Texas Man Doesn’t Back Down When Hut! Hut! Hut! Heroes Arrive

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Recorded in Odessa, Texas by a man who wishes to remain anonymous, the one minute clipshows a man give a group of “warrior cops” suited up in military style uniforms and tactical gear a tongue lashing they will not soon forget after they “asked” to search his premises without a warrant.


Watch the raw footage:

According to reports, DEA agents being assisted by the Ector County SWAT had executed a search warrant at a nearby house on Tripp Avenue and then moved to another home in relation to the same investigation.


The DEA released a statement regarding the incident simply stating that the man “was uncooperative with the agents so they departed the premises without incident.”


  1. A mundane with balls! Good for him. They (DEA)probably took it out on somebody else……but not him although they probably have something in mind for him later. Scum!

  2. Good for him for ordering them off his property. Hero’s forget that they are trespassing when they are unwanted.

    That could have gone very badly had they persisted though.


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