Orange Apologia?

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Whatever your opinion of Alex Jones, the opinion he expressed the other day about the Orange Man is difficult to argue with – because it’s always hard to argue with someone when they’re right.

What Alex said was that Orange Man must repudiate the “vaccines” he was either duped into “warp speeding” into existence or was complicit in “warp speeding” into existence. If he repudiates them, it will be more believable that he was merely duped, which is understandable and forgivable.

We all err, after all.

But that is not what makes us human.

A human being, when he realizes he erred – especially when his error has resulted in harm – is mortified that he erred. He owns up to his error and does all he can to repair the harm caused, beginning with an admission and an apology to those who have been harmed.

This goes for all men, by the way – not just the Orange Man. All the men – and women – who blithely lined up to get the shots are just as guilty of having erred. Some, of worse – as in the case of those who wished harm upon those of us who didn’t blithely line up for the shots. Who didn’t just trust the Orange Man – or any men. Not the men (and women) pushing these drugs, at any rate.

It is incontestable that much harm has been done by these drugs styled “vaccines,” which are no such thing as they do not prevent the person injected with them from either getting or spreading the Dread Sickness they were told they would not get and could not spread.

The harm done is not merely physical, either – though that must not be minimized as thousands of people – at the least – have literally been put six feet under by them, according to the most conservative data accrued by the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) and that is likely a very small portion of the total, as hinted at by the data accruing about a large uptick in “all cause” deaths of people in the prime of life, that correlates with the “rollout” of the “vaccines.”

There is also the life-long damage done to those who developed myocarditis or pericarditis – a now admitted-to “adverse effect” of these drugs that the people who were injected with them were never advised of as a possibility by their doctors – who (per the TeeVee line) asked no questions about these drugs, themselves, thus becoming the willing dupes of those pushing them.

But this is merely the physical toll.

The real damage that has been done is psychological. The population has been put on notice that the government is now the servant of the drug pushers – i.e., the pharmaceutical cartels – and will use its power to all-but-bayonet-point the populace into taking the drugs pushed by these cartels. Not just these drugs. For if it is established (as it has been) that the government has both the right and the power to compel anyone to take a drug they do not wish to take then the precedent has been set for the pushing of other drugs. If you disbelieve that such a thing could and ever would happen, consider the income tax, which – when it became law – the populace was told would never affect them. Just the “rich.”

We are all “rich” now.

Those who have been “vaccinated” must now live with the dread about what they were injected with – as well as the demoralization that attends knowing they were deliberately lied to by the government, the very thing that – so some still believe – exists to protect the people from harm, as opposed to being the cause of it.

The “un-vaccinated,” meanwhile, must live in dread of the next attempt to “vaccinate” them.

Orange Man is the man most responsible for all of this. His (s)elected replacement merely carried on the evil business that was already well under way. Orange Man continues to facilitate it by not repudiating it – which makes him worse, morally speaking, than his (s)elected replacement, whom we know is evil.

Orange Man, on the other hand, feigns being the man who will address the evils visited upon us by his evil replacement. But how can this happen if Orange Man will not repudiate the most evil part of this business?

It is not late 2020, the final months of a shell-shocked year when anyone – including the Orange Man – could be forgiven for not fully getting what was happening. It is plausible that he meant well because how could he know that that “vaccines” were no such thing – and were other things, besides? Perhaps he was doing all he could – as he saw it, at the time, to deal with a “crisis” that seemed real – and was, in terms of the choreography of the thing.

But it is now late 2022 – and we know. It is no longer a matter of “hesitancy,” the condescending term of abuse leveled at those who practiced due diligence by wanting to know more about these drugs before considering taking them. It is a matter of pfact that the “vaccines” are no such things, as the “vaccinated” continue to get the sickness they were told they would not have to worry about getting.

And spreading it, too.

The revised claim about these “vaccines” is that they reduce the severity of the symptoms of the sickness they do not prevent people from getting – or giving. But that is not a vaccine. It is a palliative, like the aspirin one takes after one develops a headache. Aspirin does not prevent headaches. And aspirin is safe and effective.

Trump has to know the “vaccines” are neither. If he does not, then he is obtuse – a notch below ignorant because by now it is difficult to imagine how anyone not entirely blinded to external reality could be unaware of facts as the serially “vaccinated” continuing to get – and spread – the sickness they were told they could no longer get (and spread) as well as the alarming number of cases of healthy young people developing sicknesses that young people used to rarely – almost never get. Such as myocarditis and pericarditis.

Or he is complicit.

He may also be something else. That being a person afflicted by a narcissism so extreme that he is incapable of humbling himself by admitting he was wrong – and that he was duped – and that he is deeply, profoundly sorry for the harms that he helped to cause. Were he to express such contrition, it would be cause to forgive him and even consider supporting him, once again.

It would tell us he might not be a bad man.

But – so far – all indications are that he is just the Orange Man. Not only hasn’t he apologized for fronting for the drug pushers – for taking personal credit for pushing their drugs – he continues to push them, without apology.

This is unforgivable.

As Alex said, it’s a crucible moment. There is still time for Orange Man to give us some indication he isn’t the person his actions thus far strongly suggest he is (and these transcend his actions regarding “vaccines,” a subject for another column). But time – and patience – is running out.

If he will not repudiate his actions and apologize for them, the time has come for a better man to replace the Orange Man. That man could be Ron DeSantis, a man who has repudiated the “vaccines” and the totality of this evil business. Who didn’t give in to the evil business at the height of this evil business. He has little, if anything, to apologize for.

Unlike the Orange Man.

. . .

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  1. It should be understood that the interview with Donald Trump (see in the article) showed a man who sincerely believes in the vaccines. He has so to say become a believer in the “covid death cult” as much as other have their particular religion. I may 100% disagree with Donald J Trump about the fake vaccines but acknowledge that he is entitled to his beliefs no matter how much I view he is wrong about the fake vaccines. As my wife today indicated, often the so called most educated people may lack the intelligence an ordinary person may possess to make a common sense evaluation. This after a woman seemingly very intelligent somehow like Donald J Trump was professing how those (fake) vaccines are to rescue people from the event of death. Never mind her friend now is dying from escalating cancer with only hours to live, as well the (fake) vaccines saved her from an earlier death. I simply held not worth to try to talk sense into her. In my view it is better to attack those in power and expose what they are doing. If we can stop them (not easily to be done) we might win the battle for “common sense”, etc.

    • It is a fundamental difference and millions ;ight years between “believe “and “knows” as it is between dark and light , day and noght ……
      With vaccine it is to know or to be absolutely ignorant and illiterate…

  2. I am not–nor have I ever been–a “never-Trumper”. Voting for him the first time was an act of hope, which was rewarded in the areas of life and guns. Voting for him in 2020 was a hard swallow, mainly because of US wars and COVID policies.

    I am, however, a “never-again-Trumper” now. Reasons: 1) He’s too old; his time is past. We cannot risk another demented president run by who-knows-who. 2) Trump’s COVID baggage is a weight that influencers from both parties will wield to sink him. “Operation Warp Speed” is owned by him. His name is all over it like stickers on a well-traveled steamer trunk. 3) Because of #2, he can no longer even be a king/queen-maker. Republican prospects at every level of candidacy are well-advised to maybe accept–but not overplay–Trump endorsements. A tough political judgment call. That said, do not solicit them. Also–like current Democratic candidates WRT Biden–ask for no Trump help on the stump, and be “vewy vewy” careful if you see it coming your way. If Trump really wants a non-toxic legacy, perhaps his best chances of one are in his own basement. Now that it’s already been raided, anyway.

    Conclusion: Trump’s tragic COVID credulity and policies were destined to come back and bite him. I saw that coming in spring 2020. He’s done now. Don’t let him take the GOP down with him.

    • Hi Marcus,


      I voted for him twice as well and appreciate in particular that the “individual mandate” was done away with. But his catastrophic and ongoing errors (or complicity) with regard to “vaccines” has not only destroyed his credibility it could and likely would destroy his putative candidacy/presidency. It would result in yet another Fail. DeSantis is at least not vulnerable on this score as he has come out against all of it – and he did so long before Orange Man. I do not say DeSantis is a savior. But he isn’t – what’s that word Trump likes so much? – a loser, on this issue at least.

  3. The Orange man used the fact that most people blindly trust all vaccines and big pharma drugs and do not want to die from an unruly virus (this is based entirely on fear). If he had said no to the mRNA gene therapy injections, most of the country would have revolted at the time simply because they were afraid they would die without it. The fear of the unknown is extremely powerful.

    I trust no medical authority, not even my doctors, and always try to find more natural solutions to their drug filled suggestions and procedures. And yes, people have been duped into thinking aspirin is safe…it is not risk free, especially when other drugs are involved.

    Furthermore, Trump is not to blame for anyone deciding to become injected with poison mRNA injections. That was the person’s decision and responsibility to question that advice if they choose to do so. This is what is entirely wrong with our country and society. A person makes a choice and when it fails or goes haywire, it is always somebody else or something else that takes the blame.

    • Hi Tom,

      Having grown up around doctors and hospitals, I developed an early skepticism about hospitals and doctors. I noticed that both were, in general, focused on symptom management rather than health. On pills and profit ratter than correcting problems and getting people off pills and out of hospitals.

