. (I don’t think “thjey” even have to do anything anymore…the American people are so braindead and debauched they’d never vote for anyone legit, as they demonstrated the two times RP tried to run).

        • Everything you said is dead on Nunz of course. To be fair RP isn’t a great public speaker so that didn’t help and the MSM framed him as a kook for not wanting war – he never had a chance. Even without a major war in the Trump years, a President Paul would have been 1000 times what zio butt boy Trump was. Could have possibly saved this decaying carcass of a country.

          • The last time Ron Paul ran for president, I told my son that he was our last chance. I think I’ve been proven right. Much credit has been given Trump on a resurging US economy, except it never happened. What did happen is he steamrolled us with the “two weeks to flatten the curve” that turned into three years of vicious tyranny. The truly pitiful part is that this indictment will probably push him into a Republican nomination, while there are abundant far superior Republican candidates that will never see the light of day.
            Trump is a shyster. He always has been. So the choice we get next year is a shyster, or a mental midget. Fantastic. We are NOT going to vote our way out of this. Which is why I quit voting. What’s the point? Choosing between one psychopath and another psychopath? I have the time, being retired, but definitely don’t have the inclination to play this stupid game.

            • I agree, John –

              Ron Paul is a soft-spoken, kind, self-effacing and thoughtful man. It says much about America that so many Americans are uninterested in a man like that.

              • Exactly, Eric! Proof positive that NO ONE can save ‘us’, because it’s not just the politicians who are the problem, but rather, they are more of a symptom of an even greater problem- that of a debased society.

                In a way, it’s probably good that RP didn’t get in- imagine what they would have done to him, if he had? If RP truly represented the will of the average person, then maybe he could do something, but as you say, the average American utterly despises such a man of character and principle. 🙁

            • John, my last vote ever was cast for Ron Paul. I would have been a delegate for him in 2012 if personal events hadn’t prevented me from attending the state convention.
              In his most recent presidential campaigns, he was always much better in a debate setting than in speeches, where he tended to wander. Now, although he’s amazingly sharp for his age (and still writes beautifully), it’s a little painful to listen to him on Liberty Report. I can imagine an unsympathetic viewer thinking, “Yeah, they were right: crazy old man.”
              Throughout his congressional career, Ron demonstrated over and over a core truth: that all politicians have to do to put an end to this nonsense is to vote “No.” With very few exceptions, they talk a good game but in the end cave, compromise and make deals.
              You might find the Brownstone article that I linked to elsewhere in this thread interesting. David Stockman blows away the fantasies about the great Trump economy, and documents his role in lockdowns and the nutty “stimulus” spending that will haunt us for a long time.
              Any resolution yet to your cataract problem?

      • Keep in mind that the jewish zionists NEVER use their own kind to fight their battles. (((They))) always use those not of the (((tribe))) to fight their battles for (((them))).
        In fact, the jewish zionists’ favorite “battle song” is “Onward Christian Soldiers”. American troops are being stationed in israel proper who will most like be used as “cannon fodder” when support for Palestinians increases. American military service members will be sacrificed in an israel-planned and executed “false flag” operation.
        Just as the Marine Barracks bombing in Lebanon was an israeli “false flag” operation, so will be the next one…
        It’s coming…

        • Precisely, Anarchyst!

          And their strategy of using ‘goyim beards’ works very well,. which is why when you try to enlighten people as to the true nature of the power structure which has taken over the world, they’ll always cite the well-known famous frontmen and say “They’re ‘Christians’!”….

          Control the money, control the media…you soon control the world.

    • @Nunz

      If there was ever a time for these brain-fogged conservative & neo-con Trump supporters to drop their herd instincts to support & defend their guy to the death, no matter what the circumstances, then this is the time. To think that a guy like Cheeto-Man — who’s been proven guilty of all sorts of malfeasance, narcissism, marital affairs, child-like actions & behavior, and who has a devouring power hungry personality which knows no limit on greed and so much more — wouldn’t be up to the possibility of illegally moving around a few bucks under the table is beyond belief.

