Orange Failed

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What would be the point of continuing to support the failed Orange Man as the antidote to the mass hysteria he helped foment – and which he now openly furthers, by urging the same mass (and serial) Jabbing as the Biden Thing?

If ever there was an eyes-wide-open moment, this is it. Who doesn’t see – even with one eye shut – that there isn’t any difference between the one thing and the other thing?

That they are the same things?

But Orange Man says the Jabbing en mass and in perpetuity mustn’t be mandatory!

He does say it is necessary.

That without mass and serial Jabbing, at Warp Speed – voluntary, of course – “tens of millions” would have died. The latter figure several times higher than even the most over-the-top predictions of bodies stacking up like cordwood that were used to panic the public into quivering obeisance over this “pandemic.”

Orange Man says he saved us all from that.

Think about what he’s actually saying.

And then think about what it suggests.

The Orange Thing not only agrees with the Biden Thing – about every thing that has been touted about the “pandemic” as the reason for the season – he agrees more fulsomely. Not enough was done to stop the spread of a bug that didn’t kill 99.8 something percent of the population. Not enough of us not-sick, healthy people have rolled up our sleeves.

We shouldn’t be forced to, says the Orange Man.

But says he thinks we have an obligation to.

That we are fools – and worse – to not rush to the nearest clinic at Warp Speed – without thought, without waiting to see what these “vaccines” will do to people  – and blithely accept being injected with the drugs he is pushing with the same tent show revival hell-and-damnation fervency as the other thing, who just thanked him for the evangelism.

Just sans the mandates.

Well, how long would that hold, in the event of an Orange Revival?

Why would that hold?

If these “vaccines” are so urgently necessary – remember, tens of millions of lives are on the table – and so very “safe,” as the Orange Man assures us – then why would any reasonable person choose not to roll up his sleeve?

At some point – maybe just after an Orange Revival in 2024 – it’s no longer going to be a matter of choice. He has just told you, without saying so.

You will have the kind of choice Orange Man gave you when he didn’t repeal Obamacare, as he let you believe he would.

Can you see?

The Orange Man almost never says what he means. Because that would pin him down. This politician who feigns to be its antithesis is the consummate politician. He carefully says what he thinks you’ll assume he means.

What he wants you to believe.

His language is bombastically vague, full of freedom-loving hints that enrapture those who badly want to believe it. So much so that they allow themselves to believe it.

Much is left unsaid and it is the unsaid which tells you the most.

If you’ll listen to it.

He leaves it up to his audience to think they heard what he didn’t say – a brilliant tactic employed by the greatest artists, the most effective demagogues. These things tell the crowd what it wants to hear – but in such a way that no one in the crowd can say precisely what it was that they thought they heard.

This is how Orange Man became a kind of savior figure to many who were desperate for an alternative to the things which seemed unassailable, periodically handing off to each other the offices and titles used to oppress and fleece us.

Here is an outsider! A drainer of swamps!


In fact, a billionaire operator. An insider who knew just what to imply. Leaving his supporters – me among them, once – to interpret in a favorable way what wasn’t said and to assume the best and to blind themselves to the worst.

Which was right there, in front of our eyes.

Many of us – mea culpa – could not understand why the Orange Man continued to permit the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine to terrorize the population with his daily death-is-coming ooga-booga after it had become clear – the science – that 99.8-something percent of us had nothing to worry about and to calm down and here’s why. Maybe stay away from grandma in the old folks’ home if you are feeling a little off. But otherwise, resume normality.

Instead we got the new abnormality, with all the kabuki. Including Orange Man donning – and removing – his “mask.”

We wondered why he didn’t use the constitutional power at his command to assure a free and fair election in every state, by assuring the election laws in every state were respected. Didn’t he see?

Did he want to lose?

Why did he not rescind the “emergency” he declared in early 2020, after it was clear there was no emergency? That the very “emergency” he declared – and had the power to rescind – would be used to assure an unfree and unfair election in practically every state.

It makes no sense – unless you see that he is one of the things, himself.

And now we know he is exactly that.

Why would anyone continue to support that?

While it is a fool’s errand to look for salvation in politics, it is more foolish to not see its opposite in politicians like the Orange Man, who failed us.

And will, again, if we fail to see him for the thing he is.

. . .

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  1. I agree – we were fooled – “big-ly” as the orange thing itself would say.

    Personally I think these people who will be presidents or prime ministers are groomed for a long time. And its not just 1 or 2, they make dozens of them, and fill the whole pipeline with them. We see that here very obviously in the Conservative party. All of them when in opposition or on the back benches speak so sensibly. I even met some of them and they are all sound on principle. The minute however they get into power, and that ministerial car pulls up they play the same tune as the guy before him. I suspect if they didnt agree to play the tune, they would never be allowed close.

    In the case of Trump – it was interesting to watch him for me. I left the US in the mid 90s. Before then, he was basically a Kardashian before there were Kardashians. The news was always about his affairs and sunk businesses (set up with daddy’s money) and other screw ups….

    My time in Pakistan I stayed away from the western media for the most part. When I returned to the UK in the mid 2000s, a short 10 years later, Trump was all over the media as this shrewd successful businessman, though it seems that image was solely down to his being on the Apprentice. Why was he on the apprentice – what business did he ever succeed at I always wondered. The only reason he ever made money was he held on to his real estate, made with his fathers money through the most inflationary period in history…. (infact if you adjust his fathers 40K NY apartments at his peak to todays value, he’d probably have been richer if he just did nothing at all !)

    I suspect he was being groomed for a role at the top for a long time (in all of America and its Entrepreneurial might, could they not have found anyone who actually had a successful business)??, and well when they other choice (the crazy witch) was completely unacceptable by the majority, and they basically needed to throw a bone to a certain segment of society who was pissed off by 8 years of Obama (you know to let them feel some ownership in the system too)… they let the Orange one in.

  2. Trump lost me with Assange. Leaving him to rot but pardoning spies who did real damage to our nation was unforgivable. Especially after pushing Wikileaks so hard in 2016.

    • Hi Ben,

      I became very suspicious of the Orange Man when he continued to let Fauci run the country… into mass (and perpetual) panic. Not pardoning Assange was a red flag, too. But his pushing of the Jabs sealed it for me. The man is either part of all of this, consciously aiding and abetting it – or he is a bloviating imbecile. It cannot be anything else.

    • Ben, honestly for me it was the Assange thing which showed which side he was on…. despite pardoning the usual group of criminals of all shape and form – never pardoned Assange, did anything on 911… lets not forget “lock her up”.

  3. It’s with a heavy heart that I’ve come to the conclusion that OM was in on it from the start. I applauded much of the regulatory relief and good he did while in office, but when it got tough, he consistently folded. It looks like DJT was controlled opposition all along, and how disappointing. I remember when he was handing out pardons to scummy financial criminal types and others I didn’t think worthy…but nothing for Julian Assange? Only a swamper thinks Assange should fry, and Trump could have aided justice in his case.