      I also knew that a case – medically speaking – meant someone seriously ill; sick enough to need a doctor’s care and probably in the hospital. So I knew, right away, that “cases” – as reported by the media and touted by The Science – was purely and deliberately malicious fear mongering. It was then easy to see through the rest of it.

    • On the one hand, Tom, I agree with you: Maybe Trump was not to blame for anyone “deciding” not to take this “vaccine”. And yet, many health care workers lost their jobs, because it was either “take the jab, or lose their jobs” and livelihoods, and lose their jobs they did. What a “choice”. I, too, find it disturbing that Trump is doubling down on taking “credit” for the COVID “vaccines”. As much as I want to believe in the best where he is concerned, I have to wonder if he is not merely controlled opposition for the gullible masses?

      • Hi Shadow,

        As president, Trump did at least two unforgivable things.

        First, he did nothing to calm the hysteria. In fact, he facilitated it (as I have written about at length).

        Second, he did all he could to legitimize the “vaccines” he “war speeded” into existence (though I believe there is evidence the “vaccines” preceded the “pandemic”). He oilily says that people should be free to decide – but helped arrange things such that enormous pressure was brought to bear to assure millions of people were essentially forced to submit to the “vaccine.”

        One of my good friends is now probably damaged for life because he was pressured to take the “vaccine” in order to not lose his job as a nurse, which is how he earns his living and provides for his daughter. Yes, I know. He could have refused and found another way to make a living. But that is just the point. Because of these god-damned “vaccines” he was not free to decide. He was pressured to decide a certain way.

        God-damn Trump for that. I will never forgive it.

        • Hi Eric. I am sorry to hear about your good friend. A long-time nurse friend of mine died this year, three months after her booster shot. She was very, pro-vax, and to try and convince her this particular “vaccine” was not good was useless. In a note of irony, she absolutely hated Trump, but would have taken as many COVID jabs as the government mandated. She died of “Long COVID”, the MD’s are saying, but I think the booster got her, in the end. And yeah, at this point, let Trump hang for this COVID jab he is in love with so much. Sometimes, there is just no fixing stupid, especially when one is stuck on it.

          • Hi Shadow,

            Thanks. I fear we all know – or soon will know – someone injured (or worse) by these “vaccines.” My friend – unlike yours – did not want to take the “vaccine.” He’s an athletic healthy guy with a strong immune system. Well, he was. Now he has chronic fatigue, joint pain and headaches. These developed after he was pressured to get the “vaccine” – which if he “freely chose” not to would have resulted not just in the loss of his job as a nurse but his career as a nurse, since being “vaccinated” is a de facto requirement for all nurses. He’s a single dad with a middle-school-aged daughter. And that bastard Trump placed him and god-only-knows how many others in the position of having the “freedom to choose” to get the “vaccine.”

            • Hi Eric,

              I sincerely feel for your friend and every other innocent person that was “persuaded” to take these “vaccines.” I have aunts, uncles, and BILs that did the same even after I provided substantial evidence not to.

              What mandate did Trump sign requiring that everyone get the jab? I can point out a few that current administration signed, but for some reason your anger is not directed toward him. These jabs were coming no matter who was in office. Why? Because they had already been manufactured. MRNAs was technology created over 30 years ago. There was no pausing this. If Clinton was President do you believe she would have stopped this? I am not releasing Trump from liability, but he wasn’t the mastermind behind this. This was going to play out the same, no matter what.

              As individuals many of us knew of the potential ramifications of these shots and chose to change jobs, quit, start our own gigs, etc. Those of us that did not get the shots were harassed and shamed, but we held our ground. Others chose not to. My husband had to quit his job to escape the mandate set by his employer. It isn’t fair, but what is? Many on here did the same.

              I know I sound cold and cruel, but how come 25% of the nation was able to hold the line and we are supposed to console and sympathize for those that didn’t? Where were they when the rest of were getting demonized for our positions? They chose not to speak up or worst, participated in the ridicule.

              • RG,
                Trump ws playing ‘Good cop’ [I know…oxymoronic…]- Since Trump had the support of a good part of working-class America, by playing softball instead of decreeing outright mandates, he gets a lot more cooperation and no hard feelings [See? It seems to have worked on you, only sans the actual taking of the vax].

                His ‘soft threats’ (Such as using the military to ‘distribute’ the vaccine); his allowing of those in his admin and those in Federal and state agencies and offices to make the actual mandates [Why do the dirty-work and look bad, when you can just allow others to do it for you, and avoid any blame?) and his promoting of the vax, etc. all served to accomplish as much if not more than a mandate.

                And given a little more time, he likely would have decreed a mandate….but since he allowed the Dems to take their turn on stage, there was no actual need for him to do that and look like the bad cop that he is. You can accomplish more with willing cooperation and only veiled threats than with actual haevy-handedness. And this is actually worse than an actual mandate, as it takes advantage of those who trust and support you, and leaves you looking like a good guy, while enabling as much or more evil than an actual forthright decree- which tends to breed rebellion, criticism, and skepticism.

                Such conduct is deceptive and despicable.

            • **”And that bastard Trump placed him and god-only-knows how many others in the position of having the “freedom to choose” to get the “vaccine.””**

              Perfectly stated, Eric!

              Since all who govern in these authoritarian systems are by default criminals and participants in organized crime (the minute they use coercion, threat of violence or actual violence to interfere with innocent men who have not done gratuitous violence to others), it seems fitting that they would “make you an offer that you can’t refuse”.

            • Succumbing to the hard sell is a feature. Starting from toddler-age & intensifying with the passage of time. Those relatively rare exceptions to the rule may even be slapped with dx’s like ODD (“oppositional defiant disorder”) – or “reactionary,” or “insurgent,” or “domestic terrorist,” etc.

              The model, which has always been broken, but which nonetheless very successfully panders to – & breaks down & “rebuilds”, a la boot camps ~ & Manchurian Candidacies ~ “you’re in the army now!” –
              Is The Parent Trap.

              People are born into the trap & are groomed to graduate into credentialed trap-denizens, called “citizens” (or, “cannon fodder”).

              Underlying all that PT is the insatiable drive to domestication.

              Hunter-gatherers settled into the less hand-to-mouth but the more, much more, hand-in-your-pocket (& sticky fingerprints all over hearts & minds, too) of Agricultural “Revolution” (the devolution demerits are always conveniently not accounted for, not reconciled: curve-fitting to the bright side is … low fruit-picking George the Liar’s cherry tree) domestication of plants & animals … & hunter-gatherers of wo/man settled similarly into the domestication of ~ the farming of ~ agriculturalists & husbandrymen.

              FU gets an A. Will do gets a FM.

              Sadism, masochism, domestication, & thirty pieces of silver to do myself in.

              People want what they are bio-designed to want, & there’s nothing to be done for it.

              Wanting that to be otherwise is Shirley Temple, on the Lollipop, surrounded by pedophiles.

  4. I believe that Trump was duped by the bureaucrats as so were many others.
    Read below what Trump had to deal with because the bureaucrats lied to him. One in particular is a man called Anthony Fauci. This man should be arrested and convicted to the fullest extent of the law. (Head of the NIH)
    So, here is the 900 lb. gorilla in the room, and he still is lying to us.

    The most interesting things that I got as chair of the Lancet commission came from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits and whistleblower leaks from inside the U.S. government. Isn’t that terrible? NIH was actually asked at one point: give us your research program on SARS-like viruses. And you know what they did? They released the cover page and redacted 290 pages. They gave us a cover page and 290 blank pages! That’s NIH, for heaven’s sake. That’s not some corporation. That is the U.S. government charged with keeping us healthy.

    There is one thing I see positive coming out of this. There are a lot more people that will not have a blind trust of government again. They shouldn’t because we have not seen the full harm this vaccine will cause.
    I haven’t trusted the government for years because I read and that is why I didn’t
    get the jab. I have family and friends that took the jab and it makes me sad to know their choice might have consequences in the future.

    Keep up the good articles Peter.

    • I think there is more than being duped. In early in his term as president and before the phony Covid -19, he said he was going to bring Bobby Kennedy Jr as consultant on vaccines. Bill Gates told him it was a mistake so he didn’t do it. Later, he brought in Dr. Atlas who really against Dr Fauci. He didn’t last long there. And he takes credit for the vaccines.

      • Hi Kerry,

        Thank you for bringing that up – about RFK, Jr. and Orange Man. I respect RGK, Jr. – even though he is a liberal – because he is honest and appears well-intended. He tells of his being used – and dropped – by the Orange Man. It says a great about that man’s intentions.

