Orange Man’s Man Hut! Hut! Hutted!

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Have you seen the full-boogie Hut! Hut! Hutting! of Trump’s indicted ex-advisor Roger Stone?

The guy is 66 years old, and whatever you may think about his supposed “crimes” per the endless Mueller Inquisition, no one has claimed (much less charged) the man with anything that justifies cammo’d up and tacticooled AGWs with automatic rifles pouring out of trucks and descending on the guy’s Florida home.

The arrest of Hannibal Lector didn’t take this much firepower.

Meanwhile, contrast the treatment of Stone with the way a New Mexico cop (not an AGW) handled a traffic stop… of a guy in a Porsche clocked at 132 MPH. No Hut! Hut! Hutting!. No gun drawn and Get on the Ground, Now! All that happened was a conversation, presentation of paperwork and a piece of payin’ paper. The driver was not arrested, his Porsche not confiscated. He signed the ticket and was let free to go about his business.

This happened just a few months ago, too – not back in 1987.

America used to be like this. Really. Tell your kids.

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  1. This is what America has become. Midnight or early morning raids, meant to confuse and terrorize the victims.
    Shoot the dog, toss a flashbang into a baby’s crib. Gun down the owner, hold the entire family hostage for hours while the home is ransacked, damaged to the tune of thousands and find out they have the wrong address. It’s what happens when low IQ knuckle draggers are hired for the job of AGW.
    The assault on Roger Stone’s home once more bought shame to America.
    Ruby Ridge
    Waco, Tx.
    The use of SWAT teams to carry out 80,000 raids last year for such offenses as overdue library books and other such crimes against humanity have resulted in hundreds dead with the latest in AGW shooting in Houston where the SWAT raided a home in the middle of the night looking for heroin and end the night by murdering both husband, Dennis Tuttle and wife, Rhonda.
    They deserved it, after all Dennis Tuttle, the AGWs claimed opened fire and wounded four of Houston’s finest in self defense.
    No drugs were found at the home.
    Did he really shoot those four or were that simply in the line of friendly fire?
    So who’s next? which one of us will be next to be on the receiving end of a midnight visit by your local SWAT AGWs?
    Will Eris Peters be next? What will be his crime?
    How about any of us?
    Just remember they often get the wrong address.
    It can happen to anyone, anytime for any reason.
    Soon the crime of bad speak will warrant a midnight visit.
    Then off to the Gulag, that is if you’re still alive.

  2. That’s what happens when you troll congress and try to get your buddies to back you up. Not that it’s what should happen. They should treat him like everyone else who lies to congress and gets into pissing contests with their friends over it. What they shouldn’t do is abuse their authority, which is clearly what they did. He made bail in about 20 seconds on a personal bail of 250g. That means he didn’t put up a dime but promises to pay if he fails to show up.

    What’s amazing about this story is that it seems pretty clear that there wasn’t a back door to wikileaks, there were guesses made and calls made and lots of other stuff but no real back door. And as for the Campaign official that supposedly asked Stone to contact wiki, so what? It’s not against the law to try and find dirt on an opponent.

    I assume it was Bannon and it amounts to less than nothing. Reading the indictment it sounds like Stone trying desperately to get attention and once Bannon responding with a “good job” or something like that. I’m assuming he gave him an equivalent of a “High Five” for being who Roger Stone is and pissing someone off. I could see Bannon getting a chuckle out of the guy and even saying; Go for it, If you can find the e-mails let me know. What I can’t see Steve Bannon doing is getting involved in a criminal conspiracy with Roger freaking Stone. LOL

    It would be amazing if Stone goes down as the fall-guy for doing nothing more than trying to be relevant and lying to keep his name in the news.

    • One thing that has been mentioned recently is that the asshat CNN reporter who was on the scene after having been tipped off to the raid by pals in the FBI is a former FBI employee. Tipping him at that stage would have involved divulging Grand Jury proceedings. He and his pals who tipped him off should be indicted for that crime, but of course they won’t be.


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