Reader Question: Finding a Classic?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Bob asks: In reference to your recent article (here) where does on shop to buy these classic cars?

My reply: Well, let’s start by defining “classic” car. In terms of the article, I was speaking of almost any older – and pre Big Brother – car that might strike your fancy. It doesn’t have to be a ’66 Mustang or something similar. It could just as easily be a ’78 Oldsmobile sedan – and would be a lot less expensive in that case. But in both cases – in almost all cases – these older cars are much more affordable to buy and maintain than new cars. And they’re just cool – which is priceless.

So, where to look?

Basically, everywhere.

Keep your eyes open when you’re out driving – and your ears open when you are talking with friends. You will almost inevitably see – or hear about – something interesting. At the the same time, regularly scan Craigs list and other general used car classified ads. This is where you’ll find the reasonable stuff – as opposed to the rotisserie-restored (and priced accordingly) stuff.

The hunt is a big part of the fun!

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  1. Also, if you have some idea what you want, post a wanted ad for it. Let them find you!

    Ask freinds to keep their eyes open too. Offer a finder’s fee to motivate them. Even something as simple as letting them have a drive in your classic.

  2. There’s usually interesting stuff on – many are projects but there’s stuff in decent shape as well.


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