  5. Being an Australian I nevertheless try to follow USA matters. Because my 89 year old wife has heart failure and I lacked any knowledge about medical and scientific issues I in January 2020 decided not to trust anyone and well by now have spent likely over 10,000 hours in research.
    I understood that President Donald J Trump was mighty proud to present Warp Speed as an INFLUENZA issue. I was actually surprised he did mention INFLUENZA. He appeared to have been sold that the so called “vaccine” was against INFLUENZA. He had been the victim of a scam by his health advisers, but he did get criticized for recommending HCQ, invermectim, etc. In Australia we were not just bombarded with propaganda how the jabs would safe your lives but even as criminals placed under curfews and lockouts not to be allowed to enter certain stores, etc. I was physically attacked for not wearing a mask, I didn’t wear one ever at all during 2020, 2021, 2022 and despite warnings by the police (in 2020) they would summons me to court I made clear I am ready. See my Scribd blog “inspectorrikati”. A specialist urged my wife to get vaccinated and well she dropped him as she trust me more, after all she is still alive. Now I pursue those who colluded to be held legally accountable, where they entered into a criminal conspiracy. See my blog. However, the circumstances I understand about President Donald J Trump I for one do not view he would be in the same category. I recall, that President Donald J Trump made clear he listen to every advisor and then has to make a decision. He did and while people may be disagreeing with that decision I do not view this was with criminal intent. I understand that this covid conspiracy was hatched long before Donald J Trump became president and he opposed the globalization of the W.E.F, WHO and UN. He may have made the wrong decision by hindsight of what is now known but at the time it appeared to him to be the right decision! He had no part in mandating the vaccinations after he left office and as such blame the ones who did so! It was many of president Donald J Trump statements that when I compared this with our own politicians, etc, I realized how different they were. And that is why I pursue a criminal investigation in regard of them. My wife and I withstood the relentless assaults upon our liberties and harm inflicted upon us but we survived! Everyone is entitled to their own views but do try to consider all relevant issues and not just go after a particular person ignoring all relevant details.

    • You said: but at the time it appeared to him to be the right decision. It is over two years now and he still maintain that the vaccines are safe and effective and have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

  6. I’d be more than happy to seek reconciliation with Democrat friends and family. But they are–for the most part–too far gone thanks to the MSM which will continue to demonize the “far right” for everything with or without Trump.
    There can be no reconciliation or unity at this point. Too full of hatred. Not for the clown Trump, but their own friends and family just because TV celebrities ordered them to shun or attack us. They hate half their “countrymen” for not believing the lies they do and rejecting their precious clot shots. They have frequently wished death upon us.
    I have had enough of their abusive behavior. I’m glad they are afraid of “getting sick” from us and will keep their violent crime sprees in their own cities which they want to smash and burn by acting like violent, stupid teenagers who refuse to hold down jobs. Typical leftist/statist in xer thirties.
    I’m fine with them getting toxic jabs till they’re no longer a threat. I never want to see any of them again. Had one ban me from the wedding I didn’t even want to attend. No more worrying about Christmas presents with her. Nasty, pretentious mean girl cousin. I’m glad I’ll never have to see her again.
    They’re all socially pretentious, materialistic snobs, liars and hypocrites. Even the moderate kind who abstain from screaming death threats at children wearing red baseball caps/masks below noses in public.
    Wonder if Cousin Mean Girl will bother banning me from her funeral if she drops dead of myocarditis. Lol. But–oh right–only Covid ever kills people. Not cancer or heart disease. Thanks to her precious shots my cousin will never die. She thinks.
    That death threat CNN played was vile. It sounds exactly like all the stuff the Leftist/Statists have been sending out the past 3 years. To government officials they disagree with, indie journalists, small local business owners who don’t have insignia supporting the Current Thing, unvaxxed neighbors and family members, unmasked toddlers in strollers.

    • Hi Rachel, we have them in our family too but we stay away from politics with them because it’s a no win situation with nothing in the way of being productive will be the outcome. My wife calls them, “normies” because they are the mainstream TV news watchers so the honest truth bounces off of them. They have allowed themselves to become dumb down, zero critical thinking sheep. Every wonder why all those people calmly waked into the cattle cars back in the 30’s, 40’s? They even waited at the sides of the ditches to be shot to death. There was enough of them to mass charge the government employees and take those guns and live another day.

  7. I’ll say it here as I’ve been saying it everywhere. Y’all blew it by not electing Ron Paul. Like history-alertingly bad. He was polling ahead of Obama. But nooooooooo they had to break every rule of primaries and elections to ‘ install’ John McCain and then Mitt Romney as the Palukas to take the fall and lose to Obama. The Republican Party by choice and design and by hook or by crook tanked two elections to give Obama two terms, and deny us a President Paul. And you said and did nothing. Conservative outlets dug up some allegedly racist sentence published in his newsletter in the 80s and you all acted ashamed of it like good little wokes. Now look what you have wrought. So it goes without saying that even the most ‘staunch’ among you will be duped over and over by political gamesmanship, fall for conmen, and vote against your best interests over and over and over. Because you have. At which point you will play dumb, blame someone else, and do it all over exactly the same next time. Ooooooh so you’re mad at Trump now? Because his vaccine was, surprise, an epic failure? I was screaming from the rooftops that this was a tragedy in the making from the day they announced the warp speed plan. While you watched Fox News, ‘brought to you by Pfizer’, and believed him to be some sort of hero. Two years later you’ve just finally caught up to what I and many others have been saying all along, just in time to vote again. Well Please don’t! But since you will shrug all this off, insist you get it now, and maybe be emboldened by the slogan on your tshirt, at least try to learn from your mistakes. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT vote for any other ticket than Ron DeSantis and Rand Paul. I’ve already been saying this for well over a year. You’re still desperately trying to revive the now-fully-dead political career of Donald Trump. Fully turning a blind eye to the millions dead from his vaccine as if that’s an irrelevant point or you are a sociopath. It happened and it’s not going away. Trump cannot and will not win. Whether or not he was duped, he owns all this vaccine mess now and it’s poison and he cannot and will not get elected. DeSantis/Paul. Get used to it now, start selling it now, and ACCEPT NO COMPROMISE. If the Republican Party offers you any other ticket, do not vote at all. No Ted Cruz, no Marco Rubio, no Dan Crenshaw. Not even kinda. Please. We’re probably out of last chances but if we have one left this is it. Just this once, don’t fuck it up. Again.
    Who am I fooling, you totally will.

    • Hi Reals,

      I’m with you. I loathed McSame and loathe Romney. I despise The Chimp even more. I supported Ron Paul. He is the only person running for office I ever gave money to. I did all I could – professionally – to help.

      I think the country – well, the people like us – weren’t ready for RP back then. I think many more are ready for someone like him, today.

  8. My question 2 questions about Warp Speed is it’s the same stuff that Biden has been pushing? If it is, who is Trump protecting by staying silent on the dangers of that stuff?

    • Hi Mark,

      Trump thinks he is protecting himself, I think. He takes credit for the “vaccines” that “ended” the “pandemic.” This – per Q and the insane theory of “Devolution” – “saved millions of lives.”

      It’s either that or he is complicit.

  9. I give Trump credit for only 2 things. He recognized the climate hoax for what it is and he tried to get along with Putin and Russia.

    But the bad…

    Trump hired all the wrong people and didn’t fire anyone, esp. Fauci.

    He approved of the lockdowns. So, orange man got us 2 years to flatten the curve.

    Covid was most likely a mixture of flu and a bad cold season. It’s too improbable that the flu and colds completely disappeared because of covid. The covid tests can’t tell the difference between covid and the flu, so that is enough for me.

    Trump got sick and took drugs that the rest of us couldn’t get, and he didn’t do anything about that.

    He didn’t pardon Assange and Snowden.

    At least DeSantis has allowed for a sanctuary in FL. I’m still in CA. I never got the vax but I did feel the pressure. I have a vax card, but so far I haven’t needed to use it.

    Today, I don’t know if there’s any hope at all. I like Rand Paul the most, but he’s not exactly his father, though I don’t know of anyone in politics that’s any better. Maybe there’s Thomas Massie.

    The only people I’ve ever voted for president were Ron Paul and Harry Browne. Neither got more than 1 million votes.

    Democracy is simply a hoax that is used to convince people they have a say in government. Harry Browne was right, there’s really no difference between the government and the mafia, except possibly the flags they fly in front of their offices. Everyone should read his essay on “If I were dictator”.

    And don’t forget that 50% of the population have IQs less than 100. That means we have mostly morons voting. They believe in an invisible man in the sky because sheep herders had nothing better to do than create myths 4000 years ago. The new religion is climate and it too worships invisible things – in this case, the new Satan is co2. These morons don’t even understand that co2 is plant food.

    And they put a judge on the supreme court because she was a black woman, who refused to acknowledge what a woman was.

    It’s probably time to turn this off. Too much frustration is bad for the health.

    • “Covid was most likely a mixture of flu and a bad cold season.”

      Covid was the primary cause of the excess death spike starting April 2020/
      Covid was one cause of the excess deaths in 2021
      Covid was not the cause of excess deaths in 2022, through June 2022 so far.
      The dominant Covid strain in 2022 is Omicron, which is a coronavirus common cold with an infection fatality rate the same as any common cold — very low. Omicron could not cause excess deaths.

      In addition to excess deaths, all cause US deaths did not decline in 2021 with the vaccines, versus 2020, with no vaccines. Another indication they did not save lives.

      Hospitalization data are not good enough to analyze vaccines — many, if not most, Covid patients entered the hospital for other reasons. Many had no respiratory symptoms. Based on a survey of Manhattan hospitals. Hospitals made more money from Covid patients, a huge financial incentive to have more Covid patients.

