Reader Question: Finding Unholy Services?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Brandon asks: I wanted to know how you found a dentist to work with you without the Holy Rag. What did you say? How did you word it on the phone? I don’t need a dentist right now, but I’m trying to think ahead.

My reply: Well, first I had to say sayonara to my old dentist – who tried to make me play Sickness Kabuki by wearing a Holy Rag for the ten yard walk from the check-in desk to the room where he works – and where I would of necessity not be able to wear a Rag if my teeth were to be cleaned.

Anyhow, he tried – and failed.

I then found a new dentist – one who didn’t insist that I join a religion to get my teeth cleaned. I found him through a friend – and word of mouth. It was – it is – a “don’t ask/don’t tell” situation. The dentist has the “mandated” signage on his door but they do not say anything to you if you enter Undiapered. Just behave normally. I got my teeth cleaned without having to behave abnormally – and I will be happy to let you know how you can experience the same, if you need a referral and are in my area.

Just holler!

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  1. Monday I pulled up out back, called and said I was there. A tech came out(with mask she cussed), took me in the back and sat me in an office. I could see the cashier at the other end of the building. There was a woman and her son without masks checking in. How the hell could I get a tooth pulled with a mask on. I can barely breathe this time of year anyway with all the cotton harvesting and ginning and all the pasture that was grubbed all year and pushed into piles to just a week or so ago when they started burning them.

    There was a good part to it since the tech’s all cuss the masks and doctor wore none. What good would it do if it did any good to begin with? He even cut $100 off, probably because I just followed his directions silently and had none of those dentist chair theatrics.

  2. I contacted my current dentist, a small local practice (not a chain), and spoke with the receptionist, who I am on friendly terms with. I explained my reluctance to wear a mask, and asked if it would be possible to not do so (offering to wait in the parking lot, etc.). Because this is a small practice, appts are spaced so that I have almost never encountered anyone in the waiting room. This may have helped, because after she spoke with my dentist she called me back and said I could enter sans mask. Respecting the constraints that they are now under, I did call when I arrived at the parking lot. After my cleaning, I told them that I would bring my kids to this practice because they respected my request. (They had been going to a pediatric dentist who is a mask nazi, even though they are teenagers.) This was in June. Had another appt in December, and when they called, they did ask if we “still didn’t want to wear a mask.” Of course I replied in the affirmative, without giving too much explanation or lecturing or whatever. Trying to establish mutual respect, although personally I feel very contemptuous about the ridiculous mandate and the way that private businesses are adopting it and largely enforcing it. So far, so good.

    My advice would be to start with your own dentist, perhaps speaking to an employee that you are comfortable with. If this doesn’t get you anywhere, look for smaller private practices (rural areas may be best). Good luck.

    • The dentist I used to use has the mask mandate on their on-hold message, not even going to bother with them. Even though I’m happy to wait in the car until I’m called, the ones I called recently still want the ritual performed for the walk from the door to the chair.

      • That would definitely be a turnoff. I hope you are able to find someone, it may take time. I am still looking for a doctor who doesn’t require masking, after my long-time practice told me to shut up and find another practice when I asked for a medical explanation for the new medical practice of requiring masks.


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