    • Amen, Bill –

      OF sent a chilling message to decent people within government – and without – who might be considering revealing ugly secrets about “our” government and its activities. To do so is to risk consequences on par with those meted out to worse-than-murderers. It says much about the nature of the government we suffer under – but much more about the people who suffer such government. Once upon a time – it was only about 40 years ago – the people of this country were outraged when they found out about such things as the My Lai massacre – and regarded those who called such atrocities to the public’s attention heroes. Which they were.

      We wonder why America has become such a dark place. To understand why, all we need do is look in the mirror and see what we have become.

    • OF was in on it the whole time is the ONLY logical conclusion.

      I didn’t vote for him the first time around but was deceived enough to vote for him the second time. Don’t be upset at the charade, just be glad you can see no one is wearing any clothes now.

  4. Exactamundo, Eric.

    In addition, the Orange Man turned his back on his January 6th supporters …many of which who are locked up without due process.

    I was a big supporter, until Operation Warp Speed opened up my eyes.

    • Frankie, that really troubled me. Given his position and connections, he could have made things difficult for those behind this. A group of high level lawyers, pushing this before multiple federal judges, could have made a big difference. Instead, the police state antics of the so called DoJ and the American Secret Police (which is what the FBI has turned into) have gone unchallenged.

      Now either he knew, but did nothing. Or he didn’t know (but should have). People like that live in a bubble. Access is strictly controlled, and unless they take the initiative to stay personally informed, they miss a lot.

  5. Nah, it’s just that Trump is a Boomer. Boomer’s trust the “experts”. He’s not the savior many hoped for, but he’s not as bad as Biden. I certainly hope he doesn’t run again though. We need people who are willing to move the Overton window in power at the local and state level. Think nullification, secession, etc.

    • Trump is a boomer for sure and many don’t like to bend the rules. Ironically, this generation took on a lot of so called anti establishment hippie dreck. I don’t buy that something sinister isn’t behind trump. I’m certainly not voting for him in any primary. He doesn’t need my support.

    • Boomer, Millennial, GenX, etc were made up by the media to put people in yet another group. The ruling elites who control the media love to put people into categories because they don’t want people to think of themselves as autonomous individuals. The idea that people born within a specific time frame all think the same way is ridiculous. Maybe you should actually talk to people instead of parroting media driven nonsense.

      • I don’t think that’s so much a media construct but it is used by the media. There are certain aspects to ones choices that have to do with experiences. The reason GenX is so often maligned is that lots of us learned to think for ourselves. sadly that’s faded fairly recently. Anyway we are the generation of ‘latch key kids’ no day care, take care of you’re own damn’d self. But also what infects is that our grandparents lived through the great depression so many carry that too.

        The trouble is that we are greatly outnumbered. Even a good sized hunk of a small generation is nothing compared to the boomers and those who came later all demanding free stuff and to be taken care of. Guess who they are sticking the bills with?

  6. anon 1

    elite nobility/nwo/wef/.0001% medical tyranny:

    Vladimir Bukovsky, a Soviet dissident who was imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital (enforced incarceration for political dissidents) described well our current predicament:

    The peculiar features of the Soviet political system, the Communist ideology, the uncertainties and difficulties of the science of psychiatry, the labyrinths of the human conscience-all these have weirdly woven themselves together to create a monstrous phenomenon, the use of medicine against man.”

    Like the Soviet Union today the monstrous phenomenon is again the use of fake science and poison called medicine against the masses by many Governments in the battle against an imaginary hoax virus as an excuse to force inject poison.

    Not only do our political leaders want to as they call it (black is white), “keep us safe until a vaccine” but they seem to want to destroy the economy, create huge unemployment and destroy businesses. They also want to monitor our every move and impose restrictions on work, travel and social and family life.

    the nazis used doctors in the camps to dispose of people, they always use the doctors to get you.

    Unfortunately, at the moment there is not enough people (especially politicians and mainstream media journalists) with the necessary courage to call out the tyranny and call out the abuser. Historically this has also been a problem; politically and within an abusive context (e.g., the victim finds great difficulty calling out their abuser). In a critical remark and warning to the West, Alexander Solzhenitsyn said in his Harvard address in 1973:

    A decline in courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days. The Western world has lost its civil courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, each government, each political party, and, of course, in the United Nations…..

    Should one (have to) point out that from ancient times declining courage has been considered the beginning of the end?”

  7. Well, what would happen if OF came out and said he made a mistake and said the “rushed to market” clot shots didn’t work?

    • Unlikely given his ego. But if he did, the Ministry of Truth would melt down, he would be denounced by the establishment republicans, and then no doubt nature would take its
      course. There are hundreds of billions at stake, and vast power to be wielded by tyrants both here, and around the world. Not to mention the implications of all of those killed by this “safe and effective” “vaccine”.

  8. France, with 90 percent of its population ‘vaccinated,’ just set a new daily record of more than 100,000 infections in a single day.

    That’s a daily rate of 1,080 ‘cases’ per million people, among the top ten worst in the world.

    And the conclusion about what to do?

    C’mon man, you know, the thing:

    The French government is hoping that stepped-up vaccinations will be enough.

    After all, it’s working so well so far! /sarc

    • Jesus. Absolutely horrible. All of these young men in the prime of their lives, and in prime condition, dying of heart attacks… When will enough be enough and a full scale investigation ensue? I’m guessing never, but it’s truly tragic.

    • Interesting too, Brandon, how people seem to hear what they want to hear even when these politicians plainly say what they really do mean, or when they speak out of both sides of their mouths, saying conflicting things at the same time.

      I can’t tell you how many Trump voters when confronted with Trump’s own words that he would “Use the military to ‘distribute’ the vaccine” would assure me that he meant something else. Or, how when one would point out that “Lock her up” and “The Clintons are good people” are completely contradictory, the Trump supporter would always take the former as gospel while dismissing the latter by saying “He doesn’t really mean that”.

      This has caused me to understand the psychology of voting even more. Voting not only pacifies the voter to be content with the results of the democratic process, but if their candidate wins, they become invested in that candidate -feeling that they put him in his position and that he is carrying out their will- and so always assume that that candidate is ultimately saying and doing the things that his words caused those voters to believe that he stands for/would do, despite their being as much evidence to the contrary to prove that he is not- until it gets to the point of absurdity where it becomes abundantly clear that he is in fact doing the very opposite…and even then a good percentage of those who support him will continue to and either deny the reality or change their views to be in line with those of their champion, because to many, it is more about personalities than it is about principles, and more about elevating men to god-like status via the confluence of a majority of ‘the people’ than it is about delegating authority to a representative.

      tl;dr; People are more willing to believe them when they’re lying than when they’re actually saying what they mean.

      • Yes, voting is about getting people invested in the team. Team D used tell us how evil big drug companies are. Then team D changed positions. The fans, 95% of them or more just went along with it. never realizing they had switched sides.

        • Ya know Brent, that’s another thing: Get people to join/identify with a group, then all one has to do is declare that x is now an accepted tenet of that org’s philosophy, and the majority of the members will just follow along mindlessly. Doesn’t matter if the org was formed for the very purpose of subverting a certain segment of the population, or whether a genuine org is taken over and used for that purpose…it is equally effective. The Jesuits are masters at that.