      Trump has good intention when financing a rushed Vaccine development. The results were horrible, and were compounded by Biden ers vaccine mandates. The wife and I decided in late 2020 that we would never even consider a vaccine developed in nine months. So we rejected the shots. Being retired made that easy.

      Don’t expect any politician to admit to a mistake. Especially Trump. The man recovered from Covid yet still took a Covid vaccine that was obviously not necessary. That’s not a man with any knowledge of medicine. Trump’s greatest accomplishment is that he’s not Jumpin’ Joe Biden.

      It’s important to consider that Omicron is not a deadly disease and is not affected by vaccines. No common cold is.

      And don’t expect any politician to admit to a mistake or change a position, even when facts and data change, to support a new conclusion. Also, there is no reason to call our ex-president “Orange Man” That is childish. I voted for Trump in 2020, mainly because Biden was not all there, was a far leftist, and was part of a crime family. My first non-libertarian vote since 1972.

      • Speaking of admitting mistakes, SARS CoV 2 doesn’t not exist at all and never did. This is why I insist that most of you would be better off not voting and leaving it to people with a capacity to think and remember. Show me a picture of one single virion of this Omicron you speak of. Out of the trillions and trillions of Omicrons you insist are infecting the entire globe, they must have been able to isolate and micrograph and verify at least one single virion right? Not a computer graphic but an actual picture of the actual thing. . So find it and show it to me. And I’ll see you in a million years.
        You have got to be willing and able to think outside the boundaries they set for you or you are of no use to anyone, even yourself. Your post sounds like a TV script. Precisely because you are speaking back to us exactly what you heard on TV and pretending it’s some ‘knowledge’ you’ve acquired. Nobody can save you but you. ACTUALLY open your eyes and attempt to see this Omicron you speak of. And be willing to accept that the fact that you can’t see it means it isn’t there. And don’t tell me or anyone else anything but what your eyes have or haven’t seen. I already know what the news is saying. Im not looking to hear another sock puppet regurgitate it.

        • Hi Reals,

          Channeling Dr. McCoy: I’m a writer, not a doctor – so I feel uneasy attempting to speak authoritatively on subjects I’m not schooled well in, such as virology. That said, I find the question – “show me” – regarding the “virus” – one that demands answers. No more invisible Bogeymen.

        • That is absurd. Of course SARS CoV2 exists, they have admitted to weaponizing this virus through gain of function. To continue to say it does not exist only plays into the agenda of the controllers. Don’t be a MAGA moron.

          • So they ‘bioengineered’ a disease which is in every respect a carbon copy of the typical seasonal flu? Something, which just like the flu, is only dangerous to the very elderly and very infirm? The only thing that was weaponized was the worldwide media and government narrative; the phony PCR tests (to make everyone think they had ‘the disease”), and the treatment protocols which were established (Ventilators, vaccines, et al) which is ultimately what killed most victims.

            • There’s even an article on LRC today by Lew himself pushing this weaponized lab leak gain of function garbage. He seems to have bought totally into the BS Ron Unz has been pushing since day 1 (it’s real! Chyna/gain of function/lab leak). He’s also got that Steve Kirsch character on there, who’s done some ok work but seems to have gone off the rails attacking anyone who questions the premise of the “one virus.”

              • Funkmeister, between the COVID-bioweapon BS, and the constant harping on the Ewe-Kraine by the alt media sites, I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer even bother perusing their headlines anymore (Had stopped reading most of the actual articles quite a while ago)- And even what good stuff there may be [speaking in all of this of many sites, not just LRC] it’s usually just preaching to the choir, or stuff that is poorly done which may confirm things we already know/believe, but which contain little actual substantive proof that could withstand scrutiny- and some seems to be even willful disinformation, for example, citing things as ‘proof’ for something, but taking the citation wildly out of context, thus making what may indeed be actual truth, look false.

                I think we’d all do better just to observe what we can, and use our own senses to draw our own conclusions based on past examples and what we already know to be fact.

                The COVID barrative had all the markings of a psy-op frpm it’s inception: It was grossly hyped and exaggerated in the very beginning (Remember reports of people dropping dead on the streets and bleeding from their eyes with no warning? What ever happened to them? LOL).

                To the phony PCR tests. (If it were real, they wouldn’t need to use a test with a 90% false positivity rate to establish that fact!).

                To the concerted WORLDWIDE media effort and outright fraud of hospitals being ‘overwhelmed’ (When in actuality they were ghost towns…but maybe somewhere else they were overwhelmed…I seen it on da news… LOL)

                To a scenario in which so many false positive test results were being used to scare people into thinking that everyone was dying, because…you know…”the cases! The cases!”- though few were sick and less were dying…

                To the clusterfuck vaccines…
                The mass closings of small businesses…but not the big corporate stores….
                The contact tracing…
                Not letting you visit elderly relatives in nursing homes, but sticking people who actuially had the flu in those nursing homes…
                Biden’s threat of door-to-door vax compliance checkers (What ever happened to them?)…and so much more…

                If anyone- especially NOW in retrospect, can’t see what a huge scam this all has been, I truly feel sorry for them, and they should not be allowed to drive or go out in public alone, much less pen articles, because they must be severely mentally handicapped.

          • How do you know it exists? The “Covid-19” has a mortality rate just about the same as the seasonal flu and impacted mostly elderly people with multiple comorbidities.”Covid-19′ And the flu cases disappeared. You seem to think we have been lied to about almost everything except the “real” existence of the so named/rebranded “Covid-19”

            • Exactly, Ulysse. If the flu were the bioweapon, then it was the most feeble thing ever created, as it did essentially nothing more than the standard flu. A bright third-grader could have come up with something ‘better’ given the supposed money, intelligence and and international cooperation that supposedly went into the creation of such a feeble weapon.

              The REAL bioweapon of course, is the supposed antidote to the ‘COVID’- i.e. the vax. Of course a narrative had to be invented in order to prompt people to take and even demand that vax- thus the COVID narrative. The ONE thing they will NEVER allow to be exposed, is how the whole COVID thing was a giant worldwide government-media propaganda campaign- for if that were to ever become common knowledge, their ability to continue to control the masses by such means would cease.

              Just like 9/11 or any other psy-op or false flag- a convenient enemy is usually ‘found’ before the event even happens, for the destruction of that enemy is usually the reason for the event. Maybe with the phony flu they’ll ultimately put the blame on China in order to start a war with them, who knows? But the one thing we can know is that nothing is as it seems, and whatever *they* is NEVER the truth.

          • …and yet, the country has been using the PCR test, to “test” for the COVID virus in patients. The very test Kary Mullis that designed and won a Nobel Prize award for (1985). Mullis warned that his PCR test was NOT to be used to diagnose for diseases, because it was too sensitive, as it cannot distinguish between live and inactive viruses. Any cycle threshold over 17, and Mullis explained you can come up “positive” for anything a scientist wants you to be “positive” for. The one local hospital in my area jacks up the cycle threshold up to 37, as I asked them. Also, if you think that our beloved Feds would not lie about the existence of a COVID virus, you are sorely mistaken. They have lied to us (Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, etc.) more than they have told the truth. Why should they start telling us the truth now?

            • Every. single. time. I hear of, or read about, the PCR test, I think about how even – a can of Coke – tests positive.

              … That, and, “Mullis warned that his PCR test was NOT to be used to diagnose for diseases, because it was too sensitive, as it cannot distinguish between live and inactive viruses.”

              I thought it was some other recently dead fella that invented the test & said the same thing? I don’t recall.

              Oh well, none of it seems to matter to most people, facts be damned, full [warp] speed ahead, load the torpedoes,… or sum such malarkey.

              “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” – Gordon Lightfoot (HD w/ Lyrics)


              • Hello, Helot. I found the video I was thinking of. I am surprised YouTube has not removed it. Fast-forward to the 2-minute mark. That is where Mullis explains how one can misuse his PCR test, and how it can work “too well”. For those who may be interested. Also, my bad, he won the Nobel Prize award about ten years after he invented this….

  10. When Trump went ahead with operation Warp Speed there were already questions from many in the research/medical community about that nature of these jabs and what they contained. I was early in listening to Frontline Doctors and quite of few others. Before the jab became available, the average person was fixated on the deadliness of covid -if I get it, am I going to die. The fatalities from the jabs didn’t accrue to a point where a sufficient portion of the population took notice. Where Trump went wrong was that he was primarily concerned about the lockdowns and economics. He bragged about being tough with the FDA in getting warp speed going. He should have been equally as adamant in allowing the availability of Ivermectin and Hydrochloriquine.

    • Hi Dave,

      I don’t condemn Orange Fail for what he did early on because of the context. There was an unprecedented Freak Out over the ‘Rona and I can understand an error of judgment in that context. But it is not mid-summer 2020. It is the fall of 2023 and it is now established fact that the “vaccines” are, in the first place, no such thing as they do not prevent people from getting or spreading (critical, that latter) the sickness people were told would immunize them from getting and spreading – remember that? In the second, it is established fact that they have appalling side effects. For Orange Man to continue advocating for them is even more appalling.

      It is also not forgivable.