      Now I don’t know if he’s guilty of what he’s been charged with or not — and neither does any of us here — but the charges he’s facing are something I would almost bet the farm on and wouldn’t put it past him. I also have no doubt that that scumbag NY prosecutor is politically motivated and looking to hang a king-size trophy on his wall. But these idiot trump people acting as if poor ole donnie is as pure as white on snow is actually pretty comical. Excuse me neo-cons but your credibility is slipping.

  21. The same (((bolsheviks))) that engineered the communist takeover of Russia in 1917 are at it again.
    When the (((bolsheviks))) took over in Russia, the first thing (((they))) did was to shutter Christian churches and “repurpose” the property for secular uses. Not one synagogue was touched.
    “Anti-semitism” was deemed to be a capital crime with the death penalty attached.
    The same thing is happening in the Ukraine as we speak. Christian churches are being shut down while synagogues remain open. “Anti-semitism” is also a crime in the Ukraine.
    It is no secret that most American jews are reluctant to emigrate to israel as it’s foreign middle eastern “flavor” is too extreme for their tastes. Not only “pushback” from Palestinians to the weather, European jews are amenable to taking over another country for their own nefarious purposes.
    As most American (((jews))) are NOT “semites” at all, but are sixth-century eastern Ashkenazic “converts” to judaism, a country with a distinctly European “flavor” is more to their liking.
    Ukraine is being set up as israel 2.0
    Keep in mind that the many jewish criminal enterprises (organ harvesting from Palestinians, financial fraud schemes and scams, white slavery and international underage prostitution rings, and other criminal enterprises) that are presently run out of israel will be closer to European markets.
    It will be interesting to see what further steps Knesset west (the U S Congress) will take…

          • Well, then, that would make Zelensky an imbecile. And based on the huge number of Ukrainian men he is sending to their deaths, in a hopeless effort to force Russians out of the Donbas region, is further proof that he is an imbecile. An evil imbecile, to be precise.

            • Zelensky is for sure evil, sending all of those men to death – and for what reason – he has no chance of victory.

              He is an imbecile? I think he is an actor hired to do this job of turning Ukraine into his sponsor’s version of a Greater Israel. Is Zelensky really calling the shots? I think he is reading his lines.

              Zelensky is now a billionaire, so this war is working out good for him. It is like this Kosher business model which is kill Goyim and make mucho shekels.

              But what we don’t know is why the rest of the world would kowtow to him, as he is nothing. Thus you can only conclude that someone like Rothschild or Soros or the Elders of Zion are orchestrating events.

          • Not hatred. Merely stating FACTS.
            (((They))) have been kicked out of 109 countries throughout history. Just maybe it’s time for country 110.

          • Nice try, relaying facts is not hate speech, but your use of the hate meme is an attempt to suppress truth.

            Zelensky IS using Bolshevik tactics and Zelensky is shutting down Christian churches, and Zelensky is drafting all males and sending them to the front lines – where they soon die – in an unwinnable war – and this can be considered genocide of the Ukrainians.

            Zelensky IS destroying Ukraine, and Zelensky is a Jew sending Goyim to their deaths, so the theory that he is ethnically cleansing Ukraine of all Gentiles for an Israel superstate does hold water.

            Facts are facts, sorry if you disagree. Cheers.

      • Funny how truth can be anti-semitic. That just so happens to be the exact reason why the anti-semitic slur is used by Jews against the Goyim, and that fact came right from an Israeli minister on Democracy Now!:

        Shulamit Aloni told Amy Goodman (14 Aug 2002):

        Amy Goodman: “Often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called anti-Semitic. What is your response to that as an Israeli Jew?”

        Shulamit Aloni replied: “Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. …”

        • And European fake jews are not “semitic” at all while Palestinian Christians are semitic. The doublespeak would leave Orwell amazed I think.

    • I don’t think there’s a win against the fake jew satanists. They play the long game – centuries – and are utterly ruthless. Their goal is white Christian genocide with the destruction of traditional Western (white) civilation and the Ukraine war, trans kids, homo promotion all play right into it. I would say props in a way for their complete success but so many iinnocent lives ruined by their agenda, it’s pretty amazing. It’s going to be a very strange world in a 100 years or maybe 20.