          Throughout my life, I’ve noticed that theme manifesting itself over and over again in virtually every organized group and organization. There’s a reason why kids are taught now from infancy to do everything in groups….. A political party is just a big group.

    • anon 1

      didn’t OMB say covid was a hoax in the very beginning?….maybe his first correct gut feeling about it……..and then changed his tune in 2 seconds and went all in on the extermination injection, maybe they had a talk with him…….

    • In on it.
      I doubt it. Trump isn’t of the caliber of person that the ruling class would allow to be in on it. His crudeness and other traits are beneath them. The ruling class wants smiling psychopaths and sociopaths like the Chimp or Fauci. Trump is an ignoramus like Archie Bunker. Occasionally has a good gut feeling but more or less takes in and believes the message on TV.

      Trump also has his ego in play. He made the choice to push these jabs and now won’t admit they have failed.

      If Trump was the in crowd instead of an idiot we would have had a very different four years. Trump would have put some new spin on every NGO plan, but instead we got a doubling down on why we are idiots for not believing as the NGOs tell us.

      • Well Brent, it’s either stupidity or evil. I have a tough time thinking a billionare is stupid. But you could be right.

        When you say chimp, do you mean bush or obama?

        Also, I would like to read that car colors article you mentioned. Maybe post it as a comment on that article, or on the next car related post here.

  9. Here’s Alex Jones response to Trump’s pro-vaccine statements. Can you believe Trump actually claims some kind of ownership in getting these vaccines to market, a la warp speed? The guy is an idiot and has grossly miscalculated his political stance.

    He’s in very deep and may eventually be held to blame for the vaccination disaster. His oversized ego is causing his demise! Kinda like the king walking around naked. So obvious.

    • Speaking of Alex Jones, I just read about how he got assaulted by his crazy wife on Christmas Eve. He blames it on a “medication imbalance”.

    • That is very telling. If a brilliant loon like Alex Jones has jumped ship, OMB is well on his way out. I’ve always like Alex. He is no doubt a brilliant man. But some of his theories just don’t check out.

      But he has explained many of the antics of the TPTB and their various lies and distortions over the decades, so I’m willing to
      listen to him. But I take most of what he says with a good amount of salt. Until I can research it and determine how close
      to reality it is.

      • I certainly don’t trust AJ. He strikes me as somebody on the take. I think his bombastic personality (coupled with disinfo) is designed to discredit actual conspiracies. He also hijacked the 9/11 truth movement to divert attention away from Israel’s involvement in the attacks. I doubt he’s ever mentioned Urban Moving Systems on his show.

        • Who said anything about trust? He could well be part of some controlled opposition operation. Its happened before. But he is rather entertaining, and has revealed things that various parties really didn’t want out and about.

          As for his various blind spots, everyone has them. But you are quite right about the implications of certain blind spots. For a very long time, many people have developed their own version of CrimeStop to deal with the
          reality that we find ourselves in. Running afoul of the Usual Suspects or their many minions, is not good for ones health or career.


          Newspeak word, and one of the central pillars of Ingsoc. Crimestop refers to the ability to stop short of any thought that might be heretical or unorthodox before it is even thought, as if by instinct. It is the ability to misunderstand analogies, fail to perceive logical errors, and be repelled or bored by any train of thought or conversation that might be inimical to Ingsoc. Of course, this process is not unique to Ingsoc, and has been and still is applied by most religious and political extremists.

          Crimestop is not stupidity, or at least not natural stupidity. It is the ability to deliberately retard one’s own intelligence, and, of course, to forget the process of doing it by doublethink.”

  10. With the two entrenched, corrupt, political parties there is no meaningful competition. There will be no political improvement with the current system.

    My campaign button reads: “Don’t blame me, I voted Libertarian”

      • With more participation – more could be achieved. I’ve held many positions in the LP.
        Attended the 2021 Florida LP Convention – met many great liberty-minded folks – a breath of fresh air.

      • BaDnOn, I was involved with the Libertarian party at its start. I watched as it was infiltrated and subverted by those who seek only political power. What started out as a party based upon the principles of Mises, Rothbard and so many others, was perverted in order to gain political power. Instead of finding better ways to explain our principles to new people, they have been watered down, and debased to attract wider audiences (the base of power in majority system). That is what has made the Libertarian Party such an ineffective joke.

        • Couldn’t disagree more. The last time I checked the LP has never supported an anti-liberty agenda, including 2nd Amendment issues.

          The lack of political party competition, and the Rs and Ds inordinate effort to keep other parties off the ballot, are more important issues than finding fault with a sincere effort for positive change. The “perfect” is the enemy of the good.

          • Perfect is not of this world. But principle is the foundation that one builds upon. When it is watered down, or debased to appeal to more people (who are ignorant of those principles) that is simply corruption. That has been the fate of the party. Most libertarians that I know, will have nothing to do with the party these days.
            That’s a sad reality, but its what naturally happens when greed for power, over rides principle.

              • Foundation. You own yourself and your works. From that flows the NAP. From that flows personal responsibility. This has all been gone into in great detail by Rothbard, Rockwell, Woods, Block, and Sowell to name but a few. They have spoken extensively about how such a system would work, and the implications of the principles involved.
                Much of that was thrown aside in the rush to appeal to as many people as possible. The national party is a disgrace. Some of the state parties are
                still trying. Unless you are willing to do some of
                your own research, this is pointless.

        • The Libertarian Party’s fatal flaw is that it presumes it can use one of, if not the most corrupt systems in the history of politics, to initiate positive change. If only they were in charge of the corruption.

          • But if WE seize the Ring Of Power™ WE will be immune to its corruption and will lead our people to Utopia… (The baby Jesus wept…).

            Over and over and over… Each generation learns little or
            nothing from the mistakes and dire consequences of those
            before them. Which means they fall prey to the same
            manipulation and corruption as those who came before them.

            Scare off, Buy off, Kill off is their SOP.

            Read confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins, if you want to get a basic understanding of how this game of power is played.

            The system can not be reformed. It is corrupt at its very foundations. Its inherent assumptions are corrupt.

            It inherently self selects for sociopaths and psychopaths.

            Attempts to take it over, simply corrupt those who gain
            its power. No one can be or should be trusted with that power.

            Anyone who studies real history, and the origins of government knows this.

            But most don’t want to deal with the implications of that reality.
            Hence the illusions/delusions that allow it to continue.

        • BJ and Libertyx,

          I don’t really know the inside baseball regarding the Libertarian Party. I’ve voted for LP candidates for many years, since I’ve been old enough to vote, and even the worst of them was probably many strata better than most of the mainstream candidates, save for shining stars like Ron Paul or Thomas Massie.

          When we explain the Libertarian Party and its principles to Gen Z kids, they always think its too good to be true. Like many, they’d LOVE for such an organization to be “in power” (really dissolving power), but don’t believe it will ever be so, no matter how they vote.

          I wouldn’t mind volunteering a little time to participate and see how it’s all done, but that’s completely impossible for the time being, as I haven’t any spare time. Perhaps in the future, if this country has any future.

        • I completely disagree. She wasn’t anywhere the neighborhood of being as rotten as either Biden or the Orange Man.

