AGW Threatens to Taze Man for Failure to Diaper

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This is what America has been reduced to.

A man walks into a gas station to buy a snack or pay for his gas – it’s not clear which – and is violently accosted by an extremely amped up armed government worker for the not-crime of Failure to Diaper.

“Where’s your mask at,” the AGW barks. It is assumed that everyone possesses one of these disgusting article of faith – hence “your” mask.

“What mask?” the man replies.

“The mask that you’re required to wear by city ordinance,” lectures the Enforcer of the Faith. There is no law in Texas requiring the performance of religious rituals, such as the wearing of a Face Burqa in public. Yet the Articles of Faith are being enforced – violently.

The man, clearly sick of the AGW’s belligerence, attempts to diffuse the situation by leaving the gas station and going on his way. But now he has committed the crime of Not Showing Sufficient Respect for the Authority of an AGW, who orders the man to put his hands up and treats him to a lesson in Who is Boss.

“I will Taze you right now!”

The Enforcer of the Faith then summons more AGWs as the man is clearly of little faith – though no threat to anyone and not “resisting” anything except the Holy Insolence of the Enforcer of the Faith.

The sick kabuki goes on for awhile longer. The man is forced to stand with his hands on his head like a dangerous felon, which in a way he is – in what has become of America.

And it’s a taste of more to come.

. . . .

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  1. Such won’t end until it becomes dangerous for the goons with guns to play this game. The goons correctly determine there is currently little risk in behaving so. Until they determine this is not the case, they will continue, as has ever been so. For anyone who holds any regard for the goons with guns, please note that tyranny is impossible without such actors. Without the Gestapo and the SS Hitler was an extremely loud, and not very good comedian.

  2. Didn’t everyone see the face of the new domestic terrorist? That was obviously a white supremacist hell bent on inciting insurrection. Thank goodness government was there to enforce public saaaaaafety! That officer deserves a community award for bravery. He’s a freaking hero! If he hadn’t stepped in, no telling how many nursing homes would have been devastated, not to mention that awesome officer who put his own life at risk taking down a “spreader” during a pandemic to save the community he “serves”.

    One not need explosives or guns, much less training or radical ideology these days to be a terrorist. Soon, to show your face will be to be a terrorist.

  3. Thanks for posting. I would have said that it’s unbelievable, but these days it’s unfortunately not unbelievable anymore. It looks like the video was taken from the perspective of what would have been the cop’s body cam. Given what an asshole the cop was, I wonder how it managed to get on YouTube. According to the caption embedded in the video, it was taken on Sept 15, but it was just posted yesterday. Maybe someone leaked it.

  4. I’m not sure how Texas got a reputation for being such a free state. Their cops are awful, especially regarding drugs, even pot. Live PD, before it got canceled, followed a few different departments over the years in Texas. They were all pricks. The only ones worse were the crew from Salinas, Calif. – a bunch of assholes. The guys in Lawrence, Ind. (near my hometown) were actually OK.
    Why is this cop being such a dick? The un-diapered guy objected to the Mask-Nazi treatment, but he wasn’t threatening about it and did leave the store, as ordered. So why chase him out? The AGW then makes the most baffling statement: “All you had to do was step outside.” Right Einstein, he IS outside, which is what you just told him to do. Then, as he’s standing there with his hands on his head not moving or speaking, the cop reports he’s “still being uncooperative?” WTF? How much more cooperative could he have been? Maybe offer to spit shine the AGW’s shoes?
    I drove down to Texas several years ago to the coastal area just southwest of Houston for a wedding/family visit. I was somewhat worried because this is when roadside body cavity searches of women in that area were making national news. And I was driving right through Brazoria County in a sports car with out of state plates at 4 a.m. I don’t like to fight, but there was no way in hell I would submit to a roadside body cavity search. They would’ve had to beat me unconscious to accomplish that. Luckily, we made it through without incident.

  5. In his book on psychopaths, Robert Hare relates the case of a man who forged his credentials to become president of the Chamber of Commerce and later run for the school board. A local reporter found him out and published the fraud, but instead of kicking him off the ballot, the locals rushed to his support. The Republican party chairman even compared him to Abe Lincoln! Hare suggests that rather than admit they were taken in, the locals took the opposite course to avoid embarrassment.

    Extrapolating this, it’s likely that most Americans are fully aware by now that mask wearing is a sham. But could it be they’d rather suffer the indignity of the muzzle instead of the humiliation of admitting they were duped? As Hare said, “There is no crime in the cynical American calendar more humiliating than to be a sucker.”

  6. Well, I am sure SOMEBODY will do something about this…….

    ( said for the ten thousandth time)


  7. SE Waco TX armed government enforcer, Valero at 3324 Robinson Dr, Waco….. Just if there is any interest in this sort of info.

  8. The AGW is obviously brainwashed, follows orders, no matter how stupid they are.

    Isn’t it a sign of enslavement when you are told to do something that is really none of anybody’s business and makes no sense, even in Munchausen Land?