      • When you see a white girl crying because of her irreversible hormone “transition” and now sterile, a fake jew smiles.

  22. Distracting 70% of the country by indicting a squirrel is how these fraudsters roll. As you said the Malabar front is collapsing. Distraction aplenty abounds. Worse still, our fraudulent banking system continues its controlled demolition, allowing the elites time to take their money and run. The race to safety hasn’t even started to get traction. Maybe by the end of summer/fall it will become apparent too all but the thirstiest Kool aid guzzler that our exorbitant privilege is winding down. Its going to be a story for the ages. Hope everyone is stocked up on popcorn and preps.

  23. Another big news story not being covered but will play a huge impact here is China securing economic trade deals with Brazil, Argentina and other nations. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China & South Africa) is expanding at our expense and will use other currencies in place of the dollar. China has just recently lured Saudi Arabia into economic agreements with them and looking to have OPEC move away from the dollar. If successful, the dumping of the dollar will have a HUGE economic impact on our economy that will result in hyperinflation and collapse!

    • Hi Allen,

      Yup. And -in a strange way – this gives me some hope for the future in that it indicates there are cabals rather than a cabal. That is, more than just one faction vying for control. We may yet dig ourselves out.

      • Eric, I have bene thinking this is the biggest hope we have – that the different factions fight amongst themselves so much that well we get overlooked and can get on with our lives. And to some extent – it does seem like things may go this way (listen to Tom Luangos theory that its currently Fed vs Davos). I think this is probably the most accurate representation of whats happening.

    • The best part is that the Deep State just color revolutioned Brazil to get the regime they wanted in there. And now the installed regime is dealing with Russia and China.

      Maybe Clown World will try to reinstall Bolsinaro now, haha.

    • Unfortunately, Allen, such is not the case. What we’re seeing is not the competing of multiple cabals, but rather the fulfillment of the Cabal’s overall long-standing plan to relieve America of it’s superpower status. Most of that plan has already been accomplished by the out-sourcing of our industry to….[tah-dah!] China; and now, as the dollar loses it’s status as the world trade currency (Maybe it was telling that as one of the final assaults on our liberties, they orchestrated the implosion of….The World Trade Center…. ) about all that remains is the Balkanization of the US, which we will be seeing the rumblings of on the political stage in short order as our ‘revolution’, civil war or societal collapse is in the process of being set-up right before our eyes.

      It amazes me that people can look at where we are- to the point of world governance being ushered in as we speak, and having just witnessed the first test of mass worldwide surveillance and medical tyranny via the flu psy-op- and yet somehow think that the Cabal which has been working feverishly to implement these things for centuries, is somehow feeble and ineffective, and can be overthrown by mere human hands- much less by the likes of us slaves who can’t even own a piece of property without having to pay rent to our feudal overlords…..

      It’s nice to dream, but in reality, it’s better to plan where and how you can evade and avoid.

      • Hi Nunz

        And yet, there are millions of dipshits who wear red baseball hats with certain letters on them who think Amerika’s best days are ahead of it. The same people who would listen to Rush Limbaugh and pump their fists in the air while driving around in their car. Their refusal to acknowledge the reality in which they find themselves is contributing to the acceleration of our demise. They only see this as Trump vs Biden or democrats vs republicans, and are missing the true elephant in the room. Wish people would pull their head out of their ass.

        • Well-said, BAC! Funny too, that they don’t notice for how long such has been going on, and that (as usual) both sides of the uniparty are equal participants. I mean, sheesh, the first blatantly overt signs of the implementation of our de-industrialization and the transferring of our wealth to China first appeared when Nixon recognized and visited China. Nixon…a Republicrat!

          It’s like I’ve always said: They all do the exact same things…the only thing that changes are the words they speak. The R’s just play ‘the conservatives’ (And they even sound less and less conservative the more time goes on). The D’s play the commies- but they sound more and more commie as time goes on. R or D, everything just keeps tilting to the left……

          And sadly, now people are doing the same thing with DeSantis that they did with Trump, despite his even more blatant warning signs. They never learn that the game is rigged…they just keep listening to the carnival barkers. No chance of the salves taking over the plantation when they think they already have a say in how it’s run.

