Hut! Hut! Hutted! on His Own Lawn

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Here’s another one . . .

A man is hanging out in his own front yard – which isn’t nominally an illegal act. But it is apparently a “suspicious” one. It was enough to arouse the suspicions of an armed government worker, at any rate – who accosted the man, accused him of being “wanted” and basically gave him the Treatment.

Mind: The man hadn’t done anything to warrant this – unless standing outside on one’s own lawn is sufficient to justify a round of Submission Training at the hands of an AGW.

The AGW – his Batman utility belt at the ready –  forces the man to assume the position and fondles his person; the usual demands for ID.

More AGWs appear. The first AGW has hold of the man’s elbow, ready to break the man’s arm if he “resists.”

This goes on for several minutes until it is finally determined that the man isn’t the ‘droid they’re looking for.

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    • Amen, T…

      I consider it a legitimate defense to assert one feared for his/her life as justification for not stopping for an AGW. The most trivial/pedantic “offense” now being sufficient to warrant summary execution.


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