Texas Heroes “Prone Out” Disabled Woman

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… to show her who’s The Boss:

CBP agents prone out disabled teacher for carrying legal items through checkpoint

A federal agent sniffs passing vehicles at a border checkpoint.

MARFA, TX — A Texas teacher has filed a complaint against Customs and Border Patrol, citing multiple instances of being searched and harassed at domestic checkpoints for no reason.

This happened to 39-year-old Jennifer Weaver on two occasions in the month of January 2015. Twice, while traveling on U.S. Highway 67 inside Texas, she encountered problems from CBP agents.

On the first occasion, Ms. Weaver was stopped at an interior CBP checkpoint south of Marfa, Texas, and was told that a drug dog had “alerted” on her pickup truck while stopped by border agents. Thinking she had nothing to lose by complying, she answered every question honestly.

AZCentral.com offers more details on the incident:

“I knew there was nothing in my truck of interest to anyone,” said Weaver, a schoolteacher.

She pulled over. She answered the agent’s questions. But when she replied that, yes, she had weapons — two pistols in her glove compartment, for which she had a concealed-handgun license in her purse — the stop turned ugly, she said.

Agents ordered her out of her truck. They forced her to the ground. They held her for an hour, running gun checks and repeatedly searching her vehicle, before telling her she was free to leave, she said.

According to reports, Ms. Weaver faced similar harassment during a second incident only two weeks later from the same agency. Again, the search was facilitated by a drug dog which supposedly smelled her legally prescribed medications.

Ms. Weaver suffers from physical disabilities following a deadly car crash in 2013. Her inability to walk properly only exacerbated her harsh treatment from federal agents.

AZCentral.com continues with Ms. Weaver’s ordeal:

Two weeks later, it happened again. This time, Weaver said in an account disputed by the Border Patrol, an agent threatened to shoot her if she moved as they pulled her out of her truck.

Weaver, the teacher, who has to use a walker because of severe injuries from a car accident, said the second time she was stopped by the Border Patrol, she was on her way to visit her dog at an animal hospital, where it was ­being treated after a run-in with a porcupine.

She said she tried to explain to the agents who ordered her out that she couldn’t stand or walk without her walker, which was in the bed of her truck. After being wrestled out of the car, searched and held again, she said the agents told her their dog had “alerted” to a bottle of prescription painkillers.

When she complained to the agent in charge of the Marfa Border Patrol station, she says she was told that if she carries her prescription medication with her, she can expect to be searched again.

Federally-run domestic checkpoints are a fixture on U.S. highways all over Texas and the southwest. Border Patrol officials are quick to defend incidents of harassment that occur persistently during encounters with Americans inside the United States.

“I’ve never been arrested in my life,” Ms. Weaver told AZCentral. “I filed a complaint, but they don’t promise any remedy. I feel they just treat everybody like a criminal.”

Checkpoints are a hallmark of police state behavior, and as Ms. Weaver’s experience shows, these so-called “immigration checkpoints” have become synonymous with searching travelers for contraband.

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  1. It’s no different to walking around East Germany during the 70’s. At every corner you’d meet up with yet another patrol demanding your papers.

    Is this what Reagan wanted? Gorby to tear down that wall so another could be built in the USSA?

    Black ‘merica should be ashamed for voting in that scumbag because of his skin colour. That’s so racist. If I’m wrong about that, I’m still gonna blame black ‘mericans. They deserve it, racist bastards.

    • Rev, according to surveys done asking people of different races how they viewed others, the blacks admitted to being racist to a huge degree more than white’s admitted it. I find it hard to believe white people just blithely lie in those numbers. I’m not racist but admit to being a bigot and that’s something different. I don’t dislike black politicians, I just dislike politicians. If you want to spin that as racist because the politician is black, that’s more of the person doing the spinning’s problem than mine. I don’t dislike white people either but white people showing a few hundred square feet of cottage cheese and weighing 500 lbs and riding electric carts into you in stores I very much dislike. As Marvin said “These people are causing the sun to work overtime, sucking it’s heat up cause it’s trying to turn all that cottage cheese into something with a bit more color”.

      Speaking of Walmart people, I was in one shopping for some popcorn. You remember popcorn? I mean just popcorn without all the adjectives, plain popcorn that is evidently no longer sold. I turned the corner to the aisle the signs said contained it and a woman of about 35, around 5′ tall and somewhere in the 250 lb range was standing with her back to me. She had on what she thought of I’m sure as a really sexy outfit, complete with mini-skirt and no panties, bent completely over trying to get something from the bottom shelf. I’m guessing everything she shopped for was on the bottom shelf. I almost hollered out loud it startled me so. Good thing I didn’t have my shotgun or I’d have blasted a beaver that big that close to me. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had growled. Up to that time, I hadn’t thought about being a “beaver” bigot. It was a live and learn thing. I had just never seen one only a couple feet away of that size. If the lights had gone out right then, I’d have probably hurt myself running into the frozen turkey box behind me.


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