          • Oh Desantis sucks – he’ll reverse himself instantly if his jew funders tell him too – like on Ukraine. He also removed Confederate statues from the statehouse or something. Just worthless.

            • If one wants to do business with the state of Florida, in order to procure a state contract, one must sign a statement that they will not support any BDS or other movement against the state of israel.
              Requiring one to pledge fealty and loyalty to a foreign country is not only illegal under American law, but is criminal as well.
              DeSantis is not to be trusted.

  24. Joe Biden is in serious need of help.

    A wake up call isn’t going to happen.

    The US and the Soviet Republic were allies during WWII. Now the US/Ukraine is being soundly defeated and that’s the truth.

    Gluttons for punishment at this juncture.

    Colonel Macgregor tells it like it is, viewed as a Russian and Putin sympathizer by his critics, a straight forward analysis of what is going on in Ukraine can only be construed as lies and heaping dollops of vitriol is what Macgregor gets.

    Can’t tell the real story and the truth behind the useless war that could have been avoided, that doesn’t count.

    The US doesn’t know when to admit the mistake, in denial. Too bad, so sad.

    On the weather front, in 1997 on March 31st, the daytime high temp reached 71 degrees F.

    The daytime high temp for today is going to be 31 degrees F.

    In my state, this year is the first time in meteorological observations that the daytime high temp did not exceed 40 degrees F on any given day this month.

    One of the coldest winters and early springs in many years.

    • Here in western Riverside County, CA, we have had a cold and rainy winter. Temperatures have been about 10 degrees below average the past 3 months, and rainfall 150% of average (23 inches versus 15 in. average).

      This is neither the coldest, nor the wettest, winter I have seen in the 40 years I have lived here, but it is towards that end of the charts.

  25. This is such a politically astute article! You’re right. The stupid Chinese balloon BS totally distracted everybody from the Biden classified document accusations.

    The propagandists are very good at their evil craft, aren’t they.

    • Hi Liberty,

      The propagandists sure are good at their craft. They convinced people that locking down EVERYONE, even healthy people, and forcing everyone to wear face diapers would “Stop the spread of a respiratory virus”. They also convinced people that an experimental mRNA jab (that to this day STILL has too many unknowns) would END the COVID pandemic, and that the only way that would happen is if EVERY LAST human got vaxxed. People who dissented were smeared as SCIENCE DENIERS!

      The propagandists also convinced people that the 2020 election was the “Most secure election ever”, and people who said otherwise were ELECTION DENIERS! “Joe Biden got more votes than any other Presidential candidate ever, and was thus the most popular President ever!”

      They also convinced people that the planet would be “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaved” if we just gave GOVERNMENT MORE MONEY & POWER, and FORCED everyone to get an EV. Oh, and the planet will also be saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaved if you eat bugs and lab grown meat. Dissenters to that narrative are smeared as CLIMATE DENIERS.

      They even convinced people to “Stand with Ukraine”, and belieeeeeeeeeeeve that Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev was WINNING, and that people who said otherwise, opposed this proxy war against Russia, or opposed sending endless money and weapons to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev were “Putin Bootlickers!”

      And now they’re trying to frame people who oppose COVID vaxx mandates (or any vaxx mandates) as ANTI-VAXXERS.

  26. “It’s been a good day.” — James Comey, March 30, 2023

    … said the bent FBI apparatchik who helped Trump’s 2016 opponent sweep multiple, broad-daylight felonies under the rug, in his corrupt disposal of the ‘Clinton matter.’

    Welcome to North America’s Nigeria, comrades: everybody from the president to the beat cop to your well-coiffed Congress Clown is on the take. And they don’t care if you know it.

    Steal what you can get, and burn the rest down. I’m done with this crap.