          But she did immediately shoot herself in the foot with a howitzer by parroting a radical leftist message, paraphrased “It’s not good enough that we are not racist, but we must be actively anti-racist”.

          On the surface, the statement seems harmless enough, because I’d venture to say most libertarians would give the finger to the KKK or a band of Neo-Nazis parading down the road. That would be “anti-racist” for most of us.

          But, unfortunately for her, I’m not sure she had well thought out the statement, or understood its political meaning at the time. Many understood it to be a summary of the beliefs of one Ibram X. Kendi, and his “anti-racism” was actually a VERY racist philosophy, wherein absolutely everything is seen through a racial tactical display.

          That statement absolutely crippled Jo Jorgensen’s campaign, but if one were to look more deeply at her policies, they were still LIGHT-YEARS more libertarian than the Orange Man’s or, certainly, Uncle Sniffy’s.

        • No Horst. Jo meant well. She was never anything like as corrupt as
          Branden or the Orange Man. But she didn’t think through the implications
          of some of her policies, and she certainly wasn’t polished in her delivery.
          She didn’t stand on our basic principles, and she tried to appeal to
          far too many people, who do not understand those principles.

          This is an old argument (more than 40 years) but I’ll bring it up
          any way. I was in the faction that never wanted a national party
          to start with. We proposed that we stay strictly to the local and city
          level. Any national organization would be strictly to help organize
          at the local level. We would build up from the counties, then the cities,
          then the states. Once we had enough foundation at the local/state
          level, then we would merge all of that into a national push.

          But that lacks the grandstanding that appealed to those behind
          the national party. Which is why none of their attempts since
          that long ago time, has ever gotten into the double digits.

          But that’s all water under the bridge at this point.

          We all need to focus on getting through this winter with our
          skins intact, and working to make the future brighter than the present.

  11. Eric,

    What’s also TELLING about OM’s duplicity WRT the clot shots is this: he’s not fighting the vax passes that have been implemented in Chicago, DC, and NYC! Think about this: he has hotels in the aforementioned three cities, yet he’s not fighting the vax passes that have been implemented in all three cities. Why wouldn’t he do that? Not only is there the liberty issue with the passes; it’ll affect his bottom line. I know that, thanks to the passes, I’ll never visit any NYC attraction again. How many millions of others have quietly decided to not visit Chicago, DC, or NYC? Wouldn’t he, as a businessman, fight the passes? That’s rather telling, I think…

    • I used to go to Chicago regularly (live in NW Indiana). Won’t be going again anytime soon, even if I wanted to, because I don’t have the jab. And won’t be getting the jab.

      I have heard of NO businesses doing anything to stop it. They are all complying. Meanwhile the crime wave is out of control, and they aren’t doing anything about that either……

      • Hi Rich,

        I was born in NYC – as I’ve mentioned here before. While I am a Southerner now – by choice, if not birth – I have many good memories of NYC before it became what it has become. I expect to never see it again. Or any other major city in this country.

      • Whereabouts in NW IN? I’m familiar with the area. I know Schererville, Merrillville, Crown Point, Munster, and Hammond.

        Also, another reason why I wouldn’t want to visit Chicago, DC, or NYC is that it’s better to take public transportation there; well, per TSA directive, one has to wear masks on all public transportation. When I used to visit NYC once or twice a year, I’d take the bus, then the subway to wherever I was going. By the time you drove in, paid the extortionate bridge toll, and paid for parking, it was cheaper to take public transportation.

        The last time I went to NYC was October 30, 2019, which was pre COVID. I drove there, because I went to adopt a cat from the city shelter. I forgot how much of a PITA NYC was…

    • Very telling, Mark –

      That bloated, spray-tanned freak has got to… somewhere. Anywhere… so long as he’s off the stage.

      Also: Note the narcissism bordering on psychopathy: He gave us the “vaccines.”

      • Eric, if you know how things in Mordor on the Potomac operate, you’d understand that Trump was just the front man for this operation. Almost ever politician relies on their staffs to navigate the various interacting knowledge domains. That means that its their staff that determines what is presented and how.

        Trump’s ego is as big as all out doors, and he has latched onto this project and identified with it. I seriously doubt he understands the implications involved.

        He is a rather intelligent fellow, but that intelligence is highly focused into a limited number of fields. Out side of that he is effectively blind, and relies on staff. Infiltrate/subvert his staff, and you can pretty much control him.

  12. Oh no… no. You see once the super Q-tard decoder ring is unlocked he can put Hillary back in the sewer lock up all the corrupt deep state actors restore the republic, abolish the IRS and the corporation of the United States. Trump is super duper (emphasis on DUPE)for sure coming back this February.

    I did vote for Moderna Donnie. Mostly because I wanted 4 more years of Trumps hilarious press conferences, and there was the off chance that he might actually make some positive impacts. Looks like I got neither. I’m about as disappointed as I would have been if I’d bought a losing lottery ticket, (Great analogy Nunzio!)

    • Rolls eyes…

      Yes! He should have used that Magic Wand of Ultimate Power™ and
      abolished the Deep State, and brought Freedom™ and Justice™ back
      to the Republic™…

      At this stage, there is no reviving the Republic. It was dead before any
      of us was born. The best we can hope for is a soft collapse, and then rebuild
      using the past to inform our efforts. Perhaps the next try will yield better,
      more long lasting results. (Mocking laughter from hundreds of millions of those
      dead at the hands of governments results…)

      • Yet another format test. Sorry for the duplication.

        Rolls eyes…

        Yes! He should have used that Magic Wand of Ultimate Power™ and
        abolished the Deep State, and brought Freedom™ and Justice™ back
        to the Republic™…

        At this stage, there is no reviving the Republic. It was dead before any
        of us was born. The best we can hope for is a soft collapse, and then rebuild
        using the past to inform our efforts. Perhaps the next try will yield better,
        more long lasting results. (Mocking laughter from hundreds of millions of those
        dead at the hands of governments results…)

      • Hi BJ,

        I was willing to cut OF a great deal of slack- for all the reasons you’ve laid out. I never expected him to abolish the Deep State or return America to an ideal of liberty; I only expected him to make an effort to return a degree of reasonableness to things. And for the first three years, on balance, he did. Or at least, he seemed to be trying to. His policies regarding energy independence, for instance, were laudable. Also his criticism of the “climate change” cult. He tried to dial back federal fuel economy fatwas – a good thing.

        Then came that last year. And his pathetic deference to the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine; his refusal to fire the guy (or at least, stop giving him official sanction). His refusal to end the “emergency” he declared. His inexplicable incompetence regarding the way the (s)election was manipulated via mass absentee balloting. Even then, I was willing to cut him some slack.

        But his pushing of and cheerleading for these “vaccines” is unforgivable. He is either an absolute imbecile – or he is something far worse.

        Either way, he’s jumped the shark. No more, please.

        • Think of all of the shady people he’s borrowed money from over the years. Then think of all the dirt they’ve collected on him.

          That’s the only way to explain how this man has gone from being a longtime vaccine skeptic to a vaccine salesman within a very short period of time.

          He’s not a free man of means. That begs the question as to who truly is.