  11. Try as I might, I cannot recall a single instance of Trump ever apologizing for anything, and there were plenty of things he could rightfully be expected to apologize for. In one respect, I can understand–he was so beleaguered in office that he dared not give his opponents a single handhold. Also, as someone else observed, the word ‘apology’ is just not in a politician’s vocabulary anyway. But with Trump it is even worse–he is temperamentally incapable of apologizing publicly for anything. It won’t happen.

    And truth to tell, for me it wouldn’t matter. I won’t give my vote to Donald ‘Kushner’ Trump anyway. His son-in-law, who apparently has outsized influence with him, is even more incompetent than he is.

    Trump has some good ideas and knows how to whip up a crowd. But the problem is that the skill sets for being a good campaigner and being a good president are different skill sets, and he has shown himself lacking in the latter.

  12. The Hildabeest did her part in 2016 by calling Trump fanboys ‘Deplorables’. I’m sure there is a term for what she did there, but all that did was further persuade Trumpers to love him even more and trust him even more… even though Donny Boy loves IzRayEl and Net-n-Yahoo.

    Hildabeest was never going to be president and she probably didn’t want to be. She was there to put trust in Trump. It is STILL working. People STILL think D-O-N-A-L-D…T-R-U-M-P is playing 4-D chess.


    • Confirmed.

      Including a bitchute link results in the comment not being published, with no error message or anything. Modifying the link with a [dot] replacement allows the comment to publish.

      I seem to recall a “bugs” thread for stuff like this, but I couldn’t find it in a search…

  13. Off-topic, but…

    Another black mark for DeSantis.

    Now he’s siccing the pigs on excon felons, who although now allowed to vote in FL, and have been issued voter ID cards, haven’t paid their former court costs and other associated fees relating to their past convictions…even though they have no way of even knowing whether or not they are in violation of new law which declares that they must do so in order to vote.

    The prick held a publicity stunt, announcing that “they have caught 20 people committing voter fraud” because they fell victim to the above.

    This video ‘splains it [Kinda painful to watch because it’s from BS..err…MSNBC and the presenter seems like a douche- but this goes hand-in-hand with DeSantis’s siccing of his hired goons on the state attorney. Anyone thinking of voting for this ‘lesser evil” should question just how less of an evil he is. Would it be any improvement having this tyrant in the WH? This dude is starting to look downright scary.


    • Hey Nunz!
      My sister lives in Florida and she and her friends refer to him as DeSatanist, he’s a petty dictator and if elected prez he would be tRump 2.0

      • Hey, Mike!
        Yeah, this guy’s really starting to scare me now. I don’t watch TV or even news videos (The one I linked I had just randomly come across, and clicked on it because of the title)- but every time I see images of DeSatanist (I like that! :D) he’s always got goons in the background.

        • I think you are on to something regarding the goons always hovering stage left. I was driving around a semi-rural “red” area of SE Virginia (populated by a dwindling number of actual farmers but mostly big paycheck MIC workers who work for the gov’t and it’s contractors in Norfolk) yesterday and I kept seeing house after house flying those “thin blue line” US flags. It’s like they’re saying “I love cops” even more than “country.” Like cops and cop suckers are now a faction unto themselves. I think DeSatanist and his goon squad imagery are playing to this.

          • Funk, I think you nailed it!

            That’s the trouble with this phony left vs. right/R vs. D paradigm. They are all tyrants (Ya can’t have government without tyranny and coercion), it’s just that in order to placate the majority of society, we have the one ‘side’ which represents tyranny with trannies and racism(they hate whites) and Marx…and the other side which represents tyranny with country and apple pie- but they all practice the same robbery(taxation), and continue the same redistribution of wealth, and the same wars, and keep filling the same jails….etc. No room for liberty amongst such people, and there are no ‘lesser evils’ (Except perhaps the ones who are so blatantly and openly evil that they prompt decent people to take a stand against them).

            This is why I hate to see Libertarians getting caught-up in supporting any tyrant, when we KNOW that no matter who is (s)elected, we are just going to be less free in four years. Pointing this out and explaining why it is so, is a lot more enlightening, and does a lot more for the cause of liberty than supporting some tyrant who may be .002% less evil than the other tyrant, and who may throw us some temporary little crumbs. (How’d I get off onto this rant?!)

            • Words & their fetishists are unbounded. So, “boundary issues.”

              Left, right, libertarian – all that finiculi, finicula choo-choo’ing up Mt. Vesuvius – is just red (white-blue-whatever) wigglers turning dirt into shit that the flies & the venus flytrap grows in … until the next eruption turns the lot back into the statues they always were – & buries them.

              For a continuum that doesn’t con (protinuum?) try Human-Subhuman. NAP works as the dividing line, so long as the tenure-turd academic muddlers are not humored in their meddling ( Block’s “evictionism” ffs …).

              All of these “people,” all of the contractors, all of the tax & doleaters are already apologists for the status quo. Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing ~ Billy Preston

              “To the Moon, Alice”ntious ones!


    • Das nasty, Nunz. This dimestore don, Da Satanis’, scoring political points off of the most immiserated, beaten and broken dregs of society imaginable. Definitely bears the whiff of human sacrifice, to his vainglorious ambitions.

      For more on DaSatanis’ pioneering of transforming the world into a Noahide plantation:


      • Free-Phi,
        I’ll watch that whole video tonight….but it looks to be good stuff.

        “They are grooming him to be president” – Exactly what I thought as soon as I saw that he took The Pledge Of Allegiance (To Israel).

    • It’s gross Nunz, the boo’s father sits in front of Fox News and cheers for assholes like Desantis. Whenever there’s footage of the pigs accosting some alleged criminal where the anchor promises violence he watched in suspense yelling “shoot ’em! shoot ’em!” at the TV, but never held a gun in his own life. Tunes us out when we reign down simple truthbombs on the trash coming outta the idiot box. Or we get that cognitive dissonance fueled side-eye lol. It’s disgusting what good christian types advocate. The punishment culture is baby stuff ffs

      • Moose, I tells ya, those kind of people (and I too know many like that) are every bit as much our enemy as a Hillary-loving SJW. And they’re so into the hero-worship, that even if they or someone they know/love is victimized by said ‘heroes’, they will just chock it up to “one bad apple” (Though it happens hundreds of times per day all over the country, and is now captured on video and made available for everyone to see) or even worse, they will self-deprecate, and say “I deserved it”- anything other than dare reproach the objects of their worship, their dear pigs and ‘troops’ who consciencelessly execute the commands of tyrants. But “Gotta support our boys!”. “Thank you for your service”[a good way to induce vomiting]

  14. Eric, I do not think DJT was duped, he is doing the bidding of his owners, the Rothschilds and other bankers. If Trump was duped by the vaxx program, then he is not that smart and disqualified from being our leader. We do not need a politician that can be duped.

    I reccommend everyone watch what David Icke (famous author and researcher) has to say in his latest video:

    Follow Your Leader… Over The Cliff – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

    For the record, I have followed Icke’s message for over 30 years, and he was the first person – decades ago – that said the entire world elite were a pedophile cult. Like everyone, I was skeptical of that claim, but it is now proven true.

    For all those who still love Trump, I say you should be mighty careful idolizing him, as his first presidency was a disaster for this nation, and that record could repeat if he gets back in, 2024. Eric wrote, Trump is all talk and no action, while DeSantis is action then talks about it after the fact.

    Like they say in Texas, Trump is all hat and no cattle.

    Amerika is a big nation of 335 million people, certainly there are better candidates than Trump. I do not vote, I refuse to vote A of B when both are controlled Ziowhores. Trump is very clearly a Ziowhore who gave everything Israel wanted, like murdering General Soleimani, giving the Golan Heights to Israhell, and moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

    Israel murders Palestinian kids on a regular basis, you have to be a monster to support the state of Israel which murders its own citizens who are not Jews. Israel is a racist Jewish only state, and DJT supports them, and even claims he is the “King of Israel”.

    Look this up “Israeli defence officials have confirmed that an Israeli raid on a Gaza cemetery killed five Palestinian children during its assault in early August,”

    IMO you would have to be a fool to vote for him.

    • It’s so much worse than Yukon thinks, that it’s almost impossible to comprehend. The Elites have openly stated their goal of population reductions to 500 million, down from about 8 billion today. Please review the recently destroyed Georgia Guidestones instructions. The “jab” is just the starting point…what will it take to kill 7.5 Billion people within 10 years or thereabouts??? Agenda 2030/Agenda 21 are unfortunately real, and for all of Orangemans faults, he certainly illuminated the truly hideously evil entities controlling the national governments all over the world. I used to find great puzzlement in people’s belief in seemingly crazy crackpot conspiracy theories, but after watching the last 2 years of insanity created by design with (((COVID))), now I see that Icke was correct about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!!!
      Please prepare accordingly, for what seems to be the end times, that biblical Revelations predicted 2,000 years ago. As bad as things are now, I’m sorely afraid they will become so much worse than these days now will be seen as “The Good Old Days”….
      Good Luck, and I hope and pray that I’m wrong….