    Just so you know:

    Roger Revelle’s Discovery.

    By way of conclusion, Revelle remarked that “Human beings are now carrying out a large scale geophysical experiment of a kind that could not have happened in the past nor be reproduced in the future.” When he wrote this sentence, which has since been quoted more than any other statement in the history of global warming, he was not warning against future perils. He did feel some concern about potential harm over the long run, and had begun to point to the problem in public. But the word “experiment” sounded benign and progressive to Revelle as to most scientists, and in this paper he only meant to point out a fascinating opportunity for the study of geophysical processes. People’s attitude toward the rise of CO2, he would write in 1966, “should probably contain more curiosity than apprehension.”

    Roger Revelle’s discovery was ocean waters are layered and don’t mix maybe hundreds of years to possibly thousands. Nuclear testing at the Bikini Atoll revealed the phenomena.

  9. Law enforcement will follow the orders of whoever preserves the pension, even in Waco.

    The cities on the I-35 corridor in Texas are suspect anymore. My rule of thumb is that the presence of In-n-Out in town means California people and political thought.

    The shame of it is that I like In-n-Out.

    • My wife grew up in Waco, right off Waco Drive. She wasn’t aware there was an In n Out burger but didn’t doubt it due to Ca. yankees taking over Texas. There is a map of the 5 states of Texas that could be. One line comes from the Red River to the west side of Ft. Worth to west of Boerne and SW and on to the border where it would have a canal that paralleled the Rio Granda for 200 miles and only ended on the NM state line. I like that idea. I live in west Texas. We don’t have the problems the rest of Texas has except for the military performing practice “crowd control”, as if there’s a crowd to control.

      Scalia was out near where I did a lot of hauling when he was killed. I was worried as hell I’d catch a paratrooper in the windshield in the dark. If he didn’t break your windshields you might get lucky and be able to cut him loose from the headache rack and leave him in the barditch, come back to the yard and park the truck for a couple weeks, maybe repaint it. I’m sure the boss would have been amenable to that since that would be the last thing he’d want too.

  10. I apologize for being so long winded here—Watching this i got the sense of cartman from south park “you will respect my authorotie” Ever since i was a young teenage driver in the early 90s in a nj town where the police had not much else to do than the harrass teenagers i have been leary of the back the blue movement. Years of life experience and learning of the abuses many police organizations have inflicted on people via civil asset forfeiture with the full cooperation of the federal government & courts and my youthful scepticism has turned into neon flashing danger signs. I have watched many on the right blindly back the blue under any and all circumstances no matter what, while seeing the exact opposite from the left. Neither side really waiting to get all the facts before deciding who may have been right or wrong in a given situation. Add in a court system that routinely allows great latitudes to police that they would never allow civilians in use of force situations and you have all the makings of a violent police state here already. I thought my scepticism was uniquie, i didn’t fit in with the conservative side of the police are always right and just follow the laws & you will be fine and i don’t fit in with the left of they police are always wrong and are nothing but racists looking to murder anyone they can especially if that person happens to be a non-white. I felt trying to convince my conservative friends that they need to stop with the police will never follow orders against the constitution was a lost cause. Then something happened, a fake plandemic where tyrant governors and mayors siezed total control of their populations. Those same conservatives who always backed the blue began watching the people they blindly supported “just follow orders” in enforcing ever more tyrannical edicts by government officials turned dictators. They also just witnessed a summer of police obeying orders to stand down while antifa and blm rioted, looted and burned cities and then those same officers arrested anyone who dare defend themselves or dispersed anyone who protested the sniffer in chief’s steal of the presidency from OM. Now many who blindly backed police are awakening to the fact that hey, many of them will come when the order is given to sieze all private firearms and it scares the crap out of them. I’m not sure where this goes from here but i worry for my children’s future.

  11. With my non LEO job I wear a mask instead of getting fired. Cops that want to keep their jobs will enforce bad laws . If SHTF there will be no cops and people enforcing “laws” will be community people in flannel shirts enforcing a couple non written laws like not stealing or raping. No jails just a bullet to the the head .

  12. Lol – But the police will never go door to door on the order to confiscate firearms. And they (and the military) will join “our” side (what side is that?) when things go south.

    • Exactly, BAC –

      “Law enforcement” will enforce laws – all laws. They get paid to do it – enjoy special privileges for doing it. I think it is naive – pathetically so – to imagine most or even many would give that up for the sake of principles. Because most haven’t got any.

      This isn’t to say they’re all bad men. Just that they probably have never really thought about what is right vs. wrong as opposed to legal vs. illegal.

      Some of course do – and don’t care. They are “just doing their job,” etc.

      • eric, they won’t enforce gun laws in Texas and 8 other states since they are 2A Amendment states and won’t let feds or anyone else in to enforce the laws.


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