        • Totally understand Eric. But frankly, I’m surprised that he managed to get as much done as he did. I also loved the absolute hysteria the Prog’s and their Ministry of Truth had over him. Trump has always deferred to “authority”, its part of his psychology. His medical garden dwarf came well recommended. so Trump followed along. Even when Armstrong came along, by that time Fauxie had Trumps ear. The rest is history. At this point if he runs in 2024, it might split the base enough to get the democrats elected.

        • I wish he would feel the effects of his shots. I don’t care to hear from him anymore. You could run Pat Buchanan in 2024 and he would beat a Democrat, so why not support somoene real instead of this phony.

  13. Trump served one single useful purpose, and it ended the moment he was elected. He allowed us to tell the Psychopaths In Charge we were not pleased with them, by electing him. What followed was more of the same unflavored male bovine fecal matter. In fact, continued support by the Trumpians has set us back instead of advancing our cause.

    • The first and second sentence about sums it up. I know it was a major reason I voted for the orange flop, it was my finger in the eye of the elite.

      Politics have degenerated to the point that NO president could be good (well good for normal people). Even if someone with the right intentions manages to get elected, the permanent bureaucracy will shut them down.

  14. The headline: New York Times Editor Dies 24 Hours After Receiving a Moderna Covid Booster Shot

    One of many red flags by now.

    “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” – Hunter Thompson

    Might want to reconsider the jab business for now.

    “Lock her up!” – DJT

    Yeah, right, Donald, ya lying sack of shyte.

    Too funny.

    If it weren’t so stupid and so sad to boot. The road to hell is paved with pure bullshit.

    All a shtick from the very beginning, definitely baffling them with the proverbial bovine excrement.

    Voted for Trump because Hillary was going to be bad news no matter what. No choice.

    The second run for the money instructed me to avoid being fooled a second time.

    Dumber than a box of rocks to fall for the tricks and treachery. So, yeah, Trump is THE dumbass nonpareil. AOC, Chuck, Ihlan, Nancy and all the rest are superb dumbasses as well.

    Mitch and Fauci and the rest of the motley crew can avoid the death jab, you, don’t even think about it.

    Everybody makes mistakes. Some mistakes can be grave errors.

    “Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have brains enough to be honest.” – Benjamin Franklin, discoverer of electricity and inventor of the Franklin stove

    Nikola Tesla made it work, you see what happened.

    300 some years later, electricity is kind of important.

  15. Orange Julius Caesar’s mesmerism never worked on me. It was somewhat difficult to figure on why it was effective on so many others.

    Save, they sprouted a perennial boner after hearing “Build a Wall”, and were then forever loyal.

    He was the terminator they programmed with the right rhetoric to draw you out into the streets in your blazing MAGA hats to be put in the crosshairs.

    One thing conspicuously absent from that rhetoric was any mention of freedom or liberty. It was all walls and law and force and nationalism, interspersed between copious helpings of crass bantering.

    The orange flame-out was not a surprise.

    • Morning, BaDnOn –

      OF beguiled me with his implied/hinted at affection for less government and more liberty. I fell for it because I was desperate to hear it. I kick myself for it. I have come to appreciate what a calculated salesman he is; the master of the art of the flim-flam. It’s my hope that his drug pushing is the final straw – sufficient to make him persona non grata among liberty-minded people.

      • Hey Eric,

        Yes, like you, it seemed many astute men and women fell for his particular brand of salesmanship. I think his lacking a filter, or refinement, when he spoke, was easily mistaken by some as his being genuine.

        Otherwise, it was as Trent Reznor and Fox Mulder have expressed: “I want so much to believe”. I wish the Orange Fail HAD turned out to be a warrior for liberty and smaller government. Just wasn’t to be .

        The good news is, this continued shilling for his Holy Orange Jab seems to have finally cracked the shield of faith for even the most hardened of loyalists.

        This is a good thing! That way, perhaps, room can be made for someone more fitting in 2024, such as Rand or DeSantis. Someone who, though he may not be perfect, has a record of fighting this BS.

        • From a geopolitical standpoint Trump was not supposed to win his first term. When he did, both the left and right went apoplectic.
          Although Trump dealt with government types, he was still an outsider and not used to the way Washington works. Don’t forget that many of his appointments were his political enemies who were “next in line” for promotions, his appointments being suggested by those on his staff, who were partly his political enemies as well. His political enemies badgered him throughout his entire administration.
          One cannot forget the jews, who were instrumental in assuring that Trump would not serve a second term. Trump gave israel everything it wanted, BUT in jewish fashion, with a second term (where he could not be pushed out), he was going to demand “the rest of the deal”–something that israel would not like. Jew Netanyahu was in on the election “fix” as well. Trump was going to insist on a two-state Palestine solution which would have removed illegal jewish “settlements” from Palestinian lands. Netanyahu could not abide by such a demand, hence the stolen election…
          I don’t agree with many things that Trump did, especially the covid vaxx BS, but he can almost be forgiven for that as he didn’t know the situation as well.
          Observe the crowds that Trump was able to get unadvertised compared to Brandon.
          Trump IS a good “salesman”, spoke plainly, not down to his constituents, gave the people a real choice, and had the election stolen from him…

          • thats to puy it mildly – a wildly inaccurate take on what Trump was going to do. Hes so dumb he expected his Israel fellatio would bring grace fom zionists who he really believes are all powerful. He would have been only more extreme his second term. He could give a fuck about Assange, the palestinians, or anyone else without power and money. If he had won we would still be in Afghanistan, bombing Christians in Syria, bending over for the fake nation in th middle east and on the brink of nuclear war with Russia. He also demanded the ultra -low interest rates and insane deficit spending screwng all of us. Give me five minutes in a room.. He’s very dumb and deserves whatever fate awaits scum like him I hate the judas as far is possible with what he said as to what he was.

      • Eric, don’t be too hard on yourself. OMB is very experienced in playing his role. I still think he is well intended (delusional, but well intended). But his internal reference frame is entirely unknown. But he is entirely a symptom of our current situation.

        He was very useful in allowing people to project their hopes and fears onto
        him. But in reality, he is just a human. Not a savior or a monster.

        I’ve entertained the idea that he may have been used as a pressure relief valve,
        to buy TPTB some time to finish their preparations. But they’ve been at this for more than a century already.

        Its also possible that they expected him to continue the division of the country. He is the Troll In Chief after all. Certain parties would love for the US to destroy itself in a real civil war. Lacking that, getting the US into a war with either Russia and/or China would cripple/destroy both sides.

        It takes a good grasp of real history (US and World) to start putting the
        pieces of this four dimensional puzzle together. Which is why real history
        is never taught.

        Real history underlines the brutal reality of government (all governments) being a gang of Thieves and Murderers writ large. Given its origins, and continued actions, how could it be anything else?

        • Sorry for the duplication, this is a formatting test.

          Eric, don’t be too hard on yourself. OMB is very experienced in playing his role. I still think he is well intended (delusional, but well intended). But his internal reference frame is entirely unknown. But he is entirely a symptom of our current situation.

          He was very useful in allowing people to project their hopes and fears onto him. But in reality, he is just a human. Not a savior or a monster.