    • Hi Jack,

      Well-said. If Trump is so dumb – so purblind – as to not grasp the evil of “the pandemic,” then he is unfit for the office. As I have written previously, it is – it was – understandable that he got tripped up, initially. Assuming good intentions. I give him a pass for the first three months of “the pandemic.” But after that it had become obvious the whole thing was a deliberately contrived – via deliberately exaggerated “case” counts and so on – effort to spread fear over a “virus” that at worst amounted to an uptick in mortality among the very elderly and very frail, for the purpose of acquiring unprecedented arbitrary power over the populace.

      The fact that they (the “authorities”) were equating “cases” – i.e., positive test results – with medical cases – o.e., those in need of medical care in a hospital – was a clear, factual indication of malicious intent.

      The fact that they were “locking down” some (small) businesses but not Big Box businesses, another.

      Telling people that wearing a “mask” would “stop the spread.”

      And then this evil “vaccine” business. That latter being the most evil of all. And Trump still touts them; takes personal credit for them.

      • I totally agree, and the fact that Trump STILL brags about his job on the vaxx which has killed and injured millions totally eliminates him as a potential candidate for 2024.

        Like Fauci and Bill Gates, Trump should be in prison for mass murder.

  15. Lawsuits Coming For Entities That Don’t Change COVID Mandates After CDC Update: Lawyer

    Entities with COVID-19 vaccine mandates that don’t pay heed to the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance will face lawsuits, a civil liberties lawyer says.

    CDC reverses itself on every pillar of COVID theater

    Suddenly now, the CDC says their previous guidelines don’t apply any longer. They’ve dropped their demands on masks, vaccinated vs. unvaccinated people, social distancing, mandatory quarantines, keeping exposed children out of school and even about running covid tests on asymptomatic people (i.e. testing those who aren’t even sick).

    This is a shocking, wholesale reversal of most of the lies the CDC been pushing for years, and it begs the question: Will all the employees who were fired for questioning the CDC’s previous “guidance” now get their jobs back? Will they get back pay?

    Will Big Tech reverse all the censorship and deplatforming of people who questioned the CDC’s lies?

    Will there be any apology from the complicit media outlets that peddled the CDC’s propaganda for the last 2+ years?

  16. Yes, Putin’s puppet, the Orange Man (aka Two Scoops) needs to admit he was duped and renounce the jabs. I’m still waiting on the apology for the $1.80-2.20/gal gasoline among other America First policies his administration enabled while fending off the Russia-Russia-Russia coup.

    But as Eric fails to make even ONE mention of him or them in this as usual 20/20 hindsight article, it’s OK then that neither Fauci and his minions or Pfizer and Moderna need not “own up”?

    Eric is no doubt A-OK with the $350/yr Fauci is being rewarded with as well. And the mRNA makers can keep the hundreds of millions it suckered from us, too. (The J&J jab, Janssen actually, is a for real vaccine platform and suffered from the MSM/SJW/CDC crowd’s “blood clot” panic propaganda.)

    Next up: The Climate Emergency where fossil fueled vehicles and machines will be banned for all but Green Economy essentials.

    • J&J’s jab was also an experimental, never been used before, platform – DNA encoding the spike protein delivered with an infective but, supposedly, inert adenovirus. It is in no way a real vaccine platform. If anything, it exposed the clot-forming nature of the spike protein as it was J&J’s shots that were first identified (publicly anyway) as causing severe blood clots. Not clot propaganda, but deadly serious risks to health and life.

      Novavax is a form of a traditional vaccine platform, which uses spike protein and no RNA or DNA. It causes severe blood clots too, because the spike protein activates the blood clot cascade. It also is ineffective against Covid.

      Fauxi, Pfizer, and Moderna need not own up to anything. They’ve never hid their intentions – profit. In fact, they’ve all been pretty up front about that from the get-go for anyone paying attention. Orange Dufus, however, plays the foil, and effectively pulls the wool over the eyes of the MAGA ass hats, who fawn over him as if he’s the second coming, and not the con artist he is and always was.

  17. Anyone who hires the king of the neocons John friggin Bolton is clearly evii or a dipshit. Just one of the many fails of this conman. After he bragged about stealing Syria’s oil and attacked them over lies, I was out. I truly hope he goes to jail.

    • Mark3, I would say that even if one absolutely NOTHING else, just seeing how Trump pardoned all of those criminals upon his exit, would be more than enough to disqualify him for any office- even dog catcher- in the eyes of any decent person.

      Anyone who would vote for someone who pardons justly convicted murderers and scammers- including the King Of Medicare Fraud, who bilked the system out of $1.6 BILLION, for one of the most powerful positions in the world, expecting him to uphold justice and liberty….. someone who let the Clinton Crime Family skate, and even appointed one of the judges who helped keep them free to the SCOTUS…while leaving Assange to rot…. I mean, anyone who would vote for someone who has blatantly demonstrated such injustice and criminality and contempt for the innocent, is as bad as what they are voting for.

      • Hi Nunz I have thoughts about te Orange Man that if expressed would prompt an FBI investigation – or maybe not. Rumors are that Trump was considering an Assange pardon but McConnell the turtle told him he would let a second impeachment trial to go through if he did, I call bullshit on this one since Trump was reportedly plannnig an Assange ASSASINATION. How do you make a business person a murderer? Elect him

        • Mark3,
          I’ll say it again, every government on the planet, ever, is founded on it’s assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. So making a person a murderer is quite truly best achieved by electing them. Which by definition does make them a murderer. Unless they immediately set about abolishing the state. Which they won’t.

        • Hey Mark,
          In light of ALL we’ve seen from The Orange Doofus, I’d say that you are spot-on!

          What really kills me though, is that someone who pardons outright criminals, has the gall to ruin again…and that our society is so corrupt that millions would just ignore that fact and still support him and desire that he shepherd their country and rule over them- and you virtually never even hear anyone mention it, because corruption is expected, rampant, and tolerated. Even his opponents don’t mention it, because they are just as bad.

          Such a people can never liberty and honesty.

  18. The scientific nature of the ordinary man

    Is to go on out and do the best you can – John Prine, Humidity Built the Snowman

    For God’s sake, what the hell is going on here?

    Just another day of bumbling stumbling madness gone wild.

    You would think that governments would be satisfied to have citizens happy and not afflicted. More like, they intend to afflict anybody out there.

    You are the problem, Nazi Nancy says so.

    Pay up, you tax slave, then get out of the way. What good are you?

    War is a good mechanism to stop overpopulation.

    Paul Ehrlich was bound and determined to witness a die-off of humans. Julian Simon proved him wrong.

    10,000,000 human geniuses, what Jordan Peterson advocated.

    A real population bomb right there.

    The time to speak up has passed, now is the time for senseless bickering

    Words of wit written on a men’s room wall. har

    Flip flop, it never stops.

  19. I have yet to hear an apology from anyone who pushed the clotshot, including my church leaders. The division these mandates caused was terrible, in addition to the severe health consequences people have suffered who listened to the CDC, Fauci, Trump, their employers and clergy. I know we are supposed to forgive all men, but I pray for a reckoning.

    • I am with you, Jennifer. The fear that the elite instilled in people globally deserves nothing but swift reprisal. I will even be nice and state they should have their day in court, but if found guilty they warrant the full extent of the law expeditiously.

    • ‘the severe health consequences people have suffered who listened to … Fauci’ — Jennifer

      Fauci is stepping down in December, he announced today.

      Probable reason: when the R-party majority House begins hearings next January, it will be more difficult to compel Fauci’s attendance as a private citizen. Whereas in his current NIAID post, he would be obliged to show up for questioning.

      This survivor cockroach knows which way the wind’s blowing. His long brown antennae registered the heavy footfalls of the new owners approaching the kitchen, wielding a big flyswatter.

    • Jennifer:
      To the “clergy” that shut their doors, masked their congregations and pushed the death jab over the flu season, and still cannot admit they were wrong.

      Millstone, neck, ocean, the end.

      At a time when they should have been an anchor for those who were truly scared or persecuted 98% played along like slaves. Muh 501c3 status yah know?

    • You never will. They will just say they were listening to the experts. Not only the WHO at the top, but all the insurance companies, legal council, suppliers, and the whole bureaucracy behind every institution, including (or maybe starting with) the church. The problem is the top down nature of our societal structures, which are overwhelmingly influenced by military chain of command and control in the post WW2 era. Mainly because they came into their own after VJ Day, when all those young men who had not known any other organizational structure, joined the workforce.

    • Jen, I think most people with any kind of power or authority are afraid to be seen as wrong. It would mess up their own perceptions of arrogance and being someone above the masses.

  20. Because I’m a defense contractor, I unfortunately had to get the jab. Thank God I’ve not had any issues, but when my pediatrician wanted my youngest to get the jab, I said “No. Under no circumstances and don’t ask again, because the answer will always be no.”

    I wish Trump would have the stones to admit he made an egregious error and try to undo the damage he’s done, but I think his pride won’t allow it. Orange Man reminds me of General Custer in Little Big Man, played brilliantly by Richard Mulligan.

    General Custer:
    A Custer decision impetuous? GRANT called me impetuous, too, the drunkard, sitting there in the White House, calling ME impetuous!