    • Wait, maybe I misinterpreted why Jim Comey was feelin’ groovy yesterday:

      ‘Transgender Day of Visibility celebrates … Transgender Americans shap[ing] our Nation’s soul — proudly serving in the military, curing deadly diseases, holding elected office, running thriving businesses, fighting for justice, raising families, shooting up schools, and much more.’ — “Joe Biden,” 30 March 2023

      Anything goes and nothing matters.

  27. Something else that doesn’t get much mention in the media is Robert F Kennedy Jr potentially challenging Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination for President next year. Given the blatant efforts by the US government the past 3 years to impose medical tyranny on the people, I find that interesting, though the DC SWAMP, the media, and the Democrat Party will likely use the pejorative ANTI-VAXXER against him. I figured the media would be writing more pieces about RFK Jr and the latest voting bloc they’re scared of, which they call ANTI-VAXXERS. Why, Vanity Fair even wrote a piece recently about Ron DeSantis and how he (paraphrasing) “Plans to ride an anti-vaxx campaign to the White House”.

    The current President has done all sorts of things the past 2+ years that would have gotten any other President impeached if we were still living in sane times, but with Biden, it seems no matter what he does, the media and the DC SWAMP has the attitude “Pay no attention to _______! Look at ______!”

    • Hi John,

      RFK, Jr. is potentially dangerous – to them. If he manages to secure the nomination or even threatens to, I expect he will go the way of his father and uncle.

      • Eric,

        Agreed. RFK Jr has also become unpopular with the Democrat Party and even some of his own family for his stance on vaccines. I’m not sure who to vote for next year, but I’m sure I’m not going to vote for the senile old FOOL that is in office now. I had my own reasons for not wanting Trump to be the R nominee for President next year, but this legally pathetic (to quote Jonathan Turley) indictment of Fmr President Trump could backfire big time on Alvin Bragg, the SWAMP, and the Democrat Party, and Trump does become the R nominee next year. And who would be Trump’s opponent, a senile old fool who should have gone to a rest home years ago? Gavin Newsom? Gretchen Whitmer? Or perhaps even Fmr Oregon Queen Kate Brown, who went full dictator at the height of the COVID nonsense?

        • John, I respectfully disagree. I think that the corruption and evil is so out in the open that they figure that they have already won. They have. The election rigging accelerated in 2017-2022. In solid red districts with 2-1 Republican registration, Democrats began taking state and some federal races in 2017. It intensified in the 2018 midterms as RINO “retirements” opened up seats previously held by RINOs, preferable to a Democrat. In 2019, the Kentucky governors election was rigged. In 2020, well, we all know what happened when they stopped vote counting in 7 states, to deliver them to the senile one. In others, big cities stuffed ballot boxes to give that asshole the “popular vote.” It’s all bullshit. We can pontificate that the Trump indictment is going to “destroy the dems,” but unless this vote fraud crap is taken care of, the horse toothed, donkey faces, environmentalist, neo moralist jackass moron party is in to rule with an iron fist. It’s time to start burning down RINOs first since they enabled all of this shit.

          • I agree with your assessment, GenX (I’m one of those also, but not yet retired!)

            But there is an upside. It is that the blatant corruption and banana-republicing has destroyed the legitimacy of the government, which holds power because it has and wields power. Not by consent. It is loathed and despised by probably at least half the country and possibly two thirds or more. This cannot be… sustained.

      • Hi Eric,
        If RFK Jr. did manage to get on the ballot he absolutely would meet the same fate as the family members before him. I just don’t see him even getting on the ballot in the first place because the uniparty has so much control of the process. I voted for Ross Perot and also John Anderson back in the day and neither one came close to upsetting the PTB apple cart.

        • I agree, Mike –

          And for that reason, I kind of prefer he not run. I have not met him, but I think I’d like him if I did. He seems to be a mensch – that is to say, a regular guy, someone you can have a normal conversation with. It helps that he’s smart, but it’s more important to me that he seems to be a human being, with a conscience.