          I’ve entertained the idea that he may have been used as a pressure relief valve, to buy TPTB some time to finish their preparations. But they’ve been at this for more than a century already.

          Its also possible that they expected him to continue the division of the country. He is the Troll In Chief after all. Certain parties would love for the US to destroy itself in a real civil war. Lacking that, getting the US into a war with either Russia and/or China would cripple/destroy both sides.

          It takes a good grasp of real history (US and World) to start putting the pieces of this four dimensional puzzle together. Which is why real history is never taught.

          Real history underlines the brutal reality of government (all governments) being a gang of Thieves and Murderers writ large. Given its origins, and continued actions, how could it be anything else?

          • Eric, I suspect I’ve discovered at least part of the problem. It appears to be a conflict between how Firefox (current) and Word Press handle formatting. There are additional returns (breaks) added in some text combinations. When I cut and pasted the original and the result into one of my editors, it high lighted the differences. All of which are returns. This would explain the random formatting in many of my posts.

      • It could very well be. A few people told me that OF has gone off course. I would probably vote for him over some lunatic Democrat, but that isn’t saying anything. The shot thing is the last straw. I predict if he wins it will only be by a hubcap.

      • He’s gotten on and off the Trump train a few times. Alex says the right things sometimes, but since Trump came in in 2017, he was more of a cheerleader than anything for Trump. I voted for Trump twice, but I can’t help think that he wasn’t playing 4 D chess with leftist, it was against us.

    • anon 1

      Officials and internal documents from the pro-jab Gavi organization say that tens of millions of illegal aliens will probably not be forced to take Fauci Flu shots because several major drug manufacturers are concerned about the legal ramifications if harmful side effects occur.

      This also applies to “migrants” from south of the border who flood their way into the United States. In addition to receiving lots of free stuff, these people are not subject to the same jab mandates as legal U.S. citizens.

      Life is good for migrants, for you not so much…….

      It turns out that only non-citizens have recourse under the law when it comes to vaccine adverse events. Actual citizens, contrarily, have no legal route to justice in the event that they suffer serious injuries or death post-injection.

      As it currently stands, the bulk of Chinese Virus shots have been distributed to developed countries. Low-income countries have barely been jabbed at all – and probably never will be.

      The average poor country, it is being reported, has about a 7 percent injection rate. Far-left enclaves like Vermont, on the other hand, are almost entirely vaccinated.

      The excuse being given by the corporate media for this disparity is that “production problems” are making it difficult for the shots to reach the third world. “Hoarding by rich countries” is another excuse.

      There is also widespread vaccine “hesitancy” in the third world, and governments there appear to be backing off on the injection push in response.
      Illegals now have more health freedom rights than you do

      While pretty much the entire Western world has granted legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers for adverse events, migrants who travel across borders from their home countries can still technically sue if they become injured due to the injections.

        • Not only that, but the invaders, er “migrants”, are also more amenable to authoritarians; they don’t have a tradition of freedom, personal rights, etc. SO! TPTB get a twofer: eliminate the current crop of useless eaters, while replacing them with a healthier, more compliant and subservient work force.

  16. “The Orange Man almost never says what he means. Because that would pin him down. This politician who feigns to be its antithesis is the consummate politician. He carefully says what he thinks you’ll assume he means.”

    Trump was Mr. NRA and pro-2A… and then he banned, and CONFISCATED, bump stocks — which the ATF had previously declared legal — BY DECREE.

    Just sayin’.

      • If she hits you first, it’s self-defense… and she’s fair game. Same rules as apply to everybody else.

        If a man punches you, and you clean his clock in response, it’s justified. Why should it be any different if a woman punches you?

        “Equality” …right?

        • It makes you wonder if any of these twats received any discipline as children.

          This relaxed form of parenting that has been practiced for the last 40 years or so is partly responsible for creating these emotionally unstable freaks. Parents are not supposed to be “friends” with their children.

            • Which my mother beat me with quite often, in a fit of rage. The look of a demon on her face. As the saying goes, “Hurt people hurt people.” A thing I have managed to avoid, with great effort.

                • Marky, you deserved to be physically hurt for your actions? There was no other recourse?
                  Yes, yes I know; “Spare the rod, and spoil the child”. I will never understand that approach, and its not one I ever applied to mine.

              • Well stated John. It is most unwise to hurt those on your own side. It is simply ill informed and lazy to take that approach. The drastic consequences are
                all around us. Disciple doesn’t need to be physical.

          • Disciple doesn’t need to be physical. Its also counter productive. Some disciple is necessary (obviously). But its best applied thoughtfully.

          • I have four sprogs. Oldest turned 40 in November.
            I never “took a switch” to them.
            I took their stuff away until they apologise and explained to me why they were wrong.
            I did slap hands when getting to close to the oven or a socket.
            They’ve all turned out good.

  17. The vaccine question is the litmus test for 2024. Pretty much every prominent Republican has shilled for this death vax including Ron “Israel First” DeSantis. It’s important to reiterate that they want everybody jabbed as well. They just oppose government-sanctioned mandates and lockdowns.

    • RK, Trump was a symptom of the on going situation. FAR too many people projected their hopes on to him. Only to be disappointed, when he turned out to be merely human.

      He is a badly flawed, but I believe well intended person. Given the reality back in
      Mordor on the Potomac, I’m surprised he managed to get as much done as he did. The Republic is long dead. Lets see what can be done to make the future brighter than the present.

  18. He will leave us an everlasting present in a few weeks, when Amy Coney Barrett votes with Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan to uphold vaccine mandates. Forever cemented as precedent for the next pandemic, ever more. Courtesy of the Tangerine Man and the MAGA morons who still pile into stadiums to lend their cheers to the one who laid the last bit of foundation for their eternal servitude.

    • BAC, that’s only true for those who allow the mandate to take place. Several red states have already passed bills forbidding it. Its going to come down to who blinks first. What the Nine Riders of the Bench do is pretty much irrelevant at this point.

      MAGA is just another symptom of people not looking at the consequences. The Prog’s have the same problem. That makes both sides easy to manipulate and control. MAGA/Prog are just symptoms. Look for the real enemies who are always behind the scenes.

      A good place to start would be the central banking cartel. G. Edward Griffin and Eustace Mullins would be a good start. You can always tell you’ve hit pay dirt, when the Wokistas of Wikipedia throw all of their Ism’s and Ist’s at some one.

  19. anon 1

    Dr. Zelenko thinks they go to the world leaders and say: if you talk to us we will put 500 million dollars in a secret offshore bank account for you, if you don’t talk to us…… and your family bye bye. So 99% of the world leaders went along, the others are dead.

    The .0001% elite/nobility satanists want the planet as a pristine playground just for them to enjoy.
    They are carrying out their depopulation (extermination) agenda, one method is the lethal experimental gene therapy injection.

    Dr. Zelenko makes it very clear that, in his opinion, the Cv19 injections are neither safe nor effective nor necessary and that, in fact, forcing anyone to take the experimental injections equals genocide. zelenko said the injection is like the gas chamber and people are running into it.