  21. I love the excuses people make for Trump’s failings/evils- Everything from “He was duped” to “He’s playing 4-D chess”. Yeah, of course it’s possible that the billionaire wheeler-dealer could merely be in error on a particular subject, the notion that he is such a rube so as to merely be wrong or deceived on a plethora of subjects is laughable. Not even a peanut farmer from Georgia could be that ignorant.

    If one considers all of Trump’s actions, lies, BS. blunders, evils, etc. one would have to conclude that he is either complicit in the overall scheme of things, or so ignorant that if the true, would rank him several places behind Pedo Joe in finding his way out of a room.

    People don’t get into positions of wealth and power by being ignorant, naive, and Gilliganesque. They get there because they are players; they have paid their dues to the right people and demonstrated fidelity and or have closets full of skeletons to have held over their heads, and because they are ruthless- having no allegiance to anyone but themselves and those whom they serve or who they can use. Such are the least likely to be duped- but they would rather be thought bungling and naive than nefarious and criminal.

    As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, DJT, the former NYC Democrat, and world-class player, despises the people who support him, and who his speeches are crafted to appeal to. He considers them ignorant Bubbas, and if it were possible to open the windows on Epstein’s jet, I’m sure he would spit through that window every time they’d fly over ‘fly-over’ country.

    If we’re going to learn from mistakes, let us learn that if we had any hopes of any such creatures being a ‘lesser evil’, WE were the ones who were duped.

    • I have to agree with you, Nunz. We need to get out of this thought process that they are “on our side.” They are never on our side. These people are not one of us and we need to stop looking for signs that they give a damn about what happens to us. We are the first ones they come to for tax hikes, military interventions, and the testing of new products. We are the serfs. And what do many do? Line up in lockstep behind one of these assholes thinking they actually have a care for our lives and hope to improve them. Talk about naive.

      Here is what the elite care about:

      1. Money
      2. Power
      3. Their family
      (In that order and the family one is not guaranteed).

      Just as Smashing Pumpkins sang in their song “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”:

      The world is a vampire, sent to drain
      Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames
      And what do I get, for my pain?
      Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game

      Even though I know – I suppose I’ll show
      All my cool and cold – like old Job

      Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
      Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
      Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
      Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

      I have to hand it to Billy Corgan. The man is a seer.

      • Hi RG,

        Ya know, when Trump signed the BIGGEST military expenditure/expansion ever in the history of the world, I said that they are not doing that for shiggles and grins, “I wonder what is coming down the tubes that the next admin will need that for?”- and now we have our ever-escalating involvement and arming of the Ewe-kraine, and involvement in China. Ya KNEW it had to be something big. He certainly knew it…and set things up for the Pedo. It just goes to show how they are all working towards the same end, and the little show they put on for us is just that- a show.

        • Its a relay race. (And the batons fracture skulls between hand-offs.)

          And now the (can’t)fig(ure)leaves rode hard & left wet by trump are imploringly beseechingly looking to desantis, noem, whoTFever.

          “Power” (corruption) doesn’t corrupt. It attracts the already corrupt. That’s all there is to know about any of these people.

          Stop being a codependent enabler. GrowTFup.

      • RG,
        I is indeed delusional to believe any politician is “on our side”.

        One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath, if not a psychopath.

        They all seek power over other people. A thing sane people do not do.

    • In January 2020, Orange was heavily favored to win a second term. The economy was good, oil prices low, the corruption from the Russia/Clinton/FBI hoax was being exposed and the impeachments shown to be the partisan action of the corrupt Democratic Party. Then Covid, ultimately requiring massive numbers of mail-in ballots harvested by Zuckerberg funded Democratic Party operatives to steal the election. Coincidence?

      With the implementation of digital currencies and social credit scores, dissent will be crushed. Say the wrong thing, vote for the wrong candidate, think the wrong thought then no food for you. Perfection is not an option. If you vote for the “lesser of two evils”, you’re not being duped, you’re recognizing the greater evil and making an informed decision.

  22. The Orange is certainly not blameless.. His initial instincts for a limited shutdown and medical treatments such as hydroxychloroquine as therapeutics were correct, but in the end he dared not challenge “the Science” and oppose big Pharma.

    Apologies, like admissions of guilt are not part of the political landscape, so don’t expect any from Orange. That said, if Orange gets the Republican nomination in 2024, I would support him on “the lesser of two evils” platform. Just how it is.

  23. I think I’m voting for Vermin Supreme this time.

    Or myself.

    I’ve never lived to regret voting for a third party. Republicans and Democrats have failed to earn that particular distinction.

    • Publius,
      For several years, before I stopped voting entirely, I wrote in my own name. After all, if you win, the best thing you could do is nothing, and anybody can do that.

  24. I can hardly fault somebody for being dumb enough to be duped into the jab if youre that dumb it’s unlikley youbrealize how dumb you are. My issue is with those who knew something was amiss and took it anyway for a job, the ability to travel, social pressure whatever. Go ahead and argue duress and whatever what they hell good is a job, or a trip to a foreign country if you’re permanently disabled or dead? I told everyone I knew “whatever is in that shot cannot be un-injected,” so chose wisely.

    Orange fail, for all his fails the warp speed was his biggest and most destructive. Typical flim-flam man attention whore behavior. No chance he’ll ever apologize. Most trumpsters are by nature hard core cult members, they check te box for him no matter what.

    As much as I like the sound of DeSantis I have no belief he’s anything other than (good cop) in the good cop bad cop false left-right binary. I’d probably vote for him. Just know a snake is a snake the question being rattlesnake, cobra, or garter snake?

  25. My liberal sister has had (4) jabs and still got the rona. She also had some heart trouble last year as well. I should remind her that it was the evil Orangeman who pushed these vaccines and Kamala even said she would not take them if the Orangeman told her to. Unfortunately, it is too late for her and her family to reverse directions. My two daughters also took these concoctions on the promise they can get life back to normal and go out to restaurants and travel again. If my daughters become ill, I may never forgive the Orangemen for that.

    I agree with you Eric, I could possibly forgive Trump if he repudiates these pF companies and the evil they have done. The Orangeman is at an inflection point; if he joins the living and condemns these vaccines, he has momentum and sympathy of the populace by being persecuted by the FBI, he could win again. If he did that, (and promised to rid us of the FBI), I would love to stick up the Uniparty’s A’S and re-elect Trump.

  26. Politicians never admit they were wrong, let alone apologize; they’re more likely to double down on the same BS. Note how Fauxchi and Wallensky semi “apologized” on the early govco covid response by saying they should have come down even harder on our freedom. As far as Orange Fail, he said all the right things prior to his election- end the forever wars, get out of NATO, rip out the deep state, etc., but once he got into office and had four years to do that it all went by the wayside. All he ever did was ram through a tax “reform” to further enrich his already rich cronies and put one more nail in the coffin of the middle class. Why bother voting, as Mark Twain (I think) said – “if voting mattered, they wouldn’t allow it”.

    • ‘As far as Orange Fail, he said all the right things prior to his election – end the forever wars, get out of NATO, rip out the deep state, etc., but once he got into office and had four years to do that it all went by the wayside.’ — Mike+in+Boston

      Been there; done that. G W Bush spoke while campaigning in 2000 about a more humble foreign policy. Then he started wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      Every politician campaigns by throwing out ‘red meat for the base’ doggy biscuits. Then they go centrist in office: ‘mend not end,’ etc. That’s the Uniparty way.

      Given the near-1,000 batting average for this phenomenon, what are the odds that DeSantis will become the first Republican since Calvin Coolidge to actually do exactly what he said he was going to do?

  27. “will use its power to all-but-bayonet-point the populace into taking the drugs pushed by these cartels. Not just these drugs.”
    Indeed, just like the power to tax opens the door to take it all, this power to medicate could quite easily include forcing people to take psychotropics that make one more amenable to the the state’s wishes. Hello Brave New World order.
    Trump is unlikely to admit he was wrong and apologize. This is a thing politicians simply rarely, if ever do. Unless they are about to retire.

  28. Trump would have done much more, he never had a chance. He could have just quit, resigned, to hell with you dumbasses, I’m going back to reality.

    Two weeks, two years, at this point, what difference does it make?

    To err is human, to forgive, divine.

    Difficult to forgive when direct harm is caused, not an error, but malicious intent.

    You can forgive, but you also want revenge. Once assaulted and battered, you’ve been harmed, not difficult to think about plowing your foot up a few politicians’ asses.

    The harm has been done, no going back.

    “Shoot the moon right between the eyes I’m sending most of me to sunny countryside.” – John Prine, Clocks and Spoons

  29. The Orangeman intuitively understood the psychological value in the “vaccine”. I think he (in his boomer naivete) thought it would be effectively a placebo as it appears to be in something like 29/30 jabs. I think had it not been pushed out it’s possible there never would have been an “opening up”.
    The Orangeman was ignorant (as usual) of the fact that the medical pharma complex cares not about harm, especially when he was more than willing to take the credit.

  30. I predict that he’s being set up for 2024. A state will sue the CDC or FDA for negligence just before the primaries. Or a state will bring a case to the Supreme Court about the vaccine exception for liability, which is bad law and should be struck down anyway. Then it’s Katy bar the door. Then every time he mentions the vaccine that clip will be used in a campaign ad for his opponent.

