Today’s Clover (The “Pull Out” Clover)

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Here’s today’s Clover, the “pull out’ (and then slow down) Clover.

This guy was waiting to make a turn onto the main road from a side road. He saw me coming and just had to pull out in front of me – and then drove no faster than 45 MPH in a 55. Why, given the Clover was in no hurry, couldn’t he have waited the 5 seconds it would have taken for me to get past where he was waiting to make his turn and then pulled out from the side road?

Because he’s a Clover! depends on you to keep the wheels turning! Clovers hate us!

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  1. The Book of Clover, Verses 1-5

    “And it was written, that a man would come before us and speak blasphemy, and see it as truth.”

    “His name would be Clover.”

    “And Clover will have many faces, and be shunned by all. He will earn derision and infamy should the people have a username and an internet connected device.”

    “Behold, Clover will make a joke that will be received by many, and yet he will smite himself with it.”

    “And that which is called a article will appear to honor his memory, for his time on EPautos was short.”

      • Yeh, I miss clover too. I miss clover like a broken leg. I miss clover like reconstructive shoulder surgery. I miss clover like washing Cholley Jack after he rolls on a dead cow. I miss clover like waking up to a fresh pile of cat diarrhea on the bedspread. I miss clover like I miss………..I hope clover’s in a full body cast and just had word govt. insurance ain’t gonna cover it and he needs to arrange to be taken somewhere off the property in the next couple hours. I hope a couple guys from A-1 Moving show up with a stretcher and haul him out to the truck and ask him where he needs to be left.

  2. The worst type of pullout clovers are the ones that have been stuck behind a slow driver for ages. As you drive up from behind and switch lanes to pass, they jerk the wheel into the fast lane then plaster themselves next to the other slow car.

    I used to think it was because people hated driving other cars but now I realize it just really infuriates people to have a faster vehicle overtake them.

  3. Ah yes, the infamous pull out Clover. This has happened to me more than I can count. You’re exactly right though, if they’d just wait 5 damn seconds. Besides, they’re in no hurry typically.

    I deal with these guys by not hardly braking, i.e. just doing barely enough not to ram into the back of them. I’m talking getting within a foot or so of their rear bumper. Hopefully it makes them think twice about ever doing it again but I doubt it. Then I blow past them at the nearest opportunity.

  4. I have several prime examples of this type in my collection of videos.
    So common I don’t even save them any more unless it is particularly severe.
    Our dear departed troll would argue about how it would have to wait so very long if it didn’t pull out in front of people. It’s amazing how they are in such a hurry to slow everyone else down.

    • It’s definitely a control thing. I try my best to not annoy other drivers so it’s tough coming to terms with the fact that people make moves specifically to annoy other people. How has the human race gotten this far?

      I was cut off, and they of course didn’t match my speed or the speed limit, so I simply went around them instead of hitting the brakes like they wanted. This person was livid. Accelerated, rode my ass until they were able to pass me, laying on the horn as they did so. They continued for about half a mile at 70mph or so (limit 45) and then turned off this road. So what this shows is that the person was not really a slow driver, they just wanted someone to submit to them. I’m not too bothered by it, since I didn’t have to slow down, it’s just a telling example.

      Is there a correlation between people treating others that they don’t know like shit, and the poor economy/everyone hates their life? Must be. Or is it something else? Has it always been this way? Does everyone deal with this? Or are we somehow picked out?

      • The other day I was cut off by a Toyota pickup. As it passed, seemingly inches from my grill, I noticed the letters TRD on the side of the bed.
        Well, I said to myself, they forgot the “U”

      • I’ve had that happen too. They flip out when I manage to get around them. On the other hand with my very legal driving a lot of people think they can abuse me and I’ll just back down to them. When I don’t they get very angry. They feel entitled. This goes for the clover set and the very aggressive.

  5. This type of Clover is especially irritating when I am the only car on the road, and if they would simply wait 5 more seconds they’d have a perfectly clear road to turn onto.

      • eric, they’re everywhere. If you’ll notice it’s a great many fewer of them that pull out with a 5 second gap to that big rig barreling down on them. They really do understand physics, the very reason they’ll not think twice about doing that to a biker. Out in the patch when it was one of those guys driving a pickup who worked out in it every day I’ve simply failed to slow and gave them the option of getting on it hard or pulling off into the dirt. I don’t play that game, the very reason I hate waterhaulers. Now that the patch is on life support, the waterhauler isn’t near as likely to do that.


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