  20. It’s not just what they don’t say; they overtly and unashamedly spew bald-faced lies. It’s not as though Trump left it to our imaginations to infer that he’d repeal Obozocare, and ‘lock her up’ [Instead, he appoints the judge who helped them get away with murder to the Supreme Court], or that he’d do a real investigation of 9/11, and work with RFK Jr. to bring to light the facts of the true horrors of even real vaccines, etc. etc. ad infinitum- it’s that he actually said those things.

    They think so little of us that they can constantly lie to our faces, and I guess they have good reason to fell that way, because even after doing so, and after four years of doing n othing other than paving the way for the greatest tyranny and economic destruction we’ve ever seen, people were still cheering the bastard- and many even now will likely continue to- even after this latest reveal of who and what he really is; even after having pardoned so many criminals and true enemies of the public upon his exit; even after not only leaving Assange and Snowden to rot, but actually authorizing their persecution.

    Look how long all of the above facts have been in evidence, like giant blinking neon signs….but were ignored because people want to believe…and will continue to do so until long after the damage has been done, even after the mask comes off and the true nature of the monster is revealed- because like most aspects of life today, politics have been rerouted to the emotional section of the brain rather than the logical and cognitive. [Insert graphic of TV or smartphone screen with huge DETOUR sign].

    As with Trump, so with Youngkin. Voting is merely proof that one accepts the charade and wants to buy into the fantasy, like the person buying buying a lottery ticket or going to a professional wrassling match. The lottery is the purchasing of a chance to dream, and the wrassling match is a chance to support and be a part of something; to have a champion to root for- but even the 7 year-old in the crowd knows it’s fake and the outcome is predetermined.

    But the lottery player keeps saying, each time he plunks down his [how ever much they cost now] “Ya gotta be in it to win it!”.

    • On point as always Nunz and Merry Christmas. I always read your posts would love to have a few jager shots sometime. SUPPOSEDLY (taken with a giant boulder of salt) Trump was considering pardoning Assange and Snowden and Mitch the turtle McConnel threatened him with letting a new round of last minute BS impeachment proceedings go through if he did. Who knows cares. Trumps a giant epic POS and whatever hell awaits him wont be enough.

  21. Trump lays claim to the vaccine because it is his only tangible contribution.

    He says things he likes, but he isn’t one for doing.

    And his fanbois continue to follow him, despite bump stocks, (not a) vaccine support, failure to do anything he promised because they have no current alternative.

    2022 will start the events where they can place their faith in another liar.

    • anon 1

      maybe he owned big pharma stock…..

      he does believe in the long ago debunked, promoted by the nazis in since 1933, germ theory but so does 99.99999999% of the willfully uninformed, intellectually lazy, can’t be bothered to research a very important issue, brainwashed, cat video watchers. (after 1933 it was forbidden to question the germ theory, it is a humongous money maker)
      you can’t blame him though it is one of the most basic beliefs on the planet going back 2500 years when a material only narrative of the world started.

      based on that they will cull 7 billion, it doesn’t matter though useless eaters are just a bunch of molecules flying around randomly, it is like managing a vermin infestation, they say we are an invasive species now, your mother was wrong when she said you are special..

      rockefeller isn’t stupid he uses homeopathy so does the windsor royal family.

  22. A covid twist on “Twas the Night before Christmas” found on the internet.

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the city

    Not a creature was maskless, not even a mouse, itty bitty.

    No one was stirring as the new world unfurled.

    Sheeple abound at the end of their tether, 

    As anarchy spread and the vaxxed just got deader.

    Young superspreaders lay snug in their beds,

    With visions of TikTok a’twirl in their heads.

    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

    I sprang from my TV to see what’s the matter.

    And there on the road, blocking the way

    A little old man in his shiny red sleigh

    The pigs were riled up, in no mood for a scene

    They wanted him gone, they were tired and mean

    “This place is on lockdown, We’re in quarantine!”

    When what to my wondering eyes did appear,

    Eight socially distanced, devil-horned reindeer.

    They were the Obama Dancer, the Kanadian Prancer, and Boris the Chancer,

    Joe Stupid, Donkey Dentures Ardencide and Bill Necromancer,

    Klaus the Beast and the Soul Snatcher Down Under. 

    “But I come here each year!” Old Nick said with poise

    “I have brought gifts and goodies, for the good girls and boys.”

    ‘Twas the good Dr. Fraudci, dispelling our fear.

    A lively old doctor so truthful and wise

    We knew in a moment he’d tell us no lies!

    His eyes—how they twinkled! his dimples, how merry!

    His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry.

    His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,

    And the hair on his head was as white as the snow;

    A wink of his eye and a twist of his head

    Soon let me know I had nothing to dread;

    He said, “Come sit on my lap and through my injection, 

    I’ll shoot my load and 

    Keep you safe from infection.”

    He spoke no more word, but went straight to his work,

    With a shifty grin and a shady smirk. 

    He sprang to his sleigh, gathering his crew,

    And with a last spritz of Purell, away they all flew.

    But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight —

    “No need to fear”… as ever polite. 

    “Thank you for bending without a fight, 

    “Now say farewell to your life and your rights!”


    And a sad, unmerry, O- my- con, Christmas and wishing you a sickly New Year from fraudci, the medical establishment and .Govs everywhere.

  23. Glad you see it as well, I warned everybody in my circle of the danger the Wizend Orange Horror represented as I had been observant of his antics for decades previous to his run. Due to his incompetence, this whole virus shit got screwed up and left a lot of us reality-based folks exasperated… “never let a good crisis go to waste” was taken to heart by the pharma folks for profit and the social control folks to terrorize the population.

    • Agree he screwed up but I don’t think an “intervention” was necessary.

      The gov’ts job was to inform, then leave it up to each of us to decide how to handle our own individual health needs.

      As it turns out, even the informing has been a train wreck of lies and deception, mixed with a few half-truths.

  24. Trump is basically a lazy sack of sh*t, he was content to let Fauxchi run things when he should have fired his sorry ass. Typical politician, if something works he’ll take the credit, otherwise it’s somebody else’s fault.

  25. ‘He leaves it up to his audience to think they heard what he didn’t say.’ — eric

    Rather like Chauncey Gardner in the 1979 film Being There. Isolated, simple-minded Chauncey, knowing nothing about the real world, finds himself propelled to the top of Washington DC society when his innocent, vague remarks are consistently misinterpreted as knowing and profound by influential people hearing what they want to hear.

    On the contrary, there’s no chance of misapprehending the barefisted Lügenpresse. Here’s the NY Slimes’ Christmas greeting to us deplorables:

    As Omicron Cases Soar, the Unvaccinated Remain Defiant

    To some who are steadfastly opposed to the shot, the evasiveness of the coronavirus has only reaffirmed their stance.

    Wow. Those are some impressive linguistic gymnastics to avoid the banned words, ‘vaccine failure.’

    Instead, the ‘evasiveness’ of the virus is blamed for reinforcing an allegedly irrational stance that’s well justified by the data.

    It’s like blaming inexplicable wobbles in observed planetary orbits for ‘reaffirming the stance’ of heretical heliocentrists such as Galileo … who turned out to be right.

    And yet it fails,‘ we reply to the seething lynch mob of leftist stenographers.

