Oregon Man Arrested For Filming Hut! Hut! Hutting! Heroes

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An Oregon man was arrested for filming a militarized police raid in his neighborhood after cops accused him of “interfering” with their operation by recording the incident on an iPad from across the street.

According to the man, who goes by the moniker Skylow Production on YouTube, he was sleeping in his girlfriend’s apartment at 4am on September 2nd when he was awoken by the sound of broken glass and multiple flash bang grenades going off.

“I grabbed my iPad and ran outside as fast as I could to see what was going on,” he states. “There were 5 or more tank/military trucks just cruising through my neighborhood.”

The video shows the man being approached by militarized cops who threaten to arrest him for “interfering” despite the fact that he is standing across the street.

“You go inside right now….it’s a lawful order….go inside right now,” states the cop before swiping at the iPad.

“All neighbors stay inside and away from windows,” states an officer on a nearby loudspeaker before the two militarized cops turn around to approach the man again.

The two militarized cops then begin handcuffing the man while stating, “quit resisting us.” The man’s tone doesn’t indicate that he is offering resistance.

“I was assaulted multiple times and I feel like it was Gresham Police Abuse and my rights were violated,” the man writes in the YouTube description for the video. “I now owe $5000 and I am charged with 2 crimes. 2 CRIMES! At first I was scared to post this video but now I don’t care because the Gresham Police Department has already made a copy of it as proof of my crimes. I feel more like this is proof of their crimes or am I crazy?”

Carlos Miller of Photography Is Not a Crime, which has documented innumerable similar cases, writes that the man was hit with, “two bogus contempt-of-cop charges,” while describing the incident as, “a chilling show of militaristic thuggery.”

Despite the fact that legal precedent and law clearly dictates that it is not illegal to film police nor does recording police constitute interfering in their activity, Americans continue to be arrested for doing so.

During recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, several journalists and photographers were tear gassed and arrested by militarized police merely for trying to do their jobs.

Last year, Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson filmed an early morning SWAT raid on a neighbor and was threatened by cops despite being inside his own apartment.


  1. Sounds like they were executing a warrant for an unpaid parking ticket, a heinous crime these days. Save the children!

    Flash bangs are required because people refuse to answer a knock on the door at 4am, strangely.

    What these fools either don’t realise or care about is that someone in the force is likely to do this to their own children, unless the larva’s heritage is known in advance.

    These days you can tell a cop a mile away, because he’s either yelling at his wife/dog/child “stop resisting!”.

    • Maybe they didn’t answer the door right away because they were doing what people NORMALLY do @ 4AM-sleeping!

  2. Nothing to see here! Move along or vee have vays to make you do as vee vant.

    Am I stuck in a run of the mill 1930s Nazi Germany historical film?

    Truth is often stranger than fiction. Who could make this $h!% up?

    What happen to see something say something?

    (Those guys in uniform know the catchphrase — “Stop resisting us” just in case they violate more rights/laws.)

    • Well said, Mithrandir.

      The people giving out the creepy Orwellian commands, “All neighbors stay inside and away from windows,” they didn’t look like peacekeepers, cops or even militarized cops. From this perspective, they were straight-up soldiers.

      Curfews? “multiple flash bang grenades going off […] 5 or more tank/military trucks just cruising through my neighborhood.” Yeesh.


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