    The CDC and FDA are owned by big pharma, but if it comes to Fauxchi and Pfizer or the useless office drones, you bet the bureaucrats will throw both of them under the bus to save their government pension.

    • I agree with you RK. Been thinking this was the plan since orange man began running around, bragging how wonderful the warp speed, clot shot is. We had 4 years of seeing how he reacted to everything. The enemy did as well. He fell right into their trap by his own hubris.

      As Eric said in the article he is either obtuse or complicit. There is no third choice just like everything else in our fake binary society. Whichever of the two it is, obtuse or complicit, makes him unqualified for another shot at fixing the mess he enabled.

  31. It doesn’t matter what this asshole does. His promotion of the jab is just a symptom of how sick in the head the chubby narcissist is.

    DeSantis is not a good option. He is bought and paid for.

    You can see it now. The complete failure of the convid jab. Who’s “untainted” by by a jab association? DeSantis. That’s how they roll out the next fraud. Polio? Something POX? Whatever it is, surely no “reasonable” person will be able to argue against whatever the next jab is. Even DeSantis. He’s so trustworthy. We can trust that this one is good. Remember how good he was with Convid.

    People controlling things cover their bases. Just watch and see.

    DeSantis is a con. Just like all of the “legitimate” options.

  32. I’m sorry, but if you poisoned yourself, the blame is with you and you alone. Not Orange Dufus, Fauci, Birx, or your employer. You allowed yourself to be duped with the promise of a lottery ticket, free beer, or a baseball game (how’d that all work out for you?). You failed to do your due diligence – I guarantee you do more research into a toaster you want to buy on Amazon than you did with the vaccine. The information, warnings, and red flags were all there in the open – you didn’t look or didn’t care. You trusted ABCNNBCBS and a government that has never once told the truth about anything. You failed to hold the line. You enabled the hell that fell on the rest of us. You are the problem and you must own up to your failings. You must be made to bear the consequences of poisoning yourself in haste.

    Orange Dufus did not drive you to the vaccine tent or the CVS. Orange Dufus did not inject you. You did this to yourself.

    • Amen, BAC! Brilliant post. Those that received the shot did not practice due diligence. They believed government was here to save them when everything points to the contrary. This was a testing of mental strength. Seventy percent of the population failed.

    • BAC,
      No he did not, but he did assume credibility for being “on our side”, and many believed his assumption, and didn’t believe he would mislead them. In other words, people are largely politically gullible. And after near a century of public school propaganda, still think “good government” is a thing. It will likely take near another century to dispose of that myth. If people are still a thing by then. In fact, I’m not exactly sure we’ve turned the corner yet.

      • John, if anyone believed this known con man, they deserve what they get. Trump is charismatic, I’ll give him that. But I refuse to believe he was misled here or naively believed he was doing the right thing. If either of those were true, he’d assuredly have reversed course by now. So he’s either incomprehensibly stupid or in on it.

    • BAC…you are 100% correct. The blame lies with the injectee for making the decision to accept an experimental untested mRNA gene therapy poison over taking their chances with a relatively non-fatal virus.

  33. When Trump had the rally in Cullman, Alabama last year (?), he was booed by the crowd for boasting about his role in the vax. He pivoted & said it was the individual’s choice to take it. T

    That’s the same rally that Mo Brooks said we need to look forward, not backward (he was booed) & shortly thereafter Trump threw Brooks under the bus. Brooks is a real conservative; instead we got the McConnell preferred Shelby’s perky little handmaiden Katie Britt (who Trump then endorsed).

  34. I lost a pretty good job (pension, benefits, etc) due to a Covid-19 Mandate. It was a *gasp* federal contracting job and we were forced out because the military Commanding Officer of the facility decreed that anyone not fully vaccinated would be disallowed from accessing critical buildings, using his power as a CO. This was done after the Federal Courts issued their injunctions on the Executive Orders that mandated the vaccines to begin with. So they used a loophole to crush the noncompliant. Cool.

    These little tyrants were enabled by the powers wielded by both the Orange Man and the current Cardboard cutout in chief.

    These little tyrants are, as Louis Carabini would say, are inclined to mastery. They look for any opportunity to do control our lives because they truly know what is best for us

    I don’t expect there will be any repudiation here. No apologies. The two phrases you never hear uttered these days are “I am sorry” and “I was wrong”. These tyrants don’t know those phrases, and the Orange man is too ignorant and proud to say them anyway.

    • You may have lost a J.O.B. (journey of the broke)…
      But your choice almost certainly saved your life.
      Time will prove your choice to avoid the jab a true lifesaver.

  35. Not the first time AJ has distanced himself and Dumped on tRump the last few months , but is his most explicit. With finger to the wind, he’s already made a somewhat conciliatory video pleading for tRump to “get right”.

    Even if tRump did something as you suggest , I could never support him again – that ship sailed – too much has transpired in form of bad policy and EOs. And, as a former NYer myself and as many from that “Forbidden Zone” have felt in times past – couldn’t stand the bombastic blowhard anyway – he just ticked the right boxes in 2016 and gained some good will and benefit of doubt, and has since flushed it down the crapper.

    • Hi Jack,

      As a man with many flaws, who has made many mistakes in life, I try to be forgiving when forgiveness is asked for – and sincere. That latter substantiated by corrective action, not just talk. Were Trump to admit he was duped – or just made a well-intended but wrong decision – I could forgive him. Provided he never made that “mistake” again.

      • Hi Eric,

        First, Trump is too egotistical to apologize for anything. These men don’t admit fault they just quietly change their tune and tell everyone that they were right the whole time. Two, if Trump admitted he was duped than he looks weak and naive. One can forgive someone for something irrational or stupid said in a fit of temper, but can anyone truly forgive someone that constantly repeated it? Three, the media needs a straw man. If Trump laid the blame at his feet than he is done for. The media would rake him over the coals. There would be lawsuits against him. The populace needs a body to bury over this, Trump offering himself on a silver platter would have the real demons (Gates, Fauci, Birx, the WEF, and WHO) escape retribution.

      • Yes- “Repentance” – as a Christian I’m commanded to forgive and can, but to trust( or support as a candidate) , that’s another matter entirely. Great thoughts as always Eric!

  36. According to the Daily Mail on Aug 18, Alex Jones endorsed DeSantis.

    One would not be surprised if DeSantis rejects Jones’s endorsement, just as Senate candidate Blake Masters in Arizona rejected an endorsement from Andrew Anglin, editor of the Daily Stormer.

    Candidates know that the Lügenpresse will pounce with a vengeance, if they are ‘linked’ in any way to vilified fringe figures.

    Meanwhile, Mitch McClownell has admitted that he would rather lose the effort to win R-party control of the Senate, rather than let America First deplorables (many backed by Trump) intrude into a cozy club that he (McClownell) rules.

    Yet destroying Mitch’s corrupt Uniparty club is a top priority, even if many of the insurgents are Trump-backed. In an astounding feat of projection, the Lügenpresse now decries that the Trump-backed infiltrators will to try steal the presidential election for the R-party in 2024.

    A stolen election? Imagine that!

    • Remember when Ron Paul didn’t refund the donation from some white power activist? His response was perfect. Of course the little tyrants hated him for it, which means it was the correct action.

    • In Florida, Ron DeSantis *IS* a vilified fringe figure, at least in the eyes of the Pravda West outlets in the state like the Tampa Bay Times and Warren Buffett’s sole remaining TV station, the ABC affiliate in Miami.

      No mainstream newsroom endorsed DeSantis for Governor four years ago, and I believe the same is true this year.

      • Rosco
        DeSantis showed his anti-American traits signing the antisemitism bill banning criticism of israel while in he was visiting israel. Now that’s an F-You if I ever saw one….

        His signing of the Red Flag law in Florida ,,, a measure to confiscate guns without being convicted of a felony which about everything today is a felony… And in the FREE state of Florida we still have to pay for our 2nd amendment license. Yes,,, he would be the lessor of two evils but that’s how we got here.

        I stopped voting a few years back after watching the cockroaches feeding on the carcass of what used to be a reasonably free America.

        Watching governments around the world terrorize citizens during the fake plandemic I have come to the conclusion that the best government is no government.

        Sound outrageous? Wait until those 87,000 irs gun toting new hires get to work,,, paid by the money they extort from you! From one of the new hires (a nice girl),,, ‘ If you cheat the government,,, you’re going down.’ Nice eh….

        • Hi Ken,

          I love that bit about “if you cheat the government.” That’s like “cheating” the Mafia out of the “protection money” they claim you “owe.”

          People who have this mentality are the scum of the earth.

          Thieves who claim the moral high ground.

          The fact is no one “owes” anyone else a red cent, unless they have incurred a debt or owe compensation for harm caused. This idea that you “owe” solely because other people claim you do and use a system called “government” to force you to pay them is perhaps the most execrable crime perpetrated upon innocent people, because it feigns righteousness.

          • Eric,
            The difference being, the Mafia won’t drive you out of business in the process, and do offer some protection for their enslaved victim. If some other entity transgresses their protection racket, as in shaking down one of their “protected”, they will bring down the consequences upon their heads.
            The IRS has no such boundary. They will gleefully drive you into poverty. To “make an example” of you.


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