  26. Candidate Trump said all the right things in 2015 /2016. A vaccine skeptic he had Robert Kennedy in for a talk at the start. He was going to look into 9/11. Release the Kennedy documents. Get out of Afghanistan and Syria. Mind our own business. President Trump did NONE of that. He spent four years kissing Israel’s ass and let his son in law Kushner run everything. He murdered an Iranian general who did more to defeat jihadis than the entire US military. He not only kept Assange locked up he toyed with the idea of assasinating him. How do you turn a businessman into a murdere? Elect him apparently. As an aside he is so dumb he is shocked SHOCKED I tell you the jews dont love him for bending over for Israel for four years. Yeah fellatio doesnt always get you respect Mr Trump.

    • Well-said, Mark3 !!
      And let’s not forget: He came within a hair’s breath of starting a war in South America, AND gave ‘our’ military the most money of any military ever in the history of the WORLD!

  27. Thank you for this article you laid out clearly the way Trump set the trap for the citizens to be tyrannized by our government. Yes Trump deserves the boos and I hope will continue to get more and more loudly booed if he keeps up the vaccine pimping. I wonder if he even got the real shot….none of the ptb seem to want it.

    • anon 1

      vermin at the top are exempt the injections…..(the injections must be very bad)

      ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

      1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson

      ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
      i would bet the doctors in other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

      a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
      NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

      the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed,
      same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

      The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
      attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

      NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

      another exempt group: U.S. postal service

      NBA players exempt

      6 million foreign chinese students exempt

      NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get.

      NOTE: here is another exempt group….the billionaire elite:

      gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinte their own children,

      gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated…. gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

      elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated

      the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
      one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

      rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, doesn’t use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, he uses homeopathic medicine.

      FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous vaccines

      NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body


      • anon 1

        all illegal aliens are exempt from extermination injections, is that why the big hurry to bring in all the surveillance, id, chips, etc.? before everybody loses their id and becomes another illegal alien……throw it in the bush?

      • There’s more. Congress and other government officials have been treated with ivermectin, a cheap effective drug that is denied to the rest of us.
        Go figure…
        What is needed is a Constitutional Amendment, to wit:
        “Congress shall make no law which exempts itself, the executive branch or the judicial branch from any law that is imposed on the citizens of the united States”.

        • anon 1

          exacly…the exempt get no injection but get ivermectin and the illegal aliens are totally exempt because they can sue the drug companies.

          what do the unvaxxed legal citizens get/ the death sentance….

          from a nurse of 40 years…
          I’m gonna tell you what’s happening in hospitals down south.

          Those that are vaccinated and present with Covid are now being given, wait for it, ivermectin. Ivermectin they’re giving them and they’re surviving the Covid and walking out of the hospital. And they’re going and saying “Look the vaccine saved me!” It wasn’t the vaccine that saved them it was the ivermectin.
          save the vaxxed to prove vax works

          And those that are unvaccinated and are presenting with Covid, because of a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, guess what they’re doing to them? They’re putting them on ventilators and ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Covid.

          It causes pulmonary edema and they drown, a death sentence, but the hospital gets $35,000 for putting them on a ventilator….. ( all together the hospital can make $100,000 per covid patient, this is 50% about money, 50% about a cull),

          This is what happened in America last year that’s why all the thousands of people died in America last year. And this is what they’re doing in Australia to our fellow Australians in Victoria and New South Wales.

          ATTENTION: it looks like if you go into a hospital and you are unvaxxed a pureblood, they will give you a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, it will for sure test positive, that is a death sentence.

          The WHO and the CDC have recommended treatments virtually guaranteed to kill. they give you Remdesivir.

          Remdesivir was approved as part of a deadly protocol even though Fauci et al knew it causes Kidney failure – he knew because he had tested it in his Ebola studies.

          Knocking out the kidneys means the lungs fill up with fluid and then you have to put the patient on a ventilator. ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Covid. It causes pulmonary edema and they drown,

          you die and they say the unvaxxed died because they had covid.

          at least they don’t waste the organs….. Hospitals in America Have Become Organ Harvesting Killing Fields!

        • Its well know in certain quarters that ivermectin is safe and effective. But that knowledge is suppressed to advance the Narrative. It would also damage Big Pharmas profit margins. Which obviously can’t be allowed.

  28. I don’t get it either. He deserves the boos he gets from audiences when he pushes the poison.

    Seen on a handmade sign along the road south of Lexington – Have a Merry Christmas, Ignore Fauci.

  29. Jesse Ventura once summed up the corruption of politics quite succinctly. I’ll paraphrase, “Why would someone spend more to get a job than the job pays?”
    Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath if not a psychopath.
    Trump is no exception.

  30. Since he was elected, I told my wife, “I don’t know how or why but this seems just too easy. I think he’s a double cross.” Since I was a kid in high school, I loved to read about organized crime aka “the mafia” (…Cosa Nostra, Beati Paoli, etc). And since about my mid twenties or so, I’ve recognized that govt. is essentially the legalized mob.

    There is just too much money at stake. Too much power to simply hand back to “the people”. That is never ever going to happen in our lifetimes. Not outside of a serious upheaval as in civil or global war.

    That’s also how I knew the Russian thing was a hoax. Bullshit if they were going to allow a Russian-connected guy to walk into the White House outside of the deep state’s explicit plans to do so.

    I couldn’t really articulate any evidence to prove my suspicions so, of course, few people gave them any weight. Once the covid hoax was put in place and, for the many reasons you pointed out Eric, I feel as though my suspicions have been more than validated.

    • anon 1

      controlled opposition, the hoax was planned a long time ago.

      makes sense have the left and right pushing the extermination injection, where is/was the opposition? banned, de platformed, silenced, suicided, demonized, never ever allowed an open debate, soon hunted down with bounty hunters.

    • Oh by the way, I don’t know how people take posts like these but just for the record, I’m not saying this as a “neener, neener, told so, I’m the all-seeing oracle”. Not in the least.

      If I ever facetiously say “my crystal ball” that is to mean that “you don’t need a freaking crystal ball to see this shit” (because there’s no such thing).

      If anything of great importance ever seems “too easy” that is a tell. If the opposition (Clinton in this case) seems too impossibly stupid to be real, that is a tell. When all the karaoke bluster seems too impossibly stupid to be real, that is a tell.

      Also, maybe more subtle and “learned”, relates back to traditional mob behavior. If, when in some struggle or heated negotiation/debate, one side folds, smiles and says “you’re right, you win, what was I thinking? let me buy you a drink!”

      That means “you’re dead” and it’s just a question of time.

      You can learn how these things work if you study them. Trump was and still is a double-cross. Not seeing these things (or least having a healthy suspicion) is also NOT because you’re dumb, uneducated, or less smart. It means that you just haven’t yet learned how treacherous people have been and the ways in which they’ve carried out their treachery throughout history. Most people, without studying it, just don’t/can’t believe how truly evil humans can be.

      • Very good points EM. Which is one of the reasons that some people
        insist on blaming human evil on some external source. They simply
        can’t wrap their minds around the concept that humans can be that
        evil, all by themselves. But any study of real history will quickly
        break that assumption. If one is honest.


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