Elderly Couple Hut! Hut! Hutted!

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I just found this one – but it’s so awful it deserves to be publicized.

An elderly couple in Akron, OH passed a parked AGW and for whatever reason, the elderly man driving tapped his horn. The AGW “pursued” the couple to their home, which was just around the corner. He began screaming at the driver – a frail old man who appears to be well into his 70s – to “get on the ground” and then proceeded to throw him to the ground when the baffled old man questioned why he was being Hut! Hut! Hutted!

His wife protested – the AGW threatened to mace her, then forced her to the ground and apparently kicked her for good measure.

The AGW was not fired – much less charged with assault and battery. Instead, he was temporarily taken off “duty” – and eventually released to Hut! Hut! Hut! someone else’ grandparents.

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  1. This park ranger KICKED an old woman? Kicked her? For real? What kind of hiring and personnel standards does the City of Akron HAVE?

    This asshole’s name and address should be PROMINENTLY displayed so the “good citizens” of Akron can let him know just how they feel about him abusing an elderly couple. There was a time when both SHAME, and the possibility of a good, old-fashioned LYNCHING deterred this sort of shit. But this doesn’t matter to a corrupt city government whose only interest in having police is as tax collectors, and they hire psychopaths to do it.

    Where was this POS trained? I would guess Israel, or at least by an Israeli-based company. They’ve been training American law enforcement over the years in methods of brutality as they’ve ruled over Palestinians with terror for over 70 years. Yeah, the US really “needs” them as an ally, before Israel was our only “friend” in the Middle East, we didn’t have any ENEMIES there!

    • Douglas, speaking of Israeli cops, there is a SWAT team competition every year for teams from anywhere they desire to come I suppose. A few years ago the Israeli team competed in LA and “won” the competition. There were “hostiles” in the house and their families including children. The Israeli team went through in record time and killed everyone.

      When asked why they killed the children too, they replied it would just save having to kill them years later. This is the mindset that’s permeating US cops too. Every person without a badge is expendable. Since they almost never get charged for outright murder, they have no reason to change their ways, especially since even if charged, they’re almost never found guilty.

  2. One of these days, bystanders are going to see something like this happen and decide not to let it go.

    It’s going to be messy ….

    • One of these days? Nope.

      If the first 22,593 of these encounters with state animals hasn’t, they never will.
      We get the police we deserve for allowing it to get this far. Just like the government we deserve.

      • We don’t deserve any such thing. How were we supposed to disallow this from being foisted on us, vote for asshole A instead of asshole B?

        This shit was done to us, not by us.

        • Ed, that’s exactly right. I can speak for myself and I knew the Fugs were correct back in 65 or 66 when they recorded Wide, Wide River.

          River of shit
          River of shit
          Flow on, flow on, river of shit
          Right from my toes
          On up to my nose
          Flow on, flow on, river of shit

          (transition to Rock)
          I’ve been swimming In this river of shit
          More than 20 years, and I’m getting tired of it
          Don’t like swimming, hope it’ll soon run dry
          Got to go on swimming, cause I don’t want to die

          (spoken with gospel sound in background):
          Who dealt this mess, anyway?
          Yea, it’s an old card player’s term
          But sometimes you can use the old switcheroo and it can be applied to …
          Frontal politics
          What I mean is …
          Who was it that set up a system
          Supposedly democratic system
          Where you end up always voting for the lesser of two evils?
          I mean, Was George Washington the lesser of two evils?
          Sometimes I wonder …
          You got some guy that says
          “For God sake, we’ve got to stop having violence in this country.”
          While he’s spending 16,000 dollars a second snuffing gooks

          A wiiiiiiiiiiiiide, big brown river, yea, bringing health, wealth, and prosperity to every man, women, and child

  3. SICK of this. Can’t leave my home without fear of AGW. Used to (not that long ago) see the town cop leaned back in his cruiser reading the paper, poised to serve when needed. They’re every where now. Waiting. Waiting for you to not be seat belted. Waiting for you to swerve that pot hole. Waiting to ruin your life because you had a couple beers at the bar and want to take yourself home. Go ahead and need one though. Call them. It’ll be a little while before they arrive.

    • Amen, Anonymous…

      I haven’t flown in years because of this and do my best to stay as close to my abode in The Woods as possible. But I know the bastards are headed my way, eventually and regardless…

    • Yesterday I made a left turn on a green light, had to wait for it since it was red when I got there. I wasn’t a block away when there was a state trooper right on my ass, as in, a few feet away. He rode like this for a few blocks till I moved into the outside lane around a slower vehicle, all this in a 30mph zone and I was doing 30mph. He moved over right back on my ass and stayed there. I signaled and went around a slow car and he stays on my ass. By this time we’re in a 50 mph zone. Got around another car and moved back to the outside lane and he stays right where he is and then turns left suddenly to go into an eatery.

      I have no doubt what would have happened if I’d stayed just a few feet behind him for a quarter of that distance. Fuckin asshats.


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