          • I attended some meeting about 20 years ago where he was talking about Indian Point Nuclear Power plant. He’s a rabid environmentalist. He’s saying good things about vaccines, though. Otherwise, he’s a 1960’s type Democrat. Those are the types who blazed the trail for what we have now. The EPA, the saaaaaaafety regulations, eeeeeeeemisssions targets, and probably the 55 mph speed limit. We need a bigger course correction that he would offer. I wish him well, but I don’t like what he has to say on many things.

  28. Zelensky reportedly has agreed to meet with Xi to discuss coming to the table with Russia.
    This is good news for all involved as it would put an end to the killing, but the good ol US of A recently was pushing for Ukraine to abandon Bakmuht and launch an offensive.

    A Ukrainian general stated they don’t have the troops or supplies for that. Joe & co apparently don’t care. What was that? Fight to the last Ukrainian?

    As we head up and expand an increasingly impotent & irrelevant NATO, China is seizing the opportunity through peace deals with Saudi Arabia/Iran & now Russia/Ukraine to emerge as a reasonable leader in the world.

    We are young and have extremely high time preference. Older societies are willing to use the advantage of time to let the wins come to them.

  29. Thanks Eric. The elite want us in a constant state of crisis as it increases their power. Once it became apparent that we were scammed on COVID, they moved on to Ukraine. Now that it’s clear Ukraine is losing, with hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of refugees, it’s time for the US wrecking ball to move on to another crisis. We’ll get to hear two years of brain-dead journalists arguing about whether or not an indicted (and convicted) Trump can run again, even though someone who has read the Constitution knows that he can.

    To some extent, I have little sympathy for DJT. He didn’t use the power he had to start riding us of the deep state. He even appointed deep state members (Wray…). He locked me down, shut down my church, and his mismanagement meant unsafe and ineffective jab mandates would follow along with raging inflation.

    If the lefty DA Soros AG can do this to DJT, imagine what he and his ilk can do to ordinary people.

    We live in a banana republic.

    • Agreed, Howard…we live in a banana republic.

      Nobody gives a rat’s ass if Ukraine falls, except the Ukrainians. I hate to be so blunt about the subject because hundreds of thousands of people died from both sides, but the world needed a squirrel to pull the focus off the Plandemic.

      I agree with Eric that the fabricated charges against Trump is another squirrel, but it is to take the highlight off the crumbling US banking system and the fall of the USD from its perch as the reserve currency. China just checkmated us. China has been at war with the US for the last generation but we were too stupid to realize it. As we killed our manufacturing base, sent our jobs overseas, stupefied our youth by removing STEM classes from the public school system, put on drag shows at the library and on our military bases, and continuously wore our rose colored glasses China quietly and methodically sliced our country in two.

      Goliath has fallen and we can thank ourselves and the morons that run our country’s institutions for her demise. The enemy wasn’t invisible, just smarter.

      • @ Raider Girl “Nobody gives a rat’s ass if Ukraine falls, except the Ukrainians”

        indeed, and they would not be able to find Ukraine on a map – even if you gave them a map of Asia with it circled in red.

        Some day this war will end. Like all wars, they end. In recent times, the USA is involved in so many wars, the public is bored and numbed by war propaganda, they just switch the channel to Dancing with the Stars or the latest Hollyweird gossip show.

        Red Pilled TV today: Scott Ritter: “Everyone Will Be WIPED OUT IN 10 DAYS, THIS IS FATAL” in Exclusive Interview

        I listened to that, but I am not sure if Ritter actually knows how many days until the Uke army is wiped out. But that might be the reason why Biden is telling Amerikans to leave Russia immediately, perhaps Ole’ Joe wants to up the ante and nuke Russian forces or something, double down on this allegiance to Ukraine project.

        Regardless of all that, have you noticed nothing is getting done about anything of real importance, like the budget deficit?

    • Agreed, Amerika is now a banana republik. Interest rates have yet to go vertical, like they do in all banana republiks. As confidence is lost in the ‘full faith and credit’ in the US government of lunatics, interest rates will keep going up, as confidence keeps going down.

    • >We live in a banana republic.
      Not enough bananas, though.
      We need more “global warming,” so that bananas can be grown “openly” in Colorado 🙂
      (Not just clandestinely, by Amory Lovins.)


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